Tom Cruise Accused Of Wiretapping Nicole Kidman - dox

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Jul 10, 2012.

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    Guarantee it happened to Nicole, guarantee it's happening to Katie.

    People would be shocked if they knew just how easy it is to bug someone. You can buy military grade bugging equipment online, and its not that expensive. You also have things like remote installed key loggers, etc. The world of surveillance is a scary place.
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    Wow, this is the gift that just keeps on giving.
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    The media are the sharks in a feeding frenzy, smelling blood.

    Just because the divorce was settled out of court doesn't mean the feeding frenzy stops.
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    Where's fucking Marty - he organised the divorce and handling of Tom.
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    Marty is still in.
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    The revenues must be WAY up at our friendly publications :)
    We salute you!
  12. Random guy Member

    I'm looking forwad to Tony O's upstat or downstat roundup. The cults stats must be at an all time low PR-wise.
  13. Anonymous Member

    and betting on Cruise leaving one day so he can buy himself a lifetime supply of new wife-beaters after picking Tom's "case" up again.
  14. Anonymous Member

    This is a filing by a very shady character, and on the face has nothing to do with Kidman.

    So why is Kidman in the title of the thread?
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    Who is the shady character? Please expand.
  17. Anonymous Member

    From the link:
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    Read more:
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  20. Tom Cruise: OT Wire-Tap Dance

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