Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The Divorce

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by The Wrong Guy, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. exOT8Michael Member

    OSA would have a cult-spin related OT-heroic PR story ready before he hit the ground.
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  2. WagTheWog Member

  3. Tourniquet Member

    This could be effective, but I doubt it would gain much ground until after Miscavige's cult was replaced by Rathbun's, at which time it would be imperative. As Anon wrote in another thread, "wogs" could give a shit, and can't tell the difference, yet.

    TL;DR: Scientology cult-scam is just a deleterious no matter WHO runs it, because of KSW #1, which Scientologists can never disown while remaining Scientologists.

    We now return you to your regularly-scheduled program.
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  4. lol in the park with his (late) family he was wearing Air Force One's you idiots, thats how they are. i own 2 pair
  5. The Wrong Guy Member


    By Mike Walker


    After kicking TOM CRUISE to the curb, KATIE HOLMES punched the restart button with “Dawson’s Creek” producers, resuming serious talks for a TV reunion movie that stalled after CruiseControl ordered her not to do it.

    But that was Xenu – and this is NOW!

    “Katie’s calling her own shots again, and she’s spoken with MICHELLE WILLIAMS and JAMES VAN DER BEEK, who also want to make the reunion movie happen,” says My Creek Leak.

    “She thinks it’s a great career move, and loves the idea of hanging again with supportive old friends.”

    Stay tuned.

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  6. Anonymous Member

    gotcha. Cool.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Worst career move ever. Don't do it Katie!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    They lived for a while in a very nice style
    But it's always the same in the end
    They got a divorce as a matter of course
    And they parted the closest offriends
    Then the king and the queen went
    Back to the green
    But you can never go back
    There again.

    -- Billy Joel
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  9. Sonichu Moderator

    I was popping in to see if this story had any legs. I guess not so far. That's good.

    As Travolta said as Kern in Battlefield earth:

    "I'll be watching."
  10. Anonymous Member

    Okay, now I really HATE that muthafucker Tom Cruise. Act like grown up you feckin douche.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Is the plan for Cruise/Co$ to outbid Katie for the child's affection?

    Stay tuned as OSA attempts an Elian Gonzalez-style rescue of Suri.
  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise in talks with top city real-estate brokers to find secure and discreet retreat where he and daughter Suri can have complete privacy - NY Daily News

    Tom Cruise has been contacting top city real-estate brokers in search of a secure and discreet retreat in the tri-state area where he and Suri can have complete privacy, sources told the Daily News.

    Cruise’s people first called Donna Senko of Sotheby’s International, who has reached out to agents in Westchester County and Stamford, Greenwich, and New Canaan, Conn.

    “He wants something extremely secluded where Suri can play without paparazzi watching,” the source tells the News. “They say he’s looking specifically for ‘a suburban presence’ and ‘massive estate.’ There are lots of them in these towns.”

    Bedford is home to Martha Stewart and Richard Gere, while some of the wealthiest financiers in the world live in Greenwich.

    New Canaan is a low-key town where A-listers are ignored.

    Our own review of the available estates reveals that finding the right home will be a mission: possible for Cruise.

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  13. vaLLarrr Member

    I see strong parallels between this story and that of Michael Jackson's children.

    What with sister Janet slapping the blue eyed blonde white girl Paris who is clearly the natural genetic daughter of Michael at the weekend, and with Granny Jackson going missing, and alleged kidnapping attempts on "Blanket" - someone tell me that's not the real name of the kid! - and all of it seemingly boiling down to money...

    Of course the future of scientology now rests on a 6 year old girl.
    Forget all the promised superpowers that the cult swears you get after spending $400,000 on a series of "rundowns".
    Forget the fact that there are no happy elderly folk who are committed scientologists living a life "clear" of illness or pain.
    Forget all the 13 million people that the cult claim are active members yet the global statistics cannot find beyond around 30,000, and that includes new public members who still have internet access.

    Scientology rests on what a 6 year old kid chooses. You could not make this up.
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  14. RightOn Member

    it will be on DVD faster than a reg at an IAS ball
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  15. sallysock Member

    Sometimes, I wish there was a "true, but disgustingly sad" button.
    I know, I know...just saying
  16. vaLLarrr Member

    Sallysock - at least there is hope for the future!

    No more will these creepy family-ripping cults be able to thrive, not now that we have the bleach and sunlight combo of truth!
    Maybe the all-encompassing you-hack-me-I-hack-you culture will lead to some kind of new enlightenment for mankind.

    It's a better prospect than anything else currently being offered, and of course it empowers kids to a degree never before witnessed. Where before young men and women were victims of post industrial gloom, now they are a barometer of life itself.
    Never before has a child been able to "tweet" his or her entire family and friendship network for help.

    As much as there are issues that are "true, but disgustingly sad" there will always be an equal and opposing amount of energy devoted to the true and worthwhile pursuit of a better path forward for the people of the world. This is only one of them. ;)
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  17. vaLLarrr Member

    Also - I hear Janet Jackson might have shown up to put the beatdown on 14 year old Paris at the weekend, but young Paris stood her ground and told her to fuck off and take her whole Addams Family bullshit with her.
    And so Tito, Random, ToTo, and all the other Jackson 5 motherfuckers nobody can even remember started fighting the uncle whatever and then they left the kids alone. Paris then starts tweeting about her granny to the entire planet.

    Which is kind of Bad.

    Go Paris!
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  18. sallysock Member

    Thanks for this. I needed a punch in the arm and "I agree."
    As Charlotte would say, "chin up." Maybe it was Wilbur, IDK.
    Carry on.
  19. vaLLarrr Member

    Chip up, but fists ready and wits about. We do live on a vastly overpopulated planet, after all.
    Don't thank me either, you wouldn't be here if you didn't need that punch in the arm. ;)
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Same day different cult.
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  21. vaLLarrr Member

    And any cult of course, it is just like an addiction. You just got to beat it.

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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    o hai herro
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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise and Suri: Scientology's Heartbreaking Double Standard? - The Hollywood Reporter

    Ex-Scientologists tell The Hollywood Reporter that unlike others in the church, he doesn't need to "disconnect" from his child or Katie Holmes due to PR fears; says one: "I've seen internal memos about Katie"

    “Disconnection is totally based on the status of the person and it can be very arbitrary,” asserts [Amy] Scobee. “Tom would never be forced to disconnect from Suri and Katie. The PR fallout would be too much.”

    Similarly, Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren and her husband, John Coale, the powerful Washington, D.C.-based trial lawyer, political power broker and church donor, both longtime Scientologists, have not disconnected from Van Susteren’s sister, Lise Van Susteren, a well-respected, Harvard-educated psychiatrist who lives in Bethesda, Md.

    Bonny Elliott, 68, says she was pushed to disconnect from Scobee, her daughter, when she ditched the church in 2005... Elliott says it’s doubtful that most Scientologists will find out that Cruise will be allowed to see his daughter since she says they all are told to shun reading about Scientology in newspapers or on TV and the Internet.

    "They won't find out," she says. "They live in a complete cocoon."

    Three-page article, and comments:
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Travolta wants to replace Tom Cruise as the face of CO$ in wake of divorce - Celebitchy

    This is such a creepy story but hilarious all the same. We’ve already discussed how the divorce of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has rocked the cult of Scientology down to their very cores, and Katie had to have some serious dirt to spill, which is undoubtedly a huge part of why Tom settled with her so quickly. The CO$ itself is freaking out as well with leader David Miscavage rallying its remaining celebrities to help out with a (pointless) new set of public relations strategies that will aim to repair the cult’s reputation. Interestingly enough, the CO$ has been largely silent in the wake of the TomKat split, and I suspect that Tom will (at least initially) play less of a role in the new PR strategy but will nonetheless remain the “public face of Scientology.” Because you know, he and David Miscavige enjoy broing it up together so bloody much.

    Now there’s a new dark horse on the horizon that would very much like to replace Tom as the Golden Boy of the CO$. That is, John Travolta is interested in being the sidekick to David Miscavige, and John feels that Tom should retire from the spotlight as far as the cult is concerned. John feels very strongly that Tom caved far too easily to Katie in the divorce and didn’t fight for his marriage at all. Of course, John thinks that just because he did some fake CO$ marriage counseling and then made out with wife Kelly Preston in public before whisking her off to Greece that everything is all right now with his image. Never mind all of those masseuses that he assaulted and then that 6-year extramarital affair, right? Here’s the story of John’s indignity, courtesy of the Enquirer.

    John Travolta is disgusted that fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise “rolled over” in his divorce from Katie Holmes, say insiders — and he’s now jockeying to claim the top spot in the controversial church.

    Although the two actors have long maintained a friendly facade because of their association with the church of Scientology, sources say that Travolta has unleashed a vicious attack on Tom behind the scenes over the way he’s handled his recent split.

    In fact, pals say John is so outraged by Tom’s “weak” behavior, he believes that he and not [Tom], should be getting top billing as the church’s most influential celebrity, say sources. “John is at war with Tom — it’s a huge blowup. John believes that Tom looked very weak in his divorce from Katie. John insists that neither he nor his wife, Kelly Preston, would ever give up on their marriage so quickly.”

    And if anyone’s marriage has been tested recently, it’s Travolta’s. In early May, two masseurs accused the actor of sexual battery in two separate lawsuits filed in federal court, sparking a very humiliating gay scandal that threatened to rip his union apart.

    Despite the sordid accusations, John has still managed to keep his marriage intact. But he owes no thanks to Tom, whose silence on the matter fueled John’s current outrage, says the insider. “John was hurt that Tom didn’t stand up for him. While others in the church got behind him, he was seething that Tom, who’s considered Scientology’s top celebrity, didn’t say even one nice word about him. So when Katie blindsided Tom with the divorce filing, and he seemed to give in without any type of fight, John went on the attack.”

    According to one friend, John accused Tom of making “a laughingstock” of Scientology. “He thought Tom didn’t ‘man up.’” In sharp contrast, Kelly has stood by John’s side despite the rumors of gay escapades that have followed him for years. “John has always managed to rebound from his scandals by whisking Kelly off on exotic vacations. He’s repaired the marriage and done so in a very public fashion.”

    Meanwhile, John believes that Tom settled with Katie too quickly, said the source. “John now thinks that Tom should be put on the back burner in Scientology, and that he should be the one in the spotlight.”

    Throughout the years, Tom has been the poster boy for the church, in part because of his close friendship with Scientology leader David Miscavige. “They’ve treated Tom like he’s a demigod.” In the meantime, John feels like he’s been left out in the cold. “It’s been gnawing at him all these years. Now he feels it’s his turn to be on top.”

    [From The Enquirer, print edition, August 8, 2012]

    So now John feels that it’s “his turn to be on top” where David Miscavige is concerned. The jokes just write themselves, don’t they? It’s also quite telling that John is chomping at the bit to be the public face of a destructive cult, but I totally buy this story. Both John and Kelly are so brainwashed that they’ll never leave the CO$, and they’ll do anything to fake their poor excuse for a marriage just to prove their loyalty and keep their dirty laundry from being leaked to the press. Not that we don’t already know enough bad things about John without vengeful CO$ leaks, mind you.

    If John truly believes that Miscavige will ever get rid of Tom as his #1 man though, he’s in for a world of disappointment. Gollum with Lifts will always be David’s favorite no matter what.

    Source, and comments:
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  26. RightOn Member

    Cruise caved because of DM naturally
    and if this story is at all true (doubtful, maybe its the source or it is just so stupid, OR I don't want to believe Travolta would say these insane things)
    Travolta should be outraged how easy DM caved, instead of buddying up to hin
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  27. Anonymous Member

    As of now, Louanne is posting in the comments. Please have some fun.
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  28. mojo Member

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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    That story and several more posts about Jamie DeWolf are on page 28 of this thread:
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  30. Random guy Member

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  31. rayana00 Member

    insider reveals the shocking DISCONNECT KATIE HOLMES is now undergoing as part of her divorce from not only TOM CRUISE but the House of Xenu.
    The National Enquirer

    Can someone post this article PLEASE

  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise's grey stubble betrays his true age just weeks after milestone birthday | Mail Online


    He's maintained a remarkably youthful look with a thick head of dark hair, good skin and toned physique. But three weeks after turning 50, Tom Cruise is showing signs of his true age.

    The Mission Impossible star stepped out in New York with grey stubble yesterday. It was a rather unkempt look by his standards - he is typically clean shaven and impeccably well-groomed.

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Heh. At 53, my hair's thicker, I don't show so much grey on my face, more grey at the temples but I don't use dye or a hairpiece. I can't say my physique looks as good but I don't have weird liposuction worm-scars.
  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Travolta Dethrones Tom Cruise As Scientology King | Celeb Dirty Laundry

    John Travolta was adored by females all over the world back in his heyday. Today, he is a flailing actor with a gay sex scandal and some of the worst movies in cinematic history behind his name. Travolta is restless and blames Tom Cruise for his emotional meningitis.

    Travolta is allegedly disgusted that Cruise “rolled over” in his divorce from Katie Holmes. Travolta and Cruise have been close friends because of their association with Scientology, but sources now claim that Travolta unleashed a “vicious” attack on Tom behind the scenes.

    What is this? Travolta looks like a Botox filled mannequin man-baby. He can’t even unleash a vicious attack on a failing bladder!

    Travolta is so angry at Cruise’s “weak” behavior that he believes that he should be getting the most important honcho at the Scientology church, not Cruise. Sources [National Enquirer Print Edition, August 8, 2012] say, “John is at war with Tom — it’s a huge blowup. John believes that Tom looked very weak in his divorce from Katie. John insists that neither he nor his wife, Kelly Preston, would ever give up on their marriage so quickly.”

    Speaking of marriage, Travolta shouldn’t be so generous with his advice. The actor has recently been involved in a bigger scandal than Kristen Stewart’s breasts in Rupert Sanders’ face and almost destroyed his marriage with a homosexual cheating scandal. Travolta was allegedly as pissed as a drag queen without a wig at a Tina Turner lookalike camp, because of Cruise not supporting him in his recent masseur drama. The sources say, “John was hurt that Tom didn’t stand up for him. While others in the church got behind him, he was seething that Tom, who’s considered Scientology’s top celebrity, didn’t say even one nice word about him. So when Katie blindsided Tom with the divorce filing, and he seemed to give in without any type of fight, John went on the attack.”

    According to a friend, Travolta accused Cruise of making “a laughingstock” of Scientology, “He thought Tom didn’t ‘man up.’” In sharp contrast, Kelly has stood by John’s side despite the rumors of gay escapades that have followed him for years. “John has always managed to rebound from his scandals by whisking Kelly off on exotic vacations. He’s repaired the marriage and done so in a very public fashion.”

    Cruise has been the proverbial smiling Gandhi of the Scientology church due to his relationship with the Scientology leader David Miscavige. The source says, “They’ve treated Tom like he’s a demigod.”

    Travolta has been left out to dry like our sleeping grandmother in the warm sun. The source adds, “It’s been gnawing at him all these years. Now he feels it’s his turn to be on top.”

    Would you trust the man who starred in Battlefield Earth with your religion? Didn’t think so.

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Top, bottom, whatever.
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Be sure to add that to your resume.
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

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  38. Bipolart Member

    His teeth have turned to face the camera.
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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Trying To Discredit Katie Holmes, Ex Member Says She Has Seen Secret Memos | Radar Online

    By Amber Goodhand - Radar News Editor

    With Katie Holmes' split from Tom Cruise comes a disconnection from the Church of Scientology and one former member claims that instead of being excommunicated, she will be discredited and there are memos floating around the church regarding it.

    “Disconnection is the main weapon of Scientology,” Samantha Domingo, ex-wife of Placido Domingo Jr., told The Hollywood Reporter. Samantha left the church in 2009 after 24 years and claims she was immediately declared a "suppressive person" by the church.

    “Katie would have been excommunicated normally, and behind the scenes she probably already is. Internally, the wheels are in motion to discredit Katie. We have moles that are pretending to be good Scientologists who report back to us on the outside. I’ve seen internal memos about Katie.”

    Samantha said Katie did the right thing by taking Suri with her when she left the church, but warns that she still needs to be careful.

    Former Scientology spokesperson Mike Rinder said, "Katie Holmes is probably the biggest suppressive person out there right now."

    “Tom, if he were an ordinary Scientologist, would be ordered to disconnect from Katie and because Suri will be living with Katie, he couldn’t see her either,” Rinder told THR. “But because Tom is so high-profile, it would create a total furor if the public knew he was cutting Suri off. This is an example of the church at its most hypocritical.”

    Essentially, Tom and Katie's A-list stature will keep their broken family together externally, but internally the former members say the church is strategically making sure Katie is completely disconnected from them.

    “Katie flew the biggest middle finger Scientology has ever seen,” former church member Marc Headley said. “If she and Tom were regular Scientologists, Katie would have been declared a suppressive person in one second and Tom would never have been allowed to see her again.”

    The former members describe the disconnection they have suffered from their friends and family members once they left the church, and feel a hypocrisy and discrimination within the church because Tom is still allowed to see his daughter Suri so they can avoid a major PR fallout.

    As first reported, since their split, Tom has been video chatting with Suri and per his divorce settlement with Katie, he will have "generous visitation rights" with Suri.

  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    From Facebook:

    Tony Ortega shared a link.

    I've talked to John Brousseau over the last couple of years, but never in this depth. For the first time, this amazing man's story is told by the Voice -- from chauffeur for L. Ron Hubbard, to David Miscavige's brother-in-law, to the man who built "The Hole," and the last person to escape from Scientology's secretive Int Base and talk publicly about it, Brousseau is one of the most remarkable people ever to escape from the church. Here's his story.

    "Tom Cruise Worships David Miscavige Like a God": A Scientology Insider Gives First Full-Length Interview to the Voice

    ...until now, I've never told Brousseau's entire story as a 32-year member of Scientology and the last person to escape from the International Base who is talking publicly about it.

    Brousseau left Scientology in 2010, but I asked him why he thought Katie acted the way she did when she surprised Cruise with her divorce filing.

    "The maternal instinct kicked in. And Katie's parents pointed things out. And Katie had read shit. And Suri is six," Brousseau conjectures. "You don't fuck with a mother's child. She just figured the best thing was to yank her little girl out of there, and good for her."

    Article and comments:
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