Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The Divorce

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by The Wrong Guy, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. muldrake Member

    LOL. A Scientologist vampire. How charming.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Almost as charming as a Hell's Angel Scientologist!
  3. DeathHamster Member

    If his publicist/agent is any good (like Tom Cruise's original publicist Pat Kingsley) he or she is crapping their pants.
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  4. Internetzin Member

    Me too! Cuz two for the price of one. It goes like this:

    Rpatz: Kristen I think you should come down to the cos with me I think they can really help me understand and forgive you!

    Kstew: Yes Rob!! Whatever you think will help. I just love you so much!!

    End scene
  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's a relevant excerpt from

    Trans activist Kate Bornstein on Scientology, book

    by Erica Demarest, Windy City Times

    WCT: You mentioned TomKat earlier. What's your take on their situation?

    Kate Bornstein: I'm what's called a suppressive person, or an enemy of the church, because I left. There are lots of us now, but Katie Holmes is the biggest suppressive person they've ever had to face. She stood up to them like no one else has, and she got what she wanted… Scientology really wants this one swept under the carpet. It brought a whole lot to light. For example: the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige — his wife hasn't been seen for over seven years. There are plenty of theories, but the church isn't saying, and neither is David.

    Another thing: The divorce settlement gave Tom visitation rights with Suri. Now, if it wasn't Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes … let's say it was just a regular Scientology couple like I used to be part of [with my ex-wife and daughter], and one spouse leaves the church and takes the kid — well, that child is now a potential trouble source, so the Scientologist parent can't see them.

    Tom Cruise has been given special dispensation to see Suri. So why isn't the church giving that same dispensation to the rest of us who have relatives in Scientology? That's a little storm that's brewing right now.


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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. failboat Member
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman's Daughter Isabella Resurfaces for First Time Since His Divorce From Katie Holmes

    Isabella Cruise and her boyfriend in Los Angeles, California on August 1, 2012. Credit:

    Suri Cruise has been anything but scarce since her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hastily finalized their divorce last month. But while Suri plays in NYC, the Hamptons and Disney World with her now-single parents, her 19-year-old half-sibling Isabella, on the other hand, has been completely M.I.A.

    But on Wednesday, Isabella finally turned up in Los Angeles with her longtime live-in boyfriend, Eddie Frencher. The eldest child of Cruise, 50, and second ex-wife Nicole Kidman -- whose 17-year-old brother Connor has popped up on his dad's film sets and at numerous DJ gigs -- was at a Gelson's supermarker, where she and her man picked up Ben and Jerry's ice cream, among other goodies.

    Aspiring artist Isabella (who is adopted) wore a baggy skull-and-crossbones shirt, black leggings and Converse sneakers; she and beau Frencher reportedly live in L.A.'s Skid Row neighborhood.

    Neither Isabella nor Connor have seen Suri, 6, since Cruise and Holmes, 33, split -- and a Cruise source tells the new Us Weekly that they haven't heard from their ex-stepmother either. "They're really upset," says the insider. During Holmes' marriage to Cruise, Connor and Isabella "call me Mom," she once said.

    As Us Weekly revealed, Isabella's mother Kidman, 45, proved to be a pillar of support for Holmes as she emboldened herself to filed for divorce from Cruise after five years of marriage.

    "She knows what it's like in that freaky house," an insider said. "She told Katie her life is great now and she has no regrets."

    Still, much has been made of Kidman's estrangement from Isabella and Connor. Some have even claimed that high-ranking members of the Church of Scientology -- Cruise's talked-about religion -- turned the kids against their mom after her 2001 split from Cruise.

    The church "really worked over Isabella and Connor to tell them how bad Nicole was," former Scientologist Amy Scobee told Us.

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Ben and Jerry's? Aren't they obliged to eat Organic Liaison?

    Not that it would likely do much good...
  10. WagTheWog Member

    Comment to whoever wrote this ^^^ article:
    You suck at writing.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.

  11. The Wrong Guy Member

  12. failboat Member

    A couple of articles from today...

    Brief mention only:
    Divorce and Devotion: How Does Religion Factor In Splits?

    This other one seems to confirm that the split was over religious/secular education:

    She Didn't Want Her Learning Scientology - So Which School Has Katie Holmes Sent Suri To?

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  13. What happened with Suri at Will Smith's Scientology school? Enquiring minds want to know!
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. RightOn Member

    Major fuckton of tin foil:
    so the old rumor goes.....
    that Connor and Isabella were adopted by TC and Kidman and that they were children of sea orgers? right? Is that how it goes?

    And the other thing that has been said, is that Isabella has a slight resemblance to DM right?
    So can Shelly Miscavige possibly be Isabella's real mum? woah!
    and why does Connor look like TC so much if he is adopted? I mean there are a few pics out there where he really looks like him.
    cocks and all
  16. WagTheWog Member

    In what picture(s) does Connor look like Mr. Jumpy Couch?
    After a quick Google search for pics, I think the kid looks more like Muhammad Ali, frankly.
    The Sea Org rumor seems plausible enough to me though.

    Now, if you want to talk progeny . . .
    Michael Jackson's kids look like Marlon Brando's son's (who worked on Jackson's security team).

  17. RightOn Member

    there were a couple of pics i saw that looked like him
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. failboat Member

    The author of this article is almost there. She covers the TomKat divorce with Jamie DeWolf's comments. She covers disconnection and a well-documented case of it (Paul Haggis).

    She doesn't question why Tom doesn't have to disconnect, though, which would've given the ending a punch.

    I tried to post a comment pointing this out, with links to several stories on the disconnection double standard. Awaiting moderation.

    Manipulation concerns arise in 'TomKat' divorce
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Ask the Scientologist: Tom, Katie, Suri and the Media Reaction
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  21. Anonymous Member

    There was comment that apparently TC was running an e meter on the kid when KT was in China and this may have contributed to her kicking him to the curb.
  22. Anonymous Member

    no one has speculated on who Isabella's mother is....far as I can see, but she looks so much like a miscavaige that it would be ludicruous to ignore the possibility. ALSO this so scientology MO...give the people what they want (baby) don't tell them that if you take THIS baby you are into them for life!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    The ABC course is for little kids 4 to 6 years old, pre-school for Scientology. Numerous Scientology courses for kids starting at 5 years of age:



    For Ages 6 - 16 and beyond

    ^ NOT a Scientology website, link is safe to click on
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Yet this whole thing was thought up by a college dropout, drug addict, plagiarist etc...Also the place is full of high school dropouts like DM and their study tech has shown itself to be extremely sub-par.
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  25. RightOn Member

    wait... does that "testimony" lol in the right hand corner say
    "my favorite part of the course was the bullbait. It was hard not to laugh, but after a while it was easy not to laugh" ????
    omg!! proof how they start suppressing regular human responses and emotions at a very early age!
    Why would they be teaching kids about bullbaiting at age 6??? RAGE!!!

    and also assists on the bottom right hand side in b&w?

    hey US government! Why is this allowed? Why are you allowing children to be brainwashed?
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  26. WagTheWog Member

    Anon RightOn makes some very good points on this in the post above.
    Can a few Anons please save a copy of this graphic for both posterity and pooning?

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Did they decide the correct spelling of "enroll" was suppressive?
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  28. Anonymous Member

    So these types of handouts are standardized and used in the EU and USA?
  29. Bipolart Member

    There are so many things wrong about this, I don't know where to start.
    Touch assists by children? Bullbaiting? Learning NOT to laugh?
    This just disgusts me. I also feel like crying.
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  30. Kilia Member

    Love this:
    "TO ENROL"
  31. Anonymous Member

    To be fair, there are North American and British spellings for the word. Brits use two letter L characters.
  32. Anonymous Member

    So if DM is Isabella's father, who is mom? Maybe Muriel Dufresne?
  33. Kilia Member

    ENROLL looks good to this Alaskan. ;-)
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's a longer version that includes the second segment, which starts at 10:44.

    NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams, "Breaking Away," 7/12/2012

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Wow. Winning.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    I think this just shows the national broadcast media in the US is not capable of adequately covering this story. The really well done stories are coming from the print media like Tony or the SPT newspaper reporters and now bloggers and sites like this one. Grassroots groups making local print media & broadcasters aware that is a powerful tool one that I have been using with some success. Keep up the good fight these ruthless people must be called to answer for their crimes.
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  37. suri cruise Member

    Suri Cruise spends the night in Cinderella's Castle

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  38. anonanchovie Member

    Is not daddy just so good to his little girl? Mummy is all strict and serious, Suri wants to be a Sea Ogre with daddy when she grows up:confused:
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  39. DeathHamster Member

    Disney World wasn't built until after Walt was dead.
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  40. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Weekend at Walty's?
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