Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The Divorce

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by The Wrong Guy, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Kilia Member

    Who's "they"?
  2. Yeah sorry. But being a freak is still cool. With socks planted firmly in the sandals...;)
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  3. RightOn Member

    some dumb celebrity show. "Access Hollywood", or "Extra"? or something like that. I just happen to catch it, because they were talking about Mad Men ending their show some time soon now. I wasn't paying attention to what the show was. And also JT's Ademe blunder was mentioned and still getting legs. win!
  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Is Elisabeth Moss being targeted as Tom Cruise’s new Scientology girlfriend? | Cele|bitchy


    Elisabeth is already a Scientologist and has never given any indication that she wants to change that fact. Tom’s had a very difficult time trying to convert Catholic girls into obedient CO$ wives. He might as well date one of his own, right? I guess. Good luck, Lizzie.

    Tom still has a terrible image problem that must be fixed. He’s making the same movie over and over again (here’s the new trailer for Edge of Tomorrow, if you haven’t seen it already). He’s getting booed at baseball games. Last year’s deposition debacle lost him many more fans. Elisabeth would be a great asset.

    Tom Cruise Maybe Grooming Elisabeth Moss to Be Scientology Girlfriend | Jezebel


    But no matter how hard Celebitchy and the Enquirer try it with the hard sell, that this match will somehow bolster Moss's career/personal life, we know who this would actually stand to benefit:

    As the Enquirer reported, the aging actor is sensitive about appearing over the hill and feels a younger woman would help him with younger audiences. Sources also told us that Tom even resorted to accompanying his 19-year-old deejay son Connor to clubs in a mostly futile effort to meet women.

    But pals are optimistic that things could work out with Moss — especially since she shares his beliefs. Cruise admitted in court papers that ex-wife Katie filed for divorce at least in part so that Katie and Suri could leave Scientology, "But since Lizzie is a Scientologist, there would be no issues about raising a child in the church," noted the insider.

    Run Lizzie, run.
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  5. Kilia Member

    Sounds good!
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Wants Tom Cruise to Marry Elisabeth Moss | Softpedia

    As you probably noticed, the report says nothing of whether Moss is even in the least interested in marrying Tom.
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  7. Enturbulette Member

    I really loathe Moss.
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise Elisabeth Moss: An 'arranged' relationship for Cruise and Moss? |

    Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Moss marriage urged by Scientology officials? |

    Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss love connection made? | Hollywood News Daily

    Tom Cruise Scientology NOT Gay, Dating Elizabeth Moss; John Travolta Recovering? [RUMORS] | Classicalite
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  9. "Friends think it would be great for both of them".

    Friends don't let friends marry Tom Cruise.
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  10. RightOn Member

    unless you are a scilon, then it's encouraged
  11. BlooAnon Member

    Right, because Sci's involvement with his last marriage worked out perfectly!
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  12. RightOn Member

    most things that scientologists are encouraged to do by other scilons, don't work out at all.
    Give us more money! The org is going to turn around next year for sure I swear!
    Or you should mortgage your house...
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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise Mid-Life Crisis - Can't Stop Dabbling In Plastic Surgery - Report | Celeb Dirty Laundry

    By Bobby Fischer

    Tom Cruise is in a mid-life crisis. Tell us something we don’t know, right? Tom’s been having a mid-life crisis ever since Katie Holmes dumped him and and revealed his crazy to the whole world. Instead of buckling down and trying to reinvent his image, he’s decided to focus on solely science fiction films involving aliens and space – and while those movies are definitely involving and ‘cool’, should a 51 year old be that concerned with how ‘cool’ he looks? Everyone on his level of A-listdom in Hollywood are making prestige flicks, producing films, and winning Oscars – and he’s just… being Tom Cruise.

    And of course, there’s the plastic surgery. Tom was reportedly sporting a very puffy face at the Empire Awards last month, which led to everyone gossiping about how much plastic surgery he must have gotten.

    The report’s sources also add, “It’s all a sign of Tom’s growing obsession with looking young — which seems to have reached new heights lately. Tom’s troubles run deeper than vanity, and he’s worried about everything from the bad press Scientology has been getting to his decreasing box office clout. As a result, he’s been shying away from the public eye, and people close to him have barely heard a word from him.”

    Well, of course he’s shying away from the public – the public thinks that he and his crackpot religion are batshit insane.

    Continued at
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  14. Twinkle Member

    Sell a kidney or two!
  15. Anonylemmi Member

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  16. Twinkle Member

    Ooooff, I wanna upchuck.
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Cruise, Prepon Scientology’s newest it-couple? | Page Six

    By Richard Johnson

    Tom Cruise hasn’t been lonely since breaking up with Katie Holmes. He’s been secretly dating fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon, who plays a lesbian drug dealer on “Orange Is the New Black.”

    P.R. reps for the two denied any romance in November after the actors were spotted enjoying a cozy dinner at the Manor Hotel in Los Angeles.

    However, my source on the Left Coast says Cruise and Prepon are still seeing each other, but they are being extremely careful to keep it secret. “It’s the buzz on the set of her show,” the insider told me.
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  18. Ewww.

    All this press merely reminds me of blobfish sex for some reason.

    IIRC she's second gen. Is her dad an attorney?
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  19. The Wrong Guy Member

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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise denies he has been secretly dating Laura Prepon for the past five months | Mail Online

    Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon seem like they would be a perfect match.

    So when New York Post's Richard Johnson reported on Thursday the the 51-year-old mega star and the 34-year-old Orange Is The New Black actress have been dating for the past five months, it sounded right.

    But Tom Cruise's rep has told MailOnline not only are the two not romantically involved, they have actually never met.

    Tom Cruise May Have Found His Next Wife | The Stir

    Despite the fact that Scientology may have ruined all three of his marriages, Tom Cruise is still a devoted 'tologist. But maybe now he's finally realized he needs a partner who is as cray cray about the weird cult religion as he is. Enter a ginger beauty who is a low-key but apparently very dedicated 'tologist -- none other than That '70s Show alum Laura Prepon!

    Tom Cruise Is Reportedly Dating TV’s Favorite Lesbian Drug Dealer | Uproxx

    What do Cruise, Prepon, and Travolta have in common? They’re all Scientologists. And the thing about Scientology is…*computer turns black, Xenu crawls out of the screen, forces me to watch the nine-hour-long director’s cut of Battlefield Earth*…it’s great. Scientology is the new Christianity.
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  21. Daverator Member

    Here you go, Tom. Got it all ready for you.
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  22. Quentinanon Member

    "P.R. reps for the two denied any romance in November after the actors were spotted enjoying a cozy dinner at the Manor Hotel in Los Angeles."
    I remember the Manor Hotel as a roach hotel with worn out carpets and guests hitting up other guests to borrow money.
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  23. Wasn't she the one who he wooed with vintage shit? Car and hotel?
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

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  25. Imagine the sound that would make.
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  26. Kilia Member

    As a Scientologist, Prepon knows exactly what she's in for.
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise dating Laura Prepon who is not a man | Scrape TV

    Though they have denied it over and over again, rumours have persisted that Tom Cruise has been paired with Laura Prepon as a dating and perhaps even mating couple by the Church of Scientology. The pair was apparently spotted dining together, something Scientologists only do when they are dating or when planning to take over the world, something few people believe Prepon would be capable of doing since she is nobody. She is however, a woman and not a man which is probably some relief to fans of Cruise since he is probably gay but still trying really hard not to be.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Interview: Laura Prepon shoots down Tom Cruise rumors

    "Where Are They Getting This Stuff?"
    In our exclusive interview, Laura Prepon addresses rumors about Tom Cruise, plus she talks about Scientology and her support of the LGBT community.


    "The thing that sucks is that there's so much false data because people are in mystery as to what Scientology is, so they just kind of make up stuff," Prepon said. "It's kind of unfortunate because then I have to be like, 'No, that's actually not what's happening.'"

    "It's just so funny that, when people don't know, they just make stuff up, [like], apparently I'm dating Tom Cruise right now. And apparently he doesn't want me doing the show because I portray a lesbian and I'm a Scientologist. This is false; where are they even getting this stuff? It's unbelievable to me."
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  29. Quentinanon Member

    No, Laura, most people know what scientology is. It's a dangerous, totalitarian cult. Time for you research it.
    The same place where Hubbard got most of scientology - he made it up for his own fun and profit. Are OT3 incident 1, incident 2 and Xenu believable to you?
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

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  31. RightOn Member

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  32. LOL at 'false data'.

    Do I look brainwashed to you?
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  33. RightOn Member

    she has gotten very strange and Stepford wife looking
    IF they are dating, they will make one strange looking alien couple.
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  34. It is kinda nice that Scilons use terms like ''false data''. It makes it easier to figure out which celeb is a Scilon and which celeb is no longer a cultie.
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  35. Horseradish Member

    FIFY, Laura
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    From November 11, 2013:

    Bodyguard-To-The Stars & Soap Star Sean Ringgold Facing Grand Jury Rape Investigation | Radar Online

    As bodyguard to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise, soap actor turned muscle for hire Sean Ringgold was closer to the family than anyone else. Protecting their lives at every turn, he had access to them at their most intimate and vulnerable moments.

    But has learned that the family’s closest confidante may have been hiding a dark side: The Superior Court of New Jersey has commenced a grand jury investigation into allegations of rape against Cruise’s former right-hand man.

    Ringgold — who also once worked for LL Cool J and Queen Latifah — could face a charge of “criminal sexual contact” in Hudson County, New Jersey, if the grand jury decides to indict him, a court official has confirmed.

    Continued at

    From May 2, 2014:

    New Hollywood Sex Scandal! Tom Cruise’s Former Bodyguard Indicted For Multiple Counts Of Criminal Sexual Contact & Sexual Assault | Radar Online

    Yet another sleazy sex scandal has hit Hollywood, as Tom Cruise’s former bodyguard, Sean Ringgold, has been indicted for multiple counts of criminal sexual contact and sexual assault following an explosive incident first reported by

    Hudson County prosecutor Debbie Simon tells Radar exclusively that the former bodyguard to the stars “has been indicted on two counts of criminal sexual contact and one count of sexual assault. So it’s a three-count indictment.”

    According to a copy of the indictment obtained by Radar, a grand jury claims that Ringgold “knowingly did commit an act of sexual contact with [the victim], by using physical force or coercion, for the sake of sexually arousing or sexually gratifying himself or to humiliate or degrade [the victim]” in two different cities, and “knowingly did commit an act of sexual penetration upon [the victim], by using physical force or coercion.”

    The next trial date, Radar has learned, is May 12.

    Criuse’s former bodyguard, Ringgold was first accused of the charges last fall, when a New Jersey woman approached Radar to expose the man she claimed sexually assaulted her.

    “I have to make sure that he doesn’t do this again to someone else,” the woman — who Radar chose not to name for considerations of safety – said in an interview. “What if it’s just not me that he did this to? How many other girls could their be?”

    The couple met for a friendly dinner date after being set up by friends on June 28 at a Seacaucus, New Jersey, Olive Garden. But things quickly turned inappropriate, according to the woman, and she claimed he sexually assaulted her at the restaurant and on the way home.

    According to the original criminal complaint obtained by Radar, Ringgold allegedly did “commit criminal sexual contact … using physical force or coercion, specifically by pulling up the victim’s shirt, grabbing her right breast and putting his mouth over her left breast while stopped at a traffic light inside of his motor vehicle.”

    Declining to get into specific detail about the still-horrifying attack, the woman claimed, “He pulled behind a building to finish the job.”

    As soon as she could escape, the woman said, “I immediately decided to press charges. The police knew within two days.”

    Notations on the criminal complaint show that Ringgold was arrested on July 2 and first appeared in court for the case on July 6.

    When approached by Radar last fall, Ringgold, a former star of One Life to Live, strenuously denied all claims.

    “No way, that’s out of control,” Ringgold said. “This person is obviously crazy. I have soap fans, they are a little crazy.”

    Continued at
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    The top 6 celebrities who dabbled in cults - Life & pop culture, untangled | TheVine


    Katie Holmes

    Poor Katie. At 27 she met Tom Cruise, her teenage pinup, in person. As the poster boy of Scientology, a belief system created in the fifties by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard that believes people are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature, Cruise is seriously la-la.

    Holmes and Cruise got engaged in June 2005, and married in November 2006, in a Scientology ceremony at the 15th-century Orsini-Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy. She divorced him five years later, purportedly fearing intimidation by the Church of Scientology, and that Cruise would abduct Suri.

    I’m always afraid when writing about Scientology that its minions are going to get wind of it and mess me up. But what the hell, Scientologists are freaks, and Holmes, like Nicole Kidman before her, was lucky to escape with her mind, body, daughter and career intact.
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  39. TrevAnon Member

    ^^ Scroll down and there is an ironic button...
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