Tom Cruise and Scientology in 2015/2016

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    In the thread titled Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The Divorce there were many mentions of the play called The TomKat Project, which is billed as "a two-act play that transcends the tabloids to discover the truth behind the marriage of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and The Church of Scientology."

    When the following review was published today I decided to start a new thread about Cruise and his involvement in the cult in 2015.

    Stray Cat's THE TOMKAT PROJECT Is Satire on Steroids - A Well Done Roast!

    By Herbert Paine, April 27, 2015

    Stray Cat Theatre strikes again with a compelling, uproarious, and perfectly incisive staging of Brandon Ogborn's The TomKat Project, the quasi-fictional accounting of the very public and stormy relationship between Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and David Miscavige.

    If you've seen Alex Gibney's daring and hair-raising HBO documentary about the Church of Scientology ~ Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ~ you've had a front-row preview of the controversy and allegations surrounding the enterprise's activities and its influence, particularly those of Mr. Miscavige, the Church's ecclesiastical leader, on some of the major celebrities, if not institutions, of our time. Having learned some lessons about how far to push the envelope on the Church, the playwright (smartly portrayed by Brady Weber) advises the audience at the show's outset that "the following scenes are based on rumor, gossip, hearsay, theory, fantasy, lies and when appropriate, the Internet."

    But, you ain't seen nothing yet until you've been transported into Mr. Ogborn's wacky version of the behind the scenes Tom-foolery related to the 14-year (1998-2012) affaire de coeur of America's transitory lovebirds, Tom and Katie.

    Mr. Ogborn has taken one of the more public and notorious episodes in the journal of Scientology dramatics ~ indeed, in the journal of tabloid journalism ~ and turned it upside down and inside out and conceived a hilarious multi-tiered confection of provocative comedy.

    First and foremost, he has scribed a lively send-up on the making of celebrity and the mindless complicity of the media and Hollywood big shots in turning straw into gold. Next, he submits the romance as an intrigue of sorts, where nothing in the motivations and causality of the TomKat marriage may be as it seems and where the audience is compelled to keep its collective brains and eyes very wide open. And the icing on this oeuvre, bless the playwright's heart, is the laying bare of the mumbo jumbo and connivances of pseudo-churches.

    Directed by Louis Farber, this production is like SNL on steroids, but with a top gun cast, nimbly firing off memorable caricatures of the famous, infamous, and those on the periphery of fame. It's a roast that will leave you breathless with the weight of the fast and furious performances of seven actors who are at the top of their game, playing over fifty distinct roles.

    Chris Mascarelli plays Cruise like a fiddle, plucking away mercilessly at the vainglorious actor's vulnerability at one moment and his superficial machismo at another. His recreation of the couch-jumping incident where Tom unabashedly declares his love for Katie in a 2005 interview with Oprah is pound for pound hysterical. Likewise, he delivers the goods in his reenactment of Tom's same-year fiasco with Matt Lauer about prescription drugs. Whether he's fending off advances from male admirers, consorting with Miscavige, or playing the control game with Katie, Mascarelli's Tom is a haunting but comic parody.

    Brandi Bigley's Katie is a marvelous contrast to Mascarelli's celebrity psycho. She captures the apparent sweet innocence and vulnerability of the aspiring actress who becomes ensnared in the sinister web woven by the leader of the Church. Like Tom, Katie shares a wonderment as to why they've had such bad luck with the opposite sex.

    Enter the leader of the Church, who sees Tom's and Katie's respective need for connection as the key to a glorious opportunity for matchmaking. David Chorley delivers a scathing, jaw-dropping, and hilarious portrayal of a charlatan and puppeteer in action, a needy nutcase wearing the mask of a nefarious tyrant, swooning over Tom and ever-conspiring to control his flock.

    Tim Shawver is remarkably versatile and engaging as he switches roles as distinct as Katie's father, Steven Spielberg, and Sumner Redstone, the Paramount mogul who severed relations with Tom because of his erratic behavior.

    Chanel Bragg is wildly amusing and spirited in her varied portrayals of such luminaries as Bert Fields, Tom's attorney, and Nicole Kidman, and, especially in her turn as Oprah.

    Kellie Dunlap brings an energy to the stage that is vivid and inspired. Whether she is channeling the voice of Suri, Tom and Katie's lovechild in the form of a balloon, or Sharon Waxman, the New York Times journalist who covered the Cruise implosion, Ms. Dunlap is immensely engaging and riveting.

    Thank heavens or, more rightly, Mr. Ogborn for a play that courageously skewers the celebrity kebabs and nabobs upon whom, with endless fascination, society dines.

    Thanks loads to Mr. Farber and an extraordinary ensemble for an extraordinary staging of this play.

    By all means, run to see this show. Every zing will pull the strings of your heart and mind.

    The TomKat Project continues its run at the Tempe Performing Arts Center through May 9th.

    Here's the site about the play:
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    What Scientologists Don't Want You To Know About Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's Divorce

    By Brie Schwartz, Redbook, April 27, 2015

    Though Going Clear, Alex Gibney's Scientology documentary did release some — dare we say — juicy details about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage, the flick totally skipped the six -year Katie Holmes chapter.

    Why? Perhaps because when Katie (or is it still Kate?) filed for soul custody of Suri she made enough of a statement that she wanted to protect her daughter from the church that Gibney didn't feel the need to include her in the film, or perhaps he thought sharing the rumor that Cruise tapped Kidman's phone was enough of an indictment against the actor.

    Among other things Scientologists clearly didn't want getting leaked was the fact that Katie, who was worried that Tom was monitoring her calls too, was able to escape Scientology by securing a disposable cell phone. She used it to call attorneys from three law firms in three different states. This move helped her prep her case without Cruise knowing that she wanted a divorce.

    When Cruise and Holmes ultimately split in June 2012, tabloids reported that it was because Katie was afraid that Tom wanted to ship Suri off to Sea Org — a strict faction within the Church of Scientology. While those rumors swirled, Katie allegedly rented a secret apartment in NY to keep Suri safe, or at least out of the gossip rags.

    As a side note, when the newly-dating Tom and Katie made one of their first-ever public appearances at the David di Donatello Awards in April 2005, I was "with" them in Rome at the time. I excitedly waited by the red carpet, alongside 12 confused Italians who had no idea who Katie was. Tom was all charm, jumping on a car in front of him (a la that manic Oprah couch moment), signing autographs and grinning in pictures. Katie, on the other hand, stood eerily still despite my many calls of affection to her (I may or may not have been unhealthily obsessed with Dawson's Creek). Instead of engaging with anyone, or even looking at the (albeit miniature) crowd, she exclusively spoke to one woman, who I later learned was her Scientology shepherd of sorts. Tabloids later reported that she was instructed not to speak with anyone.

    Continued here, with open comments:
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    Man, the milage on the TomKat split is amazing!
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    In this article about OCD, Cruise and Going Clear are mentioned in the first paragraph:

    How You Can Help Someone With Mental Illness: What to Do First

    By Farsh Askari, The Huffington Post, April 30, 2015

    The buzzed-about about Church of Scientology documentary, "Going Clear," reminds us that Scientologists believe psychologists are promoting lies and consider any practice associated with them as false. This belief led Tom Cruise, a known Scientology advocate, to publicly call his friend Brooke Shields "irresponsible" for using anti-depressants for postpartum depression. Cruise suggested Shields could have cured her depression with "vitamins and exercise" instead of medication. For Cruise, who has no medical credentials, to make a psychiatric evaluation and treatment recommendation is extremely... glib. However, while Cruise's beliefs and reasoning may be dubious, he's not alone in making unqualified assertions about mental health.

    Continued here:
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    Challenged by 'Going Clear,' another test awaits Tom Cruise

    By Jake Coyle, The Associated Press, May 5, 2015

    When Janeane Garofalo asked Brad Bird, the director of "Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol," about Tom Cruise at a recent Tribeca Film Festival event, she peppered Bird with allusions to the Scientology documentary "Going Clear." Bird called it "a very inside reference," but Garofalo quickly disagreed.

    "Not anymore," she said. "That documentary ... wooo! 'Going Clear,' we could talk about that all day!"

    That's probably not what Tom Cruise or the makers of the next "Mission: Impossible" film, "Rogue Nation," want to hear. "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief," Alex Gibney's documentary based on the book by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lawrence Wright, was a revelation to many and a certain challenge to Cruise, who in recent years has quieted his public advocacy for Scientology.

    The film and book did more than anything before to expose the secretive organization and detail some troubling claims involving Cruise, Scientology's most famous face. Cruise has yet to say anything publicly about "Going Clear," a silence that may be difficult to maintain, given the high-profile demands of promoting a summer blockbuster hoping to make some $700 million worldwide.

    Cruise's stardom has long had a Teflon indestructability, having survived one of the most notorious of public-relations disasters in 2005 when he ditched his longtime publicist for his sister, Lee Anne DeVette, a Scientologist; dramatically wooed his eventual third wife, Katie Holmes; and jumped on Oprah Winfrey's couch.

    Ten years later, a documentary may be a seemingly small threat to a global star who has already weathered media storms over his Scientology beliefs. Or "Going Clear" could persist as an acute challenge to Cruise at a time when his box-office clout may be waning and in a media age where privacy seldom lasts.

    The impact of "Going Clear" has also been unusually large. When it aired on HBO on March 29, shortly after premiering in theaters, it became a trending topic on Twitter. Critics called it a "powder-keg" and a "scorching takedown of Scientology."

    Wright and Gibney insist Scientologists are free to believe what they want, but maintain the church should be held accountable for what they claim is frequently abusive treatment. The filmmakers have pressed for change in either Scientology's tax-exempt status or through its influential celebrity figureheads: Cruise and John Travolta.

    "There aren't very many alternatives and law enforcement agencies are stymied," says Wright. "What's left is for journalists to call attention to what's going on and at least inform people. We certainly are singling out some celebrities because they bear a moral responsibility and we're making certain that they have to recognize that."


    Cruise's representative did not respond to requests for comment for this article. The Church of Scientology has called the documentary "a one-sided false diatribe" reliant on the testimony of "bitter, vengeful apostates."


    Jeetendr Sehdev, a marketing professor at the University of Southern California and a celebrity branding expert, says people feel increasingly uneasy about Cruise and that his kind of "contrived celebrity" is outdated.

    "The documentary is going to have an impact on 'Mission: Impossible' when it comes out," says Sehdev. "Secrets in Hollywood are really no longer sexy. Audiences are looking for transparency and authenticity in their celebrities more than ever before."

    Since this is an Associated Press report, it is getting published on a lot of sites. For example, here it is on USA Today's site:

    Will 'Going Clear' ruin Tom Cruise's summer?
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    Tom Cruise Searching For Wife Number Four To Save Reputation? | Gossip Cop

    By Alyson Kaufman, May 6, 2015

    Tom Cruise is not searching for wife number four, with the help of the Church of Scientology, in order to “save his reputation,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this new claim. We’re told it’s entirely “not true.”

    According to Life & Style, the church is “serving as his matchmaker, and is “putting several gung-ho (female) Scientologists through a graduate school-type program as a vetting process” for being a potential spouse. The magazine further alleges the courses include teaching the “proper etiquette and behavior” to exhibit around Cruise when accompanying him in public. Not surprisingly, the tabloid dredges up decades-old untrue rumors about how actresses previously auctioned for the coveted role of Mrs. Cruise.

    But even if a woman passes the “graduate school-type program” with flying colors, the tabloid notes she must be “beautiful, smart and under 5-foot-5.” And if it all works out and “he finds the right woman,” says Cruise’s supposed “friend,” the actor will “hold another over-the-top European wedding, like when he married Katie [Holmes] in an Italian castle.”

    If it all sounds like an imaginary fairy tale, that’s because it is. A source close to the situation assures Gossip Cop exclusively that the story is “not true.”

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  9. anonamus Member

    Even then, she'll still be a lot taller than the ecclesiastical leader.
  10. RightOn Member

    Cruise traded his career, his prospects of ever finding a new wife(unless of course he marries a moon bat like himself) and a good chunk of his life for the cult.
    Wow! what a deal. Where can I sign up?
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    Tom Cruise Allegedly Seeking Wife #4 To Save Reputation: Scientology Matchmakers Attempt To Locate The Perfect Soulmate

    By Bobby Fischer, Celeb Dirty Laundry, May 7, 2015

    Tom Cruise’s reputation has gone into the gutter over the recent years, and now he hopes to reclaim it by finding another wife. His reputation has grown a bit shady largely due to his association with Scientology and his impassioned defense of the ‘religion’. No matter how bad the public’s opinion of Scientology continues to get, Tom continues to claim that Scientology is totally, like, the best thing evahhhhh.

    And now, a new report from Life & Style Magazine claims that Tom Cruise is looking for wife number 4 to save his reputation – as IF another wife would help things.

    However, Life & Style’s source claims that Scientology matchmakers have currently designed a curriculum for potential brides, and they’ll be training these potential brides to be the perfect wife to Tom Cruise. And then, whoever graduates from the program and fits the physical requirements – i.e, shorter than Tom Cruise, beautiful, and smart – they’ll get married to Tom Cruise in another over-the-top ceremony, probably in a European castle.

    Ok, first of all, nobody ‘smart’ is going to want to get involved in this craziness. Their best bet is to look within Scientology to find the perfect bride for Tom Cruise, since that person is probably already brainwashed. And then, they’ll need to make sure that this woman is not a big celebrity, because it’ll become another Katie Holmes situation. And finally, they’ll need to make sure that she’s very charming, charming enough to offset some of Tommy boy’s weirdness and rants about Scientology.

    Basically, they have as much chance of saving Tom Cruise’s reputation as I have of flying on a pig. Right now, the only thing that will save his reputation is a public denouncement of Scientology and everything it stands for, and then years of career PR rehabilitation. But I don’t envision Tom doing any of those things, so consider it a lost cause.
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    Tom Cruise — The Best Scientologist I Know

    By Mike Rinder, May 13, 2015

    Well, subtract one from the 2 billion people Tom Cruise has “disseminated” Scientology to.

    Simon Pegg revealed in an interview yesterday that Tom Cruise has never spoken to him about Scientology. And this stretches back to around the time Mr. Cruise was presented the Freedom Medal of Valor for being the greatest disseminator in the history of history.

    Except he doesn’t do one on one apparently. Or perhaps Simon Pegg wasn’t a big enough being to deserve it? After all, it is a privilege to call yourself a scientologist.

    But doesn’t Miscavige want MORE celebrities?

    This does raise an interesting question.

    How come not a single person who has ever worked with Mr. Cruise (and there have been a lot of big actors and directors, but even more makeup people, studio execs, grips, cameramen, PR people etc etc) has become a scientologist? He failed with Will Smith. And with David Beckham. And who knows if he even tried with any other lesser beings (apparently not if you take Simon Pegg at his word — though he is a MUCH bigger name than plenty of others scientology touts as “celebs.” Chill E.B. ring a bell?).

    Not a very good batting average for the biggest, baddest, bestest disseminator who ever wore an IAS status pin.
    Maybe he needs to attend one of Gavin Potter’s seminars.

    I guess the reality is that the best scientologist David Miscavige knows, isn’t really that good after all?

    Continued here:
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    Katie Holmes Fears Tom Cruise Stealing Suri Cruise - Won’t Give Daughter Back, Messy Custody Battle Ensues?

    By Amanda Austin, Celeb Dirty Laundry, May 13, 2015

    Katie Holmes fears Tom Cruise will take his daughter Suri Cruise – and will have no intention of giving her back! Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter in months, some sources even say a year, but the May 25 cover of In Touch Magazine claim that Suri is now with her dad and he is not letting Katie Holmes have her back. Brace yourself folks – we are in for one of the messiest celebrity custody battles we will see in this decade.

    The May 25 cover of In Touch Magazine features a photo of a very unhappy looking Katie Holmes, and the headline screams, “Katie’s Nightmare: Tom Takes Suri.” The magazine goes on to tease that they have inside information and all of the juicy details of how “Tom blindsided Katie.” Apparently Tom thinks that he “can’t be stopped,” but Katie Holmes has some dirt on her ex-husband and she plans to use it if he doesn’t hand back over their daughter. Who wants to bet that this custody battle somehow winds up being linked to Scientology? Either Tom’s religion steps in and tries to help him win the custody battle or perhaps Katie will use Scientology against Tom in order to get her daughter back.


    Tom Cruise Has NOT Taken Suri From Katie Holmes, Despite Report | Gossip Cop

    Tom Cruise has not taken his daughter Suri away from Katie Holmes, despite a purposefully deceptive cover from In Touch. The tabloid screams on its cover that it’s “Katie’s nightmare,” and that “he blindsided Katie,” but none of that is true. Suri remains in Holmes’ custody and that’s not going to change.

    Of course, it’s all really a classic bait-and-switch from the tabloid, which clearly has no real news to report. Once one gets past the sensationalized cover, the inside article says Cruise, who’s back in the U.S. after filming abroad for a long time, wants to spend more time with his daughter. The tabloid then adds some over-the-top quotes from so-called insiders, including, “[Holmes will] have to gear up for the fight of her life” and “It could be the dirtiest custody battle ever.”

    Most of the remainder of the article is filler about how long it’s been since Cruise was last photographed with Suri. There are also quotes from a divorce attorney “who doesn’t represent Tom or Katie” and a child psychologist “who hasn’t counseled Suri.” What is missing, however, is anything to substantiate the cover’s headline of “Tom Takes Suri.”

    Of course, In Touch is the same magazine Gossip Cop busted when it ran a cover claiming Suri wanted to “live with daddy” and that Cruise was “leaving Scientology” for his daughter. Those cover stories were not true back then, and the latest one alleging Cruise has taken Suri is also 100 percent false.

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  15. RightOn Member

    Here we go again.
    They say Tom was having an "animated chat" with his costar Sarah Wright
    His new movie "Mena"
    "In Mena, which is inspired by true events, he portrays pilot Barry Seal - a drug trafficker who transported contraband for the CIA making trips to Mexico and the city Mena, Arkansas in the 1980s."
    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  16. DeathHamster Member

    Time to work on those "Scientology is a CIA front rumours" again. :)
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  17. Random guy Member

    Lemme seee:

    Wright is 31, Cruise is 52. She's also married.
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  18. RightOn Member

    I meant with another dumb movie and "flirting" rumors
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  19. Random guy Member

    Indeed, just pointing out the likely veracity of the rumours. I wonder who spreads this bullox. Even the most cursory checking of facts shows the implied "flirting" to be two actors talking to each other on the set.
  20. RightOn Member

    Guess Cruise didn't want to use his middle tooth :D

  21. The Wrong Guy Member


    Tom Cruise Rocked By Explosive Claims That Scientology Founder Is Daughter's Real Dad

    By National Enquirer staff, May 20, 2015

    As the Church of Scientology continues to shudder amid intense scrutiny, former officials have stepped forward with the most shocking allegation yet: TOM CRUISE is not SURI'S biological father!

    This bombshell assertion is being made by multiple insiders, who have sensationally claimed church founder L. Ron Hubbard was the secret sperm donor.

    For all the juicy details on this exclusive story, pick up a new copy of The National ENQUIRER – on stands now!

    Tom Cruise Is "Not Suri's Real Dad" Claim Is Untrue

    By Shari Weiss, Gossip Cop, May 20, 2015

    Tom Cruise IS the biological father of Suri Cruise, despite an entirely wrong tabloid cover story that hit newsstands on Wednesday. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report.

    The outlandish allegations come from the National Enquirer, which absurdly claims Katie Holmes was “impregnated” with sperm from L. Ron Hubbard, the late founder of Scientology, as part of a “bizarre church plot to reincarnate the religion’s mastermind with frozen DNA.” The supermarket tabloid alleges Cruise is “livid” over the “dark paternity secret.”

    The Enquirer quotes former Scientologists who believe the paternity claims could be plausible, and goes on to speculate that the alleged issue is why Cruise hasn’t been seen with his daughter in recent months. The magazine even suggests that a DNA test could be in the works. But Gossip Cop can assuredly tell you it’s all B.S.

    A source close to Cruise flat-out tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “Tom is Suri’s real dad.” The Enquirer, of course, has been making up stories about Cruise for years, each more sensational than the last. And the magazine even ran a similar “paternity questions” cover story about the movie star in 2012, which Gossip Cop also corrected then. Perhaps it’s time the Enquirer stops “reporting” on Cruise altogether.
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  22. DeathHamster Member

    The frozen spunk of Elron idea is from Andrew Morton's book in 2008. And it was pretty stupid then too.

    Tom Cruise's cousin or Tommy Davis as the sperm daddy, maybe not so stupid.

    Asking a source "close to Cruise" seems pretty pointless. The only people close to Cruise right now are Scientologist handlers or studio handlers to handle the handlers.

    It sure doesn't seem like there's any strong biological ties keeping Tom near Suri.
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    How Tom Cruise Jumping on Oprah’s Couch Changed Everything

    Never again would he be dreamboat Tom Cruise, universally beloved celebrity.

    By Courtney Enlow, VH1, May 22, 2015

    Last paragraph:

    What came first: the couch or our discomfort? Oprah may have been the impetus, but Cruise was hardly a victim of mean memes and viral videos. He was a victim of a public that had become too difficult to fake it in front of.
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  24. Random guy Member

    Extremely well put!
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    Celebrating Tom Cruise's epic jump on Oprah's couch

    By Liz Braun, Toronto Sun, May 23, 2015

    We all get nostalgic over important events from the past — weddings, graduations, movie stars jumping on Oprah's furniture.

    Yes, friends, it's been 10 years since Tom Cruise jumped the couch, an anniversary worth noting in the world of celebrity.

    Remember? Cruise so wanted to share his love for Katie Holmes with Oprah and the world that he launched into a simian home furnishings dance cemented forever in the minds of TV viewers everywhere. Alas.

    Of course, just a month earlier, Cruise's publicist (and sister) Lee Anne DeVette had confirmed in a press release that Cruise and Holmes were dating. Because that's not creepy. Maybe the Oprah dance was Cruise's way of emphasizing the truth about the relationship.

    Many mark the Oprah couch jump as a crucial change in Cruise's career, and not in a good way. They will remind you that Paramount ended a 14 year production deal with the actor in the year after the Oprah jumping; some claim that the public viewed him differently thereafter as well — less sex symbol, more lunatic fringe.

    Maybe so, but the actor has recovered his box office mojo in the decade that followed, and the bottom line is really all that counts in his business.

    What the couch jump did for some people, however, was confirm the growing suspicion that not everything you see or hear on television — regardless of the source —can be believed. In June of 2005, Frank Rich wrote about Cruise and his couch jump in the New York Times. He described the relationship between the two actors, Cruise and Holmes — both of whom had big summer movies to promote — as, "A lavishly produced freak show, designed to play out in real time, enthusiastically enacted by the biggest star in the business."

    A little snarky, maybe, but Rich actually had another point to make: that the public was catching on and rebelling against the fakery all around them, whether it came from Hollywood or Washington.

    Continued here, with video clips and open comments:
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  26. anon8109 Member

    With the bizarre story about Cruise and Hubbard's sperm, do you think Cruise will be the next Elvis?
  27. Sekee Member

    No, people like Elvis.
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    Connor Cruise Goes On Twitter Tirade Over Caitlyn Jenner Receiving ESPY Award | X17 Online

    He should put a lid on it!

    Connor Cruise took to Twitter yesterday to reveal what he really thought about Caitlyn Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the upcoming ESPY's, and he ended up just displaying how ignorant he really is before deleting his rant altogether.

    "Really?? Winning the AA award for courage?? Ashton is gonna come out and yell PUNK’D. Don’t get me wrong. Do what you feel like doing and don’t let anyone stop you. But everyone is taking this way too seriously…There are so many more important things that should be talked about…And SO MANY MORE IMPORTANT PEOPLE that actually deserve an award," he began.

    "Like the fact that we are overfishing and in 30 years there will be no more fish. Seems dumb but 85 percent of the worlds protein is fish. Or what about the fact that our planet is becoming less habitable on a daily basis. Yet the population is increasing at an alarming rate. Or the fact that we all can't even get a long on earth lol. We fight and kill each other. We have war and poverty. This needs to change," he continued.

    As soon as he began to receive backlash from fans, he changed his tune.

    "Totally twisting what I said, if you read what I said I totally support being happy and am glad she is happy. We just need to as a nation and a world get back to business and making everything a better place. [It's] way more about the problems the world needs to solve than about her guys," he clarified.

    Go back to the Scientology Celebrity Center and voice your profound thoughts there instead, Mr. Cruise!

    Source, and open comments:

    Connor Cruise's Bizarre Rant Against Caitlyn Jenner Smells Like Scientology | The Stir

    Like father, like son? It seems Tom Cruise's 20-year-old son Connor has inherited his father's capacity for going on bizarre public rants criticizing other celebrities (who can forget Tom's crazy anti-Brooke Shields diatribe?). In a now-deleted series of tweets, Connor slammed the decision to award Caitlyn Jenner the ESPY Award's Arthur Ashe Courage Award -- and his reasons will have you scratching your head.


    ...the whole thing still smacks of intolerance to me. At least Connor's still young -- hopefully as he gets older he'll move away from his dad's beliefs, as many young adults do. Because, well, did you see Going Clear?! Case closed.
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

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    WhyWeProtest - For The News That Matters™

    Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery: Arrives On Movie Set With New Face – Wants To Look Like First 'Mission: Impossible'

    By Amanda Austin, Celeb Dirty Laundry


    Tom Cruise is determined to slow down the hands of time. The Mission Impossible actor has reportedly turned to plastic surgery to do so. Tom Cruise has always denied getting plastic surgery, but the actor showed up on the set of his new movie, “Mena,” looking not quite himself. Sources on the Georgia set say there is no doubt in their minds that the 52-year-old worker had some work done on his face.

    This week’s edition of Life &amp; Style Magazine reveals that Tom Cruise paid a pretty penny to try and appear a few decades younger for his upcoming promotional tour of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. L&amp;S explains, “Though he has always had an ageless quality, Tom is now making a big effort to look young. One source believes that he could have shelled out over $50,000 to have his own fat harvested and injected in to his face. The results are good, but not quite natural looking.”

    Pals close to the actor told Life &amp; Style Magazine that Tom Cruise is determine to look the exact same way he did when he starred in the original Mission: Impossible film back in 1996. Good luck with that! Plastic surgery has come a long way, but can doctors really shave two decades off from your face without making you look like a science project?

    There is no doubt in our minds that Tom Cruise has been going under the knife and getting work done. But we would be more apt to believe it has something to do with his search for a new wife and a lot less to do with Mission: Impossible. It is no secret that Tom Cruise is on the prowl again, and there have been multiple reports that his tea has been interviewing women for him to date. Perhaps Tom blamed his singleness on his aging face, and decided to freshen up a bit.

    Continued here:"Tom Cruise" "plastic surgery"
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    When Tom Cruise was one of Scientology’s biggest donors: A look back

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker

    Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine shared a fun piece of history with us, and we thought you might be interested in seeing it. It’s a page from a 2005 copy of Impact magazine, the publication Scientology uses to name and congratulate its biggest donors.

    In more recent years, the top donors are off the charts with huge amounts in the tens of millions of dollars, and they tend to be business types (especially the Duggan family) or Venezuelans, for some reason.

    But in 2005, a couple of celebrities were listed among the biggest givers: Tom Cruise and Leah Remini.

    The timing makes sense. As we’ve explained previously, Cruise was away from Scientology for much of the time he was married to Nicole Kidman, but then after the couple split in 2001, church official Marty Rathbun was tasked with auditing Tom into the most gung-ho Scientologist possible. By 2004, he’d succeeded, and Scientology leader David Miscavige rewarded Tom at the October International Association of Scientologists (IAS) gala in England with his Freedom Medal of Valor in a ceremony that featured a 35-minute video tribute to the actor (and if you’ve seen Alex Gibney’s movie Going Clear, this should all sound familiar). Tom then took his zeal public, with a disastrous 2005 War of the Worlds publicity campaign which included professions of his love for Katie Holmes (with leaps on Oprah’s couch) and a disturbing interview with Matt Lauer. And Tom also showed his new dedication by donating large amounts to the IAS so that he attained a new cumulative “status” — Platinum Meritorious.

    According to Scientology’s own publications, that means Tom had, up to that point, given a total of $2.5 million to the IAS. And that’s separate from what he would have given, since he began taking classes in 1986, for course fees, auditing intensives, security-check bills, and plenty of other costs associated with stays at the Flag Land Base for processing. He may also have donated to other causes and campaigns separate from the IAS. But here’s published proof, at least, of his largesse in one area.

    Continued here:
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  32. RightOn Member

    I thought Cuntwrong gave her entire paycheck from the Simpsons one year? Thought it was $10 mil?
    Or was it not donated to the IAS?

    ANd FTR, I think Cruise is secretly donating IMO
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise is My Shitty Boyfriend

    Published by nottomcruise on June 18, 2015

    I thought it would be fun to create an ongoing series around Tom Cruise being a shitty boyfriend in every which way. This is the result.
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    New book echoes Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

    By Richard Johnson, Page Six

    Tom Cruise, call your lawyer. “Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper,’’ a fake Hollywood memoir by Hilary Liftin just out this week, features a Katie Holmes-like narrator dishing the dirt on her marriage to a Tom Cruise-like star she calls Rob Mars, who is a member of a Scientology-like religion she calls One Cell Studio.

    “I know that people want to hear my side of the story,” the book begins. “I’ve been asked the same questions every time I’ve stepped into daylight for more than seven years. Lizzie! Lizzie! Why did you marry Rob Mars? Was it a career move or do you really love him? Is he gay?”

    Liftin — a ghostwriter for Miley Cyrus, Tori Spelling, Tatum O’Neal and Mackenzie Phillips — was inspired, say her publicists at Penguin Random House, “while reading the tabloids and daydreaming about the celebrities she would most like to ghostwrite for.”

    The author, who declined to be interviewed, is quoted in promotional materials as saying, “Lizzie Pepper is fictitious . . . my dream client come to life.”

    But the book details how Pepper’s children are being brainwashed and quotes her as saying, “I left my husband in order to free my sons from a life of extreme privilege and loneliness.”

    Liftin’s publicist Megan Beatie said, “This book has been carefully vetted by lawyers.”

    Lawyer Bert Fields, who has been defending Cruise and the Church of Scientology for decades, told me, “I’ll hold my comments ’til I’ve read the book.”

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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Suri Cruise In 646 Days: Katie Holmes Won’t Allow Reunion Because She Despises Scientology Values?

    By Amanda Austin, Celeb Dirty Laundry


    The July 6 edition of In Touch Magazine reveals, “Tom has access to a private jet that could have him in Los Angeles (where Suri and Katie live) in under five hours – but he still hasn’t used it to see Suri in 646 days. The star has previously insisted that he has not abandoned his daughter and he talks to her on the phone and on Skype.”
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    With a movie release coming up, more paid advertising placed stories about how he really really does his own stunts.
    One small snark:
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise's Assistant Looks Just Like Katie Holmes - Tom Lonely, Tries To Fill Emotional Void With Replica Of His Past Love?

    By John Panichella, Celeb Dirty Laundry, June 29, 2015


    Tom Cruise has an assistant who looks exactly like Kate Holmes, his ex-wife. How many times when we break up with someone do we want to have a constant reminder of them around us all the time? I’m assuming for most of us, the answer is not very often. Seriously though, why would you want to see someone who looks like your ex 24/7 after you just went through a break up?

    Well, apparently, actor Tom Cruise did not get the memo, and is one of the few people who wants to be reminded of his ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise has been filming “Mena” in Madison, Georiga this month, and we recently got a hold of this picture that shows Tom Cruise with his new assistant. The photo was taken on June 29, 2015, and the resemblance between Cruise’s new assistant and his ex-wife Katie Holmes is uncanny.

    We aren’t quite sure why Tom Cruise would want to work with someone who looks identical to Katie Holmes, but maybe Cruise is trying to recreate an image of his ex-wife Katie Holmes to fill some sort of void that he is feeling.

    We recently reported that Tom Cruise has not seen his daughter Suri in over two years due to his religion, Scientology. An inside source told In Touch Magazine, “Katie didn’t make her break from Tom with the best financial arrangement — due to an iron-clad prenup, but she feels that she and Suri got out with their freedom.” According to the source, Tom Cruise’s devotion to Scientology caused a ton of problems with he and Katie Holmes, and Holmes could not stand it anymore, so she took their daughter Suri and left.

    Maybe since Tom Cruise has not seen Suri in over two years, and because Scientology ruined his marriage with Katie Holmes, he is trying to surround himself with a Katie Holmes look-a-like to feel less lonely. Either way, you have to admit it is a little weird of Tom to hire a personal assistant that resembles Katie Holmes. Let’s just hope that Cruise can find himself a new wife, and fast, so he does not continue to drive himself crazy.

    Source, and open comments:
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member


    Tom Cruise Shocker: Quitting Scientology For Daughter, Suri — Report

    Tom Cruise to leave the Church of Scientology for his daughter? Insiders are revealing Tom is over the church telling him what he can and can’t do when it comes to Suri Cruise — he plans to break free from Scientology to watch Suri grow up in peace.

    This is huge news! After years of being involved (and controlled by the church), Tom Cruise, 52, is reportedly quitting Scientology for good and it’s all for daughter Suri Cruise, 9! After a heartbreaking phone call with Suri, the actor realized he’s missing out on all of her milestones and the only way to get back into the young girl’s life is to cut ties with the church.

    An insider explained to Star magazine how Tom’s recent phone call with Suri made him realize he needed to get out. “She was going on and on about her ballet class and how much she loves it. That’s when Tom realized he’s never seen her perform ballet and he started to tear up,” the insider said. “It hit him that she’s growing up before his eyes and he’s not there to witness most of it. They talk on the phone and video chat, but it’s not the same.” Phone calls and video chats for Tom and Suri can’t really replace spending actual, physical time with each other, especially since Suri is so young.

    The source went on to explain the predicament Tom is currently in. “Tom has been under tremendous pressure where Suri and Katie are concerned because the church doesn’t want him close to them. They can’t stand that their own poster boy isn’t raising his child in the church,” the source said. “If they label Suri a suppressive person (a Scientology term for an enemy of the church), as they’ve been known to do with dissenters, that would make it hard for Tom to have a relationship with her. He’s between a rock and a hard place, but he’s finally making a choice to put his daughter first,” the source continued.

    “Tom has missed birthdays, school events, all the special parts of childhood that happen so fast and are gone before you know it. Suri is not a baby anymore; she is fully aware that her father isn’t around much,” said the insider. “When she speaks to him on the phone, it’s becoming more and more like she’s talking to a stranger.” That’s so unbelievably sad! If Tom does break free from the church’s grip, there’s no telling if the 52-year-old will be able to mend his relationship with his ex, Katie Holmes, 36, but at least he’ll be able to spend more time with Suri without having to report back to Scientology officials.



    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Could it be true? Tom Cruise is actually leaving Scientology? Star says so, and they’re as reliable as L. Ron Hubbard. Sources say “Tom has finally had enough” and that he “may soon part ways with the cultlike religion.” Hehehehe, cultlike. That’s cute, Star. Anyway, he’s sick of how the religion has destroyed his marriages (all three of ‘em!) and doesn’t want it to ruin “his relationship with Suri, too.” The source continued, “When she speaks to him on the phone, it’s becoming more and more like she’s talking to a stranger. Tom hates that.” Imagine Tom calling and being like, “Hey Suri, it’s daddy!” and Suri saying, “Who? Mr. Klein?” It’s funny, but it’s also very sad. You know what else is sad? That Tom will have to hire plenty of lawyers just to leave a religion. “He knows things are going to get ugly,” says the source, who has probably seen Going Clear at least twice. Imagine if David Miscavige uploaded his entire Scientology file to Scribd! All our heads would explode like the hydrogen bombs that were lowered into volcanos to destroy the aliens 75 million years ago.

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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

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