Tom Cruise and Scientology in 2015/2016

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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Why AMC's 'Preacher' Killed Off Tom Cruise | Hollywood Reporter

    "Tom Cruise has died."

    When these four words were uttered at the Hollywood premiere of AMC's Preacher, there was an uproarious outburst of laughter throughout the auditorium — a mixture of genuine amusement and total shock. No matter the emotion, it produced a reaction, and simultaneously set the tone for the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon comic book adaptation's twisted sense of humor.

    Preacher just ethered Tom Cruise and Scientology | FanSided

    Preacher showed a news clip killing off Tom Cruise, and taking a big shot at Scientology in the process.
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  2. RightOn Member

    ^ ha ha !
    Cruise "Spontaneously explodes"
  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Suri’s New Life: How Mom Katie Holmes Is Keeping Her Normal After Scientology

    No more private jets! Suri has become a regular 10-year-old since Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise in 2012, and has exclusively learned that the doting mom is doing everything she can to give her a normal life.

    Photos, and open comments:
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  4. DeathHamster Member

  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    11 Years Ago Today, Tom Cruise Had His Way With Oprah Winfrey's Couch

    ...And we never looked at a couch the same way again.


    Of course, on this the 11th anniversary of the Couch Jump, we do look back on the whole thing with a bit more knowledge than we had in 2005 — in particular the knowledge that Tom and Katie's courtship may have been a smidge less than naturally-occurring. But we shalt not dwell on this fact, for it makes the clip way less hilarious and way more depressing.

    Instead, we shall simply appreciate the moment for what it was: Freaking hilarious. And we will honor it in the only way we know how: With GIFs.
  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    'Preacher' shocks audience by making Tom Cruise explode — here's where they got the idea

    AMC's "Preacher" debuted Sunday to applause from both longtime fans of the original '90s comics and newcomers just tuning in to the show. Following a struggling man of faith in a small town in Texas, "Preacher" is already delighting audiences with the same signature mix of explicit violence and irreverent humor that made the graphic novels a cult hit.

    Fans were especially wary after years of TV adaptation attempts, afraid that network censors would dilute the sardonic anti-religious slant of the source material. AMC put those fears to bed early on in the pilot when they dropped a shocking Scientology gag: they made Tom Cruise explode.

    When Jesse finds himself in an Annville bar contemplating whether to leave the church, a news report airs in the background revealing Tom Cruise exploded in front of a live audience during a congregation at the Church of Scientology.

    Tom Cruise's death is a callback to the show's opening scene, in which a mysterious entity from space inhabits the body of a preacher in Africa, killing him before the horrified eyes of his parish.

    Seth Rogen, during a press conference for "Preacher" before its premiere, explained where the joke came from and its narrative significance:

    "I think that was Evan's [Goldberg, one of the showrunners] idea," explained Rogen. "You know, this thing is kinda going from religious figure to religious figure trying to find a suitable host and Tom Cruise is a religious figure. And as we were racking our brains for how to keep this idea alive throughout the pilot and we were just thinking of, like, a news story we could be showing to kind of show that this thing was still out there trying to find a host, if you will."

    As Rogen explains, the entity (named Genesis) is searching for a host. Men of faith found unworthy end up shredded to bits by the entity's awesome divine power.

    Rogen says AMC never pressured them to alter the episode to appease either censors or audiences and the joke itself came up on fly.

    "I think Evan was like, 'We should try Tom Cruise!' and we were like, 'That would be hilarious!' and I think that’s how the [conversation] went," said Rogen.

    So long as "Preacher" can manage to update the source material while keeping its demented humor intact, fans and newcomers alike will stay faithful to this promising (and profane) new series.

  7. The Wrong Guy Member

  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    As Scientology sinks, does Tom Cruise really have to go down with the ship?

    By Tony Ortega, May 24, 2016


    Sunday night we were still reeling from what we’d just seen on HBO and a scene involving three little words — “hold the door” — so when we turned to AMC at ten pm, we weren’t really in the best shape for taking in the craziness in the pilot episode of Preacher.

    We knew that there was a fun reference to Tom Cruise somewhere in the show, but we couldn’t make it past the first few minutes of the episode. Blame it on the white walkers.

    Anyway, the Tom Cruise joke in Preacher got plenty of media attention after the episode aired. News of the gag first emerged after the episode was shown at SXSW in Austin in March, so plenty of people knew it was coming.

    In the show, an adaptation of a dark graphic novel series, an entity from outer space seeks out and inhabits a series of preacher types. The show opens with a scene in a church somewhere in Africa, and the minister giving his sermon is suddenly seized by the unseen force. Wide-eyed, the cleric announces that he’s become a prophet, and then he promptly explodes.

    The entity seeks out a couple more holy men to blow up before finally settling into the preacher that the show is about, Jesse Custer, played by Dominic Cooper.

    The show’s producers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, have said that they were looking for a quick way to get through those early preacher explosions when they hit on the idea of blowing up Tom Cruise. The actor’s death happens off camera, and the viewer learns about it in a TV news broadcast playing as Custer is having a beer in a seedy bar. Over his shoulder, on the TV, you hear:

    “Tom Cruise has died. This footage, just coming in from a Church of Scientology service Cruise was presiding over when apparently — the details are still coming in — he spontaneously exploded.”

    Yee-ouch. It’s a funny joke, but it packs a punch. As in, it only works if you consider Cruise and his involvement in Scientology laughable. Which, for most of the population, is probably true.


    On occasion, we’re asked by entertainment publications about Cruise’s troubling non-relationship with his own daughter. Is this a Scientology thing? Has Katie Holmes been “declared” a “suppressive person,” Scientology’s brand of excommunication, so Tom has to stay away from her and her child?

    We explain that it’s very difficult to say with any certainty if that’s the case. The number one rule in Scientology is this: Celebrities get to break all the rules. Even if Scientology leader David Miscavige had declared Katie and labeled Suri “PTS” (a “potential trouble source”), as Scientology’s top celebrity Tom Cruise could ignore all that silliness and see his daughter any time he wanted to. But he doesn’t. So what does that say?

    More frequently now, we’re asking the reporters who call us with this question if it has occurred to them that Scientology can’t really explain Tom’s strange behavior regarding his child. Have you considered, we ask them, that Tom Cruise is just a jackass?

    As much as some publications want to believe that Tom will eventually wake up and leave David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology (and some claim that he already has), we have only seen evidence that he’s more dedicated to Scientology than ever. It must be difficult to turn away from the idea that you are mankind’s only hope, the true “big beings” on a prison planet of deluded fools. Tom Cruise may simply not have the intellect to extract himself from that mental trap.

    In the meantime, as Cruise increasingly becomes more of a cultural laughingstock, we’ll extend the same offer we made four years ago.

    Give us a call, Tom. It’s time we talked.

    Here's the complete article:
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  9. RightOn Member

    Not defending Cruise, but I thought the amount of intellect someone has is nothing to do with getting someone free of being brainwashed?
    "he simply does not have the intellect to extract himself from that mental trap"
    So is that statement really correct?
  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Will the dumbest be the last ones to figure it out -- or perhaps never figure it out? Or is intellectual ability really no help at all?

    What makes the difference between the day you are still a true believer and the next day when you start to let yourself doubt?
  11. RightOn Member

    it's different for everyone.
    And what causes the doubts are different for everyone.
    Intellect has nothing to do with it
  12. Random guy Member

    Intellect isn't one "thing", it's the collected effect of dozens, if not hundreds, of little traits, some interlinked, some independent, some that are learned, others that are innate. A big chunk of the intellect is the ability to formulate problems, which hangs on language. Then there's the ability to think logically, be dispassionate etc. If you would like to know a bit more, read up on Howard Gardner for a basic approach to different aspects of intellect.

    When Ortega says Cruise lacks the intellect to quit the cult, it need not mean he is "stupid" (which like "intelligent" isn't one trait). The way I read it is he scores badly in just those areas which he would need to extract himself from the cult, he may be great in other areas.

    There is the idea that people who fall for cults are often quite intelligent. As proof of this, we often point to ex-clams like Hawkins, the Headleys, Sheldon, Rinder etc, who are all eloquent and obviously well endowed with the ability to use their frontal lobes. My questions are: 1) are they typical (likely no), and 2) is it a coincident that just those guys managed to get out?
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  13. RightOn Member

    thank you! ^
  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Suri Making "Secret Calls" To Tom Cruise?

    By Shari Weiss, Gossip Cop, May 25, 2016


    Suri Cruise is NOT making “secret calls” to her estranged father Tom Cruise, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story.

    Wednesday’s new edition of Star announces, “Missing her dad, the 10-year-old goes behind mother Katie Holmes’ back to talk to her Scientology-obsessed father.” The accompanying story features a photo of Suri with a cell phone, a snapshot supposedly taken outside her school earlier this month. The magazine uses that picture to assert “the person at the other end of the line was very likely her absentee dad.”

    The story goes on to claim Suri has “opened a secret line of communication with Tom,” but has been “keeping their conversations limited because they know” Holmes “would disapprove.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Suri has been talking to Tom behind Katie’s back. He looks forward to her texts. For Tom, it’s been very emotional.”

    But while Star suggests Holmes is none the wiser because Suri is doing calls and texts in “secret,” the outlet ignores an obvious point: The actress would see whatever ingoing or outgoing numbers there are on the phone bill. But the tabloid has never been one to let logic stand in the way of what it thinks is a juicy story.

    After all, this is the same publication that said Cruise was leaving Scientology back in 2012 and was marrying his assistant last year. The magazine keeps making things up, because this is yet another star it knows little to nothing about. And Suri can be added to that ever-growing list as well. A rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the claims of secret calls between “father and daughter” are “untrue.”

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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen or Spoken to Daughter Suri in 1,000 Days, Source Reveals (EXCLUSIVE) | In Touch Weekly

    It’s been 1,000 days — more than two-and-a-half years — since Tom Cruise last saw his daughter, Suri in person. And in addition to no physical contact, the actor hasn’t spoken to her by phone, a source exclusively tells In Touch.

    “They used to Skype and text, but that trailed off drastically,” says a second source. “He uses his film commitments as an excuse, but the truth is that doesn’t hold much weight with Suri anymore.”

    The reason, says an insider, is Scientology’s “disconnection” policy. The controversial religion discourages its members from associating with those who have left the church, as Katie Holmes, 37, did when she split from Tom, 53, in 2012, taking Suri, now 10, with her.

    “Tom eats, breathes and sleeps Scientology,” the insider states. “He’s disconnected from Katie, and then de facto from Suri, because of her connection to Katie. He hasn’t seen her since she was 7.”

    For more on this exclusive, pick up the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now!


    Tom Cruise 'hasn't seen or spoken to his daughter Suri in 1,000 days' with sources blaming star's commitment to Scientology as the reason
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  16. suri cruise Member

  17. Random guy Member

    That looks very much like a surprisingly normal mother doing surprisingly normal parenting with her surprisingly normally behaving child.
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  18. RightOn Member

    good! looking forward to 2000
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  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    October 2015
    Thank God Holmes got her daughter out of Scientology. Can you imagine what they would do to her every time she cried in public?
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise — deadbeat dad, or secret hero?

    By Tony Ortega, June 3, 2016


    Once again, Star magazine is coming to the rescue of Tom Cruise, trying to counter his image as a weirdo Scientologist who for some reason is not spending much time with his daughter Suri.

    Previously, Star published yet another cover story claiming that Tom was leaving Scientology. We thoroughly debunked this, posting numerous photographs showing that Tom is still showing up to Scientology events, and with his special Freedom Medal of Valor around his neck.

    Now, Star is claiming that counter to the reports of Tom’s absentee parenting, he is, in fact, talking regularly with Suri, who sneaks phone calls to him. Star puts this down to an inside “source.”

    But hang on, In Touch has a new report out, saying that Tom has now gone 1,000 days without seeing or talking to his daughter — more than two and a half years!

    Both of these stories can’t be correct. So which one is telling the truth?

    We’ll just point out one thing about In Touch. In 2012, Tom Cruise sued the publisher of In Touch and Life & Style for saying that he had abandoned his daughter. He settled that $50 million lawsuit the next year.

    But here In Touch is, making the exact same accusation. And knowing the kinds of lawyers who would be advising In Touch, it’s hard to believe that the magazine would repeat that allegation following a bruising legal fight unless they were very sure of their sources.

    In fact, we would be pretty surprised if they weren’t hearing from someone very close to Katie Holmes herself.

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  21. RightOn Member

    Why the dislike? TC should stay FAR away from Suri.
    He is gonzo
  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology is blamed for keeping Tom Cruise from Suri

    By Richard Johnson, Page Six, June 7, 2016


    Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri, 10, in nearly three years because the Church of Scientology forbids its members from associating with nonbelievers, sources say.

    Since his ex-wife Katie Holmes is not a Scientologist, and neither is Suri, Cruise has reportedly not seen his daughter since she was 7.

    “If he wanted to see her, he could see her,” one source said. “Even people in prison have a right to see their children.”

    Holmes spokeswoman Leslie Sloane had no comment, and Cruise’s publicists didn’t get back to me.

    Suri, who lives and goes to school in Manhattan, is said to be a smart, well-behaved girl.

    “She’s thriving. She’s got lots of friends and a nice, normal life. This is his loss, his issue, his problem,” said my source. “He must be really brainwashed.”

    In Touch first reported it’s been 1,000 days since Cruise saw his daughter, even though Cruise sued the magazine’s parent company, Bauer Publishing, in 2012 for reporting that Cruise had “abandoned” Suri.

    The $50 million defamation suit was settled the following year on undisclosed terms, with each side paying its own legal fees.

    Tony Ortega, who writes about Scientology on his website, told me Holmes qualifies as an SP, suppressive person, in the cult-like group, and Suri would be deemed a PTS, potential trouble source.

    “But the thing about Scientology is, celebrities get to break all the rules,” says Ortega. “That’s why I find this so mysterious.”

  23. fishypants Moderator

    Sad if true.
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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise: Hoping a Facelift Will Save His Career?

    By Tyler Johnson, The Hollywood Gossip, June 10, 2016


    First there were the reports that Cruise hadn't seen his daughter Suri in 1,000 days.

    Not only was that bizarrely specific length of time eventually extended to three years, Cruise reportedly used a series of bizarre justifications to justify abandoning Suri.

    Insiders say that in addition to the usual sci-fi mumbo-jumbo, Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige filled Tom's head with some tailor-made BS about Suri being "infiltrated by a bad Thetan.”

    That may not mean much to most folks who haven't been driven mad by decades of fame and X Files storylines being presented as religious doctrine, but to Cruise it means that he now needs to run from his daughter just like he runs in every single one of his movies.

    In fact, insiders say Cruise will essentially be bidding farewell to his family and his career in the near future so that he can essentially live as a nomad and serve an international ambassador for Scientology.

    But first, it seems have to fix a problem that's too big for Xenu to handle on his own.

    According to In Touch, Tom is not happy with the way he's aging, and he's planning to go under the knife to restructure his famous face.

    “He is getting older and it’s starting to show,” says one insider.

    “He’s noticed that his jawline and brows are starting to droop. It’s been making him unhappy for a long time.”

    No one seems to agree on whether he's more concerned about preaching the word of L. Ron are getting better movie roles, but the consensus seems to be that Cruise will be getting nipped and tucked:

    “Tom wants a facelift," says the source. "Botox and fillers won’t cut it. A facelift is the only way to fix what he doesn’t like. This is very important to Tom.”

    Yes, it seems plastic surgery is officially a bigger priority to Cruise than his 10-year-old daughter.

    Hey, he may be a religious fanatic, but he's still Hollywood to the bone!

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  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    If he does get a facelift, I'll bet nobody makes fun of it with shoops.

    (Tom, if by some bizarre chance you happen to read this: don't do it. You're human, no matter what anybody says. Humans age. Be human.)
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  26. RightOn Member

    another moob lift too?
    How about a balls lift?
    They start to sag over time, don't they?
    Although didn't he lose his balls years ago?
    Well, not really lose them, but they do have new ownership.:D
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  27. Some people think you must have a conscience to be human.
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Trip To Switzerland Report NOT True

    By Gossip Cop Staff, June 12th, 2016


    Gossip Cop would like to point out a few suspicious aspects of the tabloid’s article before relating what we have learned. Interestingly, the tabloid never once mentions the name of the alleged surgeon in Switzerland who’s considered “the best in Europe.” In addition to that convenient omission, which would have led to calling the doctor’s office to confirm whether or not the magazine’s story was true or not, the publication also does not say when Cruise supposedly took his “secret plastic surgery trip.”

    Instead, the outlet published a less than flattering paparazzi photo of Cruise to bolster its claim that, like everyone else, Cruise is getting older. Irrespective of the tabloid’s glaring omissions and self-serving quotations, Gossip Cop looked into this report, and we’re exclusively told it’s “false.” There was no “secret plastic surgery trip” to Switzerland.

    Sadly, Gossip Cop is not surprised by the inaccurate report. The tabloid has a long and ignominious history of getting stories wrong about Cruise. In 2012, for example, Gossip Cop exclusively busted the publication when it falsely claimed in a cover story that his daughter Suri wanted to live with Cruise over his ex-wife Katie Holmes. That was followed up by equally untrue reports about Cruise’s trying to seize control of Suri and leaving Scientology for her.

    Of course, four years later none of those reports proved to be true nor did the outlet’s other subsequent tales about his planned “explosive showdown in court” for Suri or actually taking his daughter away from Holmes, as alleged in 2015. Other falsehoods propagated by In Touch included such claims in 2016 about Cruise having “ruined” Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s (nonexistent) wedding plans and dating a “mystery” actress before seeking custody of Suri.
  29. tippytoe Member

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  30. The Wrong Guy Member


    Tom Cruise Leaving Scientology Report NOT True

    By Shari Weiss, Gossip Cop

    Tom Cruise is NOT leaving Scientology, despite a new tabloid cover story falsely claiming he’s abandoning the church for a new relationship. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

    The new issue of OK! hit newsstands on Wednesday blaring, “Tom Leaving Scientology For Love!” The accompanying story declares, “The actor is so smitten with Annabelle Wallis, he could leave Scientology for her.” The magazine claims the two have hit it off while filming The Mummy, and quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “She told him she couldn’t make a commitment to him so long as he was a practicing Scientologist.”

    “Annabelle really likes Tom, and she can see herself falling for him big-time. But not while he’s a Scientologist. She has no interest in converting,” says the supposed source. And so, the outlet alleges “she’s inspired Tom to rethink his extreme religious beliefs,” and now he’s “considering leaving the church.”

    The alleged tipster goes on to claim, “Tom has always done what the church asked, but he’s finally realizing what a negative impact that’s had on his relationships.” The snitch further adds, “The buzz in Tom’s circle is that he’s ready to walk.” And OK! even claims Cruise and Wallis “shared a dinner date” with none other than Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx.

    Of course, OK! has been running untrue cover stories about Holmes and Foxx on weddings and babies for the better part of the last year. This new one on Cruise, Wallis, and Scientology is equally inaccurate. The actor remains committed to Scientology… while the tabloid stays committed to spreading fiction over fact.

    Source, and open comments:
  31. Kilia Member

    Poor Cruise..he's 53 yrs old now. *sigh*
  32. JohnnyRUClear Member

    He's got a few sCruise loose.
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  33. h1251170b-jpg.214104.jpg

    Tom is stuck in an incident on the LRH Cruise to nowhere.
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  34. RightOn Member

    Shouldn't that be the Failwinds?

  35. Shhhh, he's trying to slip away unnoticed, he's really, really lost............
  36. RightOn Member

    No matter how lost Cruise ever becomes, you can be sure that COB will be following close behind him in a little dingy, errrrr... with his little dingy :D
    New shoop plox!

    Besides.... those commercial cruise liners are more for the likes of Travolta where there are plenty of sea men. (see what i did thar?)
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Claudia Jordan Says She Was Talking Out Of Her Ass About Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes

    By Michael K, Dlisted, June 22, 2016


    If you didn’t know who Claudia Jordan was, you learned who she was yesterday when she made WORLDWIDE HEADLINES for confirming that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are bumping nipples. Claudia (who was in The Real Housewives of Atlanta was Briefcase Model #1 on Deal or No Deal) is friends with Jamie, and on the Allegedly podcast yesterday, she earned a dozen thirst points by saying that he’s very happy with Katie Holmes. But somebody (read: Suri) must have gotten to Claudia and told her to fix it, because now she’s backpedalling so hard that she’s probably developed six-packs on her calves.

    After Claudia said that Jamie and Katie are very happy, she told Entertainment Tonight that she had no idea what she was talking about. If there was video footage of Claudia on the Allegedly podcast, you’d clearly see her spreading her ass cheeks open in front of a mic to let her b-hole do the talking, because that info about Jamie and Katie has as much weight as a fart. Claudia told ET that she has no idea if FoxHol is real, she’s never seem them together, Jamie has never told her that they’re together and she “misspoke.” The clip is actually kind of funny, because Claudia keeps repeating herself and wants to nail it into our brains that she knows nothing about FoxHol. If you looked into her head, you’d see her brain jizzing from a camera being on her, but you’d also see her praying that Jamie Foxx doesn’t kick her out of his entourage.

    Or maybe it wasn’t Jamie or Katie who got to Claudia. Maybe just maybe Katie has some weird agreement with Tom Cruise and Scientology to not let her relationships go public. Maybe it was Tommy who got to Claudia. I mean, Claudia does look like she’s trying not to laugh while remembering the moment when Little Lord Tommy got in her face and threatened her while standing on a stack of phone books on an apple box.

    More here:
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  38. RightOn Member

    I understand it's DLIsted, and I am glad they are reporting on it, AND I am not a prude by any means, but there are other ways to convey your message without using such gross terms. No need for it. IMO
  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    This article consists of photos and captions, and provides nothing really new.

    Destroyed By Scientology? Nicole Kidman’s Relationship With Bella & Connor Revealed

    By Radar Staff, July 1, 2016


    While Isabella Cruise enjoys her first months as a newlywed in London, and brother Conor DJs in clubs around the world, one person has been noticeably absent from some of their happiest moments: mom Nicole Kidman. Despite rumors that Scientology came between them, Kidman has always insisted they still enjoy a healthy relationship, and keep in touch. But is it true? Click through to find out.


    As for Conor, meanwhile, he's said, "I love my mum. I don't care what people say, I know that me and Mum are solid." However, the pair have not been seen in public together in years and he did not attend the funeral of his paternal grandfather, Anthony Kidman, who passed away in 2014. The Church of Scientology has always denied that Kidman was declared a "Suppressive Person" and cut off from her kids, or that the church had any involvement in Cruise, Kidman, or the children's personal life.


    Still an outspoken supporter of Scientology, Cruise remains the most famous face of the religion. As of mid-2016, Cruise had not been seen in public with Suri for more than 1,000 days.
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  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    Joe Rogan & Russell Brand on Tom Cruise, Communism and Monogamy

    This video was taken from Joe Rogan's Podcast Experience #812 - Russell Brand & Jim Breuer:
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