Tom Cruise and Scientology in 2015/2016

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 27, 2015.

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  1. DeathHamster Member

    What rubbish! They'd never bury Tom Cruise's folders and tapes. What if they had to refer to them? I wouldn't be surprised if there's a special unit that shifts copies to the org closest to where he's working at the time.
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

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  3. RightOn Member

    I was watching "Billy on the Street" and he was asking people on the street to name straight white male celebrities.
    And one person said Tom Cruise and he said "NO! and ran away and said "sorry I cant accept that answer" :D
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  4. TorontosRoot Member

    Hahahahahahaha so much lulz.
  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    ‘Radar’ magazine latest to peddle ‘Tom Cruise leaving Scientology’ fake news

    By Tony Ortega, November 26, 2016


    We’ve had a pretty good relationship with the National Enquirer’s online sister publication, RadarOnline. It often jumps on our stories before anyone else, and can usually be counted on to provide a link and a shout out. We really appreciate it. And its own stories about Scientology have often been solid. But then, earlier this year, Jen Heger left the publication, and lately, well, Radar has been shoveling pure shit into Scientology cyberspace.

    The latest piece it put out that’s getting a lot of notice is based entirely on a simple observation: Tom Cruise did not attend last week’s grand opening of a new “Ideal Org” in San Diego that was presided over by Scientology leader David Miscavige.

    Now, here’s what you should conclude from that piece of information: Absolutely nothing. Miscavige always shows up at Ideal Org openings, and Tom Cruise almost never does. In fact, the only time we can remember Tom showing up at an Ideal Org grand opening was in Madrid in 2004. He wasn’t at the other 50 or so openings, and he sure as hell wouldn’t be expected at a second-tier city like San Diego. (Love the town, but it’s not a world capital.)

    Radar, however, concludes the exact opposite, that’s it’s deeply meaningful that Cruise didn’t show up, and so therefore it’s evidence that Tom is drifting away from Scientology and his former best man.

    In other words, Radar joins the list of other tabloid publications that keep predicting that Cruise is on his way out of Scientology, when we haven’t seen any convincing evidence that it’s the case.

    Continued here:
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  6. RightOn Member

    ^ you would think they would of heard of his new digs in Clearwater
  7. RightOn Member

    Cruise is promoting his new Movie "The Mummy" now.
    Cowinky dink it came out the same week as Leah's show? hmmm? ;)
    Bad idea!
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  8. TorontosRoot Member

    Giving it bad reviews due to him being a scientologist and ripping off the mummy (the original one and two) will rip into him good. ;)
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientologists hope Tom Cruise’s move to Florida will save them

    By Michael Kaplan, Page Six, December 18, 2016


    [Tony] Ortega views Cruise’s relocation to Clearwater as the start of Scientology’s reinforced battle to remain relevant.

    “When Tom Cruise buys a place in the center of [Scientology’s] base, it looks like this is where their last stand will take place.”

    Word of Cruise’s move comes in the wake of his Tinseltown real estate sales binge: the unloading of his Beverly Hills mansion for $40 million, and a Hollywood Hills compound for $11.4 million.

    “Scientology is suffering in LA, and Clearwater is not only where the most money gets made, but it is also the spiritual capital,” Ortega said. “I think it’s important for David Miscavige to show Cruise being there.

    (A church spokesperson said, “In Los Angeles, our churches are servicing more parishioners weekly than at any time in their history.”)

    “All celebrities [in Scientology] eventually go to Clearwater,” Ortega added. “Tom moving to Clearwater is a big deal.”

    While SkyView, the building where Cruise will settle down, is owned by real estate developer Moises Agami — a devout Scientologist whose family, according to Ortega, has “donated $10 million in the last few years” to the church — the thinking is that Miscavige had a hand in orchestrating the move.

    Mike Rinder, formerly an international spokesperson for Scientology and now an outspoken critic of the church, added that “Miscavige has a lot of influence over Tom Cruise. Theoretically, Cruise would move to Clearwater if Miscavige said he should.”

    Per Tom De Vocht, who ran the Clearwater operation from 1996 until 2002, “Having Cruise in Clearwater is a big boost. The place needs to look like Mecca, and with him there it appears more alluring.”

    (DeVocht, a church spokesperson said, “was dismissed” for “financial misdeeds.” Of Rinder, the church said, “He was removed from his position in the church for . . . lying.” And Ortega, the spokesperson said, is “bigoted” and “obsessively venomous of the church.”)

    The thinking goes that Cruise’s presence in Clearwater will translate to more money for the church, which has assets estimated by Ortega to be in excess of $3 billion. De Vocht recalled the Clearwater headquarters “making $2.5 million a week on services. Then you add another $500,000 [a week] for [local] hotels, restaurants and various amenities,” all owned by Scientology.

    While Cruise’s mother, Mary Lee Pfeiffer, and 21-year-old son Connor reportedly reside in the area, De Vocht — who worked closely with Miscavige and spent time with Cruise — speculated that the actor moving to Florida is indicative of something bigger.

    “The whole point is for Miscavige to be close to Cruise,” De Vocht said. “Miscavige used to talk about [making] Cruise his right-hand man and second-in-charge. He said he wants to do that because Tom Cruise is an actor and can put across whatever image Miscavige wants him to put across.”

    These days, spin is crucial. Books by former church members, as well as the acclaimed 2015 HBO documentary “Going Clear” and news stories on high-profile defectors such as “Crash” director Paul Haggis, contribute to Scientology’s tarnished image.

    Among the most outspoken apostates is “King of Queens” actress Leah Remini, who stars in the new A&E documentary series “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.” In her 2015 memoir “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology,” Remini describes Cruise as the “church’s most coveted, celebrated and protected celebrity member.”

    De Vocht thinks that Cruise truly buys into Scientology’s beliefs in the recollection of past lives, living for eternity and the obsessive quest to remove thetans. “Believing is the only hook that keeps you in,” De Vocht said. (Cruise’s rep did not return The Post’s call for comment.)

    Cruise won’t be the first celeb Scientologist to set down roots in Clearwater. Kirstie Alley owns a mansion there, purchased from Lisa Marie Presley, who reportedly left the church in 2014. John Travolta is said to jet into town from a landing-stripped home 118 miles away in Ocala to partake in high-level courses with auditors who are available only in Clearwater. Jazz keyboardist Chick Corea lives near church headquarters and is so inspired by Scientology that he has recorded songs based on the fiction of Hubbard.

    But not all is happy among the ranks. Remini, who left in 2013 after 30-plus years of membership — which she has said cost her more than $3 million in donations — recently demanded $1.5 million from the church, claiming that it tried to ruin her reputation and get her current Scientology-themed show pulled from the air.

    Cruise will live in luxury in Clearwater, but the treatment there is nothing new for him.

    “When he came down, you felt like you were in the world’s best place,” said De Vocht. “ If he wanted calamari and the kitchen was out, you went to buy some.”

    Other celebs are treated well, but all leave Clearwater a bit poorer. Jason Beghe, an actor known for the TV show “Chicago P.D.” was a member from 1996 until 2007. He told Ortega about an ill-fated trip to Clearwater, during which he had planned on spending $25,000 for the scheduled courses.

    “The first day he was told that he had to go through a ‘security check.’ It’s an interrogation to make sure you’re loyal. That takes two weeks,” Ortega said. “All that time, you’re paying for the room, you’re paying for food, you’re paying to be interrogated.”

    Because devotees keep completing levels, the goal post keeps getting moved. There are “unreleased” OT levels promised for the future; additional courses mean practitioners are pressed to pay potentially hundreds of thousands more in search of enlightenment. Ortega said that, over the course of a lifetime, a Scientologist can spend $2 million on courses, travel and church donations.

    He said he’s also noticed more desperate measures on the part of the church. “I have seen coordination of celebrities in the last couple years — Kirstie Alley, Nancy Cartwright [the voice of Bart Simpson] and Kelly Preston all finishing OT-VII, [then] going out on tour and talking about it. It told me that Miscavige knows Scientology is in big trouble and asked celebrities to rally the troops.”

    Rinder thinks the Clearwater push is part of that. Scientology, he said, is “shriveling and shrinking all over the world. And when your heart starts to fail, blood gets sent to your brain, not to the extremities.”

    In response to queries about Leah Remini, the Church of Scientology did not dispute any allegations but instead referred The Post to this site: [snipped]

    Here's the complete article:
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  10. TorontosRoot Member

    Tom cruises move won't save them.
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  11. BigBeard Member

    Tom who?? He's barely showing up in the tabloids these days.

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  12. Sockofleas Member

    Fat chance.
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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

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  14. Anons & critics had better pray Tom isn't heading for the Super Power Building,
    because if he levels up, WE'RE FUCKED.

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  15. TorontosRoot Member

    Oh I will be ready for the end times... of scientology.
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  16. Forever and Ever, The....End.
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

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