Tom Cruise has a Purple Flush on His Face. Is he doing the Purif?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by tippytoe, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Tiger Balm Provides Penetrating Pain Relief

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    Someone's hit the crackpipe early...
  3. Optimisticate Member

    Suri, put down the iPad and get back to being a 5 year old please.
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    $115.00 for candy
    pedobear sad
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    It's not a purple flush, Tom just switched to grape-flavored lube recently.
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    Bag Balm is good for New England hands stressed by the weather and etc...
  9. wisdomandhealth_2154_5876638.gif
    Bag balm doesn't work on his case i believe.... I do own it & used Bag Balm for much different ailments & it's mainly made with Petro. Natural Organic food guy like TOM CRUISE won't go for it. Tiger balm is made with unique blend of essential oils. No animal ingredients are used.( but in his this case, if he applied now it would mess up his skin for a while for film shoot so I would recomend he should do this while he is in quiet somewhat long vacations like two month.) I would apply tiger balm with spray of benzocain before you apply tiger balm for keeping painfull Tiger balm effect. it will kills some virus creeping & spreads between outer skins & second layer skins. basically peels the skin but it kills those bacterias.
    Also, Motorcyclist Guy like TOM Cruise would go nuts if he have to put Petro based oil on his skin The guy would rather imagine Bag balm's petroleum as a tank full of motorcycle fuel or motor oils & go somewhere riding that monster bikes! ..... Because even I would imagine it as a good use for in a case survival camping lamp

    Bag balms really does works but not really for a guy like him would go for it on that symptom .

    As i mentioned before "Food grade" hydrogen peroxide ( or if you can't find food grade then , you can use 3% HP from the store but not safe as Food grade) & 20 mule Borax poweder Mix bath x3 times week 2 month while & also I would apply this mix over the effected areas 3x a day with bandage is worth a try.

    If this didn't do anything even you applied for a while for 2weeks then switch it to Baking soda with water. Make a tooth paste texture with it then apply it all over the affected area then pad w/bandage. the Baking soda will works on ma ofny types fungi situations ( even your feet! soak it in foot bath 'till your skin get wrinkled & white) & some spider bites. if you do this periodically in a day 4 times or even more. Then periodically check & 3% Hydorgen peroxcide satuated cotton ball & wipe the skin.

    Make sure lock the cabinet of this hydrogen peroxcide bottle & box of Borax out of reach of children after use is Totally recommended. I know a guy who has a little exotic monkey but it died because this silly monkey drunk Lysol from spray bottle from the table while the owner was gone. Poor monkey... The owner was a bad person...

    • The borax & Hydro Perox treatment mix is made by filling a five-gallon bucket with Hot water and then adding 20 mule- borax laundry booster until full saturation is achieved. This means when borax is added to the hot water, it start to not dissolving anymore rather than dissolving, it start to sinks to the bottom of the bucket.That's the time you stop pouring Borax. A 200 milliliter bottle of three percent hydrogen peroxide is then added to the solution. Additionally, a thick paste is made in a separate bowl by combining borax powder and hydrogen in a small bowl and stirring with a fork until smooth like toothe paste texsture then badage it up on affected area .
    • Also, I would recomened to check with real doctor that if he has any frags from movie set explosive stunt or any infections from wisdom impacted teeth in his jaw area. Good luck
    P.S. All of the above treatments are also good for bad pus filled Acnes too ;)

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