Tom Cruise has royally pissed off our veterans..

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Maybe if he wasnt lying (acting) all the time, his job would be a lot easier.
    That would be exhausting.

    //// what a con man. ////
  2. RightOn Member

    replace the head in the middle of the purple heart medal with Cruise's and name it the Purple Nerple
    Oh Freake!!!!
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  3. noooooooooooooooo.
  4. anonamus Member

    Tom Cruise: Wordclear "Taliban" before you compare your work with afghanistan warfare, you narcissistic stupid cultist.
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  5. overhere Member

    Well, given how many SO uniforms are probably at his house running around, he may actually think he IS in the military.
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  6. 208

    I agree.
  7. A.O.T.F Member

    One hears "CUT" and then goes and has a cup of tea, And in the real world, the other one is picking up the pieces of his buddies dismembered body parts from the scene of a detonated IUD.
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  8. OTeleventy Member

    Who is Tom Cruise to even jokingly presume he understands what being a soldier deployed is like? He doesn't even fly commercial, for fucks sake. Dude has no clue about the people who fight our wars. He would have been dead in a day in Afghanistan.

    He is so damn proud of himself. I hear his stupid ass voice saying something like, "I work out, man." Such a shallow piece of shit. FFS, look at his alien abs. Compare his physique to someone his age who really is fit. Shit, if he worked out like he claims he does, he would be way more toned than he is. Ick.

    Sorry. I just cannot get over how much I despise the arrogance of this asshole. I am a bit of a misanthrope in general, but this guy ...

    Hey wait! Maybe I'm not a misanthrope! Maybe I just really (really) hate Tom Cruise.
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  9. OTeleventy Member

    I believe the wife auditions are still open. You should sign yourself up.

    He specifically testified, under oath, in deposition, that making a movie is like being deployed. Sorry you missed that.

    As for me being in his head 24/7, err, not, thank you, but pretty sure he hasn't seen any action in war, so, yeah, he hasn't a clue.

    Tom can be proud of himself. We should all be proud of our accomplishments. He's made a lot of money, and in this world, that means a lot. However, you don't suddenly become intelligent and altruistic because you've made some movies that paid you well. You -- we -- are what you (we) do.

    Having said that, he doesn't look so good for somebody who works out as much as he says he does. So, fuck you Tom, you're doing it wrong.

    Tom Cruise supports an organization that harms people and families. And he doesn't do it quietly. Fuck Tom Cruise and the others who have a platform and support this evil, instead of just being plain old good people and speaking out against the hurt being perpetrated against the little guy.

    I have made no effort to get over my abhorrence of Tom Cruise, because he has made no effort to look outside of his cult. And be a good person.

    You make me reevaluate my misanthropy. I thought maybe it was just a Tom Cruise hiccup, but, nope. You're why.
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  10. Must admit I lol'd at IUD (= Intra-Uterine Device).

    Have instructed Bert to reassure WWP that this should in no way be misconstrued as a slur on our brave boys and girls in warzones around the world.

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  11. A.O.T.F Member

    Yes, my mistake. Not intentional .. meant IED
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Sometimes they're used with FDS (= Fucking Deadly Stuff).
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  13. So does Tom wear his IAS space medal to vets parades now?
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  14. th?id=H.4624280836506680&pid=15.1.jpg
    Was Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard a genuine war hero?
    Ron Hubbard: STOLEN VALOR
    Twat's up with these 2 frauds? Tom Cruise proudly shows off the phony 'Scientology Freedom of Valor' medal presented to him by some abusive lil shit ...

    As a Scientologist, following in 'Commodore' L. Ron Hubbard's footsteps, Tom Cruise (one of the most ethical people on the planet) has a distinguished record of military service.

    Scientology needs to wordclear 'Valor' unless it means Fraud in Hubbardese.
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  15. moarxenu Member

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  16. RightOn Member

    not to mention his views on PTSD of course
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  17. anonamus Member

    PTS type D? Where did Hubbard write about type D PTSness ? :D
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  18. nevarmore Member

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  19. anonamus Member

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  20. wolfbane Member

    Do I remember rightly that a few years back some crazy vet got his ass arrested for showing up at Tom Cruise's house and causing some wacky ruckus over wanting Tom to help him?

    If so - we need more of that of the lulz, sans the arrests... vets need to protest his stupid ass and turn out at the box office with signs proclaiming everyone who is proud to be American and supports our troops should boycott every flick and money-making venture directly and indirectly connected to Tom Cruise forevermore.
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  21. nevarmore Member

    Hey Tommygirl, you little puke,

    Tomorrow is the birthday for the USMC. How about you go to a Marine base somewhere and tell them how you feel like you are part of their group because of all the sacrifices and brutal training you've had to endure to put your schlock movies out. And then holler Ooh Rah a couple times, see how that goes over. :rolleyes:

    And then , if you are still alive Monday, go up to a real veteran and tell him or her about how hard your life of privilege, jets, globe hopping, and money has been while that vet has been missing his or her family, home, and kids, sitting in the sand in Afghanistan. :(

    Semper Fi, to the real soldiers.. and thank you.
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  22. eddieVroom Member

    IIRC, any young Scientologist who might join the U.S. military rather than the Sea Org would get declared, if not found to be in a state of Treason.
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  23. Anonymous Member

  24. moarxenu Member

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  25. moarxenu Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    I will use your joke as a way to plug my worry over Scientology getting into the "wounded warrior" programs for vets with emotional problems.

    Dianetics is a 1950s-style shitty therapy for PTSD: Everything bad about you stems from an earlier trauma that left an engram in your bank. If you mechanically relive that memory vividly the emotion associated with it will be discharged and you'll feel better.

    Although it's often comforting to share painful memories with a trusted person, it's a big mistake to think all of mental illness can be fixed like this. But that's what Scientology makes people believe, that all you gotta do is get to the "root cause," the original memory that overwhelmed you at the time, talk about that, and you will be transformed.

    Sigmund Freud came up with something similar with his "talking cure." But he noticed that a lot of people didn't get better this way and he started to think more about cognitive or "ego" strengths and weaknesses. That was a really long time ago, way before Hubbard. That's why even the olde timey psychs of Hubbard's day were all, "LOL Dianetics."

    But sadly dumb PTSD memes that sound a lot like Hubbard are in a lot of the schools that train professional counselors. A friend of mine who is a psychologist recently went to one for her Continuing Education Credits.

    So I just get nervous for the vets.

    /off topic
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Per Wickstrom, the shady scilon behind Michigan Narconon shenanigans, has seemingly figured this out. Your nervousness is justified and should be turned into anger:

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  28. Off topic sure, but still good reading. TY

    Hey did you hear about Tom Cruise - he thinks he is Jack Reacher and his birthday is the 4th of July.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Are you saying PTSD isn't a real thing ?


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  31. Anonymous Member

  32. 650

  33. bAnon Member

    From the great Louis C.K.

    'Anyway, so I'm on the plane. I'm in first class and this soldier gets on the plane. I see soldiers fly all the time because that's how they get to the war. They fly on a shitty airline. You think they get to go on a cool green plane with a red light. No, they just go to Delta. And they just wait in line to go to a war. And they always fly coach. I've never seen a soldier in first class in my life. It could be a full bird colonel, he's between two fat guys in coach. And they're always nice. I've never seen a soldier get on a plane "Hey, I'm in the Army." "Fuck you. I have a gun." They're always, "Oh, yes sir. Thank you very much ma'am." It's like having an extra flight attendant. They help everybody put their shit up. They're awesome. And every time that I see a soldier on a plane, I always think, You know what, I should give him my seat. It would be the right thing to do. It would be easy to do and it would mean a lot to him. I could go up to him, "Hey, Son." I get to call him, "Son." "Hey, son, go ahead and take my seat." Because I'm in first class, why, I'm in first class because I talk about babies with big dicks. That's what got me my seat. This guy is giving his life for the country, he thinks, and so he has to sit-- But that's good enough. That's good enough, the fact that he thinks it. He's fucking told by everybody in his life system that that's a great thing to do and he's doing it. And it's scary but he's doing it. And he's sitting in this shitty seat and I should trade with him.'
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  34. bAnon Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    No, PTSD is real. But Dianetics auditing will make it worse, not better.

    Sharing painful memories can help people feel less alienated. But it hurts and the pain really can't be made to go away. So you don't want to keep going over a rape or the time you watched half your best friend's face get blown off. Better to accept those memories while looking to a future that has nothing to do with things like that.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Keep pulling it in, Tom. You can always postulate it away later!
    Hey, if scientology actually worked, would the tabs even print this shit in the first place?!
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  37. The Internet Member

    I gotta say, I do find the way the tabloids went after the father-daughter relationship pretty distasteful. Suri shouldn't have to face media hype that basically tells her that her father doesn't love her. That shit is fucked up.
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  38. A.O.T.F Member

    Fame, makes a man take things over
    Fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow
    Fame, puts you there, where things are hollow

    Bowie, Lennon, Alomar
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