Tom Cruise studying Scientology co-leadership

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  1. Tom Cruise studying Scientology co-leadership.

    WARNING: There is a slight possibility that the following news report is not entirely, 100% accurate in every conceivable respect. Maybe.

    While the following comes from Yahoo News Zealand, a number of other websites are posting this story from Bang Showbiz that appears to have been first published in Grazia magazine.

    Yahoo News Zealand: Tom Cruise studying Scientology co-leadership

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Tom Cruise is studying to be "co-leader" of Scientology.

    The 52-year-old actor has long been a prominent member of the sci-fi cult and has been working hard to reach the next level of leadership in the religion that will bring him to the same level as his best friend, leader David Miscavige.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The source told Grazia magazine: "Since Katie left, he has turned his house into a Scientology retreat.

    "There are Scientology symbols in the windows and it features the religion's trademark light-blue colour scheme.

    "He lives there with his sister Cass, her two sons Liam and Aiden and her third husband Greg Capazorio, who is head of Criminon, Scientology's programme for rehabilitating convicted criminals."

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * *
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  2. anon8109 Member

    The author has no clue what he is talking about.

    This doesn't deserve its own thread.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Agreed. There is a Tom & Katie forum and thread for this kind of garbage.
  4. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I was hoping Jaden Smith was in line there somewhere.
  5. Anonymous Member

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