Tom Cruise to narrate Hendrick Motorsports film

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    Tom Cruise to narrate Hendrick Motorsports film

    Tom Cruise to narrate Hendrick Motorsports film

    CHARLOTTE (AP) — Tom Cruise will narrate an upcoming documentary about the history of Hendrick Motorsports.

    TOGETHER: The Hendrick Motorsports Story will air Oct. 11 on ABC before the network begins its coverage of the Sprint Cup Series race at California.

    Cruise will narrate during never-before-seen footage and family photographs that chronicle Rick Hendrick's 25 years in NASCAR.

    The actor became friendly with Hendrick when the car owner did some consulting for Cruise's racing film Days of Thunder.

    Cruise and his family have been periodic guests of Hendrick at races the past several years, and the actor sat at an HMS table during last year's championship celebration.
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    Re: Tom Cruise to narrate Hendrick Motorsports film

    Jeff Gordon The Boy Scouts and Scientology

    by Bart

    Silver Buffalo

    Always willing to twist a little Scientology tail, I can’t help but notice there is a lot of Scientology going around the Nascar Garage lately, and the soon to be announced Boy Scout of the Year Jeff Gordon is smack dab in the middle of it. Its funny how the Boy Scouts and the Scientologists both share the same views on a number of topics including gays. One thing is certain, Scientology has very deep links to the Boy Scouts of America, and so does Jeff Gordon. Jeff, who is set to receive the Sivler Buffalo Award March 29th, is to be presented the award by none other than Rick Hendrick. Perhaps Rick is the only person on earth who can afford to mix Scientology and NASCAR. And perhaps he invites Tom Cruise to spend time with him because Tom really loves speed. To be honest, I don’t really know whether Rick Hendrick is a scientologist, and I wouldn’t care except I keep seeing that nutcase hanging with all his drivers. Either way, would a link to Scientology be that big of a problem for the most winning Owner in NASCAR history? Joe Gibbs allegedly thought so when it came to Football, and there’s many others who think like him.

    Cruise and Gordon late 2008

    Why don’t you take a read at WIKILEAKS about how the Scientologists use front organizations like the Boy Scouts to spread the word about the cult. Then ask yourself why Tom Cruise has made every NASCAR race this year, and with whom he’s been palling around with. You just might wonder if that’s why Hendrick Racing has yet to win a race this year?

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    Re: Tom Cruise to narrate Hendrick Motorsports film

    hmm... interesting.

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