Tom Cruise to Sing Def Leppard, GNR Songs on 'Rock of Ages' Soundtrack

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by failboat, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. failboat Member

    Tangential question: Does Tom Cruise even have the chops to play lead in a musical? I'll be awarding internets to anons who post video of him singing, if there is any out there.

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  2. anon walker Moderator

    Please sweet Xenu, call him home! I'm usually in favor of choice, but I have to come out and state publicly I am totally against this particular abortion.
  3. failboat Member

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  4. grebe Member

    Autotune + movie magic = flawless performance
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  5. I'm pretty surprised. In the 80's he was the biggest star in Hollywood. Now he's doing this.

    Can't see how they will mesh his pretty all-American boy image with the sexually ambiguous rock'n'roll world. I also don't know how GNR fans will like a sanitized version of Axl Rose's singing. If you are going to do songs which are sacred to your target audience, you better not make a mess of them.
  6. DodoTheLaser Member

    Can rock music free Tom?
  7. Tourniquet Member

    A halfway-decent ear can tell the difference between real singing and AutoTune. He'll have lots of "bloops" in the finished product.
  8. Tourniquet Member

    (Eyes closed, hand to forehead) I predict... a major train wreck for TC's career up ahead. It's gonna fucking suck.

    Not to mention more sheer LULZ than the "Orientation" video provides... XD

    He does fit the bill in one way tho... most (Lemmy and Gene Simmons excepted) rockstars are of diminutive stature.
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  9. I am so watching this when it comes out on dvd, hoping and praying that the Cruiser bombs so hard the lulz will be plentiful. You know, that good old cringeworthy kinda lulz. This might need a drinking game.
  10. failboat Member summer/6535294/story.html

  11. ^^
    "sporting buttless chaps"

    some have speculated JT did hairspray to distance himself a little from the Scientology by making himself look out-2d. I can't help wondering TC is doing this on purpose. I could just as easily believe he is not.
  12. Tourniquet Member

    How old is Cruise now? Fifty? There aren't any twenty-something actors who could pull this off?

    Even David Lee Roth won't don those chaps any longer (for which we are all thankful).
  13. Anonymous Member

    I now dub thee Autotune Tommy
  14. grebe Member

    Part of "movie magic" involves stunt doubles and voice doubles. Just sayin'.
  15. LocalSP Member

    This movie has nothing to do with R&R.

    Plus if anyone has seen the original play, Tom's character was just a small part of the play. But now that Cruise is in it they rewrote his part to make it bigger. You will also notice that Tom has a pet monkey in the movie.. The old movie writers standby, if the movie sucks put a monkey or kid in it.
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  16. Tourniquet Member

    I hear ya.
  17. Malory Member

    This devoted GNR fan is already quietly weeping.
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  18. failboat Member

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  19. Herro Member

    Lol, Tom Cruise continues to style and WWP continues to stew in its own impotent rage. Stay mad haters!
  20. Anonymous Member

    It's gonna bite wet moosecawk and you know it.
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  21. failboat Member

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  22. I don't hate Cruise. If I thought he was doing well, like Amanda Palmer is, I would admit it. I'll admit Juliette Lewis has some interesting films.

    TC is still successful, and strangely still getting big movies, I will concede. For a man with his resources, though, he is really scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality.

    Consider this: He has his own studio, hundreds of millions of dollars (or billions), and one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He could be an auteur if only he had talent. Instead, he is rehashing Top Gun, Mission Impossible and now the rock music genre.

    I can't wait for him to butcher Sweet child of mine. His lilly white ass in gayboy chaps. WTF. He's 50. People normally get their clothes off early in their career and then stop before middle age. And singing, too. This will be hilarious. I'm going to see it at the fucking cinema.
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  23. Anonymous Member

  24. RightOn Member

    It really has nothting to do on whether a Scientology celebutard has talent or not. Some do.
    It all has to do with boycotting everything they do because they fuel the Scientology machine of abuse.
    Cruise especially. I am sure his fame has got MANY people interested and indoctrinated into the COS and continues today. The success of this movie, or for girls to get all ga-ga over him just may recruit a few more into the COS or people turning a blind eye towards his "wacky beliefs". We all know it is much more than that.

    A small reminder...
    He lobbied in DC to have every school carry Applied Scholastics, he was instrumantal in the 911 Firefighter's Detox program (showing purple towels on vids and all), he told Matt Lauer that he didn't know the history of pyschiatry and that he knew the history. He has appeared for Grand Openings at Org (Rome and others), He also bashed Brooke Shields for taking medication for post partum depression. Even though Matt and Brooke have "reconciled" with Cruise, *cough, phoney PR BS* , sometimes when something is said, it is never forgiven and certianly not forgotten.

    Let us not forget his famous speech when he receives his big shiny medal from Miscavige and gushes on about how wonderful Miscvaige is. HE SALUTED and hugged DM for gods sake.

    I don't give a rat's ass whether he is brilliant as Staccee Jaxx or not, and I think he prolly poured his heart and soul into this fim and was very dedicated to making it right.
    What I care about is his dedication and past promotion of an abusive organization that causes deaths, family disconnection, and much more.
    And for that reason, he will never get a dime from me off a movie ticket which he gets a percentage of.
    Which will eventually go up lines one way or another and continue to support the COS.
    Not counting his "donations" and whatever else he does for COS. If I was to hear some day that he does stuff for OSA on the side, I would not be surprised one bit.
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  25. Impossible.
  26. RightOn Member

    early morning typo
  27. He could put his sole in the film but not his soul, he doesn't have one of those.
  28. RightOn Member

    heh heh, I knew that was coming
  29. Herro Member

    I'm gonna buy two extra tickets. One to offset your boycott, and one to cause you to have indirectly contributed to the CoS. Why? Purely out of spite.
  30. Sneak Moderator

    Your money.
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  31. RightOn Member

    oh there you are
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  32. Tourniquet Member

    ...but will he sing THIS one?

    or this one?

    or, maybe this one?

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  33. amaX Member

    buy a couple for me, too. i'm also boycotting it. in fact, everyone i know will be boycotting it. you might want to get a second job.
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  34. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Please buy a few for me too... Not just because of the Tom Cruise/Scientology angle, but because I've seen the previews and I got a feeling it won't interest me.
  35. Anonymous Member

    As long as every review gets hit with links showing the depth of child abuse, rape cover-up, murder and general cultie nonsense, Herro can buy as many tickets for this turkey as he likes.

  36. Tom Cruise devotes every waking second of his life to acting.
  37. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    As long as Herro is being generous with paying for tickets, will Herro be paying for the snacks and concessions?

    Otherwise, I'll just wait for it to come out on the Pirate Bay paperback.
  38. Herro Member

    I'd like to publicly apologize for being a dick to RightOn.

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