Tom Cuise moving to San Francisco

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by James Smith, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. James Smith Member

    Tom Cuise moving to San Francisco

    Sorry to regurgitate this from another forum, but if this turns out to be more then a rumor, would anyone else be interested in making this an event? This is a "not in my back yard" type deal for me, and I -really- do not want him here.

    Plot Thickens in Possible TomKat Move to the City | NBC Bay Area
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  3. James Smith Member

  4. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Tom Cuise moving to San Francisco

    Prolly in the Castro District.
  5. Herro Member

    Re: Tom Cuise moving to San Francisco

    Tomkat buying a house in San Francisco does not necessarily mean they're moving there. They own multiple houses all over the world.
  6. Herro Member

    Re: Tom Cuise moving to San Francisco

    Let's not stoop to the level of the scilons, 'kay?

    It's one thing to protest in front of an org, especially since their goal is to bring in members and "serve" the public (in their own twisted way). It's another thing to protest at someone's private home, where they don't affect the public at large.

    We do the former and look like heroes. Scientologists do the latter and look like douchebags.

    Scientology is our target. I honestly don't care about Tom Cruise - he's doing a great job of imploding on himself without our having to do anything special. I also don't think it's fair to Katie Holmes or Suri, who will get drawn into this even if you are specifically there for TC.
  7. Herro Member

    Re: Tom Cuise moving to San Francisco

    Tom Cruise? In San Francisco?

    I see what you did there.
  8. James Smith Member

    Re: Tom Cuise moving to San Francisco

    You know, that's well written and I get the point. I'm going to have to agree with you, despite how I feel about the nutjob
  9. Smurf Member

    Re: Tom Cruise moving to San Francisco

    There has been alot of speculation about who just purchased the multi-million dolar home overlooking the Bay at 300 Sea Cliff Avenue in SF.

    The new owner is listed as Tawaraya, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
    The Tawaraya is a 19-room Japanese style Ryokan located in Kyoto, Japan, where Tom Cruise filmed "The Last Samurai".

    However, it has been confirmed that Tawaraya LLC is an investment firm connected with Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corp.

    Larry Ellison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. MIB

    Picket flash raid 101 // Questions email -

    Please "Flash Picket" at 12:00(noon) or 6pm-7pm M-S
    1308 L Ron Hubbard way, CA 90029

    These are the times when the victims go outside for a minute.

    Freedom of Speech and Religion
    Where is Shelly Miscavige?
    Medical? / Social Security? (Sea Org)

    Ron Miscavige - Book
    Jenna Miscavige - Book
    L Ron Hubbard jr. - Book
    Quentan Hubbard - Suicide
    Mary Sue Hubbard - Prison
    Where is Shelly Miscavige?
    Where is Heber Jentzsch?
    What happened to Alexander Jentzsch?
    Who killed Kyle Brennan in Clearwater?
    I didn't join Scientology to stop Freedom of Speech (this makes them think about why they joined)
    Idle Orgs, buying Real Estate for David Miscavige. Where is a Clear, where is an OT?
    Find out both sides, and decide for yourself - Youtube Scientology - Google Scientology
    Under what circumstances will Scientology not help you? (no money or questioning the church)
    Scientology Pro Abortion / Anit-Gay / and fights Freedom of speech.
    Calls in bomb-threats to this day. Has been for 40 years.
    Is it okay for a Sea Org member to assault people?
    David Miscavige assaulted 30 people with witnesses. Why is he still in the Sea Org?
    Why not have a 20 or 40 year contract? A Billion year contract is unenforceable! It's a Fake Contract.
    Wikipedia say the Sea Org does not exist as an Organization. Are you in the Sea org?

    Your Rights: You have the Right to Assembly / Freedom of Speech

    Block ingress or egress of parishioners or staff.
    Do not harass staff or public. Noise Pollution / Harassment / Menacing / Intimidation
    This group is seasoned;Will Lie, Distract, and have you arrested to the best of their ability.
    Be warned, Only the Determined need apply. They hire Talon Security, ex Sheriff (plain clothing)
    P.I. License #18180

    Best Practices:
    Bring a camera to film your actions as well as theirs.
    Bring a friend to support you as a witness.
    Stand at the bottom of the street in front of the cafe and across the street from AOLA.
    Run a conversation between you and your friend, which covers the contents of your signs and what you would like to draw attention to in Scientology.

    please repost this on your social media, or appropriate forum

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