Tom & Dave vid b& from Youtube

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by vongole, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. vongole Member

    Tom & Dave vid b& from Youtube

    OK, so the vid got taken down due to copytits infagment. Very too bad - it was quite amusing and was doing quite well - one of the top-rated vids of the day yada yada. So thanks, guys . I had a feeling that it was not going to last long. I was hoping that it would manage to scrape under the "fair usage" bar - evidently not!
    Tom and Dave in the Navy. RIP. Amen. :tom:
    Now, before there is a total riot against the notoriously censorious and anti-free speech Cult of Scientology, let me say that in this instance, the cult was not responsible for the vid's untimely demise.
    The perpetrators in this case were SCORPIO MUSIC S.A. / CAN’T STOP PRODUCTIONS INC. which means the Village People lawyers etc. I don't know whether it was the music or the video footage of the Village People - but I would have thought they would be happy to contribute to the cause. So be it.
    Well, poking around on the interbutt, I found this interesting site:

    YouTomb - Statistics

    YouTomb is currently monitoring 40,897 current videos, and has identified 1,695 videos taken down for alleged copytits violation and 3,775 videos taken down for other reasons. The index is currently 7,448 seconds out of date.

    Looking down the list, guess who is in the top 25? Yep, you guessed right! Our old friends the Church of Scientology International - with a whopping score of 16 - just under 10% of the total current vids taken down for copytits infagment. They are above CBS, Paramount, The Cartoon Network, and the BBC! Viacom, Fox and NBC are the big boys, followed by the likes of Warners, and Sony. The cult (at the time of writing) took down as many vids as the British Phonograph Industry and the TV-Asahi Corp! Not bad going for a so-called "church." Looking down the list I see that the L.Ron Hubbard Library scored a paltry 1, but nowhere on the list of organizations taking down vids on Youtube, can I find any established church or religion. Funny that. :lrhmoney:

    Anyho - the whole page is a part of the MIT Students for Free Culture

    MIT Free Culture - Students for Free Culture » Home


    Coming soon: Tom and Dave the Remix
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    Re: Tom & Dave vid b& from Youtube

    How can they claim copyright on that? Did they shoot the video? Do they OWN the copyright? .proof!
  3. Re: Tom & Dave vid b& from Youtube

    The music is copyrighted to The Village People
  4. Re: Tom & Dave vid b& from Youtube

    I'm confused. Was it the Village People Sea Org spoof or was it the video of Tom Cruise on the Freewinds? Despite the use of CoS logos the first one would still be ok under fair use and they have zero claim to the other.

    The actual owner of the copyright has to make the claim. If the CoS had it pulled because of the music it would imply that they held the copyright which could get them in a lot of trouble. I would imagine that they argued that it should be pulled because of the logos and ad material used in the video but it would still be protected under fair use.
  5. Re: Tom & Dave vid b& from Youtube

    Apparently, the complaint came from the Village People's production company/ rights holders.

    Though, who's to say there aren't scilons in there, as well...

    It's like a goddamned bughunt

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