Tom DeVocht says - Stop your bullying Scientology and leave my family and my friends alone!

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  1. Tom DeVocht says - Stop your bullying Scientology and leave my family and my friends alone!

    The following post is public on Facebook. Indeed, it can be accessed by someone who is not logged into Facebook.

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    Tom DeVocht
    4 hrs · Edited ·

    Scientology: Stop Bullying Families

    No, Scientology doesn't monitor Facebook. Never. Twice in the past week two very recently added "friends" contacted me afterwards to let me know they have "been told" to remove me as a friend or they'd be in trouble or forced to disconnect from family members. Oh no, you guys don't have a "disconnection policy"!

    No Scientology doesn't hire private investigators to track and try to intimidate their critics, no never. I guess the guy parking in my neighborhood and following me around for the past three weeks is just a "fan".

    No, Scientology doesn't try to hurt anyone or disrupt their lives. No, I guess the numerous "no caller ID" calls placed to my Landlord last week in which they attempted to get me evicted because of my "character" was just some guy playing a joke and a mere coincidence, too.

    At first I was not going to post this… because I feel bad that my sister Nancy (who disconnected from me when I left the church) and who is still an active "Sea Org Member" will now be forced to disconnect from her own daughter, my niece. My niece is one of the two people who reached out to me last week after more than 10 years of being disconnected. I hardly got to know her. I told her to delete me from her Facebook soon as we exchanged numbers - I knew they were watching. Within 24 hours of friending me she got a call from her mother. Upset, my niece texted me the following:

    "Mom called and an MAA [this is Scientology's name for a handler] told her that I had you on my Facebook so I had to lie to her…. She told me to go a site [Freedom Magazine] because it will tell me what you did and why you are attacking the church. I know you told me but I still need to understand more. I do not like to lie especially to my mom but you're my family. This isn't easy for me. Thanks."

    We talked and she explained she knew what she was reading was false. To put it in perspective I asked her that if her boss at the sushi restaurant she works at told her tomorrow to stop talking to her mom because her mom doesn't like sushi - what would her reaction be? She agreed it would be to tell him to shove the sushi up his nose.

    The church already kicked my niece out of the church at a very young age but apparently maintain tight control over her. The story of why and how she was kicked out is unbelievable and criminal beyond imagination and is yet to be told.

    So while I hope Nancy, my sister, doesn't get forced to disconnect with her own daughter now too - she's already been forced to disconnect from me, her own brother - I think maybe its time for her to take some responsibility. Nancy, please wake up. Marina please be strong. Sorry to get either one of you in "trouble" but holy cow - really?

    My brother Dirk, never really a Scientologist really moved to Clearwater when I ran the church operations there. He is a handyman and got a lot of work from local Scientologist. He too has basically disconnected from me. Repeatedly OSA (the church's strong arm) have made Scientologists stop using my brother. Why? To destroy his livelihood unless he agreed to report on me or disconnect from me. With four children to support he started losing work. Really Scientology?

    Scientology - shove it up your nose! Every single day you give me new reason to speak out with more truth to expose your crimes and believe me its actually about the last thing in the world I want to bother with, but….

    Just know this David Miscavige - I've got some old friends I can call on too. Some you REALLY DON'T want me to be in contact with. The true stories I can tell them will rock their worlds and your's too. You've got a lot of damage control going on - might as well add this one to the list and get on it quick!

    To my friends - never doubt they're listening and watching - they are. Do yourself and everyone a favor, in each instance, report it publicly and to the police when applicable.

    Stop your bullying Scientology and leave my family and my friends alone!

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    Tom DeVocht has Tweeted his story:

    Tom has also posted his story on Google + :
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  2. RightOn Member

    Tom spill ALL the beans. It's time. Geez!
    What is he holding back?
    I understand he has family in, but he must save others and if there is a chance that this other stuff can help bring down the cult down faster, then he needs to come forward with the sauce now
    You can't "deal" with the cult". Bring 'em down
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  3. It is time for former higher-ups in L. Ron Hubbard's criminal cult of Scientology like Tom DeVocht, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun and others who have all expressed verbal threats to expose David Miscavige to come forward with their inside 'secrets' to actually take a stand and fight back against the horrible abuses perpetrated against them and more importantly so many other former and current Scientogists.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Disconnection / Fair Game
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse in Scientoglogy
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Biography of Lies
    Google: David Miscavige / Vicious Scientology Abuses

    To: Tom DeVocht, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun and all ex-Scientologists who have been victimized and/or commited crimes themselves while doing their 'jobs' and following L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige's policies and orders.........

    Please help others still trapped inside this abusive organization and expose the horrible truth about David Miscavige and Scientology abuses. Don't hold anything back, expose David Miscavige thoroughly and truly help end the brutal abuses inside Scientology once and for all.
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

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  5. amaX Member

    It's been my experience that scientology tends to go hard after people they perceive as a threat against them. I have no idea what DeVocht is doing, but it's evidently enough to warrant the cult of scientology's harassment. Some people are not fame whores who fight scientology for the glory of themselves. We don't know what Tom DeVocht is doing and that's okay because it's pissing off the cult and that's good.

    Carry on, Mr. DeVocht.
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  6. amaX Member


    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    Katrina Reyes Tom, thank you for speaking up!!! They just made my whole family ( mother, step father, grandfather) who are all in the SO, to disconnect from me. The reason cause I liked and commented on you dog photo!

    For people who believe that Scientology doesn't split up family, THEY DO!!!

    I "followed there rulers" because I was threatened to be declared. At the end I was declared OVER A DOG PHOTO!!! That is how crazy this organization is!!!

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *

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  8. He's one of the persons featured in Going Clear.
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  9. Mr. Magoo Member

    It seems to me like the people who scientology goons are harassing and intimidating the most are those who are still withholding information that is damaging to the cult. Scientology is trying to keep them from divulging what hasn't yet been revealed. So, to those who are still holding secrets, SPILL ALL THE BEANS ALREADY!!!!! Tell EVERYTHING you know. The cult will still harass you but they'll likely turn it down a few notches when they aren't trying to bully you into keeping your mouth shut.

    Why keep scientology's dirty secrets at this point?

    Thank you to those who are speaking out despite being threatened by the cult, but please don't stop until everything has been told.
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  10. wtftom
    This message by wtftom has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  11. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Stop being retarded. He's holding the tire.
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  12. Quentinanon Member

    Cutting a tire takes time. Must be a reckless osabot doing an amends project.
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  13. DeathHamster Member

    Too bad it wasn't a truck tire.

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  14. Random guy Member

    Oh my!

    Tried it out as an alpha female, did she? Apparently not a gig that did not last.
  15. RightOn Member

    Thanks to Tom for speaking out more.
    But enough of this cat and mouse stuff with DM. I know it must be satisfying to string DM along and keep him guessing, but everything needs to be out.
    The general public finally has it's interest peaked about Scientology in a more broad manner. With all that is going on, all exs need to come forward and strike while the iron is hot and tell all NOW.

    Judi Light for instance, she is the one who witnessed more than one dead baby in the Sea Org nursery. She told Hanna Whitfield about it. She needs to come forward.
    As well as the rest who have any stories that show the COS's crimes and abuses. Their tax exemption needs to go away. It would really tank the cult.

    The Sea orgers need to be saved now. And it can't happen soon and enough and it won't happen soon enough with all these "more to come soon...." stories.
    My 2 cents
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