Tommy Gorman Assaulted at SF Org

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Anonymous, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    No actual facts or real-stuff happening yet? Okay...

    Let the Battle of the E-Lawyer-Peeners commence!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    How can we find out for sure if Chris K. has a criminal history?
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    If Tommy pursues the assault case, the PD will pull his record as part of their investigation.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Sure is fictional up in this narrative.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Wonder what the birthdate is for Chris. Would help with dox.
  7. skeptic2girl Member

    Some jobs require background check. Can't remember if results are for the employer only or if they are public. I'm guess it's just for the employer.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Really? Post 291..

    skeptic2girl said:
    GAYS -- talked to Tommy and he said thank you soooooooooooo much for all of this info -- it's GREAT. Tommy also asked that we bookend this stuff for now -- in case the cult tries to twist the facts and somehow make sure the guy doesn't get charged. I say we err on the cautious side, especially since it's not our case. Can we lock this thread?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Stop bitching & help find the dox.. or STFU.
  10. telomere Member

    go go girl!
  11. Anonymous Member

    This has been covered. Time to move on with your life. Let go. Live free.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, why remind people of a lame post?
  13. Anonymous Member

    apologies if this has already been covered:

    Ironclad dox about felony record could be a challenge

    (emphasis mine)
  14. Robocat Member

    Lawyers can do this for their client. Time to move on.
  15. Anonymous Member

    So can archived news stories.
  16. Robocat Member

    Have you seen some?
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    No. PACER only gets you federal court cases, and his felony conviction/plea will likely have been state, not federal. Just sayin.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Did Tommy follow through with the SFPD today? News?
  21. Smurf Member

    I did a check for criminal history search on BeenVerified and nothing comes up. Money wasted for cause.
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  22. Sam Urai Member

    Well, at least you'd be able to make your own yummy soup.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    maybe not arested in CA?
    Maybe Mark is not his real name that he uses?
    Maybe he uses John?
  24. Anonymous Member

    More trivia: Eric Krzywicki, 20, of Redding, arrested unloading 80 pounds of cannabis in Lombard, Illinois last April. Could get 30 years in prison.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    30 years for a bunch of weed? Insane. Murderers & rapists get less jail time.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    If he'd stayed in Redding, nobody would have cared, Problem was, he drove it to Illinois. Interstate commerce falls under federal jurisdiction, and is the fed's only claim to having any constitutional right to ban or regulate cannabis at all.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Not that I have a care one way or another about young Eric, but when you throw out that kind of information without any supporting dox it sounds like the afternoon bridge gossip club.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Try Google. There were at least 10 articles covering it.

    Aaron Krzywicki, of the Santa Rosa branch of the family, busted in 2005:
  29. Anonymous Member

    There's a Delphi school in Lombard. Just sayin.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    No thanks. It's the responsibility of the poster making the assertion to do the research, not mine.
    This thread is the ocmb of wwp.
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  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. xenubarb Member

    That's probably how he found Illinois...
  35. Anonymous Member

    My method is (1) Use people finders to get names, ages, and locations of family, (2) start googling what I found.
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    It's not too uncommon a name in Pennsylvania, north into New England, and west as far as Ohio and Indiana. A few in the south, also. It's a relatively rare name in California (maybe 300 people, tops, most of them in SoCal), and pretty much all of the northern California Krzywickis seem to be closely related.
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    Can we make a How to Dox thread? It will remove doxing methods for specific people that may be legally problematic. Or not.
    The info on methods is valuable and not illegal. I think.
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  40. Miranda Member

    I've been thinking along the same lines. Will bring this up, thanks.
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