Tomorrow will be bad

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. It pains me to know that many will die tomorrow. Things will not be good...
  2. Sources? Reasoning?
  3. anon2mous Member

    Did you read between the lines of the Supreme Ruler's speech? He was justifying police brutality against protesters. This is going to be ugly, folks.
  4. Will Khamenei's speech stop protesters? The Guardian newspaper reports a Mousavi aide saying no rallies are planned. Is this just to protect Mousavi from legal repercussons?

    Iran elections: Khamenei warns protesters to stay off streets | World news |
  5. Iran

    God bless the young people of Iran. These are the true patriots. The ayatollahs are old school hatred and death...They cloke themselves in religion. You can believe in God and kill people in his name. Salvation is very personal. You sin you pay in the end. The ayatollahs are the true satans.
  6. Similarities to the GDR's collapse? I think there is a way!

    my iranian team mate today also told me about his fear of tomorrow.

    I thought about the time of breakdown of the former German Democratic Republic 1989.

    at this time, also hundert thousands of citizens was calling in the streets "Wir sind das Volk" -> we are the people!

    and nothing bad has happend. just the fact that everybody was on the streets led the system collapse, army, police and Stasi were paralyzed.

    so I think the best way to prevent militia from using violence is that everybody will join the demonstrations.

    and demonstrations must go on, as often as possible.

    o.k., that is easy speaking from a peacefully place in switzerland.

    but every day I feel the mix of hope and concern in discussions with my iranian team mate.

    beloved peoples from Iran, stay tuned to your beliefs.

    my dream is to visit your country some day, and I hope - I know - it will be in the days of your freedom.

    it's your right to be free!!
  7. From the speech I think they will crack down on the next march. I also think the reform leaders will give in. Its sad to say I think this is about over and the hard liners in Iran have won. But I pray I am wrong and there is some peaceful way to get reforms.

    And no matter what happens I think this is a turning point for Iran. About half of the people will always believe the election was stolen. They will have lost more faith in the government in its current form. It just might be a while before they can really have change.
  8. cussbunny Member

    I posted the actual conversation I had this afternoon with my friend in Tehran in another thread - but he says that the march will go on, they are not backing down. They feel that God is on their side, and that they will remain. He says they cannot silence 2 milliion people with force.

    I'm scared to death for him - but I'm also so proud.
  9. Tehran Member

    we must be willing to sacrifice , what do you give up for freedom? you must be brave to give up life for this. for everyone that falls, ten will take his place. the protest will continue.
    From the Capitol,
  10. "And no matter what happens I think this is a turning point for Iran. About half of the people will always believe the election was stolen. They will have lost more faith in the government in its current form. It just might be a while before they can really have change."

    This sounds alot like the USA post 2000 elections. Almost everyone by now has lost faith here. Not to try and compare the US with Iran, because they are 2 completely different countries, it just that people become complacent once things cool down. Nobody wants to see violence or bloodshed but now might be your only time for real change. I was alive too during the collapse of the "Iron Curtain" and I too believe all who want change should take to the streets PEACEFULLY.

    Signing of from the USA...
  11. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    hi guys
    yes ,i would be a disaster 2maro, bt i m telling u ,2nit Alloho Akhbar which people say at 10 pm local time ( a symbolic thing to get united ) was better n louder than the other nits ,n i m sure 2maro will be a great protest ,i hope they wont shoot at us , bt i saw some articles that said is 2maro my last day?
    i hope not, n i hope ................................
    pray for us
  12. Geraldanthro Member


    The supreme ruler is the most fearful.

    He is facing hundreds of thousands of Iranians.

    If he is brutal and violent FILM IT,








    We pray for you.

  13. skollie-IRAN Member

    I pray that there won't be blood shed tomorrow. Stay strong and our prayers are with you.

    Please be careful and stay in large groups.
  14. skollie-IRAN Member

    Please stop the fear mongering as it really doesn't help. Do you think the Iranians participating in these protests, don't have enough fear and understanding of the dangers, without you spreading nonsense?
  15. cussbunny Member

    I believe tomorrow people may die. It scares me to death, for you, for my friend there, for all of the Iranian people who are so bravely standing up to the regime.

    But, I hear from my friend and from many Iranians online that your unity is stronger than ever.

    I am so proud of you and your brothers and sisters. You are so strong, and so courageous. You have inspired the world. You are making history. None of us will ever forget this, none of us will ever forget how brave you have been.

    We stand behind you. Allah will be with you. Some of you may fall, but they cannot stop you now. You are millions strong.

    I will be praying for you.
  16. Tomorrow, people will die, but not without a cause. The martyrs will not be forgotten by anyone and will only make people come out stronger. There is no doubt that people have lost trust in their government and will never forget this. The world won't forget it, either.
  17. ridiculous pseudo officials statement

    that is a ridiculous pseudo officials statement.

    that only shows, they are helpless against the media,
    which already Obama impressively used to bring his campaign to people.

    they really believing they can order something in the free world of virtual beings ;-)

    it is the same approach in every dictatorship regardless of ideology or religiousity,
    a strange kind of stupidity.

    they dont thrust their own people because they know
    what they are doing is not fair, is selfish and dirty.

    those two faced pretenders live in the perfect world of villa quarters,
    own all major industries and are just snatching more for themselves and their flunkies.

    the typical nepotism, primitive inefficient clan economy on cost of the people.

    they are lost in the spiral of craving for power, money and privileges.
    the big rest of the citizens are ballast for them not worth to take care for.

    and to protect that all they have build up troops of naiv blinded folks who
    - if they still have a heart - will have to decide where they are standing.

    if not tomorrow most likely already soon.
    because they dont understand the dynamics of the modern virtual and also real societies all over the world!

    Iran will never be like before, because we - the virtual and real global neighbours of iranian citizens - we will take care of that!

    Be assured.
  18. Geraldanthro Member

    This weekend is very dangerous.

    This weekend is very dangerous.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthroplogist Think Tank

    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini watches from high in his very secure building
    the huge human snake wind through the streets 200,000 strong and wonders
    if and when they will turn violent.

    He has some fears himself, he the supreme ruler has ordered them off the streets
    and instead of leaving they multiply.
    He has ordered secret killings under the cover of darkness to try and scare them
    from the streets and that has failed.
    So now he is bringing in the Basij to start whole sale killing on a small scale.
    He hopes this will restore his power and the people will fear him again.

    Faking the election results is a problem.

    He has to wrestle with the "Assembly of Experts" if he doesn't gain
    control soon they might try and replace him, of course he can
    always replace the leader before he moves to replace him.
    There is alot of strange allaiences going on in the background.
    Ruhollah Khomeini isn't a real Ayatollah.
    Just a wealthy businessman, ruthless and good at
    power politics.

    But is he good enough to crush these demonstrators under
    his thumb. Basij can kill hundreds opr thousands of them.
    But the world is watching, what will their reactions be?

    Obama is right where Khomeini wants him, if Obama speaks
    against Iran he can blame the whole thing on the CIA.

    This whole mess is distracting his focus from getting
    a nuclear weapon.

    Once he has a Nuke he can CRUSH the resistance
    kill them all, and no one can lift a finger against him.

    N. Korea has a ship with a surprise cargo for Iran,
    and he needs just a month to activate and test it.

    He is trying to figure how to get that extra time.
    This uprising by the Iranian people has taken
    everyone by surprise, Iran Intelligence and
    even American Intelligence was caught off guard.

    He doesn't care about the people they are expendable
    for the greater Iranian caliphate.

    But how to quiet them, buy enough time to get a

    He has all the intelligence services working on this.

    And some very bloody surprises in store for
    the protesters, He is so close to a nuke,
    he can't allow the protesters to take control now.

    Soon he will be able to bully the Americans like
    N. Korea does now.

    And Saudi Arabia will also pay the price
    when he gets a nuke, not to mention the JEWS.

    All that power with in his grasp and the people
    take to the streets, He will crush them.

    He has all intelligence services arresting them and
    trying to cut off access to the outside world.

    There is nothing the people can do, he will kill them.

    Or is there something the people can do?

    A general strike,
    close down all streets and services.
    But he is prepared to deal with that with
    violence, mass killing if necessary.

    But the resistance has an ace in the hole.
    Something new the supreme leader has never

    The Iranian people have the capibility to
    close down Irans WWW.

    Shutting down the Government, closing
    the regime, banks, communication and
    military communications.

    Its just a question of organization and

    The power is out there and the world is
    willing to help the Iranian people.

    All they have to do is ask in a unified
    voice, and act to bring down the Iranian
    WWW with an intense DDOS atack.

    The choice is up to the Iranians.
    The decision is their's.

    If they act the people of the world will join them.

    This is a new Paradigm the supreme leader
    is not even aware of.
    No government intervention is needed.
    The Iranian people have the POWER.
    The choice is theirs.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

  19. The person above was referring to the wrong Supreme Leader through out the whole thing, lol.
  20. hurricane Member

    Until the older generations join the young people on the streets and marches there is little chance of success. You guys need your parents and grandparents out on the streets with you to show the leaders that this is NOT a western backed conspiracy but a heart felt attempt by a substantial number of Iranians young, middle aged and old yearning for change. God bless you all and stay safe
  21. Hopes and prayers

    As an ignorant American, I hope the Iranian people can be heard without the threatened bloodshed. But if it is otherwise, they will show the world that the true jihad and the true martyrdom is not a joke and not some terrorist crime. They will show what it means to believe in peace and submission to the will of God and to stand for it whatever comes. And throughout the world, this will change how people think. Foolish goons who say "bomb them, nuke them, put a shah over them because it's the best they can ever manage, who cares about them" - they will take pause. People who don't say these things but also don't think there is any hope - they will think again.

    There was a time in Birmingham, Alabama when a bigot blew up four little children in a church, and people like Joan Baez and news reporters like to say it changed the world. But it didn't - what changed the world was the faith and resolve, the absolute dignity amid the sorrow, that their mothers and their community showed after the attack. That was the beginning of the end of racism in America. When you see them in the last 30 seconds of the video below, I think you see what divine intervention looks like.

    No matter how bad the response to these protests turns out to be, one day the people of Iran may see them the same way.

    [ame=]YouTube - Eyes on the Prize - 04 - No Easy Walk 1962-1966 [6/6][/ame]
  22. If people do march the big question will be what the military and paramilitary decide to do. Will most of them refuse orders? Will most of them obey orders to stop the demonstrations? Will they split and fight each other? This is something I have not seen any good information on. I have no idea where the loyalty of he military is. But if they all obey orders they can and will stop any protests. Thats what history says sad to say.
  23. atmasabr Member

    Tomorrow always brings the threat that has not happened today.

    I will pray for all of you. Do not die. Don't come back on your shields. Hang together.
  24. Ver Greeneyes Member

    The military still seems to be the undecided party in all this. If anyone they're the ones who can decide this in the people's favor, but if they do side with the protestors things could get very ugly. I doubt they would go full-out against the protestors as that would be even bloodier; I hope that's not just wishful thinking.
  25. you have to realize sometimes you have to fight for things in this world... Freedom is not free. And if you can not achieve it peacefully do what you must. I would gladly die than live under a dictatorship
  26. Khamenei has his power to lose. The freedom-loving people having everything to gain.

    "They've got the guns but, we've got the numbers. Gonna win, yea we're takin' over."

    -James Douglas Morrison
    American Poet
  27. I live in Sweden .. I pray for the young ppl in Iran and all my freinds in Iran .. I pray for you to not give up your fight but I moustly hope that blood dosent run on the streets .. The MULLA regim is ruthless, they even kill women and kidds in the name of holy islam .. BUT FREEDOM IS WORHT THE PRICE, SO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE FREE.. !!
  28. Der Jger Member

    The righteous shall win over the tyranny of the evils of IRAN !

    Der Jger - Deutschland
  29. it sucks

    yeah....title says it all.. it sucks
  30. you idiot..
    will you sacrifice your wife or duaghter for your freedom ?
    there is no freedom without peace
  31. PersiaBeFree Member

    You have that exactly backward.

    There is no peace without freedom.
  32. God is with you!

    Keep fighting -- many in the West died throwing off religious dictatorships all over Europe in the past centuries -- they will not give up power otherwise. Keep up the fight, now is your moment in history!
  33. Walking tomorrow, and any harm that incurs on the good people of Iran will only the world the depth of your devotion, and the supreme leader will shake in fear when he realizes that you are willing to sacrafice so much for the good of your country.

    I feel sorry for the supreme leader, he has no idea what is in store for himself.
  34. I can't sit here safely and recommend someone else risk their life. I hope you all stick together. The people of Iran will decide what price, if any, is too great.

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