Tony Muhammad speaking at FLAG/MECCA

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 10, 2012.

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    first clip..of Tony Muhammad speaking at Flag in Clearwater Jan 9,2011
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    second clip
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    Alfrauddie Johnson
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    and this was a year ago
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    This Is the One to Watch..

    its a video of Louis Farrakhan at the Celebrity Center in LA
    at a NOI- indoctrination week at the Celebrity Center
    note: Brother "Shane X"=Shane Woodruff VP of the CC

    this is sometime in late 2010

    • everyone in the organization of the NOI must go "CLEAR" to hold a post
    • they want to build their own FLAG/MECCA in Chicago
    • they want to use Scientology/Dianetics to troll for fresh meat for NOI
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    Bumping the bump...
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    besides the LOLz with the NOI going "whole hog "on Scientology

    that doufus Farrakhan implies Hubbard and WF Muhammad had met at some point and shared the Knowledge *LOL* called Hubbard a Scientists *LOL*

    Fard was only around from 1929-1934... NOI guys chased him off

    Maybe Fard was Hanging in Jack Parsons boardinghouse with Ronnie..

    HEY LOUIE run that past your scholars
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    uh Oh!

    Dr Alim Muhammad says everyone must go CLEAR
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    for the Frenchies
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    Farragon Is Jebus.. really!
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    teaching em how to hook fresh fish
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