Tony O: L. Ron Hubbard Re-Incarnation Spot?

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Roadrunner Member

    Nothing in this universe speaks for itself. You have an opinion, and an accusative one as such, and that's all you got.

  2. Roadrunner Member

    I ask you to present facts and pure logic reasoning. The conclusions on that site, as I perceive it, are just a presentation of the available options. This got absolutely nothing to do with opinion. If you have queries against that logic, then you present these, or you leave. But you don't go around spouting opinions, person attack like utterings if you are not willing to get into detail. You see, that is just bad manners.

  3. Anonymous Member

    This Is WWP!

  4. Roadrunner Member

    You see, THIS is the problem! This got nothing to do with the site and the person holding that site being discredited by opinion. If you go about this matter like this then you are as guilty as the one's that you oppose. Please keep on topic!


  5. pooks Member

    I totally don't keep up with the drama but there is massive faggotry connected to WWP.

    My allegiance is to those that just want to expose Scn without any bullshit.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Problems with Wise Old Goat / Indy proclamations about Fair Game and Disconnection:

    1) Hubbard public policy is full of "acceptable truths". Some easy examples are the industrial quantities of horseshit in "What Your Fees Buy", the claims that he wasn't in charge, etc. Therefore saying Fair Game was cancelled just because a policy that says so exists is unsound. Ex public holding this position may just be naive but those who had access to Flag Orders, GO / OSA orders, etc. are likely being dishonest.

    2) Ample evidence exists that both practices continued throughout the 70s. CoS lawyers admitted Fair Game was ongoing in the GO trials. SP / PTS doctrine was never suspended and disconnection is a key part of this.

    3) The policy trail itself is incomplete and subject to different interpretation but this isn't really needed.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Logical fallicy: Argument by Idiot.

    That's like saying that because some of us rightly point out your information should be double-checked, and laugh at your butthurt, that we are guilty of sending people to the RPF, beating people, destroying families and killing people with quackery.

    No. Smack your head with a brick until you achive cognition.
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