Tony Ortega: Las Vegas councilwoman Michele Fiore and Scientology

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    Why we think nutty Las Vegas councilwoman Michele Fiore might be a Scientologist

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, June 22, 2018


    Last October, we sent Michele Fiore’s office a request for information, and we never received a reply. What we wanted to know was, what was the infamous Nevada politician doing on Scientology’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds?

    Since then, we’ve noticed that Ms. Fiore, in interviews, is awfully quick to bring up one of Scientology’s pet issues — that psychiatric drugs are what cause mass shootings — and to direct reporters to information from Scientology front group the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

    And just yesterday, Pete Griffiths forwarded to us a notice that the Las Vegas Scientology Ideal Org would be hosting a Drug-Free World event on Tuesday, and its guest speaker is the gun-toting city councilwoman.

    From time to time, we check to see who is this country’s highest elected Scientologist. After Brent Jones lost his seat in the Nevada legislature (and recently lost a bid for lieutenant governor), the only elected Scientologist we could find was a county court clerk in Houston. But with evidence mounting, we now have to ask, is Michele Fiore this country’s most powerful elected Scientologist?

    Fiore has an illustrious career of making outrageous statements. A new profile of her by Nevada Public Radio assures us that Fiore is more thoughtful than she’s given credit for, and that she’s less controversial now as a city councilwoman serving local constituents than she was as a more outrageous state assemblywoman. But even this glowing feature includes most of Fiore’s greatest hits, including her claim that cancer is a fungus that can be flushed out with water, that undocumented immigrants are “terrorists,” and our favorite, that she starred in a self-made indie film about becoming a singing sensation.

    Sure, she’s nutty, but as the public radio piece explained, that might not hurt her in a local post like the city council. But Fiore herself is talking about bigger and better things — a run at mayor, to be sure, but perhaps something even bigger.

    We knew most of that background when, last year, we were stunned to see Fiore’s face in a Scientology magazine, specifically in a promotion for the Freewinds. We were so taken aback, we didn’t believe our eyes and asked our readers for some help deciding if it was really Fiore we saw in a photo of her swimming with dolphins. It was, and even her own campaign put out its own copy of the photo.


    Her campaign didn’t, apparently, tell Nevada reporters that the photo was taken during a Freewinds cruise.

    We know that it’s quite possible for a politician to refer reporters to CCHR literature without being member of the Church of Scientology. Fiore’s appearance at the Scientology Ideal Org to give a speech on the evils of drugs is also not, on its own, proof that she’s become a Scientologist.

    But attending a seminar on the Freewinds? The more we think about it, the more striking it seems.

    If Scientology considers just about anyone who buys a book or takes a class to be a Scientologist, with the Freewinds there’s little question about it. Only Scientologists go on the ship, where wealthy church members go in order to finish off the highest level of the “Bridge to Total Freedom” — OT 8. But the ship, desperate for more business, also runs various other seminars for Scientologists, and adds excursions like swimming with dolphins to increase turnout.

    We turned to two former Scientology executives who both used to work at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida for their thoughts on this.

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    Hamilton Morris (of all people) made a great point on The Joe Rogan Experience about the matter of psychiatric drugs and shootings: not all people on psych meds commit shootings... just as not all people who kill other people in this and other ways are on psych meds. Scientology's anti-baby policy is sadly more effective in stopping gun violence than gun control laws for a similar reason: you can't always predict human behavior based on what someone has or hasn't done/taken/had done to them or someone they've known. Not that I support coerced abortions or anything.

    Whole interview (it would take a while to find and reference the exact time in the video that the topic came up):

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