Tony Ortega on the future of Narconon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. The Internet Member

    Halcyon Horizons will be the Bridge to the Bridge (saunas and niacin and ashtrays) to the Bridge (Scientology). I am guessing.
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Halcyon Horizons' 2014 Form 990 should be online soon, then it'll be another year's wait to see where the money goes that used to go to Narconon.
  3. Random guy Member

    Don't you mean the bridge to the bridge to the bridge?
  4. The Internet Member

    I distracted you with my parentheses. But I got the 3 bridges in there.
  5. Random guy Member

    Damn, foiled again!
  6. BigBeard Member

    The same owners are there as when it was narCONon, which is why the EIN didn't change when the IRS Form 1023 went through in 09/2014, giving them tax exempt status seperate from NN Int's Group Exemption. They are hard core $cientologists, and there hasn't been any word of any declares being issued, so I'm not going to start jumping up and down screaming, "The leopard's changed it's spots!", yet.

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  7. Random guy Member

    Until you and Mary McConnell announces it's dancing time, I think I'll leave the dancing shoes in the closet.
  8. Quentinanon Member

    So, this departure from the use of copyrights and trademarks of scientology is nothing more than a departure. The game is the same. Clever scam, but a scam nonetheless.
  9. DeathHamster Member

    Sept 4th, Halcyon Horizons (formerly Narconon of Northern California) buys a bunch of elevate rehab domains.

    Sept 5th, Wayback takes a snapshot of their official site:

    (The program overview leads to /the-narconon-drug-rehab-program-1)

    Sept 29th, Halcyon Horizons registered a number of Elevate fictitious business names.

    The current menu:


    (Missing Testimonials, Medical Endorsements, The Truth About Drugs, and the program overview now goes to /the-elevate-drug-rehab-program/)

    The main difference between the program pages, besides URL, all the images have been changed, and a bit about holistic treatment has been tacked on the top.

    Old (May 11):

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  10. Random guy Member

    Hm, I thought the announcement over at Ortegas was a bit fussy.
  11. DeathHamster Member

    Really? I'm afraid I'll have to call BS on that. It's just not that simple to toss all of the Admin vols into a dumpster and tell all the staff to stop the tech. As long as the owners are Scientologists, the staff will tend to be also.

    The problem with using Once-Ins as sources, is that at some point they will exceed what they have personally experienced while they were in, and what they've heard later via trusted channels, and will start hearing and seeing what they want to believe. Then it's time for dox, or GTFO.
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    See, there's a problem: Mike Rinder has a good understanding of how things work inside the Scientology sausage factory. Presumably he also has good contacts still inside. Maybe. (Maybe some are feeding him horse-flops?)

    But he doesn't have the advantage of cynical Never-Ins that have had to look at Scientology as a black-box and figure out how it works from the outside.

    Sure, shitty drug rehabs don't need Scientology. Addictions Canada uses the exact same business model without any Purif or talking to ashtrays. But what are the odds that an indoctrinated Scientologist is going to be able to remove all Scientology from their rehab operations, rather than just do a paper make-over and lie about it?

    Scientology is the bog of eternal stench.
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  13. Random guy Member

    The only part of the lawyer's letter that ware reasonable clear was that the 10% license fee would no longer be paid. That will hit finances to the cult a bit, but i don't think by much. A lot of the revenue stream is bound to come in from the clams running the rehabs paying for services, auditing and IAS membership, and that won't stop.

    From what I can see Narconon's greatest value to the cult stopped being the revenue around 2010 after Intelligence had starting ripping into it. It's main value now is as a recruitment tool (won't stop) and as a legitimization ("social betterment program"). I believe the new "Ideal" 5-20 beds Narconons manned by SeaOrg staff is an answer to the challenge of keeping a shiny "social betterment" store-front without actually having to pay staff and having to fend off lawsuits all the time.
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  14. The Internet Member

    What Hamster said.

    For Scientologists to open an evidence-based drug rehab compatible with modern medical care, they have to

    - stop believing in a bunch of Hubbard bullshit
    - sort out how much of their brain is Hubbard and how much is reality
    - go back to school and get legit degrees in something useful

    So 20 years of change, give or take.

    Personally, I think most ex-Scientologists should stay away from healthcare. Their internal sense of intellectual dishonesty is badly broken.
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  15. BigBeard Member

    Until we see some actual 990's from the "new" Halcyon we're only guessing how the money flows will change. My suspicion is the "10% licensing fee" will be replaced by "donations" to the IAS, or something similar. But without 2014 990 to look at, it's only a guess. What I do find significant about this supposed break with narCONon, is no declares have been issued on the owners we've heard about. Which is really odd if they really ditched NN and left the fold without Miscavige's blessing.

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  16. DeathHamster Member

    There was a Narconon in EUS that managed to get government money. That money was supposed to be locked in so that they could not legally pay their 10% gross uplines.

    So they paid the staff extra, clawed it back, and sent that uplines. Ta-da!

    The lawyer was only reporting what he'd been told by that Narconon's lawyers.

    Now, if they were lying to him, sooner or later that's going to show up in the Form 990s. So they'll need a way to move that money around that hides the payment.
    • Tax-deductible "donations" by the owners?
    • Going for-profit to avoid filing Form 990s.
    • Going full religious to avoid filing Form 990s.
    Per Wickstrom has done the second one. Maybe he does the first one too, don't know.
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  17. Quentinanon Member

    Correct. That happens to be a rather old scientology scam tactic. With the 501(c)3 tax exemption, it's easier to obtain staff consent because of the tax write-off, but even before that, the threat of abusive treatment to those who would not give was a motivation to submit a donation. A hostile look from an authority figure, like the executive director, with the implied threat that you will end up in ethics "doing lower conditions and amends" and get harassed with knowledge reports is sufficient to shake most staff down. The cult pulls that stunt on pay day with a staff meeting where they can shame those who don't let themselves get extorted. The Safe Environment Fund, a predecessor of the IAS, got some of its money this way.
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  18. Random guy Member

    Of course, it is possible that the rehab owners are sick and tired of ABLE skimming the profit and heaping lawsuits down on them, but until I see any proof, I'm not sure I believe it.
  19. Quentinanon Member

    The difficulty never-ins have is a lack of understanding of the scientology culture which only complete exes have, and by that I mean those who have been in and have refuted and rejected the subject of scientology entirely. Indies and freezoners still normalize most of Hubbard's warped belief system. Never-ins were never brainwashed, but complete exes have reprocessed the brainwashing and can tell you in detail what happened to them. They see the multiple conflicts between what is espoused and what is actually done. They experienced the multiple scams firsthand.
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  20. Thank you all for your important responses this new Narconon situation and claim of severing ties with Scientology. . As I have noted elsewhere, I have serious doubts. Glad to see some here are wanting some real dox to prove it.

    I posted a recap and update about the Narconon Northern California, Halcyon Horizons Incorporated and Elevate Rehab situation here at Reaching For The Tipping Point forum.

    In that thread, I also provide licensing information which shows they are sill running a Narconon program in 2 of 4 locations run by Halcyon/ aka NN Nor Cal. No matter how many dba fictitious names they create and file with the government, it's the same old same old until we prove they are not using Narconon in their program.

    For those needing some background on what the program is and how they relate to Scientology , or why some programs are using other names ( we call them unbranded or cloned programs) you can read about this at our Narconon Reviews site here

    Here is a search result of some of the available survey responses, complaints and lawsuits regarding the unbranded Narconon programs.

    Narconon is desperate because they are dying. Dying from the fruits of their efforts which have caused its self destruction. Thanks for using the internet to let the world know the fruits of their bad works.

    Happy 2016~
  21. From AnonyMary at ESMB:

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    Thanks for posting all this, Communicator I/C. I'm honored that my opinion on this counts for some. I love the efforts of those at WWP ( some of whom also post at RFTTP) to dig further on this.

    I posted a recap and update about the Narconon Northern California, Halcyon Horizons Incorporated and Elevate Rehab situation here at Reaching For The Tipping Point forum.

    In that thread, I also provide licensing information which shows they are sill running a Narconon program in 2 of 4 locations run by Halcyon/ aka NN Nor Cal. No matter how many dba fictitious names they create and file with the government, it's the same old same old until we prove they are not using Narconon in their program.

    You can read about the program as a Narconon or unbranded or cloned program at our Narconon Reviews site here

    Here is a search result of survey responses, complaints and lawsuits regarding some of the unbranded programs

    Narconon is desperate because they are dying. From the fruits of their efforts have come its self destruction.

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *

    I do not quote from RFTTP because I was asked not to.
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  22. BigBeard Member

    I just had a stray though regarding "acceptable truths" and $cientology. While they may have told Attorney Hannon no more licensing fees would be going to ABLE/NN Int, was anything said about Halcyon Horizons not becoming a member company of WISE??

    That would keep the money flowing to $cientology, while technically severing the link with ABLE/NN Int. Which would keep Miscavige happy, and avoid any scenes involving SP declares for breaking with ABLE/NN Int in an unauthorized manner.

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  23. Quentinanon Member

    May I suggest some neologisms for these NarCONon fronts?
    Neo narCONon
    Mutant narCONon
    and lastly,
    NarCONon in drag

  24. DeathHamster Member

    WISE is a funny situation. The top-level World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, Inc. is Sea Org-run, but they seem to have shifted it to a for-profit company, and aren't using the IRS exemption. (I believe solid info on that is lacking, just that they aren't showing up as a charitable non-profit or a religious organization.)

    I don't know how WISE is handling its money-routing. Are they paying tax or avoiding it by passing it onward to something that is charitable?

    US IAS Members Trust is nebulous as hell and doesn't leave a paper-trail, so that'd be a good place to dump Narconon license fees charitable donations.
  25. There is a similar, if not identical, situation with Author Services. Author Services is run by the Sea Org, but it is for-profit, technically not part of the Scientology religion, and not tax-exempt because it handles Hubbard's non-religious literary properties (e.g., his Scifi books, westerns, etc.). As a result, it does not benefit from the ministerial / "volunteer" exemptions to minimum wage laws. My understanding is that for awhile SO members posted at AS were expected to donate back their salary, or much of it, to the COS or IAS. I don't know how Author Services profits are handled..
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    Per the draft IRS agreement, Author Services is completely owned by the Church of Spiritual Technology.
    That lets them play religious/commercial games without leaving a paper-trail.
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s appeal on rehab zoning fight in Maryland to be heard today

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, January 4, 2016

    We’re hoping to get a report today from some correspondents on the scene when Scientology’s administrative appeal in Frederick County, Maryland is argued in a court of law.


    One of the people who will be in the courtroom of County Circuit Judge William R. Nicklas in Frederick today is researcher Mary McConnell, who gave us a rundown on what might happen. We mentioned in our last story that Scientology filed numerous motions asking Judge Nicklas to strike responses by people, including Mary, who the court considers interested parties in the dispute. She says that she expects the judge will first deal with that request from the church.

    After that, she says, Judge Nicklas may permit oral arguments from both sides, but he may also simply rule on the matter based on the pleadings that have already been submitted. Well, that’s exciting.

    As soon as we hear from our correspondents, we’ll let you know what they have to say.
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  28. Random guy Member

    Seems there's no report from Mary as of yet.
  29. Quentinanon Member

    Sure is. I examined the bank routing on the cancelled cheque that I gave them 20 years ago and it was presented to ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands Antillies. Have no evidence where the funds went after that.
  30. Random guy Member

    Mary McConnell's report is up over at Ortega's.
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  31. Frederick Co., Scientology-Backed Group at Odds

    NBC Washington: Frederick Co., Scientology-Backed Group at Odds

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    A plan to open a drug rehabilitation location in northern Frederick County is in the hands of a circuit court judge after the county council rejected a historical designation the proposed place for the rehab.

    After the Frederick County Council voted 6-1 in June against granting historic designation to the Trout Run property, Social Betterment Properties International, a real estate branch of the Church of Scientology, filed an appeal in circuit court, asking a judge to overturn the council’s vote.

    Trout Run is located in northern Frederick County, just south of Cunningham Falls State Park.

    Attorneys for SBPI argued that the council was influenced by residents, who testified that Scientology was a “cult” and that Narconon has a troubled track record. Narconon is based on the discoveries and writings of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology religion.

    The attorneys said the councilmembers should have voted based on historic designation guidelines only. The Frederick County Council attorney argued that the council is not mandated to approve historic designations, it’s a legislative prerogative, and they are allowed to use their own discretion when voting.

    “The hearing did not focus on who the applicant was,” said Sr. Assistant County Attorney Wendy Kearney. “That was not the decision the council used. The council was interested in the historic nature of the properties.”

    In a statement, Jennifer Kneeland, an attorney for SBPI, argued the council’s prior decisions on other historical preservation cases showed the bias in this case against Narconon.

    “It is clear from the record that the departure from the treatment that all prior historical preservation applicants were afforded, coupled with the clear, religious animus exhibited against petitioner, shines a light on the ‘Not in My Backyard’ mentality that improperly guided the council’s decision. Social Betterment Properties International owns the property and has always intended to preserve this beautiful, unique area for the county.”

    Judge William R. Nicklas Jr. is expected to rule in 30 days. SBPI has asked the judge not to remand the case back to the county but to make a decision himself.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  32. The Internet Member

    But Narconon is not religious. It is secular quackery.
  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Judge hears dispute over historic designation that would have allowed Narconon center


    Kearney said Social Betterment put its own plans at risk when the organization bought property not already zoned to allow a Narconon center to open. “They took on a project that didn’t have a good prognosis,” she said at Monday’s hearing.

    Several people who testified against the designation appeared in court Monday, lining up behind Kearney as she spoke. The five Maryland residents, including three people from Frederick County, filed to become listed as interested parties in the case. While the residents were not allowed to take part in Monday’s hearing, Nicklas ruled that they may remain listed in court records for now.

    More here:
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  34. Random guy Member

    We'll see what the judge thinks in a month.
  35. From AnonyMary on ESMB.

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    We should be hearing soon from Michigan's Miss Fortune, reporting from her Glistening, Quivering Underbelly Blog in detail over on Reaching For The Tipping Point forum about this matter, but I just want to alert the public...

    This is about an another unbranded Narconon facility being proposed by OT scientologist Per Wickstrom called Best Drug Rehabilitation . Please share

    Here we go again...Per Wickstrom trying to bully another Planning Commission: NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The City of Manistee Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing in the Council to consider a request from: NAME: Best Drug Rehabilitation - for a Special Use Permit for Mixed Use. DATE/TIME OF HEARING: Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 7 pm Chambers, City Hall, 70 Maple Street, Manistee, Michigan

    Interested parties are welcome to attend the hearing, or written comments with signature can be submitted to: Denise Blakeslee, Planning & Zoning Administrator, City of Manistee, 70 Maple Street, Manistee, MI 49660, (231) 398-2805

    Jan 7th Public Hearing on another Best Drug Rehab Special Use Permit.jpg

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    Hmm. I'm surprised to see a reappearance of TIA Corp. I thought that was chained to Per's ex-wife and dropped into a deep section of the lake.

    Considering that there is a Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc., I think Per is playing the Name Game to confuse exactly which corporate identities are involved.
  37. RightOn Member

  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Trout Run designation case will go back to County Council for explanation of vote

    By Danielle E. Gaines, Frederick News-Post

    The case over the historic designation of Trout Run — a Catoctin Mountain parcel where the Church of Scientology wants to open a Narconon drug treatment center — will head back to the Frederick County Council.

    A Frederick County Circuit Court judge ruled this week that the council did not properly outline the basis for its decision when it voted against historic designation of the 40-acre camp south of Thurmont.


    Circuit Judge William R. Nicklas Jr. heard arguments in the case this month. His opinion was filed Wednesday.

    Nicklas concluded, in agreement with attorneys for Social Betterment, that the council was acting in a quasi-judicial capacity when it voted and thus was required to issue a final decision including findings of fact and conclusions of law.

    Because no final decision was issued in that form, Nicklas said, the court could not properly perform its function of reviewing the council's denial. Nicklas said he also could not evaluate the claims of religious discrimination without specific factual findings of the council.

    Attorneys for Frederick County had argued that the decision was a legislative action, which does not require written or spoken findings of fact before a vote.

    Nicklas ordered that the case be returned to the County Council, which will have to issue those findings of fact, as required by state law.


    If the council continues to support its vote against designation, the case could go back to Frederick County Circuit Court. There, a judge could decide if the council's vote was based on the evidence at public hearings or if its decision could be invalidated because the findings were arbitrary and illegal.

    County Attorney John Mathias said the county's legal staff will meet with the council to decide how to move forward after the judge's opinion.

    The county could also file a request for Nicklas to reconsider his decision. It is unclear whether Nicklas' decision could be appealed to a higher court before the case is reconsidered by the council.

    Here's the complete article:
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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    Judge Rules in Favor of Church of Scientology in MD Rehab Center Fight | NBC4 Washington

    A judge ruled in favor of the Church of Scientology, which wants to open a drug rehab facility at a mountain retreat in Frederick County, Maryland.

    The county council is considering changing zoning laws to block the facility at Trout Run, which has been used by presidents as a fishing lodge.

    The council voted to block the facility last summer, so the church took the county to court, and Thursday a judge ruled in the church’s favor, ordering the council to show its vote was within the scope of the law.

    “The county council has been ordered to provide a factual and legal justification for their decision, something they have been unwilling to do so far,” Social Betterment Properties International, the real estate arm of the church, said in a statement.

    While the judge’s decision is a victory for the Church of Scientology, it may be meaningless. Earlier this week, the council introduced new legislation that would prohibit rehab facilities from historic properties.

    An attorney for the church told News4 if the council approves the new law, they’ll sue the county again.

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  40. DeathHamster Member

    An interesting interpretation. Also NBC4 doesn't say that they asked the council or their lawyers for a statement, which is a definite sign that this story is a stroke-job. (Facebook comment section? Fuck that shit!)

    Hell, Tony Ortega always asks Karen Pouw for his her statement. (heh.)

    Also, while it's good that legislative/executive branches of government have to provide reasons and dox, for a judicial court to declare that a county council is quasi-judicial seems a bit on the edge. I'm thinking that part might turn around a bit, if pushed to a higher court.

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