Tony Ortega on the future of Narconon

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    Scientology-backed drug rehab operates despite deaths there | The Associated Press


    A Church of Scientology-backed drug rehabilitation program in southeastern Oklahoma where four clients died continues to operate because of a loophole in a state law intended to provide more oversight of drug and alcohol rehab centers.

    Oklahoma enacted Stacy's Law in 2013 after 20-year old Stacy Dawn Murphy died at the Narconon Arrowhead facility of an accidental drug overdose a year earlier.

    But a loophole in the law lets the facility continue to operate its drug rehabilitation program — certified not as an inpatient treatment program, but as a halfway house, The Oklahoman reported ( ).

    The exception allows the facility to operate with less state scrutiny.

    Murphy came to the facility overlooking Lake Eufaula near Arrowhead State Park seeking to beat a heroin addiction in 2012, said her parents, who are suing the facility in civil court for negligence and wrongful death.

    She was among four patients to die at the facility in three years. Numerous civil lawsuits have been filed against the center, and Narconon Arrowhead has settled many of them under confidential terms.

    Gary Smith, executive director of Narconon Arrowhead, said the program continues to offer the same services, as a certified halfway house by the state, and says the facility changed its policies since the deaths of the four clients. He didn't elaborate on what policy changes were made.

    No criminal charges have been filed against the facility in connection with the deaths.

    "It's a different certification," Smith said. "It's a level of care. We are a drug rehab, like we always have been. Halfway house is a level of care that Oklahoma has for drug rehab programs."

    Murphy's lawsuit is scheduled for trial later this year in McAlester.

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    They sliced a bit out of the source story talking about CARF.
    CARF has a bullshit "three-year accreditation" where they don't list the start or expiry dates.
    I guess that means "accredited so long as they don't kill any more people."
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    How can CARF accredit Arrowhead for a program that it can't legally offer?
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    I noticed that it seemed to be an uncredited version of the AP story.

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    Another rehash, bringing more exposure:

    Scientology-Based Rehab Continues To Operate Despite Slew of Deaths, Lawsuits

    The controversial program has not been criminally charged for the on-site overdose deaths.

    By Keri Blakinger, The Fix


    When Stacy Dawn Murphy checked into rehab at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, it seemed like a step in the right direction. The former waitress hoped to kick her heroin habit, and the Pittsburg County facility looked like a good choice, especially given its reported claims of 70% recovery rates.

    But instead, Murphy died in July 2012 when she overdosed inside the Scientology-based rehab center. A year later, Oklahoma enacted Stacy’s Law to provide better oversight for drug rehabs by criminally punishing facilities that attempt to provide rehabilitation without proper state certification. But after four deaths in three years and a slew of civil lawsuits, somehow the facility is still open — and without that necessary certification.

    A loophole in the law distinguishes between inpatient facilities — which need the certification — and halfway houses, which need a less stringent kind of certification. But because the facility near Lake Eufaula is certified as the latter, it has been able to escape the watchful eye of state regulation, according to the Associated Press.


    One former client, Colin Henderson, even launched an anti-Narconon Facebook page called Narconon Exposed. “Stacy’s Law should have shut them down,” he said. “They should not be open right now.”

    Full article:
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