Tor does not seem to use much bandwidth

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by FreeSpeechNow, Jun 22, 2009.

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    I have set up Tor relay on my computer and have been looking at the Bandwidth Usage window to see if I am helping anyone out there. So far after one day, Tor has only received 10 MB and sent 1.5 MB of data. That does not seem much. I've turned on all the exits and open up for maximum bandwidth (>1.5 Mpbs). My test for port forwarding passes. No error message in log. I have cable internet (15 Mbps). Running vista. Is that amount of traffic usual?

  2. You do not want to be an exit, doing so allows your IP to be easily discovered and blocked. You want to setup tor bridging and only supply that info to the appropriate people (some emails are posted in other threads). Also you are going to want to get a new ip now visit for more info on how to do that.
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    Relay vs. bridges

    Thanks. But I thought that relay stations are what the Tor network is needing more right now. See Tor: Volunteer As I understand it, bridges only provide the bridges to the Tor network. We need exits to actually get the censored content to the users. Am I wrong? Thanks.
  4. I am a Tor relay and have neither sent nor recieved any information, but my relay has been published to the list and says it's available for use. Have I just not been used or is there some other problem?
  5. Check your Tor log files for any errors. Though I don't see how there could be any if its published to the list, but may as well look.
  6. I am successfully serving bandwidth.

    I had to rework the ports to get it to work.

    I have been serving 60 KB/s consistently for a week.

    Is there a way I can attach a screenshot to this board?
  7. Imageshack is your friedn
  8. Jack's Bullet Member

  9. echo-IRAN Member

    The lists may lag behind the real situation for hours. If you want to see traffic, become an exit relay for most used services, and mirror directory.
  10. I want to post a screenshot

    Do I have to register to this board to post a screenshot of T0r in action? I can't see how to do it.

    I want to encourage people to use this service, as I seem to be serving 60 KB/s to the network.
  11. I actually got no idea how to open port 9001 on my router...halp?

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