Toronto - 77 Peter St. - 11 May 2013: oh no, Officer Vandall!

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Wisemanofthewatchtower, May 31, 2013.

  1. Here is a late followup on a protest held on Saturday May 11th, at 77 Peter st.

    A protest with two persons - myself and root - began around 1pm. I phoned the dispatch office and confirmed that we were holding a demonstration at that location. The officer I spoke to was in a pleasant mood and did not have any issues with our being at that location, as long as we obeyed the law. 45 minutes later, somebody at the Org called the cops, and a certain Sgt M. Vandall came down to talk to us, except he was acting in a very confrontational way, and both me and root felt intimidated by his demeanor. We were asked to move across the street, and after talking with Sgt Vandall, I called back to the same officer at dispatch to find out if he was also pissed. He wasn't. There definitely was a discrepancy in how these two officers reacted to our protest, which was irritating. If we have a right to be there, all officers should respect that right, even if they happen to be in a bad mood.

    Sgt Vandall told me to contact the Community Response unit, and told me that they would have the "final say" on whether our small group has the right to stand there on the sidewalk adjacent to the property. Today I have called this unit, and they told me it remains the discretion of the officer to say where we protest, if the Org calls 911 again. This is going in a circle!

    It is understood that a protest of 20-30 people (take a hint, anons) were to occur, then we would have to deal directly with the police to plan things out. A 1-3 person demonstration should not require police presence, and I was told that chances are good that we won't be moved (i.e. Sgt Vandall isn't working tomorrow)

    I strongly feel it is important to set a precedent for our protesting. At the Caimbridge org, 9 people were permitted to stand on the same side of the street, right next to the driveway to that Org. This increases the impact of our message, and makes it "routine". Further, this property at 77 Peter St. doesn't belong to scientology, so the scientologists (on floor 3) have no say about the first floor anyway, let alone the sidewalk. In fact, the tenant of the first floor theoretically could let us stand on the property... but thats never gonna happen. Anything 'scientology' whether for- or against it, is bad for business.

    If we let ourselves be moved across the street, later we'll be moved to another block. Give'em an inch, and they will take a foot. That sort of thing. Until the other 28 protesters show up (cough, cough), I plan to stand peacefully on the near sidewalk, and to make sure everyone gets used to it, including the police.

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  2. TorontosRoot Member

    Note taken. The recordings of what happened are provided below (edit will include them) for anons to listen to, to better get to know the officer who wasn't so nice to us.

    Follow-up Video and Recordings:

    The Video:
    For mobile devices that do not support adobe flash player, copy and paste the links:
    The Recordings:

    For mobile devices that do not support adobe flash player, copy and paste the links:

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  3. jensting Member

    I think you're reacting in the right way. We have years and years of co-operating with the police in London where we were allowed on the same side of the street as the shop. With the arrival of Anon, we were asked to move across the street because the size was unmanageable in front of the shop. But, I do not believe that there have been any moves from the police to have the Anon protests move from that new position. So that is one case of the police not turning the screw up.

    Generally, having more people means you have to meet someone at the police which is a good thing (since we're the ones obeying the law :) ).

    So, keep up the good work! (I never wanted to be part of a demo with three people or less, too much risk from isolated incidents of clam nuttiness :( )
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Across-the-street protesting still works very well as shown in Argentina, Dublin, Montreal and Berlin. It's great that you were there at the Peter St location. Carry on!
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  5. amaX Member

    Be careful out there. <3
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