Toronto org in stasis

Discussion in 'Canada' started by DeathHamster, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    I saw the backside of the org today. I didn't have my camera with me, but it still pretty much looked like that photo I took a while ago. A big pit etched to the edge of the property line.


    Are they just slow in getting going, or are they waiting on a deal for the org land?
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  2. TorontosRoot Member

    Looks like them workers are waiting to grab the land. :D
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Posting across from the (old) Org with a pint of Guinness. No lights on at all, no renovations. Pix later.
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  4. TorontosRoot Member

    Cheers! If I were a kid, I would spraypaint all over the boards. All kinds of smiles and everything I could imagine would be there: an artistic mess of colors. Kids usually get grounded for that. :p
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    They flat-blacked the graffiti.
    Still all those junk air-conditioners.
  6. TorontosRoot Member

    Flat blacked eh? Still, chalk can't be stopped from being used to create neon art... Or paint... Or crayons... Or old white candles... Can't wait to see what the kids will do to them. If I spot any new art, I'll snap some photos. :D
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  7. Yes, having been kenneled for years, they tend to be unhousebroken and badly socialized. To top it off, the descriptions of sea org shower facilities make one worry about excessive shedding.
  8. Chipshotz Member

    Toronto Org > Downstat
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  9. TorontosRoot Member

  10. HellRazor Member

    Application: Building Additions/Alterations Status: Refusal Notice

    Location: 696 YONGE ST

    Ward 27: Toronto Centre-Rosedale

    Application#: 13 106154 BLD 00 BA Accepted Date: Jan 15, 2013

    Project: Place of Worship Interior Demolition Description: Proposal for interior demolition in existing building "Church of Scientology" (5594m2). Fit-up drawings to come in on a later date. BA Code Review Pt3 Jan 18, 2013 Refusal Notice Code 3 Chan, Peter Contact Info [IMG]

    Refusal notice. Did their permit applicaton get turned down?
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  11. TorontosRoot Member

    I think it did.
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  12. Random guy Member

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  13. DeathHamster Member

    That was year ago. Did they submit any later ones? I believe there was a news story that said that they did have a permit, but that might have been their usual claims in advance of actual approval.
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    Hmm. No other applications on file for 696 Yonge St.

    I guess they're going to wait until lots of money magically appears in the Ideal Org fund, figure out what they can build, and apply for that.

    Meanwhile, I wonder what the limits for work without a permit are?
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  15. Quentinanon Member
    You will need a building permit if you plan to:
    • Construct a new building
    • Construct an addition to an existing building
    • Make structural alterations
    • Renovate, repair or add to a building
    • Demolish or remove all or a portion of a building
    • Change a building's use
    • Install, change, or remove partitions and/or load bearing walls
    • Make new openings for, or change the size of, doors and windows
    • Build a garage, balcony or deck
    • Excavate a basement or construct a foundation
    • Install or modify heating, plumbing or air-conditioning systems
    • Install or reconstruct chimneys or fireplaces
    • Construct an accessory structure larger than 10 square metres (108 square feet) in area
    • Construct a deck more than 60 centimetres (24 inches) above ground
    • Install a wood burning stove/fireplace
    • Construct a basement entrance
    • Add a Second Suite
    • Install new or alter plumbing

    If you do not have a permit for work that has already started, and it turns out you need a permit for that work, you could face serious – and potentially costly – consequences, including:
    • A “work without permit” penalty. This is an additional fee equal to 50 percent of the permit fees for the project, or $105.23, whichever is greater, to a maximum of $25,055.04
    • A delay while your permit application is processed. All work must stop during this time. The original timeline and fees to process an application still apply.
    • Possibly having to undo the work that was done.
    • Possibly having to do more work than you had originally planned and budgeted for, such as additional structural or mechanical work.
    • Possible legal and /or financial issues down the road, such as impacts on selling your property or making an insurance claim.
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  16. TorontosRoot Member

    Gives good ideas, let the city know they're doing it without one and KABOOM!!!
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  17. Manchester_l_030412.jpg This Scientology laborer will be available soon.......
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  18. TorontosRoot Member

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  19. DeathHamster Member

    That empty pit in the picture is now an almost complete condo building that towers over the org wreckage. This is what wogs can do. (I wonder if Toronto has anything like Philly's Blight Court?)
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  20. DeathHamster Member

    Trimmed it down to the applicable items, unless they want a fireplace in Hubbard's office shrine.

    "Renovate, repair or add to a building" seems pretty vague, as does "Install new or alter plumbing". (I changed the laundry room taps the other week, cut the copper pipes, added compression fittings and hoses. Is that "alter plumbing"?)
  21. Quentinanon Member

    No, in that case you are changing two connections to the plumbing. If you changed the pipe from your hot water heater, that would be an alteration of plumbing.
  22. Aurora Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    For those that would prefer to forgo a visit to that blog:

    Toronto Ideal Org Mention.jpg
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    You know, when I walked by the org last week, it did look a little different somehow.


    The old guy in white with the cane was the Scientologist who came out for a smoke.
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  25. DeathHamster Member

    Gallery of Vancouver org up: Vancouver Org

    I bet the Toronto people would love to have an org like that, rather than their third-floor rental. (Still no sign of a renovation approval for 696 Yonge.) Vancouver could remain stable in that place for a while. Hopefully Davey will insist that it go Ideal like Portland and Seattle, and wreck it completely.
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  26. Django Member

    I've asked this before: Why do Scientologists leave their buildings to smoke cigarets? According to LRH, cigarets cure cancer (or some such BS, I'm not looking up the exact quote). Now you might retort, "it's the building regulations." And given the deep respect Scientology has traditionally had for other Wog laws, you might have a point. Still - why don't they designate a smoking room in the cellar, or just tell the rubes that they can smoke anywhere that can't be seen from the outside?

    This is the kinda stuff that wakes me up at 3:30 AM.....
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  27. DeathHamster Member

    Anyone who enters the building (including Suppressive Officials) is going to know that there's smoking going on inside, especially if they're sealed for air-conditioning, unless they have separate venting for the smoking room. I doubt they'd spend any money on that because Thursday is Coming.

    Vancouver is very non-smoking, so even some of the publics might complain.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Some have made special arrangements for their relationship to the building. Here's the Vancouver Org smoking lounge:

    1. Up Close.


    2. Long Shot.


    It looks very Ideal, doesn't it?

    The cult fuckers with canes have several obstacles in their path.
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  29. DeathHamster Member

    I notice that they don't seem to have central air-conditioning on their roof.

    The previous tenants of next door put a big no-smoking sign in their front window. Wonder why? (Maybe they should have put one on the roof?)
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I think it possible that there is an air-conditioning unit on the roof.

    If you look at the upper right area of the photo below, that apparatus may be air-con:

    wide angle of roof-small@0.jpg
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  31. DeathHamster Member

    I was checking with the city to see if they had any new renovation permit.
    Across the street at 10 St. Mary was going to be demolished, but it looks like city council is putting a cock-block on it, somehow feeling that it's an awesome cultural heritage site. Er, yeah, sure. They also mention 696 Yonge, and might be thinking of slapping it with a cultural heritage tag too. If so, the property sales value drops into the basement, their makeover plans get scratched, and leaving the building to rot will get complaints too, and it might be a good time to point out that vacant buildings aren't used for religious purposes.

    I guess a "Museum of Giant Cult Fail" at 696 Yonge would have cultural heritage value.
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  32. Intelligence Member

    The Cult in Canada is a 'Prostulating' 'Postulating' - crumbling mess of 'wishy-washy-wishes' of FAIL.:rolleyes:

    August 12, 2013 on the website of the Montreal daily newspaper Le Devoi


    - No work has yet begun on the beautiful six-story stone building purchased by Scientologists in 2007.

    - No work has yet begun on the beautiful six-story stone building purchased by Scientologists in 2007 at a cost of $4.2 million. After hosting an art gallery last year, the building is now vacant.

    - The Church of Scientology claims that the Montreal project is not experiencing any delays. The building is still in "the design and planning phase," asserts Erin Banks, spokesperson for the organization in Los Angeles, in reply to Le Devoir.

    - The president of the Church in Canada, Yvette Shank, emphasizes that, due to the age of the building - built in 1905 - the planning stage is longer.

    - In 2010, however, Ms. Shank said she hoped the new facilities on Saint Catherine Street would be inaugurated at the end of 2011. The building's expected opening date has also been postponed several times on the organization's website.

    - In Winnipeg, the scenario is similar to Montreal. The Church of Scientology owns a historic six-story building in the stock exchange district. There too, the renovation work is in the planning stage.

    - Statistics Canada data indicates there were only 1,745 Scientologists in Canada at the time of the 2011 census, compared to 1,525 in the 2001 census.


    - Scientologists swear they will transform all of their often worn-out looking buildings into welcoming and modern facilities. But there are obstacles that seem to be paralyzing certain projects, including the one in Montreal.:D


    IMO - with all the lawsuits DM is avoiding postulating over, the last this this 'Dick-Tator' has on
    his sociopath, pee-brain mind, is approving any interest-free loans for any Canada morgues.

    If time permits while in downtown Montreal today, I'll try to take some new pics of the
    Montreal 'planning-stage-dream'?

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  33. TorontosRoot Member

    Contacting city council about that building and the CRA would definitely cause some disruption. Maybe even the local MP/MPP in that area.
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  34. DeathHamster Member

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  35. TorontosRoot Member

    Can you send my comments to adam's post? I'm not registered there.
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    Neither am I.
  37. TorontosRoot Member

    Shit. I have his cell. I'll have to eithe sms or call him depending.
  38. Quentinanon Member

    Q: How can you tell when Yvette Skank is lying?
    A: She moves her lips.
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  39. TorontosRoot Member

    If i happen to be downtown any time and I pass by any of the orgs, i'll definitely look for stress/oersonality "test" tables and get it tweeted right away for the lulz. Last time I was down there (during the evening) I didn't see any. Day time perhaps?
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Today, I found this photo of an idle morgue in Mexico City on the Sec Check site:

    Toronto Sister Org In Mexico.jpg

    I immediately thought of it as a sister idle morgue to the idle morgue in Toronto:

    toronto org.jpg

    Toronto Epic Grafitti@0.jpg
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