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Discussion in 'Canada' started by DeathHamster, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    In Canada, Scientology does not get the welcome it might have been expecting | The Underground Bunker


    Rod Keller gets us into the protest held in the Canadian city of Guelph yesterday as the locals let Scientology know that its “CLO” is not welcome there.

    It was a rainy day yesterday in the city of Guelph, Ontario as residents protested the new Scientology office at in the downtown area. 15 protesters braved conditions at the new 40 Baker Street Continental Liaison Office, or CLO, which is a management office that coordinates and directs the orgs and missions in the Scientology “continent” of Canada. CLOs are not recruiting locations and they are staffed by Sea Org members who have signed a billion year contract to serve Scientology in this and all future lifetimes.



    Flier distributed at the protest

    Frank Malott, one of the protest organizers, tell us “There are two reasons I’m protesting. One is Scientology’s racism. Part of it my father side is African American and my ancestors came to Guelph by the Underground Railroad to the church on Essex St. The other part is the poor children and the brainwashing; they have no life. It’s not a religion, it’s a business.”


    Protester Mark Lawson tells us “I am against their policy of disconnection. That they do not permit members to take meds for mental illness, which in some cases have led to deaths. Also their ‘Fair Game’ policy. Does a REAL religion carry on like this?”


    Several workers were seen through closed blinds, but Scientology did not confront demonstrators or respond officially to the protest. Protesters are planning a similar demonstration at the Cambridge Ideal Org, which is close to the new CLO.

    Rod Keller

    More at
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Masked protesters gather outside new Scientology office in Downtown Guelph | Guelph Today

    Members from the Facebook group Guelph Stands Against Scientology protested outside church offices on Baker Street Saturday


    A small but enthusiastic group of protestors replete with a healthy supply of Guy Fawkes masks and signs gathered outside the new Canadian headquarters of the Church of Scientology Saturday afternoon.

    “The purpose of the protest is that we don’t believe it is a religion,” said organizer Frank Malott. “We don’t believe it is a cult. We believe it is a business. We don’t like the way children are being treated. We don’t like the way the Sea Orgs are being treated. We just believe that it is not a religion.”

    Malott helped establish the Guelph Stands Against Scientology Facebook group and was one of nearly 30 people that braved the cold and rain Saturday to voice their opposition to the church setting up in Guelph.

    “There are 760 in our group right now on the Facebook page,” said Malott. “It was three of us that started the group. One day we realized that Guelph was bringing in the Scientology office and a bunch of us thought, let’s start a group and see what happens.”

    Malott and most of the other protestors wore masks or other disguises and carried signs.

    “I am just protecting myself from Scientology,” said Malott.

    Repeated efforts to talk with people inside the building at 40 Baker St were unanswered and no one from the church’s nearest office in Cambridge has responded to a request for an interview.

    Continued here, with photos:
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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Church of Scientology says protesters don't represent Guelph | Guelph Mercury Tribune


    “These picketers ... do not represent the people of Guelph,” Yvette Shank, public affairs director with the Church of Scientology, said in an email to the Mercury Tribune on Tuesday.

    “We have seen hate groups like this come and go,” she said. “This group’s purpose is to incite bigotry. Any allegations they make are just that, not based on facts.”

    More at
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  4. TorontosRoot Member

    They are describing themselves quite well.
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  5. Ah yes, Yvette Shank. She's been in Scientology since the late 1960's. That is a lot of daily constant brainwashing and self-brainwashing to undergo. She has worked her way up to the top of the brainwashed pyramid of Canadian Scientology. She is the head honcho of Canada, doncha know.

    Doesn't she know just how old and lame the ''bigotry'' angle is? Guess not. She must really believe it. Unbelievable. Words fail me.
  6. TorontosRoot Member

    I wonder if she would meet an ex/sp/critic for coffee for anything BUT scientology discussion? ;)
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  7. LOL!

    I would talk to her. I wouldn't tell her that I am an ex/sp/ critic, though.

    In a lot of ways she is still the same person that she was before she got into the cult. So, she can and does act like a normal person when the subject is not Scientology. As soon as you critique the cult, she turns into a Scientologist in full force, though. It's a kind of ugly and scary thing to watch. I've seen that switch in behaviour in lots of Scientologists. It is not nice.

    The nicer Scientologists just calmly say that they ''Don't want to discuss it.'' That doesn't man they are any less brainwashed though.

    You have to spend some time away from Scientology, Orgs, and Scientologists in order to be receptive to other ideas. With enough time away, the brainwashing starts to fade a bit. That's why there is a lot of pressure on members to always be taking services.

    This video explains it quite well. Even though it is about fundamental Christianity it is the same thing as Scientology. It's called REVIVAL MEETINGS. In Scientology it is call an ''Event''.

    The revival part starts at the 4:11 point but the whole video is great and you should watch it.

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  8. The Wrong Guy Member


    Chinatown filming notice provokes heated debate on social media | Toronto Star

    Experts differ on how binding was the notice, which read “Crowd Notice: Consent and Release” and notified the public of filming in the area.


    A Toronto user of the reddit social media website was walking through Chinatown when he spotted people filming on a sidewalk. Behind them, taped on the wall, was a piece of white paper that read “Crowd Notice: Consent and Release.”

    The document stated that Scientology Media Productions was filming in the area, and that any person entering the area would “irrevocably consent to and authorize [the production company] to photograph you and make recordings of your voice and to use said photographs and/or recordings for worldwide exploitation . . . for any purpose whatsoever.”

    “If you do not wish to be subject,” read the notice, “please do not enter this area.”

    “This isn’t legal, right?” asked the reddit user.

    His question galvanized a heated debate on the social media platform.

    “No, a sign posted on a wall is not a consent form,” read one reply to the question. “. . . just saying ‘Haha you walked through here, too late!’ is not legally binding.”

    “Completely legal,” said another person participating in the online discussion. “You should have no expectation of privacy in a public area. They went above and beyond by posting that notice.”

    In an email to the Star, Scientology Media Productions said that they were shooting “an event to promote human rights” and inform people about the Scientology religion.

    According to a spokesperson, the filming of the event was done inside. “No members of the general public who happened to be in the area would have appeared on camera,” read the email sent to the Star. “The language in the release form is generic language typical for the industry.”

    Several expert lawyers told the Star that such notices are, in fact, a standard and common practice. “Once you film something that’s available to a larger audience, you need consent,” said Victoria Novak, a Toronto-based media and entertainment lawyer. It’s impractical and often impossible to have people in a crowd setting each sign a release, said Miro Oballa, Novak’s colleague. Putting up visible notices, however, at all the points of entry and exit of the site, which are written in a clear, big font, and identify the film production, is a way to ensure this has been done.

    “I’d advise them to post enough [of these notices] up so that there is a reasonable expectation that someone entering the area knows exactly what’s happening,” said Oballa.

    There are things, however, to be careful of when putting up such public notices of consent, said Nick Poon, a Toronto privacy lawyer. “If it’s just posted on the wall, how do you know that everyone who enters the area has read the consent, understands it and agreed to it?” he asks.

    Wording is also important. “I would not consent to [this notice],” said Poon, raising concern about the notice’s disclaimer to use any public footage for “worldwide exploitation” and “any purpose whatsoever.”

    “Most people would not agree with this,” he said.

    The third concern is of minors who walk in the area; anyone under 18-years-old cannot give consent without a parent. And no one, said Poon, can be excluded from a public area.

    Novak adds that such notices should make clear the exact nature of the film, whether it’s promotional material, a film, or a newsreel. Other information, such as when the material will be released, is also advisable to include.

    “There are no hard and fast rules about this,” said Novak. “It’s about people being informed about what they’re consenting to.

    “It’s the most practical approach to a situation that’s not full proof,” said Oballa. “The technical thing that one would have to do is to get everyone who is recognizable to sign a release.”

    In order to distribute it or publish any such film, you need consent. Said Poon, “The issue is, can you get proper consent by putting it on a wall?”

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  9. Legal or not; it's a dick move it's Scientology.
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  10. DeathHamster Member

    Where's Toronto's "Chinatown" these days?

    Kind of sloppy.
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  11. TorontosRoot Member

    Between college and dundas on spadina. It's all chinatown. Sucks they aren't specific. All for propaganda that is.
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    That area flips over a new ethnic group every 25 years.
  13. TorontosRoot Member

    Interesting, something I haven't paid attention to in a long time.
  14. DeathHamster Member

    The new new temporary org address is 284 King St E, Toronto.

    Anyone want to grab a picture?

    Speaking of pictures, CoS has been loading pictures on Google Maps for their org locations that don't have anything to do with the location, like The Way to Happiness covers. (Not that critics haven't done the same. ;) )

    It's fairly easy to report those and Google will remove the obvious adverts within a day.
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    Dropped here for reference:

    In Ontario, Scientology currently has six "Reverends" registered as Religious Marriage Officiants. I think they're all grandfathered from the 1990s when Scientology was going to get its charity status "any minute now", a requirement for religious recognition in Ontario. (It's a provincial rather than federal power.)

    Acton Shank Yvette Church Of Scientology Of Toronto
    Ottawa Mann Cathie Church Of Scientology Of Ottawa
    Toronto MacDonald Jock Church Of Scientology Of Toronto
    Toronto Mallet Suzanne M Church Of Scientology Of Toronto
    Toronto Smith Earl Wayne Church Of Scientology Of Toronto
    Toronto Felske Pat Church Of Scientology Of Toronto

    Acton is out towards Cambridge, so Yvette Shank probably covers that org.

    It's not a big deal. People can still fill out the civil paperwork, then have whatever ceremony they want.
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  16. TorontosRoot Member

    I'm going to be checking that one out within the week as time permits. Just to verify if they aren't adding duplicity to the map (to defeat "bad" reviews). I reported that location (since the address is incorrect) as a duplicate of an already existing place. Not sure if google did anything.

    The sign at oddfellow's hall is still there next to the starbucks, so they haven't indicated that they moved at all. Still, recon could be awesome.
  17. DeathHamster Member

    Someone has recently reported that the sign is gone.
  18. TorontosRoot Member

    I'll need to verify it again. I passed by two weeks ago and it was still there.
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