Toronto org in stasis

Discussion in 'Canada' started by DeathHamster, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. peterstorm Member

    Regarding the pirate theme in Edmonton, I laugh at the fact they actually had a fundraiser disguised as thieves...
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    They actually got their (scaled down) building permit for 696 Yonge St.

  3. It's a hard thing to handle once you find out the truth. I know from first hand knowledge but these people have spent close to 50 years in the cult and worked their asses off for the cult, not to mention all the money spent and all the time they spent talking to the media about their poor misunderstood "religion". They would probably kill themselves from the shock and shame they would feel.
  4. TorontosRoot Member

    Yup, sadly, that's why I meant imploded. Mentally. Like zero hope to continue. :(
  5. TorontosRoot Member

    Bwahahaha. A legacy celebrating picket would be lulz (once declared "ideal and open") to honour the empty piece of brick, wiring, broken glass and not up to code standards (including fire code), unstructurally-sound wall (facing the once-existing coffee time, who ironically vacated once the cult left the location and dumped everything on the street,free for the picking).
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  6. peterstorm Member

    Is she on the Kirsty Alley diet? She's doing too much auditing?
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  7. Too many grilled cheese sandwiches.
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  8. TorontosRoot Member

    Far too many sea orgre fisheries. ;)
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  9. Representatives from the Toronto org, namely Pat Felske and Earl Smith attended the Mormon event.


    Some people study for quite a while in university, studying theology and divinity studies before they become ministers. In Scientology all it takes is their Minister's Course which can be done in no time at all and mainly consists of reading a slender book or two on comparative religion.

    Well we all know it's about the religious cloaking even if they really believe it is not.
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  10. TorontosRoot Member

    No wonder they call it mormontology, or scientolomormon. Gahhhh.
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  11. TorontosRoot Member

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