Toronto Org - May 30, 2011

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Wisemanofthewatchtower, May 30, 2011.

  1. I was very happy to be part of a 5-man protest today. This was my first protest in front of the Toronto org. It felt strange, since it was only 2009 when I looked down upon anons from the 7th floor with a frown on my face, while my (Sea Org) senior reminded me "don't grant them beingness" and I carried on with my day... it's amazing how things have changed.

    For a monday, we had 100% of the RSVP list attend, which was awesome. I brought a "Dianetics Toronto" shirt and I gave it away to one of the anons as thanks for attending. I also brought a copy of the "Intro to Scientology Ethics" book, and I showed people the chapter on "Disconnection." (Why hasn't anyone asked Tommy Davis about that one?)

    Because it was a weekday, it was the day shift people - TORD - and I saw some of the staff walk by (they never came back, so I suspect back-door tactics were used)
    • Jock Macdonald - Div.3, Treasury Secretary TORD
    • Catherine Yee - Div.1, HCO Area Secretary TORD
    • Michelle Dunphy - Div.4, Academy Supervisor TORD
    • Lidia Kotarski, Div.5, Auditor TORD
    Some Sea Org staff were present - perhaps a recruitment mission from AOSH Canada:
    (they didn't say hi to me)
    • Sam Fiset, Bur.1, HCO Chief CLOCAN
    • Alexandre D'Avignon, Bur.1, HCO Cope Off CLOCAN
    Other then that, the first floor was empty, and they didn't even lower the blinds this time.

    Public support was phenomenal, there were some passers-by who told us some current news about scientology abroad, facts that we didn't even know. It was almost as if there was an atmosphere of total acceptance, and I kept thanking people who gave words of praise to all the protesters today.

    Here are my pics. TorontosRoot may post video footage.



    P.S. Thanks to DeathHamster for buying us waterbottles on a hot day!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    nice raid report, creative recycleable hangar sign, good enturbulating guise

    and no ScnTO? awww
  3. sallysock Member

    Thanks. Awesome. Especially thanks for the insider scoop of your experiences. Good Raid. So glad you are out.
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  4. HellRazor Member

    Thanks Adam, for the new thread and awesome report. And thanks to the Anons who showed up. (Family illness and work kept me away.) Win!

    Hopefully, we can build on this and see moar and bigger raids this summer.
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  5. DeathHamster Member

  6. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Protest in Toronto and everyone is safe and sound?
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  7. DeathHamster Member

  8. It looks like you guys had some good weather for the protest. You guys are great. Keep it going and I hope you get more people. Glad to hear about the support from the public.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    YO. I got followed by two of them for a bit. Two young women, yo. They sounded reaaally stupid when they talked to me (pretended to be normal) and then we're like "Yeah we're from that *cough* church" [emphasis added]. I walk north and THEY FOLLOW. Lucky a cop was on the corner and called them over to tell them to stop. They played dumb, naturally, and tried demoninzing us "they were wearing scary halloween masks... we're just from Ryerson..." Home safe though. For now.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Oh, and the one girl "took a mental picture" of my face. lololol
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  11. ScnTO Member

    Masks off and no "Fair Game"...they forgot to bring hot dogs!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    ahhhh there you are.
    Fair game, is something you know PLENTY about huh AL?
    Oh that's right it was cancelled according to you.
    Does the bathroom at the Tampa airport ring a bell?
    Of course! You remember talking on the telly while sitting on the john during that operation againt Ursula?

    So... how do you feel about Jan Eastgate being arrested and charged? The GLOBAL LEADER of the CCHR being arrested for covering up a rape?

    On a better note, good job Toronto fags!!!
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  13. DeathHamster Member

    Now that the Sea Org CLO unit has been shifted out to Mono, the org seems like a lifeless shell. (Err, more of a lifeless shell.)

    So sad to see that staffer stuffing several loads of trash into the sidewalk garbage container because their dumpster out back is full and their paid takeaway has been cut (down). Technically, that might be illegal. (Can't they just put it at the curb in bags on collection days, or would they have to pay per bag?) That suggests that the org is suffering a critical shortage of cash. Next, perhaps staff will be ordered to unplug the air-conditioners to cut down on the electrical bill?

    According to Wisemanofthewatchtower, the Org used to get credit for anything the CLO sold, like books, and that's gone now. The CLO used to be approx 65 Sea Org in 2008, so the Hockley Highlands location should be seeing a lot more activity.
  14. ScnTO Member


    An Ethics Officer can encounter a situation where someon is factually connected to a suppressive person, in present time. This is a person whose normal operating basis is one of making others smaller, less able, less powerful. He does not want anyone to get better, at all.

    In truth, an SP is absolutely, completely terrified of anyone becoming more powerful.

    In such an instance the PTS isn't going to get anywhere trying to "handle" the person. The answer is to sever the connection." - L. Ron Hubbard



    "Sometimes others seek to crush one down, to make nothing out of one’s hopes and dreams, one’s future and oneself.
    By ridicule and many other means, another who is evil-intentioned toward one can try to bring about one’s decline.
    For whatever reason, efforts to improve oneself, to become happier in life, can become the subject of attacks.
    It is sometimes necessary to handle such directly." - L. Ron Hubbard
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  15. Diablo Member

    This is where SctTO goes silent...will NEVER confront any facts. Will only regurg lrh. LRH would have hated you SctTO.....dauntless/defiant, you are neither.
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  16. Tourniquet Member

    Were you hiding? (-8.0 on your "tone scale)

    Another reference to phalli. You're Al Buttnor.

    You and all your cult are fair game to Anonymous, and soon all your org will belong to us.
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  17. Diablo Member

    and before I could even make my last post...
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  18. Tourniquet Member

    Yep, he's not following OSA Standing Order #1:

    "Always attack, never defend."

    LRH hated everyone, most of all himself.
  19. Tourniquet Member

    Don't address the cultspew in any way, just keep on asking the hard questions he refuses to answer.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Hey Buttnor, why aren't we seeing your posts in THIS THREAD?

    Out TR-0? Or just too much of a homofag?
  21. DeathHamster Member

    Mind not derailing another Toronto thread with ScnTO faggotry?
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  22. Anonymous Member

    also: cocks
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  23. BLiP Member

    Thanks Toronto. Respect to Wiseman - the more exes on the barricades, the better.
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  24. ScnTO Member

    Good point...Anonymous brings us all down the emotional tone scale...

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  25. RightOn Member

    hey you guys rock!!

    And again your protest as well as others happening around the globe is further proof that OT's do not exist.
    If it were me, I would hate to be spending all my money and devoting my life to climbing up that bridge only to find out there are actually no OT's in existance. Or to find out that OTIII was in fact the story of Xenu and body thetans. Too bad the staff and others in COS are kept from this information.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Oh, Jan Eastgate's arrest pushed me right up to 4.0.
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  27. Durham_Anon1 Member

    you had the opportunity to talk with us and you decided to slouch behind a camera and stay silent...very smart....and kinda creepy
  28. Durham_Anon1 Member

    It was a pleasure meeting you sir and hope to meet again (mono perhaps?) your stories and insight to the org was amazing. glad you got out and wish you all the best
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  29. TorontosRoot Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    Yes, that is illegal. Did you film it?
  31. TorontosRoot Member

    I did, it will be uploaded soon. All of the clips captured have been put into one.

    Aside from that, did durhamanon upload the video of the intimidating troll who seemingly picked me to harass more than the others who were taller?

    I would like to mirror that so he gets more, attention I should say.
  32. DeathHamster Member

    I think TorontosRoot took some shots, but she was a little camera shy and it was down the street a bit.

    It seemed to be mainly coffee cups. I bet the weekend Foundation org staff left it for the Day org staff to clean up. It's always bowb your buddy week in Scientology.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Illegal dumping
    Dumping of garbage on city streets, boulevards and private property is illegal. Anyone found dumping garbage on City or private property will be prosecuted. Please report illegal dumping.

    Call 311.
  34. Durham_Anon1 Member

    sadly by the time i started to record he was already leaving...he was not a mask fan. how did that even start?
  35. DeathHamster Member

    Would putting trash in the curbside trash container count as dumping? They probably should have put it in bags at the curb on city pickup day, but then they'd have to pay by the bag for every bag over three or so, and that would be downstat. The building behind the org has been demolished, so that might be interfering with their dumpster pickup.
  36. TorontosRoot Member

    Can't recall, but he appeared to be intimidating people from bloor on down south. That's all I can think. He was mouthing off and such and I didn't want to risk him breaking the camera. I noticed he turned around once he looked into the windows of the cult, maybe they used him to get to us? Possibilities... It's really hard to tell if it all wasn't just planned out or not.

    He did look at them once he continued down south of the org.
  37. Durham_Anon1 Member

    methinks he was just your average nutcase as he was still yelling and swearing down the street after he left
  38. Durham_Anon1 Member

    let's start fishing for another date
  39. TorontosRoot Member

    11th of June? 4th may be off for me. Not sure if I have a trip out east.
  40. TorontosRoot Member

    Finally, video is up. Appears a persistent troll has also commented on it, care to ask what the hell his issues are? Maybe he could provide some lulz.

    PS. It hints his screenname is possibly gang-affiliation. But he doesn't live in canada, so no threat.
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