TORRENTS - evil piracy software to keep information coming out of Iran

Discussion in 'Iran' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. The pirate bay, how to avoid the censur!

    First of all, try with putting and s after http, so it would look

    If that doesn't work try using opendns: <-- that worked for me.

    Well I'll start seeding from Denmark. Spread the word!
  2. Best vishes for ny bros and sis in Iran

    Naaa they wanna make u believe its blocked ;)

    All OS like Windowa, Mac and Linux got a soo-called "hosts" file

    It normally only contain the following code
    Find your hosts file :
    Open your "hosts" file with WordPad (windows), then copy/paste the following into ur hosts file, just below " localhost" and save
    Now even Mr. Rasmussen people can share, download and see the insane vidoe clips from Iran that on TPB
  3. Seeding from Bonn, Germany

    - Michael
  4. Thanks; seeding.
  5. Seeding, all other torrents on hold for this
  6. Anyone have a torrent link for a pic library?

    Might be useful. I don't want to really go through the trouble of composing one, particularly because I don't want to spend any amount of time saving picture of dead bodies, etc.
  7. I've been saving some pictures and videos; I can try getting them together but I have no clue how to actually create a torrent. If someone will post instructions I'll start as soon as I get home.
  8. Seeding torrents?? MAKE SURE YOU GET PEERGUARDIAN!!!

    Does anyone have any news on updated ips to block?

    ***If you are seeding any torrents, get peerguardian!****

  9. I'm getting a 404 for the last 6 torrents. Were they taken down, or what?
  10. (continuation from the previous post)

    Also, I'm getting 0 up and 0 down speed with all the Iran torrents, though earlier (before I ran into the last 6) they were working fine. Another unrelated torrent from TPB is working fine, just these ones aren't doing anything.
  11. Properly tagged/labled youtube's policy is to not take them down, even if the nature of the content would otherwise cause them to be taken down. They accept the nature of the protests and government crackdown is a special case. That said, they have the hardware, what could it hurt?
  12. like the police in usa
    when 4 police hit hard the black man
  13. Seeding and will continue to do so...

    Hope you succeed in your struggle... Greetings from Jerusalem
  14. so are the videos getting to the MSM?

    ok so all these videos are being hosted, but is anybody doing anything to make our (US) mainstream media aware of this so that the videos get seen by people who don't know the first thing about torrents?
  15. Seeding & uploading

    Seeding and uploaded to YT!
  16. seems to be pretty receptive to this stuff, try sending info that way
  17. Seeding from UK

    Also found the last 6 torrents listed on the first page are out of commission.

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