Torture By Basij Agent

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by csbay, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. csbay Member

    Warning: Disturbing photos from Iran

    عکسهای حسین قربانزاده شکنجه گر معروف ناجا ( حسین گشتاپو

    Attached are some images which I received from Iran. As you can see, these photos represent the atrocities committed by this fascist regime (Islamic Republic). We need to let the whole world know what these cowards are doing to our brave brothers and sisters.

    With the help of our brave brothers and sisters in Iran we will destroy and permanently remove this regime forever.

    Long live our brave freedom fighter brothers and sisters.

    Long live our Free Iran.

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  2. Visionary Member

    Ugh...I wonder who took the pictures and was brave enough to send them.

    Thanks for posting these.
  3. gloriadefeo Member


    Unbelievable ......they have to be STOPPED

  4. why is there a cameraman present? do these sick fucks film themselves torturing civilians?

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