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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    I might end up going to Hell for suggesting this, buuuuuuuut....

    Maybe we can introduce her to:

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  2. Anonymous Member

    I am shuddering when I contemplate what the bitch did to your bed!
  3. AnonymousNow Member

    She indeed looks/acts/speaks like our old friend Ruthie, the scilon, combined with a touch of Westboro BC chic.

    On the other hand, sampling a handful of her videos, I think no one can be this stupid and this has to be satire.

    Then again, if the second option, she miscalculated, went to far, and will be doxed...but she has balls. If first option, we might as well enjoy the fallout.
  4. SquirrelBait Member

    Here, I narrowed it down for you by googling her username :/ took a whole 5 seconds of my life I want back for your retardation she lives in L.A. somewhere.
    (Note: people like that are usually retarded enough to use the same username everywhere).
  5. Anonymous Member

    *looks at other user name i go by everywhere else but not when on here*

  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    She batshit crazy, but I'd do her.
  8. AnonymousNow Member

    She could be a Jesus troll in the mold of WBC. Check out her WoW is the devil video in that respect. She may be applying WBC troll tactics ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET to grain attention to her channel and herself.
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  9. AnonymousNow Member

    Negative. I would freak out thinking she'd wish me dead like she did the Japanese.
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Excellent advice!

    It highlights the importance of remembering these kinda people don't give a dead dog's dick about what they talk about - jesus, god, hell, hate, etc. That shit is just the sales pitch we're expected to buy into so that can take us to court and then take our money.

    I'm quite certain that anonymous has very skilled youtube trolls what will complicate her life in due time.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    But that's what would make it so fun....
  13. Anonymous Member



    "Die in a fire!"
  14. Anonymous Member


    O COME ON. separated at birth for crissakes!
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. AnonymousNow Member

    Don't be alarmed, it's the missionary position.
  17. AnonymousNow Member

    Oh noes, she is threatening to put the whammy on the whole State of Massachusetts now. Do they have any nukes?
  18. Zak McKracken Member

    They have Gregg.
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  19. hushpuppy Member

    Her praising of God for showing atheists his powers by creating this devastating natural disaster - without acknowledging the human travesty that ensued - it is so incredibly reprehensible I don't even have words.

    Regardless, WWP must accomondate her right to free speech imho.
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  20. R u that lonely?
  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. gezus Member

    You know what? If her god disapproves of shit that makes me happy (ie: video games) and tortures those who have upset him (ie: Japan), then fuck him. I'll chill with Satan for the rest of eternity. Least he knows how to have fun and isn't a dick. He just likes to play tricks on people. What's so bad about that? ;)
  23. As I have the right to let my extreme displeasure known, as long as its legal. Defending the right of free speech does not mean condoning hate speech and faggotry.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    It's free speech. Who cares? Judging from Googling her, she's made quite an impact on those that get their goat up about this stuff. Whether she's a troll or a serious nutter, she's popular.
  25. d62060ed-b50a-481e-bdaf-ad723ebca246.jpg
  26. Zak McKracken Member


    Its neither contradiction nor an accident, that we can be horrified and aghast at such malignant speech, and still gravely committed to preserving that channel through the world, that monsters and angels (and ordinary folks) all share in communion.

    Its not the badness, or even the blindness that's most abhorrent. Its the casual loss of humanity, almost innocuous, that underlies hatred and chases out compassion. Its because the OP of the video is human, not despite, that we have to fight two battles:
    against the tide of ignorance and cruelty, and against our own impulse to deny their expression.
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  27. Annotate Member

    So true.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. hushpuppy Member

    Agreed. I see her rant as faggotry but not as hate speech though, as she's too far gone IMO to care about human suffering while on earth. I read her deranged message to imply that this natural disaster will wake up atheists to see the light of christianity - and as such be saved in the afterlife.
    Deranged but not hateful IMO.
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  30. Anonymous Member


    /troll thread
  31. In her second video she is wearing "Cake is a lie" tshirt? I'm outta this thread, having been throughly trolled.
  32. hushpuppy Member

    lol she's got balls. Succesful troll etc...
  33. SquirrelBait Member

    please, no one's life is so pathetic they make 40+ videos in the span of over a year just to be a troll. Odds are she finally attracted the attention of someone who could find her and is scared.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I am compelled to gently disagree with hushpuppy but enthusiastically agree with Zak McKracken.
    What distresses me most when I come into contact with this kind of ignorance and hatred, is a realization that there exist many, many more like her.

    These types are not confined to America but are everywhere humans congregate.

    However, living in Canada, I am exposed to the American cases more often than anywhere else. I recognize the ideology as something along the lines of "...white, christian fundamentalist americans (with guns) are the BEST people..." and there is venomous disdain (and hatred) expressed for anyone that doesn't readily slide into that category.

    Finding it in older people doesn't distress me as much as it does in very young people, such as the OP of the video(s) in question. It's another example of monstrous brainwashing of children, identical to that found in $cientology and all other cult$.

    What I most respect about human beings is how dangerous they are; intelligent humans are perhaps less dangerous, but ignorant humans are extremely dangerous. This is what distresses me most.
  35. Annotate Member

    I can't be bothered to watch the vids of a troll, but from reading the comments am I the only one to notice the BIG mistake? Atheists don't believe in anything; most Japanese are Buddhists AFAIK so that would make them not atheists but heathens or infidels in the eyes of a Christian. Am I wrong???
  36. Anonymous Member

    Her dox are everywhere now.
    She is not a happy bunny.
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  37. It depends on who you ask.
    Buddhists generally don't believe (or are unconcerned with) the concept of a God.

    To some Christians (and some Buddhists) its equivalent to atheism.
    The original Buddhist teachings were grounded in Hindu culture, and carried the assumption of many, many Gods.
    But the main Buddhist argument was that Gods are irrelevant, essentially unimportant in the grand scheme of things.
    Some Buddhists claim to be agnostic- they can't tell if Gods exist or not. Mostly they aren't too worried about it.
    Some Buddhists enthusiastically support one (or more) Gods; traditional ones or even JHVH or Jesus.

    Christians can decide for themselves which (if any) of these views represent "Buddhism".
    Liberal denominations may find kinship, more conservative ones may see devils jumping out of every stupa.

    (and not all Japanese are Buddhists :)
    As far as I can see, elder persons are more likely to identify so,
    younglings more likely to identify as "what?"
  38. Annotate Member

    Very sensible reply, I was too quick off the keyboard. I've lived in Thailand for a few years and admire Buddhism on the whole. It isn't really a religion, more of a philosophy. But it is something to believe in; not a higher power in the sense of God or Allah or Brahma/Shiva/Vishnu and avatars, but something which will eventually lead them to enlightenment. This to my mind doesn't make them atheists as they believe in SOMETHING rather than nothing as atheists do. As an agnostic, brought up in a Christian country I find it hard to understand Buddhism, but it is really interesting and I try. Wasn't aware that not all Japanese are Buddhist or follow some sort of off-shoot of it. Thank you for that, it'll give me something constructive to learn about.
  39. Smurf Member

    It seems that they have doxed her:

    Tamar Boehm, 3204 Elda St. Duarte, CA 91010, (626) 256-4787. She's 22 years old. (Google street view´╗┐ it. white car is there and everything, seen from her video).

    I did some further invest. She is a member of the Armenian Evangelical Youth Fellowship in Pasadena. She attended a church retreat in 2006:

    Her parents are William D. & Sevan Hajian Boehme.


    Photo from someone's yearbook confirming it's Tamar.

    She claims to be singing alto in this online choir..
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  40. Anonymous Member

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