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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. lulzgasm Member

    Damn that was fast....
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, those Smurfs go like sixty!
  3. Smurf Member

    Hey!! I'm not even 50 yet.

    More info. Tamar attends Biola University, a "Biblically centered school".!/tamar.boehm

    There are 2 Facebook pages for Sevan Hajian and they "friend" each other as they do with Tamar. One "Sevan" looks older than the other one, though.!/Sevan.Hajian!/profile.php?id=100000121500506 (claims to live in Honolulu, but the photo matches that of this link showing her to be working in Los Angeles)..
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Auntie Social said:
    Yeah, those Smurfs go like sixty!
    Then you must be turbo-charged. I'd bet you can say "swift smurf" three times, really fast!

    You one swift Smurf by golly!
  5. wolfyrik Member

    Buddhism, Shinto and Christianity are the main beliefs in Japan. Shinto is the national religion but Buddhism has been so entrenched in their practices and routines for so many centuries that it's a way of life, they don't even need to think about. Like saying 'thank you' after receiving a gift. You just do it. Typically the Japanese have a VERY strong sense of culture, identity, heritage and tradition. The formality and reverence of their every day lives are so ingrained that even now honorifics and displays of respect, heirarchy and place are still very strong, even among the youngest generations.

    That makes it VERY hard to find an Atheist in Japan. The bitch couldn't possibly be more wrong in her assumptions. If Atheism was the target, the earthquake would have been more likely to hit Vatican City.

    Oh and her youtube channel is gone. Removed by the user.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    You must be so proud, Smurf. It takes a much bigger person to dox a kid than to just ignore her and move on. Guess those OSA skills are finally paying off, eh?
  7. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Intelligence is no guarantee of non-dangerousness; it's just a tool. How dangerous it is depends on the moral character of the wielder.

    TL;DR: lrn2HannibalLecter
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the dox Smurf~
  9. Anonymous Member

    more dox going around, for what it's worth

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  10. bobbyoh Member

    You got the wrong address again. It is across the street from where you said she lived, Sir Smurf. Her address is 533 Tancanyon Road, Duarte, CA 91010. The car matches up, and so does her window. Would you care to find her number?
  11. Smurf Member

    Anonymous troll is anonymous bore.
  12. Smurf Member

    Dox or STFU. I have cross-checked both addresses with various sources and you are incorrect. Prove me wrong.
  13. slobeck Member

    So i'm confused. Is she for real or not? Am i reading this right that some think shes really a christo-nutter or just playing one (on andover baptist?)
  14. Zak McKracken Member

  15. Smurf Member

    She comes across as a Christian-nutter that discovered the power of YouTube and got off on all the buzz she created. Then, there was the outcry over her being misidentified by the chans as Pamela M. Foreman with her address & phone number in Tampa, FL published & mirrored all over the Internet, causing that innocent family to suffer and disconnect their phone number. I wish someone had copied Tamar's last video where she identified herself as "Pamela" before she deleted her YouTube account, because the video would have been grounds for having her arrested for identity theft or conspiracy to defraud.

    I presume when she was outed on Facebook with her Duarte address that she got the fear of God in her and deleted her YouTube.
  16. slobeck Member

    Funny, as im reading this Randi Rhodes' radio show is playing her recording on national radio. And mocking her.
  17. Consensus Member

    I see no reason to track her down. I say make the vid go viral, show it to the world. Whether it's a troll or not, it's a brilliant piece of secular humanist propaganda.
  18. Smurf Member

    Someone mirrored her video for evidence. Some lady in Tampa, FL.. Kim Teal.. who sez she is a friend of the Foreman family claims to have reported this to the police & FBI.

  19. Anonymous Member

    I suspect you'd think differently if your loved ones were targeted with harassment & death threats as a result of an identity theft campaign by a nutter.
  20. But... ain't that what /b/ lives for tho???
    EPIC trolling?
  21. bobbyoh Member

    Smurf, I am just saying look at the window behind her in the video, look at the location of the car, the lighting, and the house you tracked it to or and the one across the street that i listed. i am almost positive that is the right house. and how exactly did you track her down? using an IP? because she could have easily used her neighbors WIFI, or something else to cover up her exact location? I am not trying to be an ass or anything, I am just saying that the house i listed i believe to be the right one. AND you did narrow it down immensely and could be completely correct, but would you just take another look?
  22. LocalSP Member

    I guess you missed the part that says shes 22.
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  23. Then how do you differentiate between the 2 and act accordingly with out getting your balls ripped off by either party?
  24. Smurf Member

    This was posted on the FB link that I posted. I followed it from there & confirmed through various sites that Micheal & Bocha Sevan Boehm reside on Elda Street in Duarte, not the address that you posted.

    The address you posted is a home owned by Michael & Cecelia Seaver who has lived there since 2004. I called the home and Mrs. Seaver picked up. She said she's never heard of the Boehms. That's good enough for me.

    Samuel BigBear Roland
    Tamar Boehm.
    3204 Elda St. Duarte, CA 9101. google street view it. white car is there and everything, seen from her video 13 hours ago
  25. Consensus Member

    I don't know about you, but I don't try to PA anonymous when people I personally love and care about (and the rest of you have no reason to) are inconvenienced by an asshole.

    Maybe if she tortured and murdered my cat; but i'm a solution-oriented person, and I don't see anything to be gained (even if my family was being harassed) by "feeding her to the chans." Meanwhile, she's provided this beautiful bit of secular humanist propaganda.
  26. Anonymous Member

    not even if the chans are hungry?
  27. Anonymous Member

    The fact that an innocent family suffered as a result of this sick woman's actions don't mean anything to you, eh? You're as deluded as she is.
  28. Anonymous Member

    brainwashed girl is brainwashed
  29. Anonymous Member

    Can you explain this, please?

    Who stole whose identity? The girl making the vids, pretendiong to be some other person, or something else?
  30. bobbyoh Member

    Will you just look at the street view image? and compare the window and the lighting? and the fact that there is no visible tree from her window, and the road where the car is parked is still visible? and the number you posted for the address is a cell number.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Can you do some of your own research, please? NYPA. After the chans misidentified her as a real person named "Pam" living in Tampa, FL.. clued in by the nutter's YouTube name.. tamtampamela..and people started posting the innocent person's name, address & phone number on multiple boards & blogs.. leading to the innocent person and her family being villied and threatened... this nutter from Duarte, CA made a video where she identified herself as "Pamela".
  32. Smurf Member

    Please advise me why I need to do this when I have confirmed with various sources my information? Sheesh. You're so damn determined to be right when all you have to show for it is speculation.
  33. bobbyoh Member

    If you are so certain of your answer what harm would come from double checking?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Doesn't answer the question I asked. The chans misidentifying someone != identity theft.

    I'm asking what the poster meant by using the term 'identity theft'.

    If you don't know, feel free to STFU.
  35. Anonymous Member

    No U. NYPA.
  36. Anonymous Member

    please advise me why we care
    shes not infringing on free speech, infact she's a shining example of it
    now if she did lie and get an innocent person and their family in trouble, thats for the IRL police to deal with now not anonymous.
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  37. Consensus Member

    Nothing of value was lost.

    More importantly, nothing of value can be gained from harassing her.

    Well, I suppose lulz can be gained. I certainly ain't tellin' anybody not to do nuthin'. I'm sayin' I don't see any compelling reason for me to be involved, beyond posting the video on my facebook page and spreading it around as much as I'm able to do.
  38. Anonymous Member

    So, you're the spokesperson for Anonymous, now?
  39. Anonymous Member

    no this just goes back to a very valid point made here a few posts ago
    about how do u diferentiate between what kind of speech should be proctected and supported with in the collective.
    i don't think she's done anything that deserves the wrath of the collective as a whole, but i do think she needs to be speared from her ass right out to her throat for using another persons name to initiate this douchebaggery but i do not believe that she was in the wrong for spewing mouth diarrhea and i will not say anything to attack her.
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  40. tippytoe Member

    Free Speech -- gotta love it!
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