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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. slobeck Member

    inb4AmericanTrollAwards live from Los Angeles awards her Troll of the Year in the Jesus category. The "Trollies"
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  2. AnonymousNow Member

    WBC has gone so vastly farther than the subject troll that her troll was almost too believable, as to be shooting fish in the barrel. I like the troll that gets people to believe in the impossible so they rightfully feel stoopid for falling for it.
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  3. Jatugal Member

    She is a total and utter troll. Her statements were not believable. And even if they were real, well... she's the one to deal with the consequences. There are people out there who think the Japanese 'deserved' it. They,too,will get trolled, humiliated and called out.
    We can trust their stupidity.
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  4. AnonymousNow Member

    The WBC beats this hands down, therefore, her statements were believable, at least in the sense that she could be akin to a WBC brand of religious troll.
  5. Jatugal Member

    But at least I am convinced by them when they say they hate the U.S and gay-enablers as well as soldiers.
  6. AnonymousNow Member

    I hear ya, it looked like satire from the start to me, but, again, WBC and the COS have massively raised the bar on what is considered conceivable behavior. The bar has risen.

    And many of those sorts also come across as bad actors-- you probably were not around for COS Ruthie?
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  7. Jatugal Member

    Um, cannot say that I was. Do enlighten me.
  8. AnonymousNow Member

    google is your friend, check encyclopedia dramatica maybe, ruthie, she made some anti anon videos, pretending not to be COS.
  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Google is not your friend. Google is a corporation. Web searching is your friend.
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  10. Smurf Member

    Someone claiming to be Tamar's uncle posted: "All those treats to her will be dealt with accordingly. death treats profanity etc lame ass ducks. She is my niece. come to my channel and will show you how to make low. The only reason I created this channel because I couldn't add more likes or friends to my account, but I will trace each and every treat made to her, and than we will talk...." - Pedros Hadjian.

    He's threatening to track down & wallop people criticizingly her...
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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ...and consequences will never be the same.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Okay. Nice work (again) Swift Smurf, but I note that you didn't apply [SIC] (spelling in context) signs to the "treats" showing up in Uncle Hadjian's posting. I reckon that I'm to assume this is precisely what he typed?

    Okay #2, I opened the link. Lo! And behold! That is exactly what the mofo typed! Thanks for the lulz, Smurf! You're Swift!

    I kinda like "death treats." That has a nice beat, and is easy to dance to; belongs in some kinda horror movie script.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Yes, and I am sure this person who responded will not be arrested:

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  14. Smurf Member

    I posted another gem I learned of tonight. Pedros Hadjian claims to be Tamar's uncle. Not true. Another troll, maybe, or Tamar herself playing a game?

    "I believe in complete honesty & transparency. I spoke with an acquaintance that happens to be a Facebook friend of one of Tamar's cousins and I was informed there's no "Pedros Hadjian" related to Tamar. Could you please address that Pedros?? You spell your last name with a D and no one on Tamar's mother's side has a last name of Hadjian. There is a Bedros Hajian in her family, but no Pedros. Is this another troll??"

    "Pedros" claims on his FB he attended UC Berkeley. Will check that out tomorrow.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Pax Vobiscum, Smurf. (makes the sign of anonymous in the air in front of the screen - a strange loop)
  16. hushpuppy Member

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  17. Smurf Member

    Posted by "Pedros Hadjian"..

    "Garry that is for you to figure it out. I don't have to prove to you at all, the only thing I can say is the is the link I posted way above read very carefully what I said. I have another account therefore I created this account just for that purpose. Yes my name is Bedros Hajian and as matter of fact I don't even know what is troll etc. and if you check my account I have 5,000 friends and could not add any more likes or friends therefore I created this just for this purpose to stop the attacks on my niece.

    I don't have to sit here and explain all my families history, you can believe or not believe who cars. About the arrest being made, freedom of speech is the name of the game, but what happens when America is over medicated and brainwashed by religion and media? this would be the outcome, this goes to show there are only few intellectual individuals in USA sorry for my honesty, America is full of hate and misinterpretations. They go on mocking a individuals when in fact it's religious core is kabalist and full of hate."

    Then I received this PM...

    Bedros Hajian March 17 at 12:34am

    Need I to prove more. I am not a troll but will come to my nieces protection at any time.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Based on the FB picture, Bedros looks like some kinda circus performer - sword swallower, eats and juggles fire while riding a unicycle?

    Okay, a circus performer with a posse... ooooooh, so scary Grandma!
  19. Smurf Member

    More from Tamar's uncle..

    "In anger, we say things..I am not a person who would track or heart anyone, however reading all hate comments about her "we will kill you etc" my comments are only in self protection, I do have the right to protect my family members. If you are a father or uncle you would know what I am talking about, I mean 2 days every time I turn a page on google I see her name with death treats. I could not just sit and hide myself. What she did it was not the right time since people took her out of context, however I had a long talk with her just got back from my sisters house, I feel better now.

    At first I was angry at her also but now that she told me the whole story I see she was mocking religious freaks who are full of hate , and I am proud of her"
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Kinda like a another penis got stuck into a hornet's nest; a popular new sport I'm told.
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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Speaking of hornet's nests! Yikes! I should have known. Every time I get within spitting distance of Facebook, I get the heebie-jeebies.

    Do you know if dialling 626 - 255 - 7695 one could get to talk to him while he's on tv? I note that the video was posted three years ago...
  23. Tamtampamela’s not new to the internet, and knows quite well that when you get in a fight with people online, they say the most hateful things. “Die in a fire” and such statements are a long way from someone actually showing up at your door with a gas can, and I think it’s hilarious that she went so far out of her way to emotionally manipulate people for a year and a half with her ‘fun’, and in one night was ‘freaked out’ when the tables were turned on her.
    (Yes, this is me laughing at anyone who freaks out over death threats online... the funniest to me are the ones from people in countries different than my own - maybe they get the Bundy frequent flyer discount?) Anyway...
    It says a lot about tamtampamela as a person, and how she sees other people, that she thought it was okay to manipulate people, that it was ok to have fun at the expense of the survivors and those still in danger in Japan, and that it’s okay to shout fire in a crowded theater …because people are responsible for their own sense of panic, right? I think she finally got a clue about how this was going to impact her long-term, and that unless she wanted to work on Madison Ave. as an ad exec for the rest of her adult life (IE: Where else could someone that soulless, conniving, manipulative and uncaring about others actually get a job), she’d need to put the fire out as quickly as she could.
    I watched the posts scrolling past as people found out about the site. I have to say what I saw was a lot of anger. But why were people so angry? That’s the big question nobody seems to be addressing, or see as a major point in this fiasco. People were angry because she was belittling the pain of others, whether as a religious nut or a generic trolling internet nut. What I saw was a lot of people slapping down a bully. I agree people could have been a little more polite about expressing that anger, but then again, anger isn’t really an unexpected response to her first video (I’m happy God killed people) or her second video (I had fun making fun of people I don’t agree with, and messing with the minds of innocent bystanders). Additionally, she admitted her reason for making the videos was to ‘piss people off’, so I am left wondering why she was so surprised when that’s what she accomplished, and why she was so surprised when that very real anger was, well, angry. Perhaps she thought she could continue to manipulate people’s responses like trained poodles. “Ok be angry now! Good puppy! Now show me angry barking only! No peeing on the carpet!”
    The intellectual elitism in her actions is also interesting to notice, as evidenced in her flippant and unapologetic attitude toward the entire series of events. She thinks she’s won something, she’s somehow smarter than the rest of us, because she managed to pull off this hoax. All she’s really accomplished is providing a target for a lot of people so heartsick over the images coming out of Japan who feel powerless to help other than throwing money at it a chance to vent some frustration, and again, slap down a bully. Tamtam 0, general public 1/2. I’m giving the general public half creds for being so willing to take down a sociopath (so·ci·o·path – noun . A person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience). I only wish more people had been willing to do the same in Germany about 75 or so years ago, so one one level at least there’s a ‘good’ side to all of this.
    Given that her video got a half a million views (and that number was on her page for hours so probably was quite a bit higher at the end), she’s really lucky that, through her own stupidity, all she got was a few dozen pizzas. (I saw a comment or two about people who thought it would be funny to send her a turd in the mail, so that may still happen. Time will tell, I guess.)
    All this being said, I do really hope she can sort it all out, develop a bit of humility and compassion for others, and make amends in some way. She’s obviously bright most of the time, and could still make something positive out of all of this.
    Too bad she didn’t think past the no-hearted attempt to monetize for her own gain, and instead set the videos up to donate to the people of Japan. Not that I am condoning the videos by saying it’s ok to raise money for good by creating and maintaining a tornado of hatred, but once it had happened and couldn’t be undone, she could have really made a difference in another person’s life.
    All that being said, I think it's funny and sad that she's in a family so closely tied to a church. I wonder if she's 'for real' and playing a troll? Or perhaps so sickened by the nonsense she sees in her family's behavior that she's (ok, passively) fighting back?
    Meh I will shut up now; I've already typed too much and boring people to tears. =D
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I don't believe that you have typed too much. You have reflected on this subject thoughtfully and shared some of that with us.

    You have also posed some interesting questions that heretofore have not been raised.

    I appreciate your compassionate response to this monster as it reminds me that self-rightous indignation is a very lame substitute for understanding, and that internet culture benefits from understanding more than it does from anyone passing glib, self-rightous judgements on others.

    I give a big BRAVO! to your post.
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  25. I watched as much of the video as I could stand. If this is indeed Tam's family, I can certainly see where the sociopath gene comes from. Some of this stuff is just wacky (still at a loss for words as to how to accurately describe the hate for Jews I just saw...) and reeks of the same sort of smallmindedness and bigotry I saw in parts of the Midwest and South (US) against Jews, African Americans, women, gays.. you name it. I'm noticing how much 'documentation' and effort is being implemented here to justify their prejudice and hatred, specifically hatred of Jews.

    This. Explains. So. Much. when it comes to Tam meaning I can see now where the family value of justifying hatred, and using hatred to prove a point.

    I'll have to think about this more, I guess, before I post on that more.
  26. Heh! Thank you! I think I'm blushing!;-D

    I don't know how compassionate I've been, however. Everyone messes up sooner or later in life, though granted not on the scale Tam managed to accomplish. That being said, she can still turn this into a huge 'good thing' if she would only balls out and handle it a little better. Not terribly sure I'd go to her family for assistance in that, were I her. (I can smell a crazy family miles off, having been raised by crazy people myself. =p )

    I've seen some posts about people decrying the 'mob mentality' regarding the responses to the first and arguably most hateful video she did. I didn't see a 'mob'. What I saw was hundreds of thousands of people proving that Milgram's experiment was not uniformly accurate as an indicator of peoples' behavior when standing up to 'wrong'. Obviously the analogy isn't entirely accurate as there was no authority figure in this scenario, but still, to see people actively (and hoo-boy! PASSIONATELY!) take down a bully was a thing of beauty and warmed my heart. Kudos to the folks who 'lost it' a little and shouted her down.
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  27. i wonder what kinda "treats" he's talking about?
    if its this kind
    or even better
    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRrOYbNVblpEy8F56V-6I8CVjQ-cgVQr
    then you damn well better count me in!!!
  28. To Tamar's lackwit of an uncle:
    In anger we say things? Um, yeah, so did half a million people when they saw his niece's idiocy. They had a LOT to say in anger. Get over it and quit trying to make it out like there was a horde of kabalists beating down your door to deflower your precious niece.

    Heart anyone? Good, I'm glad you don't heart anyone. I don't heart you either. -.-

    Hate? Dude, did you or did you not try to teach people in the video HERE:

    that Jewish people are responsible for manipulating governments across the planet into trying to wipe the Armenians off the map no matter where they might be?
    Who's the hater now?

    Couldn't hide yourself? Yeah well that much is clear. Seems to be a family tradition of getting on camera and spouting inflammatory, bigoted, uncultured bullshit. Good job teaching those family values!

    What she did. It. WAS. NOT. RIGHT. PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE. Don't qualify it with 'since people took it out of context' like it magically was wrong WHEN PEOPLE TOOK OFFENSE and not before!

    She told you the whole story, did she? Did she tell you there were Japanese people watching her video and expressing hurt and anger over her callous little joke while waiting to get a call to know if their nieces and mothers and friends were dead or not? Did she tell you she offended tens of thousands of Christians who AREN'T fanatics and were horrified by what they saw, and her flippant 'yeah I was just trolling and having fun! Seeya!" non-apology? Did she tell you that she tried to SELL THE RIGHTS TO THE VIDEOS FOR PERSONAL GAIN and only bailed out when she got sufficiently scared? Did she tell you that she intentionally and deliberately worked for a year and a half to 'piss people off' and was indiscriminate about who those people might be, not JUST the small fraction of religious fanatics? Oh, yeah, sorry, I forgot you ARE one of those fanatics.

    P.S. Obligatory profanity: F you, you knuckle-dragging-Anton-LeVay-style-carnival-barker-enabling-racist-wet-nasty-sore-on-the-butt-of-humanity-bigoted-RELIGIOUS FREAK.

    K, got that off my chest. Now I think I need to go wipe the rest of it off the bottom of my shoe. -.-
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  29. You should play that video in the background while you do some surfing or whatever... it's well, jaw-dropping ignorance at its finest. It's like listening to Art Bell, except substitute "Jews" every time you hear 'aliens'. =/
  30. Oh my sweet sweet Flibberdygibbet
    I might not be an OG on this forum but i am an OG of the internet
    and i know when to fight to the death with and asshole and when to just sit back and watch the self destruction begin.
    Like I've said a million times before i personally don't see this as a violation of free speech and therefor i really wont bother feeding the " lynch her for what she say's" threads about her on the internet and i do believe there is a few.(not to mention that i honestly couldn't give two shits about her, her hate mongering or her retarded uncle that blames the Jews for the Armenian Holocaust). Do i poo poo the fact that she used some one else's info for her vids and got said person in trouble IRL, absolutely! Would i knock her fat ass to the ground if i ever saw her on the street for upsetting so many people? Hell yeah! But I will not in any way, shape or form condemn her for exercising her right to say whatever she want even if its total bullshit. I will say this now, and tomorrow and I'll even say it with my last dieing breath... I am a moralfag till the very end. <3
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  31. CarltonBANKS Member

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  32. Yeah, agreed, I'm not saying she can't say whatever she wants, and I am not saying her crazy uncle can't say whatever he wants as well either. And you have my apologies if I implied that I do think they should somehow be silenced.
    What I am saying is that there are repercussions to saying whatever the hell I want. Consequences. I know that if I go to a an NAACP meeting and start screaming 'nigger', I can expect an arguably well deserved ass whuppin' and possible arrest. I know that if I go into a dark packed theater and scream 'Fire!' that the resultant stampede is my fault, and any deaths or injuries are also my fault. The interwebz may have tubes, but human interaction of any kind has lines, and crossing them is sure to bring reactions from others and consequences. She crossed a line or two, got her butt whipped, cried to her uncle, and now he's gonna cry to...? The police? Make internet threats? Really? lulz.
  33. PotatoChip Member

    This is QFT
    I have actually seen comments on the repost of her video where someone actually called her a "MURDERER"
    and direct threats of violence not just "I hope someone kills you" type things, someone typed "I am coming to your house with a shotgun tonight" kind of things.
    I really wish her coming out video was more substantial. I would love to hear not just her side, but how this has affected her.

    She's not getting any sympathy from her friends at the fake church website either, I'm sure they see her as a martyr for their great troll cause.
  34. NO DONT APOLOGISE please. I got your opinion just like you got mine.
    I'm just telling you where i stand on this issue. I've already gotten into this with people over the Westboro Baptist Church. And for those same reasons you stated i.e the consequences that she's bound to face sooner or later is why i can sleep well at night knowing that she's getting her ass whupping by other means other than censoring her speech. Oh... and did i mention i couldn't care less about her stupid ass.
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  35. Well... There's a saying for that in the good olde US of A.
    If you cant take the heat stay out of the damn kitchen.
  36. AnnieOnOmas Member

    I think if she is so brave to make such a retarded ass video she should go to japan let the survivors see her video then try to defend herself with the "it was only a joke but it was fun". Even as a troll she must have had some sense of the shit storm she would kick up, not to mention seen how others had had it blown back their faces' . She came for attention and she's gotten it, she knew she wasn't going to get a good response from it. Her and her thick ass uncle can DIAF for all i care. Japan has everything failing and there are countries fighting for freedom all over the middle east but this little fucktard thought making a video like this was fun.

    Freedom of speech means i can't say that she didn't have the right to say it, However lets not forget the last time we let a retard run his mouth without saying no bad kitty...[IMG]
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  37. oh.. dont get me wrong...
    if i ever saw her IRL i would verbally tear her apart, no mercy, no compassion... Nothing.
    but never by infringing on her right to be a wingnut.
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  38. Yes, I saw the comments flying by that night (actually I was around from about the point where views were less than 500, and watched the channel for a long time, because it was a helluva phenomenon to witness), and spoke to this a bit ago when I said
    " Additionally, she admitted her reason for making the videos was to ‘piss people off’, so I am left wondering why she was so surprised when that’s what she accomplished, and why she was so surprised when that very real anger was, well, angry. Perhaps she thought she could continue to manipulate people’s responses like trained poodles. “Ok be angry now! Good puppy! Now angry barking only! No peeing on the carpet! '

    As adults we realize the only thing we really control in life is ourselves. We have ZERO control over how people react to the things we say and do. And rightly so.
    Given the girth and density of 'road apples' slung on the interwebz, I can't imagine anyone being frightened by internet threats. That's all they are. People who get upset by it watch waaaaay too much Oprah, and bluntly there are more people killed in the US every year by family members for refusing to wear a hijab than there are people offed by fulfilled internet threats. Where's the moral outrage over that? Or do we still let Oprah and Good Morning America dictate our sense of urgency in these issues?

    Personally, I was actually more insulted by people calling her a whore and the like. Watching guys try to beat her down by making comments about rape and the like.. hmm. Well, I won't go on a rant about how it was inappropriate for men to use gender/sexual comments to bash, but then again, we're back to that thing I said earlier where if you anger someone, you don't get to control how that anger manifests. You only get to control your own responses.

    Meh I need coffee, I'm starting to ramble.

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