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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. PotatoChip Member

    I can only imagine her laughing her ass off, even louder as they attack some woman in Florida. Then the expression on her face changes as "Tamar" started showing up in the comment threads, and her various other online identities started getting spammed.

    You're only anonymous for so long on youtube. With the number of hits she was getting it was only a mater of time until someone actually recognized her IRL and dropped her docs that way instead.

    I would love to have seen the "oh shit" moment, that would have been some good lulz there.
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  2. hey smurf since you appear to be on normal communication terms with retard uncle that thinks the Jews slaughtered the Armenians in 1915, then maybe you should suggest he watch the vids that his illustrious niece produced even if she "explained" herself away to him, then after taking a long hard look at his own pathetic life ask himself why she got the responses she got from the internet.
  3. Hes also not a person that holds grammar and good spelling in high standards either.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps English is not his first language?
  5. well fuck... its not mine either but i make a conscious effort to try and not make people reading what i write pluck their eyes out due to bad spelling.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Death threats are illegal - federal law.
    Impersonating others is illegal - federal law.
    Inviting others to someone's house to commit crimes is a felony, esp. when impersonating the person.
    Doxing is illegal. (esp. if you dox the wrong damn people)- federal law.
    Feds are aware/involved.
    Cyber stalking is illegal. Some of you are downright stalkers (Smurf, I'm lookin' at you, esp., in this Tamra situation)
    People who get cause up in watching and participating in train wrecks such as she is can face consequences worse than she will.
    Some of you are not nearly as anonymous or as stealth as you think you are - and it makes me lmao.
    There are sometimes things worse than putting a penis into a hornet's nest.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day.
  7. this is exactly why i take the stand i do regarding free speech
    when something is correct it stands on its own with out the need of a gimmick or a hook to gain support for it.
    when something is wrong it will crash and burn eventually with out any help.
    let the wingnuts spew out mouth diarrhea however they want.
    eventually it will catch up to them, karma is a nasty lady.
  8. ./falls out of chair laughing
    ok that was funny. ;-D
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  9. So let's ask ourselves what a death threat is, eh? Some retard on the internet saying "I'm going to kill you?" Well, ok, I guess, if it's your first fight online, I can see where you might get a little worried. Me, I'm a grouchy bitch at times, and get pretty worked up about shit once in a while, and seem to have a natural talent for pissing people off *without making videos or in any other way being deliberate about it*. So, yeah, not my first day online, and wish I had a dollar for every time someone threatened me. (In fact, I've been known to type out my full name and address and DARE people to show up at my door, but again, I'm mean. -.-) I'm going to bet that inciting others to do bodily harm on people is legally equivalent to 'conspiracy to death threat' or some other ridiculously garbled legal jargon, and judging by some of the comments people were throwing at each other in that chat, Tam sure did a good job working people into a frenzy. I even logged in to find a few retards had left me threats in my youtube inbox, but whatever. Internet threats. See above.

    Impersonating others. Yep, Tam did that. She used someone else's info in her profile and that's how people came to associate her with the woman in Florida. (Good job, Tam, your record for sociopathic behavior just keeps growin'!)

    Doxing is illegal. That's arguable. Particularly when the information is open to the public as in the case of public profiles. That would make all the ways to find information about people illegal as well. Like Google street maps.

    And anyway I'd be more afraid of the asstard who did the research on me and KEPT QUIET ABOUT IT rather than the 15 year old screaming 'whore you're gonna die' at me in some random chatroom, and followed up by dropping my dox for everyone to witness him doing. Just sayin'.

    Cyberstalking. Oooh, there's a buzzword. I got another one for you. Hate crime. See: Tamtampamela "God is so Good". Swings both ways, that nasty impartial pendulum. Tsk.

    Stealth? Who is really dumb enough to think they're stealthed online? Oh, yeah. Tamar.

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  10. There were comments from people saying they knew her, went to school with her, attended church with her, one guy even posted somewhere that he was her ex and had nude pics of her. ./snicker. So she was right on the edge of gettin' a lot more bang for her buck than a few dozen pizzas. More lulz.

    Video Camera from Craig's List so you can film yourself being a heartless bitch: 50 dollars.
    Computer so you can post the video 'to piss people off...which was entirely the point': 700 dollars.
    'Oh shit' moment when half the free world turns on you: Priceless.
  11. pepetacos Member

    there are trolls who actually care deep down inside their souls or hearts ...what ever the fuck suits you best anyway trolls dont say really like fucked up things about death or mothers nature asshole ego that causes 8.9(or 9.0 according to japan)earthquakes their comments usually insulting music or saying that their country is better than yours this cancerous testicle on youtube is a heartless nazi who wants real destruction,war and enjoys seeing people die and laughs at it. if she is a troll she would focus on 4chan youtube has the option to block user and watch youtube poops
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  12. PotatoChip Member

    There is a difference in giving out your address to a few dozen people you may have pissed off, and having it handed to a million people who are irate and want to teach you a lesson; some of which may live a block away from you already.

    It would be easy to imagine bricks being thrown through windows and other random acts of violence. With a million people and counting, you're bound to eventually get one crazy enough to do something. A million people is a thing that is actually pretty hard to comprehend.

    I'm not sure Tamar is responsible for the Florida address, I'm inclined to believe a chan did that on a fake facebook profile.
  13. Anonymous Member

    "what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes? what are your crimes"
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  14. Smurf Member

    It seems that in the last 10 hours, the Facebook pages for Bedros Hajian and his alias Pedros Hadjian have been deleted. The multiple angry angry posts made by Bedros on the fake Pamela Forman page -!/kim.c.teal - have all been deleted. Bedros no longer shows up as a friend on his sister's page.. though Tamar does, but she deleted all the content on her page.

    In my last PM with Bedros who was sending me messages justifying his niece's behavior & actions ("I'm so proud of her") while blowing his stack and what he read when he Googled her name.. Tamar.Boehm.. and "reading threats against her on Google"....I tried to explain that no amount of trying to explain away what Tamar did, and why she did it, was going to ease the anger that has been waged against her. Bedros took offense to my suggesting earlier that he was "trolling" saying he didn't know what that meant. I explained it to him & sent him links to sites that define Internet Trolling.

    I suggested that he let this incident die down and for him to stop reacting with hostile posts where he said he would track people down and beat them up. I also informed him that it could lead to him getting arrested if the person being threatened made a stink of it & called police.

    Bedros said that he always felt protective of Tamar because she grew up without a father and was bullied in school. He said his family had been ridiculed in the past for their orthodox Biblical beliefs.
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  15. Yeah, well, I'm not a kid, it's not my first trip to the zoo, I've had my 15 minutes of fame already, and a million's not so tough a number to comprehend when you've got the 'Been There, Done That' t-shirt. I'm not bragging, nor am I about to spew details; I'm simply saying that yes I do indeed know what it's like to have that many random anonymous people, some of which were not wishing me the best in life, in possession of my dox. I sucked it up, took ownership of my own situation, made the best of it, reached out to as many kind people as I could, tried to help people with what influence I felt I had, laughed in the faces of the 'trolls', and got through it.

    Tam can too if she straightens her damn spine and quits whining to her crazy uncle for protection.
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  16. Smurf Member

    The real Pamela Foreman & someone that knows Tamar speaks up:

    "My name is Pam Foreman. You have my personal information posted on your website in connection with tamtampamela's utube video. This is not me. I am a women twice her age with two children who are now being guarded by the sheriffs department due to people like you who randomly post information without checking their facts. My family has received multiple threats over this girls video. It saddens me that other peoples lives can easily be ruined and jeopardized due to the poor judgement of others. If you do your research you will find her correct name. In the meantime, your website and its information is being handled by our attorney and the local sheriffs department. Please be responsible for your actions in the future!" - Pamela Foreman

    "Her real name is Tamar Boehm. Funnily enough she is a student at a Christian College and is Youth “Leader” in her Armenian Congregational Church. She leads youth groups and all that jazz which is even scarier. If you were being a troll and knew there were going to be consequences, as bad as they were, how much worse of a person are you if people “figure” out who you are, but it happens to be someone else and just don’t come forward and let that poor person take the heat?

    Not only is this malice at its worst, but also cowardice. To make matters even worse she just made a “Sorry I was a troll” video and left it at that. There was no “I’m sorry, I was doing satire, but I took it too far and I am sorry to those that I hurt. This was unintentional, blah blah blah, etc.

    Go Tam, and yeah if you google her name, pretty much everything comes up on her showing pictures to prove that this in fact is Tamar Grace Boehm, Tamar Boehm, Grace Tamar Boehm, as all those come up and are the same person. She is not an Atheist as she spews the Bible and Bible verses when convenient to her… which is the same for just about every other Christian I know." - Stupid Girl
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  17. Fed Up Member

    Wonder if her real last name is Falwell, or maybe Robertson?
  18. Ok so let me wrap my mind around this. Tam and her family are orthodox Christians, ridiculed for their beliefs, and we're supposed to believe that Tam was so clueless about what it's like to be ridiculed that she felt okay ridiculing others... for being Christians? Really? lulz. *busts out the waders because the socks are already ruined!*
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  19. Smurf Member

    I'm not a Christian scholar but their seems to be a common theme in extremist views among ethnic orthodox churches. I have a friend that came to the U.S. from Bosnia after Serbs massacred 16 members of his family (including children) during the Balkan War in the 90's and he claims that the killers were members of the Serbian Orthodox Church (there's plenty of video to be found of Serb paramilitaries being blessed by Serbian priests before they engaged in mass murder & ethnic cleansing campaigns).

    I am clueless what Armenian Orthodox Christians believe but it sounds like the share a bond with the Westboro Baptist twats.
  20. I agree; that sounds more like we're gettin' close to the truth. Imagine with me this: Tam is an athiest. Notsomuch because she's thought it through, but that this is her extreme reaction to the 'orthodox' folks surrounding her in her life. She wasn't attacking fundamentalists, she was attacking people she knows! She panicked not really out of a sense that she believed someone was headed to her house with a case of shotguns and a 12 foot dildo, but more afraid her family would find all these videos and know exactly who she was mocking. That's why she abandoned the attempt to monetize the videos halfway through the process. Not out of fear, not out of any remorse over wanting to profit from her rants, but rather "OhshitIgotcaughtDELETEDELETEDELETE! " *Presses the **ACK** key* =p

    Am I close? ;D
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I love that song, too.
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Lorelei Member

    It's always nice when twats on the Internet self-identify themselves. No doubt many people online share her crappy views (whether real or put on "for the LULZ"), but they have enough of a sense of self-preservation or well-deserved shame (or cowardice) that they do not actually make videos about them.

    So thanks to Tamar for showing everyone that she is a twat. It saves everyone else a lot of time and effort when twats gleefully design their own Labels of Shame and stick them on their own foreheads for us.

    Don't get me wrong. While I may not find jokes about certain touchy subjects all that funny, I don't think any subject is actually "off limits" if you have the balls to deal with the fallout from your little joke. The real fail here (besides the insensitivity, lack of empathy, and callousness) is that this girl thought she could make comments with impunity about a touchy subject and that she is now butthurt that people with a conscience and modicum of sensitivity are calling her out on her BS. If you are going to poke at a beartrap (or a hornet's nest), don't cry to me if it snaps your foot off (or stings the hell out of your tender parts).

    Her religion or lack thereof is actually, IMHO, irrelevant here. She acted like a douche and got caught trying to make a buck on that. She's the only one to blame for her actions.

    Free speech is the right to say whatever enters your pointy little noggin, but that freedom also comes with the responsibility to back up what you felt was acceptable to say out loud. DELETING FUCKING EVERYTHING simply doesn't cut it.

    The "uncle" BAWing about how she had a rough upbringing? That just makes me want to shake him until his eyeballs rattle. Aw, poor baby. She sure had it rough. I guess that means she gets a free pass to be an asshole without facing any consequences for her assholishness for the rest of her life. Glad we got that settled.

    It's OK, TamTam, your dysfunctional family still loves you, because they kind of have to. You can count on them to shield you from the consequences of your actions. That's A+ parenting in action! Let that be a comfort to you while you nom on all those pizzas. :)
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  24. Smurf Member

    I expect as much from an anonymous troll. I challenge you to provide dox on how my actions sustain the legal definition of cyber stalking (this doesn't include talking out of your ass what you think).
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  25. My dear Smurf! Talking out yo ass is by definition the foundation and standard of every productive internet conversation!
    My spectacular proof:

    And of course, the aspiration of all those who talk out of their asses:


    Time to go find something productive to do.. fantastic chatting with you all, hope to do it again soon!
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Agree with all of this, except I think the real crime is some innocent woman in Florida got dragged into something that she had no role in, and is paying consequences for the actions of someone else.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    My apologies, Smurf. I shouldn't have added your name to that post, as I honestly don't think what you're doing is illegal.

    Your focus was just a little obsessive ITT, but I think that's kinda how you roll sometimes.
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  28. [IMG]

    Interweb theory of relativity. All Trolling Is Relative.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Bedros Hajian used to run a drug rehab center... no, it wasn't Narconon. It closed in 2006. Armenian American Christian Outreach Inc, 921A East Broadway
    Glendale, CA 91205

    Treatment Focus: Substance Abuse; Housing Options: Residential Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, Outpatient Treatment
    Rehab Contact: (818) 553-1966; Hotline: (626) 255-7695; Website:

    Entity Number: C2089549
    Date Filed: 07/07/1998
    Status: SUSPENDED
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 919 1/2 BROADWAY, GLENDALE CA 91205
    Agent for Service of Process: BEDROS HAJIAN
    Agent Address: 692 PALISADES ST
    Agent City, State, Zip: PASADENA CA 91103

    Bedros had 2 homes (Antelope Valley & Altadena) foreclosed on by the banks in 2009 & 2010.
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  30. maybe an amateur troll she is?
  31. and this is why 14 y/o's with abandonment and daddy issues should not be allowed on the interwebz especially with a webcam and a youtube account.
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  32. oh.. do tell smurfy...:D
    we could write the 1st anon book and call it how not to behave like a douchebag and get the entire populous of the internet hunting for your blood.
    we would make millions,cuz raptor jezzuz knows the internet needs it like WOAH!
  33. JohnnyRUClear Member

  34. PotatoChip Member

  35. hey meng... im just saying that there's better ways to get teh lulzs than literally making about 70% of the internet populous hate your guts and want your head speared on a stick. but eey' thats just me. im a non-complicated pacifist.
  36. Smurf Member

    Can I blame it on old age? (approaching the mid-century mark)
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Call me Daddy
  38. so? ever single fucking time (true story) that i see a person in uniform i say thank you.
    almost every male in my mom's side of the fam has been or is in the navy, so for me it was never even conceivable too disrespect a soldier.
    plus they're fucking INSAAAAANE drinkers!!!
  39. Anonymous Member


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