Tracking Of The Freewinds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Great Success!
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    Looks like Freewinds is scheduled to be in Bonaire next week (end of February).

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    Daily Mirror blogs "Captain Greybeard - your expert guide to cruise ships and cruise holidays" reports...

    Mystery of our neighbour in port
    By John Honeywell on Mar 4, 11 in Cruise ships . Daily Mirror Blogs (UK).

    [btw, for tracking purposes: the article puts Freewinds in Willamsted Curacao March 3rd 2011]

    Reader comments are open and active.
    A sample.....
    Edit: Just noticed, there's another thread on this in media (currently with a misspelled title)...
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    Thanks again, OP.

    Odd, for 1½months, no excursions to Colombia. Just round and round the ABCs.
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    can we have osm new fotos
    of the ship.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Freewinds was in Cartagena, Colombia on 11 April

    Google Translate

    Today comes the #Freewinds to Cartagena where @lopezandres make a massive dissemination conference @WayToHappiness
  11. AnonLover Member

    lol, ^anon delivers.

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    Freewinds is in Cartagena, giving a series of events about The Way To Happiness.

    A local Colombian comedian is on board the Freewinds, and Tweets to someone else about the events.

    Google Translate

    @ MarguieTrucco Hi! In the Freewinds ... I hope over there !!!!!
    about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry ® in reply to MarguieTrucco

    Today I travel to Cartagena, a series of events ROAD TO HAPPINESS
    about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry ®
  14. amaX Member

    IMO, this is one of the most important and yet overlooked threads on wwp. Remember that Hubbard took to the high seas when he ran...
    Thank you to everyone who has had a part in following this asbestos and cult laden ship and posting in this thread since the beginning. Well done!
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    Shameless bump promoting my friend's Freewinds timeline, 1998 - 2011, stuffed with dox.
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    Cool, check out the link in in post 1. We have from Dec 1997 - Mar 2010 all in 1 place, everything from then to now posted more or less monthly.

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  18. amaX Member

    Another shameless bump to thank my friend for their tireless work in putting this timeline together. A lot of tedious work went into this and I'm glad that we still have so many people willing to do this sort of work. Well done!
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    Hell yeh man, OP of this thread here - please tell your friend it's great to have another source of this info up there on a well laid out site (did they use this thread at all?).

    It might seem odd to some but I'd like to think the fact we have this info and the ability to see where their ship is at any time as a general win?
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    aLSO 500 geT
  21. OTBT Member

    Yes, my friend definitely used this thread. (No, it's not me. I don't have the discipline to put together and organize massive dox like that.)

    Yes, big time win.

    OP, my offer still stands. You can still PM me / e-mail me if you wish to get hooked up with the person who posted the Freewinds Timeline Updated.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    ^^ International signal of distress as he realizes that he got on the wrong ship.
  24. AnonLover Member

    bug eyed much?!?!

    also - dude looks like he could be aaron saxton's brother/cousin.
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    I wonder where that guy's left hand is?
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    I'll just leave this here:

    And hope we can get some local confirmation.

    Moar at sauce.
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    Some sort of recent news regarding Freewinds was posted on a Bonaire site. Google Translate can't decipher it.

    Something about registration, number of passengers, and schedules from 2009 to 2012, I think. Maybe someone can translate it.

  33. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Holy fuck what language is that, already looks like it been translated lol, but really, Portugese? not knowing *shrug*
  34. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Lol, def not spanish! >
    And not Albanian but this trans is worthy of sharing I thought, wtf 'where the stomach' 'where tombs were' blah blah? (lololol :D)
    Intersting enough, if you use several different languages, you can figure it out.

    "Welcome to the Freewind. We are going to take you for ride of your life! You will pay __________$ To learn that this is a bad idea gone worse. Book now!"
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  36. OTBT Member

    Freewinds in St. John's Antigua, May 28, 2011. If I recall correctly, it has been a while since Freewinds was in Antigua.


    Freewinds in St. Kitts, 28 May 2011. Freewinds sure seems to bounce around a lot (see above photos, same date.)


    Freewinds, unknown place, 29 May 2011. Are those Xenu's volcanos?

  37. Anonymous Member

    Freewinds verified itineraries from March 17 2011 to June 1 2011. Only records from when Freewinds is in tracking range.


    This is a temporary file. It will be eventually overwritten by new data.

    To see the location on a map for any given day, go to the link, click on either the Latitude / Longitude or the Show on Map links.

    I'm not the OP, who sadly seems to have disappeared this month.
  38. SeenTheLight Member

    "FREEWINDS UPDATE: The Way to Happiness in Colombia! From: Elyelle Pan - Dir Pubs FSSO"
  39. Anonymous Member

    thats a lot of clams!
  40. Triumph Member

    its "Grab a Granny" night on the Freewinds

    you britfags know what I'm talking about night

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