Tracking Of The Freewinds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Freewinds makes musical entrance

    CURACAO - The Freewinds is a few months' absence again docked in Curacao. To celebrate the return, the population is invited to a free concert tonight at the ship with musical talents and Tony Worrell Bebbie Boujon.

    It is not the first time Boujon Worrel and give a performance on the Freewinds. Both Curacao and Aruba, the couple several times occurred. The guidance is tonight in the hands of The Freewinds Band with Patrick Zagury, Susan Lora, John Takis Polo and Jeff Mc Lernon.

    The brass band NGN Brazz plus will be on stage tonight. This band is formed by Norman Kooks and Otmar Dijk on trumpet, trombonist Giovanni Atalita, saxophonist Norbert Girigorie and Tico Mercera on tenor sax. The concert starts tonight at 20.00 and is free. You have to send an email to giovanni.atalita @ to come.

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  4. Anonymous Member

    No it doesn't.
  5. tigeratbay Member

    Doesn't look like a nice cruise ship - my2cents
  6. Anonymous Member

    Not a promo shot, link was provided. Candid photo of Freewinds in Bonaire on 11 March 2012.

    Not a person to be seen anywhere in the photo, and the boat looks like crap.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I personally think given she's 1968 built she looks in very good shape. I assume they gave her a fresh lick of paint in dry dock a few years ago.
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    26 Jul 2012

    WILLEMSTAD – E konsierto Back In Town di e barku Freewinds ku a konta ku partisipashon di e kantantenan lokal Tony Worrell, Debbie Boujon i Kadir Snijders, tabata un éksito rotundo, te ku e públiko a pidi pa un ripitishon djamars awor.


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    30,000+ views for this thread. Hurrah! (though a few hundred will probably be me :p)
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    whoa, that's a lot! Is that amount of views approaching some kind of record for WWP?
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    Nowhere close, Camelot Castle has 177k+, big lists of exs easily 50k+
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    "Welcome Back Party" Freewinds

    Friday, August 3, 2012

    KRALENDIJK - Freewinds, the ship of the Church of Scientology, after a
    period away on Bonaire. To celebrate this, the population is on Sunday,
    Aug. 5 aboard a "Welcome Back Party" organized by local artists. The
    show starts at 17.00.

    There are more performances by Tony Trinidad, Tio Roly, the Cabaco Trio,
    Julius Andrew and Grupo Manga. Of course, the Freewinds Band missing.

    Admission is free. Tickets can be picked up at the office of EXTRA

    Bonaire, with Julius, Tony and Carlos Jimenez.

    [ Google Translate ]
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  13. Anonymous Member

    maybe say you are shocked that they are hosting an event withsuch a criminal organization?
    and why is the Freewinds allowed to dock there since they are such major polluters to boot?
    And that you were going to visit Bonaire, but have changed your plans? just sayin....

    Bonaire - Main Office
    Tourism Corporation Bonaire
    Kaya Grandi #2
    Kralendijk, Bonaire
    Dutch Caribbean
    Tel: +(599) 717-8322
    Fax: +(599) 717-8408
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  14. Anonymous Member

    The Freewinds has over SIXTY plus visits planned for Bonaire between Sep.t 2nd 2012 and April 29th 2013
    This Boniare crusie ship schedule was just updated on June 1st 2012
    It looks like the have an awful lot of plans for Bonaire!
    Go here for the crusie shedule:

    Looks like they will be there on Dec 23rd too. Prolly do some Christmas crap party?
    The schedule says their capacity is 150 BTW
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  15. Anonymous Member

    So if Freewinds is suddenly shifting a lot of port calls back to Bonaire, this begs the question of where did Freewinds just get booted out from? Which Island is Freewinds suddenly no longer going to?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Maybe they filled their Colombia cocaine quota early this year?
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Well, someone with shooping skills..........needs to airbrush this picture show the public what they are missing.

    How about...........portraying this floating, rat-infested, flea-bitten, asbestos-ridden, rust bucket.....with a few more artistic features... like..... large cracks and rusty leaks, barnacles and discoloration, sewage dumping, garbage dumping, overboarding bankrupt parishioners, rats the size of racoons, black smoke bellowing from the engines, broken windows, overworked SO member pissing off the side of the ship, passengers trying to escape in a dinghy..... to name a few.

    dQKoK.jpg [/quote]
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  20. FreakE420 Member

    That's a tall order.. Brb.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    We're eagerly see your greatest work of art ..........


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  22. Just docked next to it on our Carnival cruise in Aruba on Aug 1st
  23. Anonymous Member

    Any chance you snapped a picture of the shrimpy Freewinds next to the grand Carnival Cruise ship? I always love to see how the Freewinds looks like a $.99 toy boat next to a real cruise ship!
  24. Anonymous Member

    photo from old thread

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  25. Anonymous Member

    Oh how funny!!! Or should I say......HOW EMBARASSING!!!!

    It looks like a little piece of shit that didn't get flushed away. :)
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  26. Anonymous Member

    How funny!!! Or should I say HILARIOUS!!!

    It looks like a little piece of shit that wasn't flushed away!!!!:)
  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Well, of course. (???)

    I dunno; seems about right. A tiny ship for a tiny cult led by a tiny midget with a tiny penis.
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  30. anon walker Moderator

    I'm not sure you're not referring to FreakE's new's quite funny!
  31. FreakE420 Member

    Sorry ,,,,got busy,,,,I will try to produce something today. Until then,,,,,,old shoop:
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Personal knowledge or you are just assuming?
  33. moralhazard Member

    Wow it's just like DM standing behind a normal sized person.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    This looks the new ship name "Turdwinds" :)
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  35. Anonymous Member

    crossposted, upon request

    Very recent photo of deserted Freewinds


    Monday, August 13, 2012

    ".. a three hour tour, a three hour tour..."

    You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave...

    Having a lot of time on your hands has made Tom and I nosy neighbors - otherwise known as observant. For the last two weekends we have noticed a large cruise ship pull into port - the only cruise ship that we have seen here in Bonaire. Generally the arrival of a cruise ship in any other port means a 1000% increase in the number of pasty, confused looking white people walking through town. Not here - not a single conga line in sight.

    We were back at Norca's Cafe and mentioned this to Norca, as she is now our source for all insider island info.

    Us: "Hey Norca, what is up with the cruise ship that comes each Sunday but doesn't seem to have any passengers?"

    Norca: "Oh, you mean the Scientology cruise ship?" I try not to choke on my Nasi Goreng (delicious, by the way - you have to love a restaurant that can do South American and Indonesian cuisine).

    Us: "The Scientologists have a cruise ship?"

    Norca: "Oh yes, and I've been on it."

    Scientology, you may recall, is best known as the church of celebrities - Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley (OK - the "A" list falls off fast). It turns out that the mystery boat is called Freewinds - part public relations outreach, part graduate school for Scientologists. The boat cruises this part of the world and invites the locals to come on the boat for an evening to attend concerts. According to Norca it also sails to Columbia and tries to convince former paramilitary fighters and the homeless that Scientology is the solution for their every problem. The graduate school part is that the highest level Scientology "course" that the devout can take is only given on this boat - nowhere else in the world. Paying for taking the course might make this one of the priciest cruises in the world too.

    I grew up Lutheran in Wisconsin. I don't know about your experiences of religious "excursions" but can assure you that Lutherans do not own cruise ships in the Caribbean. Rather for me it was Camp Philip in the North woods. Wood cabins, outhouses and hot dogs over the fire. That was it. As we looked up at the boat yesterday and saw the lounge chairs, pool, volleyball courts and the handful of people walking around the boat I thought - these Scientologists might be on to something. In any case it proves that the weirdness here in Bonaire is on land... and definitely at sea too.
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  38. anonsoldier Member

    I saw their ship at Barbados back in January. Didn't know this thread existed so I never bothered to post the pictures I took.

    To sum up what happened, while I was out snorkeling and drinking rum and taking pictures of sea turtles and fishies and sunken wrecks...there were people running and doing exercises on the beach. I had seen the Freewinds docked next to our ship (which almost literally made me cream myself with excitement) but thought "No way could that be the SeaOrg, they aren't POSSIBLY stupid enough to do this kind of stuff in broad daylight, must be some fat people fitness thing." Upon closer inspection, not really any fat people, just young teenager type folks.

    I got back to my boat about the same time they got back to theirs and I HAD to do something. Playing dumb, I asked questions and took pot shots like "Wait, you have a BOAT? I know the Catholics have a fancy car but a BOAT? Isn't that extravagant?" and "Running a mile and a half? Cleaning the ship? If you wanted to do that you could just join the Navy and get PAID for it!" before ramping up to "Oh wait, I think I remember hearing something about you guys on the news. Didn't some guy say he was held against his will on this boat for six straight years?" At this point, their adult minders hurried them all up the gangplank and answered with "NO, it's all just lies!"
    To which I replied "So Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, the Headleys, John Duignan and all the other former members are lying even though most held top positions in your organization?" This was enough to freak them out completely and finish hustling the kids out of earshot.

    I retired to the aft of my cruise ship, took many pictures, and then answered people about WHY I was taking pictures of the tiny cruise ship next to us.

    I think I deleted the pictures I took back in January. The boat looked SUPER empty because they kept the kids below decks after that, just a few adults wandering around.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    They are not Sea Org, they are paying customers of Scientology. These Scientologists pay thousands of dollars to do manual labor aboard the Freewinds.

    HOLY SHIT, Freewinds cleanup May 2010
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Could'nt they also have been Sea Org?

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