Tracking Of The Freewinds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Three unrelated observations:

    1. The Las Vegas (New Mexico) police chief was given a tour of the Trementina Scilon vault and later interviewed by a local TV reporter. He didn't see anything unusual, just some engraved titanium plates and paper "similar to that used for money"

    Or skip the first two minutes and go directly to the part about the special paper

    2. The Scientology cruise ship Freewinds makes occasional, unpublicized side trips to Caracas, Venezuela. (See earlier in this thread.)

    3. Round about the summer of 2010, Orlando, Florida was inundated with a flood of counterfeit $100 bills coming in ifrom Venezuela.

    Like I said, totally unrelated. Posted for lulz only. Not to be used for serious theorizing.
  2. FreakE420 Member

    Ah come on! I've seen this site run with a story with less legs than this.

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  4. Anonymous Member

    I find it hard to believe that Sea Org would waste valuable productive time on silly things like physical exercise, when there are Ethics to be put in on this sector of the universe.

    Running around a pole in the desert at Int? Yes, its "auditing"

    Frolicking on a beach, not no much.
  5. RightOn Member

    I would hardly call it " frolicking on the beach". Its like over 80+ degrees and the sun in brutal there.
    And with being over worked, with no sleep and little and or crappy food, it would be far from a frolick
  6. Anonymous Member

    Musing on Hurricane Isaac and the 'Freewinds'

    Andrew Robertson

    Aug 22

    Just watching the progress of Tropical Storm Isaac on the NOAA website
    and although it hasn't yet been classified as a hurricane, it will bring
    heavy rain and strong winds directly over Debbie Cook's new haven in
    Guadeloupe as it heads towards the Everglades National Park in Florida.

    It's unlikely that the 'Freewinds' will be affected, as it's too far
    south in the Caribbean Sea, though ocean conditions may be rougher than

    As an avid follower of the 'Freewinds' peregrination's with regular
    reports on its location, I notice that it has just docked in Oranjestad
    in Aruba after a short voyage from Cura�ao.

    Over the last few months the vessel has been moving backwards and
    forwards relentlessly between the the three major ports of the
    Netherlands Antilles, only staying a few days before raising anchor and
    steaming off again majestically.

    The amount of money spent on fuel oil paid for by Scientology
    parishioners must be considerable, but no doubt planetary clearance and
    saving Earth from the Marcab Fifth Invader Fleet justifies the expense.

    There's a trip to the celebrated drugs transhipment port of Cartagena on
    the north-west coast of Columbia scheduled soon for an OT extravaganza,
    but I'd find it very interesting if the ship was to travel south on the
    east coast of South America heading for the port of Rio de Janeiro or a
    similar harbour nearby with easy access to the land-locked state of
    Paraguay, which some might consider a haven for senior executives of
    large corporations who chose to leave the country of their normal
    domicile for personal reasons.!topic/alt.religion.scientology/GojKuoqlnmo
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Freewinds, 01 August 2012, Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles.

    Hmmmm, did Freewinds turn off its AIS tracker again? Off the AIS network for almost 2 months?
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  10. Anonymous Member


    Keep in Cartagena cruise "Freewinds" Floating Temple of Scientology

    Posted on September 10, 2012

    In the Port Society remains a luxury cruise called "Freewinds", who last weekend became the setting of a jazz concert to benefit Festicinekids.

    Freewinds, a vessel of 134 meters in length, is home to the so-called Service Organization Flag Ship, a religious retreat for followers of Scientology who have the "most advanced levels of spiritual counseling."

    Scientology is a religious congregation of which are part known Hollywood stars, businessmen and politicians around the world, the subject of much criticism and accusations of having built a business empire through brainwashing, threats and extortion.

    On the website of the congregation said the ship Freewinds "provides a safe, attractive and free of distractions, it is appropriate to deliver this level of auditing deeply spiritual."

    The ship, as practitioners of this cult, is "the only place that a Scientologist can go and be sure you can devote himself entirely to his religious practice and in the company of people who share their religious commitment and perspective on life in general ".

    The cruise also performed religious conventions and seminars for senior leadership levels of Scientology churches around the world, as well as events organized especially for members of a country.

    The ship can accommodate 600 people, has 9 floors and 21 feet deep.

    In 2009 he had been in Cartagena to undergo repairs, amid a controversy caused by the presence of asbestos in the vessel, in quantities greater than those permitted and which endanger health, a charge that ultimately could not be verified.

    Some have said that the presence of the Freewinds in Cartagena is to consolidate the presence of the church in Colombia, where there are already churches em Bogota and Cali, and Cartagena and it seems that many Colombians have come on board to take courses that help them solve the problems of his life, after paying a heavy amount of money.

    Some of the characters that belong to Scientology, founded by L. Ron Hubbard, are Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman, Oliver Stone and Larry King.


    One of the latest scandals of Scientology occurred because an adept named Valeska Paris, gave an interview to ABC News, which reported that nearly took prisoner on that ship, working in the engine room because his faith had reached a sufficient level for the luxury area.

    Paris said that Scientology had taken entire fortune to his father and that it was the church leader, David Miscavige, who commanded the ship, and at first I was blinded by know, but ultimately disappointed, to find that was "a man who ran a church and took advantage of his faithful, who hid behind religion to live require contributions and taking money from people and live like a king", he told the ABC.

    Google Translate from:

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  11. DeathHamster Member

    When the Freewinds was the Boheme, its capacity was 500 passengers. Either they're counting the crew now too, or they shrank the accommodations during the refit.

    Not that they're likely to be running near capacity these days...
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  12. anonysamvines Member

    not when (orig posted by someone else elsewhere)
    Miscavige made all the attendees of the ship-based OT Summit events sign a $25,000 bond which is forfeit if anybody finds out what he talked about before the events get shown at the Ideal Orgs
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  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Tom Cruise, as we all know, is a Scientologist. The rest of these people are not, AFAIK.
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  14. muldrake Member

    Not sure what the OP was trying to say, and we all know what an OP is, but may have been referring to Dustin Hoffman's stupid signature of the dumb letter sent out by the cult to claim that modern-day Germany is the equivalent of Nazi Germany because they enforced laws against criminal Scientologists.

    The New York Times covered this. I'm not aware any of these other people, or even Dustin Hoffman, have subsequently done anything as stupid. My guess is Dustin Hoffman got suckered into signing this dumb letter because he had recently starred in Rain Man with Tom Cruise, and may have just been doing a (really dumb) favor for a friend.
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    This photo was taken on April 19, 2012

    Freewinds Ship in Aruba

    Note, there is a higher resolution 3.5 MB version of this photo here:

    In the hi-res version, you can zoom in details, like these (click on the image to enlarge)


    lol at black clothes Sea Org dude guarding the empty door with no one else around (lower left corner of hi res photo):


    empty boring ship is dead

    I'm debating about starting a new thread similar to this old thread . Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    Anyone interested?
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  17. tigeratbay Member

    True, from all the pictures I've seen, never see any life. OK there's this one guy lo and another on deck .
    Good idea and LOL :D
  18. Anonymous Member

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  20. SeenTheLight Member

    "Ethics & Finance Convention" on the Freewinds.

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  21. Ron B DED Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    ESMB - Sec Check for Freewinds?

  23. Anonymous Member

  24. anonysamvines Member

    Moar pix of this date would be lulzy
    I have been hoping some would turn up!

    This is the day their annual "be a more successful musician", or whatever the fuck they call it, cruise started.

    David Campbell, Beck's dad posted a vid on youtube desperately trying to get people going. (thread here, sadly vid is gorn)

    he says ".. drop what you are doing, it's only for a week! And then in about 10 days from now you will be leaving the ship ..."
    vid posted 24 sept cruise starts 27 th Sept!

    They smacked of desperation then.

    How much does an empty ship cost to run? with no/little income to cover the expense!
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. The Wrong Guy Member

  27. SeenTheLight Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    "I am a Scientologist, I do not need food"

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Can't seem to find the 2013 crusie ship schedule for Aruba
  34. Anonymous Member

    Silly troll, none of yer fucking business, its a sekrit!
  35. Anonymous Member

    Flash raid the Freewinds in Aruba? LOL! (or anywhere for that matter)
    The police station is right next to the port and I am quite sure they are VERY friendly with the local authorities
    Anyone who does this is NUTZ
  36. As a matter of fact the office of the minister of justice has one or more Sciencefictiontology working who promotes, among others, the book "the crooked way to happiness" or was it "the twisted way to happiness"??..forgot the exact name LOL. She was a teacher and had a group of kids training soft ball (not baseball since the ball is too hard for a fastball). Most of those kids and their parents are now also HAPPY... I guess. The scouting is also receiving lots of donations and now is time for service clubs to receive their fair share until they become happy too. Don't forget the press who also contributes to the PR of the spaceship getting 10K per month from the government to publish the party line. This is really one big HAPPY ISLAND since reading those spacey happy books. Don't forget the drug addicts who by now are all happy too and receiving lots of money too for the narcoprogram. And what about the parties on the ship where lots of Arubans, (lots with financial and social problems) (for the lush, food and drinks and peptalks) and jazz musicians will love to have a nice time on a cruise ship? Ask anyone on the island if they know what kind of ship that is...surprise!!!! Anyone will tell you that this ship is a cruise ship that brings tourist on the Island or even don't know the reasons for the presence of this ship in Aruba, nor the story behind it's presence.
    Those who knows are very few and afraid of saying something ( Island is too small and don't know who to trust).
    By the way on the other side of their parking is a traveling agency, which does their bookings.
    By the way found the schedule for January and february of cruiseships:
  37. Anonymous Member

    Welcome, Aruban, this ship should be shunned and we can help you.
  38. Of course it's not easy and not the place here to ask how, when, and so will leave this for Anonymous to decide.

    Have a question: Why the ship does not go to Haiti , where voodoo practices prospers? As you know they also practice lots of this stuff in their so called courses. Why is it that their celebrities was in no time there after the earthquake? And their ship don't go there? Is it because they don't like competition? Or is it that Haiti is too poor to be there?

    Have another site for your information of Curacao and Siencefictionology:
    It was this woman ( Maria) who is also to blame for their presence in these islands read:
    And its this same woman that is now going to form a commission to screen/optimize??? the work of the Curacao national intelligence service (VDC) who was sent home in 2010 because of leaking info of certain criminal activities of the prime min. Their job may consist now on keeping SCI above the law. The governments and authorities seem to be already in their pockets and a set of clairs same as Clearwater??? Bonaire ( Caribbean Parts of the Dutch Kingdom) is already in their pockets. Want prove: Check also the companies that SCI has in the Netherlands on the chamber of commerce
  39. Parent organization Freewinds charged in Belgium pdf_button.png printButton.png emailButton.png
    SUNDAY, 6 JANUARY 2013 13:39
    ORANJESTAD/BRUSSELS — The cruise ship Freewinds, owned by the Scientology Church, is moored in the harbor of Oranjestad again since yesterday. Meanwhile the church is subjected to heavy criticism in Europe. Belgium intends to prosecute the organization as a criminal organization.Moreover, two senior executives were prosecuted there for swindle, illegal medicine, several violations on the privacy law and blackmail, at least according to the Belgium business newspaper De Tijd. It apparently regards an investigation in 2007 when Belgium also scrutinized the Scientology Church. A spokesperson from the church emphasized in the Dutch media that the organization has a religious purpose and isn’t involved with criminal activities. Moreover, the Belgium office of the Public Prosecutor apparently is yet to inform the church officially of the investigation. A spokesperson stated that such investigation would be surprising because the church itself is investigating criminal activities in Belgium into the psychiatric institutions and into medicines from the pharmaceutical industry.

    Bomb alert
    The Scientology Church owns the cruise ship Freewinds since 1986 through the company San Donate Properties. The ship has a permanent mooring place in Curaçao but sails under the Panamanian flag. The Freewinds visits Aruba very frequently and is regularly open for the public. For instance, in 2011 the ship was part of the Caribbean Sea Jazz warm-up with a performance of Brenda Cifuentes and El Proves together with the Freewinds’ band. Several months ago the Freewinds joined a large-scale disaster drill of the harbor. Entirely according to the scenario the ship’s captain reported a bomb alert on board. This was the starting signal of a drill that is repeated annually with a new scenario.

    The way to happiness
    Mid 2007 Scientology appeared in a bad light when it intended to distribute the booklet ‘The Way To Happiness’, written by Scientology founder Ron Hubbart, at schools and was used by anti-drug institution Fada. After the negative publicity this institution decided not to order more copies or offer the booklet to schools. Institution Help Our People Excel (Hope) from Carmelita Haynes had distributed 60,000 copies of the booklet though. For that matter, ‘The Way To Happiness’ is meant only to impart standards and values to youngsters. Fada thought the negative publicity was exaggerated and said the people needn’t fear that Scientology has come to make converts. “Scientology focuses on recruiting wealthy people who can pay 20,000 dollars for a two-week cruise on the Freewinds, to follow a course or to kick their habit. With the distribution of this booklet the church was to make the harbors where it moors safer for their wealthy church members”, Fada stated at the time.

    Safe and without distraction
    The Scientology Church mainly uses the Freewinds to give courses in advanced Scientology doctrine. The highest known degree in the religion can only be reached by a course on board the ship. A complete safe, esthetic and distraction-free environment is required to absorb the doctrine properly. A ship is the best suitable place for this course. Moreover, founder Hubbart studied and developed Scientology on board a ship. The Freewinds is also used as recreational ship by executive members of the Scientology Church.

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