Tracking Of The Freewinds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    The cult uploaded this yesterday:

    The Freewinds: Church of Scientology religious retreat

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  2. Ideal Passage to The LRH Bridge to Total Freedom.......

    Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last.........

    Martin Luther King and L. Ron Hubbard when used in the same sentence puts LRH in the same league and Hubbard moves up a notch when you add Gandhi, Aristotle, Plato and all the great ones to that sentence. Right?

    Except for the fact that all of Hubbard's 'accomplishments' listed in his bio are complete lies, his policies have led directly to the neglect and abuse of children and countless duped members, his science-fiction story of Dianetics, Xenu and thetan bomb clusters became a 'religion' through blackmail, fraud and extortion of the IRS for 'religious' status.

    To LRH, Hip Hip........Hooray

    Yay, Ron, Yay..........

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Abusive Children's Policies
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    I'm having a hard time believing those showcase cabins with the gigantic beds. No amount of refit is going to increase the size of the ship, and previous pictures have shown how rinky-dink normal cabins and bunkbeds are.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    OP in the house mother fuckers.
  5. opi.gif
  6. Anonymous Member

    My last post was #670 - page 17, here are its movements from then to now:

    I've uploaded a file as well as the image hoster has made it squinty.

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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    This post is a duplicate that's also found at

    This morning, Tony posted this on Facebook:

    Scientology needs your help with PR! We learn that and a bunch of other things with this week's installment of Sunday Funnies. Sail on the Freewinds so you can learn "White PR" to help out the image of L. Ron Hubbard: what could go wrong? ALSO: The heartbreaker SMERSH Madness matchup of the first round!

    Sunday Funnies: Scientology Needs Your PR Help! | The Underground Bunker

    Let’s start with a flier that caught our eye for its tone of sheer desperation.

    Oh, where do we start? From creating “huge acceptance” for the works of L. Ron Hubbard and his “solutions for planetary ruin,” to using “White PR” on “opinion leaders,” this is one cringe-inducing document.

    But this is your opportunity to spend a full week on the barge Freewinds and learn how to push LRH tomes on your local library and city councilman. Talk about a 21st Century PR solution!

    RonPR1-e1362497897431.jpg RonPR2-e1362498001415.jpg

    More at
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  9. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I'm going to guess that graphic in the upper left is supposed to be a feather pen in an ink well. But it looks very strange to me.
  10. RightOn Member

    but where is this going to be? ^^^^ what port is going to be lucky to host this OT Summit? insert sarcasm
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Mighty long stop in that list, Mar6 - Mar24, in Oranjestad Aruba. That overlaps with Hubbard's birthday on Mar13. Hmmm.
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  13. kthnxbai Member

    Maybe docked for normal maintenance? She used to use the dry-dock at Curacao but not since certain incidents with blue asbestos...

  14. Freewinds: Planetary Clearing Cruise

    Sailing Home: "We're going to be Free"

    (Thought this uptone cruise deserved another view)
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  17. anonsoldier Member

    I'll be taking a cruise in June to the Bahamas, so I'll keep an eye out for the Freewinds. Last time I was in the Caribbean my cruise ship literally docked right next to the Freewinds in Dominica. I was filled with glee and proceeded to taunt and mock them after I returned from my snorkeling trip. They spent THEIR day doing laps on the beach.
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. RightOn Member

    any pics?
  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. I'm wondering if the "White PR" alluded-to in the flyer include such gems as:

    - How L. Ron Hubbard saved the US from Mexican attack during World War II.
    - How L. Ron Hubbard "broke up black magic in the Unites States" by having a masturbation contest with Jack Parsons.
    - How L. Ron Hubbard was made a "blood brother" of the Blackfoot First Nations people.
    - How L. Ron Hubbard's technology cured John Travolta of his jones for jimmy.
  22. RightOn Member

    that's not a true pic because that is not Barbados! lol!!!!
    that is a great pic, I remember that one
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Let us not mince words here, if was he the scribe on something of that level, he was the passive participant. In other words he took JP's 'stele of revealing' right up the butt.
  24. bott Member

    31 May 2013 in Aruba. . U.S. Coast Guard Eagle docked next to Freewinds.



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  25. PTS Member

    By Neptune's beard that is one ugly old tub. Photographed from the right angle I suppose it can be made to look kind of upstat, but when I consider that it is smaller and slower than any number of ships in the BC Ferries fleet, I just have to laugh.

    Even if they did get all the asbestos out, you just know that the buffet will still only have two kinds of shrimp, Dave and Tom.
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  26. RightOn Member

    I don't see how it was possible for them to remove all the asbestos. It was sprayed in between electrical wires behind the walls It was said that although the walls were removed, it would be near impossible to entirely rid the Failwinds of asbestos. I think it was Lawrence Woodcraft who said it would have to be stripped all the way down to it's steel hull in order to get rid of all of it all. And that was not done.
    I heard that minute particles (which is all you need to breath in to get Mesothelioma) can still be shook free and be delivered to the ship's various rooms by the ventilation system. And Jason Beghe once said this ship shakes like crazy. He also called it a Flea Bag if I am not mistaken. But that might have been pre-refit.
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  27. DeathHamster Member

    All the Failwinds' sister ships have been scrapped years ago. For good reason.
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  28. wolfbane Member

    Am I the only one wondering how many disenchanted Sea Org members were kept under lock & key the whole time the Coast Guard was alongside the ship?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    If not lock & key, probably kept in a coma.
  30. hmmm is there any legal obligation to disclose to past passengers and crew re their exposure to blue asbestos? that would be hilarious.

  32. Quentinanon Member

    That is a sewage hauling truck. Yech.
  33. Quentinanon Member

    The Fleewinds uses the same type of propeller blade as tugs or ferries, so each time one blade slices through the water, a strong pulse is transmitted from stern to bow through the ship. This creates considerable vibration that could conceivably shake loose any remnant blue asbestos. Depending on how the present HVAC ducting is configured, the asbestos could or could not get into the ventilation system. I was on that ship once. Being used to quiet at night, I found it difficult to sleep with the shock of each propeller blade going through the ship. I wish I had been advised of the asbestos presence. I would never have gone on it had I known.
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  34. Quentinanon Member

    Most public cabins on the Fleewinds are shared unless you want to pay big money. Almost all crew cabins are packed in like sardines, unless you are the Captain.
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  35. anonsoldier Member


    Oh, aye. These are of course over a year old (I'm a slacker when it comes to posting images and video) and I didn't get any of them doing laps on the beach (too busy drinking and snorkeling, sorry).

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  36. anonsoldier Member

  37. Random guy Member

    There's no way in Hell they can make that tub pay for itself with so few passengers!
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Might cut back on the over boarding tendencies.
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  39. Quentinanon Member

    There has been some speculation that the expenses are subsidised by trips to and from Cartagena, Colombia to save money on coffee purchases.
  40. kthnxbai Member

    Anyone know what happened at the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Event this year? As far as I know she has not moved out of the ABC (Aruba-Curacao-Bonaire) circuit for months, but the MVAE used to take place in St Lucia or some glamorous place.

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