Tracking Of The Freewinds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

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    I just ran this search on Twitter:

    I wasn't able to get Bing or Google Translate to work with this article that turned up:

    Here's the photo from the article:


    "Riba e foto por mira momentu ku kopia di e promé stampia konmemorativo ta keda entrega na Sr. Kenta Beter kende a representá Minister Earl Balbora durante e seremonia ku a tuma lugá. Riba e foto aki d.r.p.d. Ken Weber di Freewinds, Fraklin Sluis CEO di Nieuwe Post, Kenneth Pieter den representashon di Minister Balborda, Kapitan Mike Napier i Ludwig Alpert ámbos di Freewinds."
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  6. Web translation from Papiamentu to English, plus a little elbow grease:
    "In the photograph we can see the moment with copy of the commemorative ayá stamp is awarded to Mr. Kenta Beter and a representative of Minister Earl Balbora during the ceremony which took place. In the photograph here are shown d.r.p.d. [Port Captain?] Ken Weber of [M.V.] Freewinds; Fraklin Sluis, CEO of Nieuwe Post; Kenneth Pieter, representing of Minister Balborda; Captain Mike Napier and Ludwig Alpert both of Freewinds."
    So, Curaçao have emitted a Freewinds postage stamp (apparently a Scientology design, from looks), and here is the presentation ceremony captured for all posterity.

    I find it most appropriate that a 20-century asbestic rustbucket receive a 20-century accolade emblematic of their mutual anachronisticity.
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    Still the ABC rout. I wonder how many passengers they have nowdays.
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    Like · · Follow Post · March 29 at 5:14pm

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  11. RightOn Member

    maybe add this to the Tracking the Freewinds thread and merge?
  12. tinfoilhatter Member

    How much are they spending on that thing? They have to pay for fuel, berthing expenses, pilot fees, dock fees, pier services, and this isnt even covering maintenance. How are they getting potable water underway? did they install a ro unit at the last refit? do they have an inmarsat installed? Looks like they might have one installed back aft, but its hard to tell from the pics i have seen and anything can be inside a radom. I am not too familiar with the freewinds, but just by looking at it, i bet that place sux huge donkey dick.
  13. Random guy Member

    And i bet it sucks blue asbestos dust.
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  14. Ceiling Sue Member


    IMO : 6810811
    Callsign : H9CK
    MMSI : 354993000
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  15. Anonymous Member


    This information means that one of smaller domes are probably for the inmarsat. It makes me wonder whats in the larger dome in the middle. Was that dome there before it was refit?

    Things to know about inmarsat: depending on the ships course and the location of the antenna, the mast will block the signal and you will not get phones/internet while this is going on. I have had bad experiences with inmarsat in the pacific. Not sure about the Caribbean though, they might be getting better satellite coverage.
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    We used it for the internet on my ship. It was slow and unreliable. only good for emails. Question is, what are they using it for? do they have a network on the ship? do they have email access underway? The problem with ships, is its VERY hard to upgrade hardware underway. So IF they had a network on the ship, then i doubt that they have the physical equipment, software, or personnel to make it secure.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    13 August, Freewinds is in Cartagena, and off the AIS tracking grid. Luckily, someone in Cartagena just posted a photo of Freewinds arriving.

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  21. kthnxbai Member

    This is a good find. But where is she now (Monday 19 August)? Still in Cartagena but switched off??
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Photo from 19 August showing it still docked in Cartagena.

    Did Freewinds turn of it's AIS tracker? Cartagena port is within AIS tracking range, but Freewinds is still not locatable via AIS.

  24. Anonymous Member

    Can they do that legally?
  25. Anonymous Member

    and still not one official, the FBI or whoever is not at all interested in what they are up to?
    What are all these trips to Columbia? and why is their tracker turned off?
    Has anyone mentioned this to any type of official?
  26. DeathHamster Member

    It's a Panamanian-registered ship that never comes near US waters. What do you want them to do?
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  27. Drones. They worked in Yemen.
  28. Enturbuleak Member

    The answer appears to be YES, Freewinds turned off its AIS tracker.

    - Freewinds confirmed to be in Cartagena
    - Freewinds cannot be found in Cartagena on AIS, but other ships in Cartagena can be found using AIS tracking
    Details here:
  29. RightOn Member

    isn't it true that in some countries you do have to have the tracker turned on?
    Isn't Columbia one of them and Panama another?
  30. Enturbuleak Member

    Per IMO, AIS is required on all passenger ships irrespective of size.

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  31. DeathHamster Member

    My highlight. It doesn't look like any one nation can unilaterally exempt their ships or ships in their waters.

    Unless there's a special international agreement, rule or standard that "Scientology ships are allowed to switch off AIS when they feel like it", the Freewinds is in violation.
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  32. RightOn Member

    well considering they were told about the asbestos from Lawrence Woodcraft 21 years prior to them getting shut down and dry docked in Curacao, and never told any of their passengers of the dangers for 21 years.......
    Plus all the dumping they did in Bonaire
    they are negligent on many accounts
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  33. Enturbuleak Member

    Colombia is a member state of International Maritime Organization (IMO)

    IMO requires AIS to be installed on all passenger ships, and be operational at all times.

    The only wiggle room is that last clause "except where international agreements, rules or standards provide for the protection of navigational information"
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  34. Enturbuleak Member

    Freewinds still in Cartagena, AIS back on. Next scheduled destination, Castries (St. Lucia). Freewinds is breaking its ABC routine, and spending 1 week so far in
    Cartagena. Why the sudden urge for St. Lucia?


    Vessel Finder web site has a fairly detailed map layout, but Marine Traffic web site has more information.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Excellent dox, but lest we forget, it's all WOG law.
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    From ^^^^^^^^^^^ ETA for arrival in St Lucia is January 21st. ????????????
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  40. Anonymous Member

    OP here, my source is currently exploring volcanoes and so I probably won't be able to get my usual updates for the next fortnight. Will try but otherwise likely will be around mid September.
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