Tracking Of The Freewinds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

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    I just ran this search on Twitter:

    I wasn't able to get Bing or Google Translate to work with this article that turned up:

    Here's the photo from the article:


    "Riba e foto por mira momentu ku kopia di e promé stampia konmemorativo ta keda entrega na Sr. Kenta Beter kende a representá Minister Earl Balbora durante e seremonia ku a tuma lugá. Riba e foto aki d.r.p.d. Ken Weber di Freewinds, Fraklin Sluis CEO di Nieuwe Post, Kenneth Pieter den representashon di Minister Balborda, Kapitan Mike Napier i Ludwig Alpert ámbos di Freewinds."
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  6. Web translation from Papiamentu to English, plus a little elbow grease:
    "In the photograph we can see the moment with copy of the commemorative ayá stamp is awarded to Mr. Kenta Beter and a representative of Minister Earl Balbora during the ceremony which took place. In the photograph here are shown d.r.p.d. [Port Captain?] Ken Weber of [M.V.] Freewinds; Fraklin Sluis, CEO of Nieuwe Post; Kenneth Pieter, representing of Minister Balborda; Captain Mike Napier and Ludwig Alpert both of Freewinds."
    So, Curaçao have emitted a Freewinds postage stamp (apparently a Scientology design, from looks), and here is the presentation ceremony captured for all posterity.

    I find it most appropriate that a 20-century asbestic rustbucket receive a 20-century accolade emblematic of their mutual anachronisticity.
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    Still the ABC rout. I wonder how many passengers they have nowdays.
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    Like · · Follow Post · March 29 at 5:14pm

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    maybe add this to the Tracking the Freewinds thread and merge?
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    How much are they spending on that thing? They have to pay for fuel, berthing expenses, pilot fees, dock fees, pier services, and this isnt even covering maintenance. How are they getting potable water underway? did they install a ro unit at the last refit? do they have an inmarsat installed? Looks like they might have one installed back aft, but its hard to tell from the pics i have seen and anything can be inside a radom. I am not too familiar with the freewinds, but just by looking at it, i bet that place sux huge donkey dick.
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    And i bet it sucks blue asbestos dust.
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    IMO : 6810811
    Callsign : H9CK
    MMSI : 354993000
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    This information means that one of smaller domes are probably for the inmarsat. It makes me wonder whats in the larger dome in the middle. Was that dome there before it was refit?

    Things to know about inmarsat: depending on the ships course and the location of the antenna, the mast will block the signal and you will not get phones/internet while this is going on. I have had bad experiences with inmarsat in the pacific. Not sure about the Caribbean though, they might be getting better satellite coverage.
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    We used it for the internet on my ship. It was slow and unreliable. only good for emails. Question is, what are they using it for? do they have a network on the ship? do they have email access underway? The problem with ships, is its VERY hard to upgrade hardware underway. So IF they had a network on the ship, then i doubt that they have the physical equipment, software, or personnel to make it secure.
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    13 August, Freewinds is in Cartagena, and off the AIS tracking grid. Luckily, someone in Cartagena just posted a photo of Freewinds arriving.

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    This is a good find. But where is she now (Monday 19 August)? Still in Cartagena but switched off??
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    Photo from 19 August showing it still docked in Cartagena.

    Did Freewinds turn of it's AIS tracker? Cartagena port is within AIS tracking range, but Freewinds is still not locatable via AIS.

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    Can they do that legally?
  25. Anonymous Member

    and still not one official, the FBI or whoever is not at all interested in what they are up to?
    What are all these trips to Columbia? and why is their tracker turned off?
    Has anyone mentioned this to any type of official?
  26. DeathHamster Member

    It's a Panamanian-registered ship that never comes near US waters. What do you want them to do?
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  27. Drones. They worked in Yemen.
  28. Enturbuleak Member

    The answer appears to be YES, Freewinds turned off its AIS tracker.

    - Freewinds confirmed to be in Cartagena
    - Freewinds cannot be found in Cartagena on AIS, but other ships in Cartagena can be found using AIS tracking
    Details here:
  29. RightOn Member

    isn't it true that in some countries you do have to have the tracker turned on?
    Isn't Columbia one of them and Panama another?
  30. Enturbuleak Member

    Per IMO, AIS is required on all passenger ships irrespective of size.

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  31. DeathHamster Member

    My highlight. It doesn't look like any one nation can unilaterally exempt their ships or ships in their waters.

    Unless there's a special international agreement, rule or standard that "Scientology ships are allowed to switch off AIS when they feel like it", the Freewinds is in violation.
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  32. RightOn Member

    well considering they were told about the asbestos from Lawrence Woodcraft 21 years prior to them getting shut down and dry docked in Curacao, and never told any of their passengers of the dangers for 21 years.......
    Plus all the dumping they did in Bonaire
    they are negligent on many accounts
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  33. Enturbuleak Member

    Colombia is a member state of International Maritime Organization (IMO)

    IMO requires AIS to be installed on all passenger ships, and be operational at all times.

    The only wiggle room is that last clause "except where international agreements, rules or standards provide for the protection of navigational information"
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  34. Enturbuleak Member

    Freewinds still in Cartagena, AIS back on. Next scheduled destination, Castries (St. Lucia). Freewinds is breaking its ABC routine, and spending 1 week so far in
    Cartagena. Why the sudden urge for St. Lucia?


    Vessel Finder web site has a fairly detailed map layout, but Marine Traffic web site has more information.
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    Excellent dox, but lest we forget, it's all WOG law.
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    From ^^^^^^^^^^^ ETA for arrival in St Lucia is January 21st. ????????????
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    OP here, my source is currently exploring volcanoes and so I probably won't be able to get my usual updates for the next fortnight. Will try but otherwise likely will be around mid September.
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    4 September, Freewinds still in Aruba.

    Screen grab from live streaming HD video web cam at Aruba port. Web cam has video + sound, you can hear lorries reversing on the dock, etc.

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  46. Random guy Member

    Two weeks in Cartagena. Bunkering or just low on passengers?
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  48. Rod Keller Member

    Oh, wait. It's not moving until January? I think I have to try another ship to see if my method works.
  49. wolfbane Member

    No, we had/have a dedicated thread for that discussion and it ended up they were broadcasting bad info. It did eventually begin moving on again recently and should be back on its regular loop.
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  50. Rod Keller Member

    Cool, I'm patient. Now I need to track the loop. Part of a larger project, but having a moving Freewinds is a great addition.
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  51. Rod Keller Member

    If anybody is interested in a mapping project, let me know.
  52. Enturbuleak Member

    Correction, the Freewinds AIS "destination" info posted on Vessel Finder web site is wonky and incorrect.

    I did some digging last night. Marine Traffic web site is currently posting the correct, updated AIS information of Freewinds.

    Vessel Finder web site is still posting incorrect AIS destination data for January, but is accurately tracking the Freewinds in real time.

    Both Vessel Finder and Marine Traffic web sites are able to track the Freewinds, but both sites periodically lose site of Freewinds, not always at the same time.

    Marine Traffic has much more info, Vessel Finder has better graphics. Both sites are useful.

    Aruba port web cam is great for HD streaming video + audio.
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  53. Enturbuleak Member

    Freewinds was busy for a couple weeks training Colombian armed Forces with Scientology courses.

    Here's a video of the graduation for a large contingent of the Colombian armed forces, waxing enthusiastic about LRH Tech.

  54. Enturbuleak Member

    I'm not, but I know someone who might be interested. PM me.
  55. Anonymous Member

    Did it work?
  56. Rod Keller Member

    It hasn't moved yet.
  57. Onley happy clams are columbian clams

  58. Rod Keller Member

    The Freewinds is at Bonaire 12° 8'51.11"N 68°16'39.58"W
  59. Enturbuleak Member

    Freewinds ABC+C route. Aruba - Bonaire - Curacao + occasionally Cartagena. That's pretty much Freewinds itinerary so far this year.

    Round and round between ABC islands, and then an excursion off to Cartagena, then back round and round again at ABC islands. Repeat...

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  60. wolfbane Member

    So did your Google Earth trick work?
  61. Rod Keller Member

    No. When you do "Move to my places" it apparently just marks the spot, not the network link. I'm willing to move the thing around, but I was hoping for something a little more dynamic.
  62. Rod Keller Member

    This is from the KML file. <coordinates>-68.27766111111112,12.14753055555556,0</coordinates>
    So the application refreshes the KML at certain intervals and the KMZ keeps pulling in the new coordinates.
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  67. Kilia Member

    Boy, do they have alot to learn!!
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  68. wolfbane Member

    Ahh. Well, if you haven't gotten any other offers of help and can hang tight on this project until a little later in the year when crappy winter weather has me stuck in the house more often, I might be able to help with the xml end of things.
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  70. Enturbuleak Member

    ^ ABC / lather / rinse / repeat

    On the way to Curacao right now.

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  72. kthnxbai Member

    I see this morning, Wednesday, with Freewinds on her way from Curacao to Aruba as usual, that her status or whatever has changed from Passenger Ship (a blue arrow) to Unspecified which is the status used for odds and ends including ship-shape drill rigs and Navy ships (a grey arrow).

    Does it mean she never has any passengers? seriously I can't see it makes any difference.
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  73. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps they simply forgot to declare passengers?
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  74. Enturbuleak Member

    Good question.
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  76. Anonymous Member

    BlackRob !!! happy to see you posting again : )
  77. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Yeah that sounds like a lot of fun, going on a "cruise" while the ship is in dry dock.
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  79. Enturbuleak Member

  80. Random guy Member

    Hm, being landbound due to repairs? That bucket is old and dented. Can they really afford larger repairs? And who would want to go on a ship during repairs, when any hammer stroke can bring small particles of blue asbestos into the air ducts?
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  81. kthnxbai Member

    Good question. The other option is Curacao but she doesn't go there much since you-know-what. Does Oranjestad in Aruba have a dry dock?
  82. Enturbuleak Member

    Good idea to keep close track of AIS info, to see where Freewinds disappears during dry dock.
  83. kthnxbai Member

    Irtagena) - Colombia

    Apart from Curacao the only one I found in the ABCC area is this one at Cartagena as well as two haul-out facilities, whatever that is. Unless she goes over to somewhere in the Lesser Antilles, her upper-class shuttle.

    Astivik, Cartagena, Colombia
    Astivik SA (Cartagena) - Colombia
    This commercial shipyard offers dry docking facilities (capacity 700 Tons) and ‘in water’ repairs. The yard is located Km 3, Carretera Mamonal, Cartagena. Contact Jorge Babilonia for service and inquiries.
    Tel: +(57) 5 668 5018
    Cell: +(57) 314 596 6830

    Is a dry dock the same as a haul-out facility? At any rate there are two more both in Cartagena, Colombia.
    Cotecmar, Cartagena, Colombia
    Cotecmar (Cartagena) - Colombia
    This is a large commercially orientated shipyard facility with two locations in Cartagena. The Mamonal location offers haul outs (Syncrolift system with capacity of 3,600 tons); and the Boca Grande location (Slip Rail system with capacity of 1,200 tons also) offers ‘in the water’ repairs and maintenance services. This is a full service yard with maintenance and repair capabilities that include electrical overhauls, diesel engines and propulsion systems, machine shops and fabrications, hydraulics, fibreglassing, plumbing and painting. Strategically located in Cartagena, Cotecmar is only 180 miles away from the Panama Canal.
    Tel: +(57) 5 668 5133 ext: 161
    Cell: +(57) 316 248 8131

    FerroAlquimar, Cartagena, Colombia
    This is a well established haul out facility, that last year commissioned a brand new 300 Ton Travel Lift. The yard managers (Fernando, Harry, and Pedro) speak English and have a common goal of providing the best service possible to their clients. They are stepping up to the challenges and demands of larger vessels that the new lift has brought and have successfully hauled several large motor yachts for service. They offer limited ‘in water’ repairs and can also provide long term storage on the hard for seasonal yachts. The yard is located at Kilometro 3, on the road to Mamonal. Contact them directly for enquiries and bookings.
    Tel: +(57) 5 668 5726 / 668 5590
    Tel - USA: +1(305) 735 3781
    Cell: +(57) 320 566 9285 / 320 565 3300
    Cell: +(57) 320 565 3260
    Fax: +(57) 5 673 4145
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  84. It may not be clear but Bonaire is for a few years now special municipality of The Netherlands, this has consequenses in the end for the Freewinds dumping Bilge water in the enviroment !

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  85. Anonymous Member

    This place is so corrupt - it's beyond bizarre. In Curacao (which is independant from the Netherlands) the former prime minister got killed. Then the guy who allegedly murdered him, was killed himself. And last week, the alleged killer for thát murder offed himself in his cell.
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  86. ORLY?

    I take it that in your country the politics (and the politicians) are whiter than white, in whichever sense you'd prefer.
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  87. Anonymous Member

    My country = the Netherlands. Yeah, there's corruption here too, but it's fairly small scale and doesn't actually undermine democracy. And yeah, I do feel the Antilles are comically corrupt. Got a problem with that?
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  88. No we are all Orange here Trufax,

  89. Anonymous Member

    We Dutch put the Ethics in on any faith

    Now back to regular programming WERE THE HELL IS THAT FUCKING FAILBOAT ?
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    cat on boat.gif
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  93. Enturbuleak Member


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  95. DeathHamster Member

    But you can upgrade to a B cabin by only paying the B cabin rate!
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  96. Enturbuleak Member

    Originally Posted by greatam

    I'm going to make a big guess that a NON PROFIT, live aboard community that carries no "paying" passengers would be pretty much exempt from a lot of Coast Guard regulations other than things like amount of life jackets, maybe life boats, fire extinguishers and general safety equipment. I need those on my 16 foot jet boat on the Colorado river.

    SOLAS rules are primarily for COMMERCIAL, passenger enterprises. I am sure you can split fine hairs both ways but if registered outside the USA and not spending a lot of time in US ports, the Coast Guard would have very little impact.

    If you are looking to PURCHASE an older cruise ship, having a Coast Guard certification may be like a kind of "warranty". But I just bet a non US registered PRIVATE ship is not bound by a lot of the same regulations.

    [ reply to thread ]

    reading between your lines are you making reference to M/V FreeWinds??? (no? google it)

    SOLAS applies to ALL commercial vessels but the application of those rules is usually up to the flag state. In the US, the rules apply to vessels regardless of flag that want to do commercial business here ... perhaps why FreeWinds, and certain other ships, do NOT land in US ports.

    these are not necessarily low end ships btw ... WINDSTAR visits what US ports???? But, WINDSTAR ships (the 4 masters anyway) no longer pass SOLAS as codified in the US and so ... no loading pass' in the US.

    A privately owned vessel - a yacht - that does no commercial business while visiting a US port, and is not US flagged, is not subject to commercial inspection.... a visiting boat flying Cayman flag in not subject to inspection for commercial purpose and SOLAS compliance, but IS subject to USCG inspection for other US laws and regulations as soon as it enters US waters . . . if that yacht wants to load charter pass' in Miami ... different story .. now it is a commercial vessel

    If that yacht loads US pass' in St Martin (have you been watching 'Below Decks').. US(CG) has no jurisdiction unless the boat sails under US flag.
    detail point . . .

    Due to the problem of drug transportation by boat/ship, there are a number of standing treaties and other agreements between the United States and other countries, extending to the US and USCG in particular certain powers of the Flag State . In simpler terms a 'yacht', flying the Flag of X might be stopped and subject to boarding and inspection by USCG because the country X has granted US(CG) that authority. That the master of the vessel is not aware of this treaty is the problem of the master.

    Sometimes folks realize my job was a wee bit more complicated than they envisioned . . . the Captain of a CG ship is the one on scene responsible for proper application of these rules/treaties/agreements
    Capt BJ
    Costa, Commodore, NCL, Windstar, Princess, DCL, RCL
    40+ cruises
    USCG Captain, retired - 6 ships, 2 commands, 12 yrs @ sea
    Shellback, Golden Dragon, Bering Sea winter vet
    Tall ship sailor
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  98. Holland is a shitty NATO country and a bunch of shameless ex-slavers, not to mention an ugly, pasty-white bunch of father-fuckers who speak an uncouth language.

    Yeah, I have problems with the way you think.

    So, fuck you, Dutchie. Better you stay at home.
    And take that homosexual KittyKatSucker with you when you leave the forum.
    High Countries
    This message by High Countries has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  99. Anonymous Member

    Why hello there Miscavige fucker, See you in the derail thread.
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  101. Enturbuleak Member

    I had a similar question... Whenever Freewinds is in Arabu Port, the webcam seems focused only on Freewinds.

    There are videos posted of other cruise ships coming and going. But when Freewinds is in port, the web cam stays just on Freewinds.
  102. kthnxbai Member

    22 September 2013: 23.23 Paris time and Freewinds arrived in Willemstad, Curacao, at 15:30.

    So I guess that answers the question about where she will be in dry dock.

    If they are spending this money they must believe she has a future.

    23 September 2013: still at the Otrabanda Quay and facing inland, ie in the direction of the Dry Dock. Normally she goes in and turns round before parking.
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  103. Enturbuleak Member

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  104. Scientology Super Power Beached on Fail Island

    Posted on October 1, 2013 | 4 Comments

    Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion today announced the shocking news.

    “The top secret Scientology Sea Org vessel Super Power was viciously sabotaged on her maiden voyage to Tampa Bay, and, as a result, lost power in last night’s raging storm in the Atlantic,” Delusion stated.

    “Whereupon, the mighty Super Power ran aground and beached herself onFail Island.”

  105. Anonymous Member

  106. Anonymous Member

    The enter key, it does nothing!

  107. Anonymous Member

    Oh well fuck you then.
  108. Rod Keller Member

    They skipped Bonaire. I wonder if they're in trouble there or if it's something else. I don't see anything about them since 2011.
  109. Anonymous Member

    Can now be seen on the Pt Aruba web cam - a couple of people are walking around on deck. . Thx previous poster for this link:
  110. Anonymous Member

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  111. RightOn Member

    sittin' mighty high in the water
  112. Anonymous Member

    Kirstie isn't aboard...
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  113. AnonKat Member

    January first 2010 Bonaire became a special municipality of the Netherlands meaning they are odley enough alsoo under European Law now, at this moment there is a European inquary going on regarding corruption there.
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  114. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    Krusty not on board...LMFAO!
  115. why isn't the FW coming up on marinetraffic dot com today?
  116. kthnxbai Member

    Her normal pattern for months now is ABC, every Sunday from Aruba to Bonaire, brief stop, then to Curacao, very brief stop, then back to Aruba for the rest of the week. And so on.

    But today, Tuesday 19 November, she is on her way from Aruba to Willemstad in Curacao. Not a big deal but look at what's been going on for the last 2-3 days in Clearwater. Funds to deposit? Captain wants a pizza? Someone needs to catch a plane? Important but very small person flying in?
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  117. Rod Keller Member

  118. kthnxbai Member

    Now 11 December and still the same. If it's Sunday she's on her way to Bonaire, if it's Monday she ought to be at Curacao, and the rest of the time at Oranjestad in Aruba.

    For some days now she doesn't come up automatically on the AIS site (MarineTraffic) and today the two human-size cruise liners shown in the Aruba Port Web Cam don't show up there either. I bet she's trying to disappear off radar, like the building in Birmingham, England, which is now lost in a black cloud in Google Street View.

    Big sensation: I saw three people who looked like crew walking across the top deck. The ship looks dead otherwise.
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  119. kthnxbai Member

    I check the whereabouts of Freewinds every morning on MarineTraffic and still find that she is not coming up automatically on the map. I have to instigate a search for 'Freewinds' and this confirms that she is in Aruba or wherever. Other ships show up automatically but not Freewinds. Today I don't even get her name on the map, only a blue diamond. There's nothing wrong with the AIS tracking so it must be something to do with Freewinds.
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  120. A.O.T.F Member

    Maybe they're using a Klingon Cloaking Device :D
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  121. Anonymous Member

    This FB Post from last Spring cracks me up;

    Freewinds Fail 2013.png
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  122. wolfbane Member


    With all the big events happening in Clearwater in the past month, Imma wondering what the Freewinds was up to. Has it still been making the ABC circuit?
  123. Anonymous Member

    OP here, I'll put in a request from my source on Monday and hopefully have a full update early next week.
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  124. RightOn Member

    Looks like the Failwinds has REALLY been living up to it's nickname
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  125. Random guy Member

    IF Captain Miscavige is to make a run for it, I think we may be approaching that time now.
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  126. Anonymous Member

    I check out this webcam every day. You could count on one hand the number of days the failwinds has been away from this berth over the last several months.
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  127. Woo Hah Member

    Sorry, my socks and I have been on break for a while. OP will answer you soon.
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  128. kthnxbai Member

    I am not aware of any variation at all in her routine over the past many months, not even for New Year. She spends most of the week at Aruba, Sunday she moves to Bonaire then Monday overnight at Curacao, then back to Aruba.
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  129. AnonKat Member

  130. Woo Hah Member

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  131. wolfbane Member

    Thank you OP. Well looky there! The ship does indeed pause for goings-on at Flag.

    Using dates from here:

    I see an extended docking in Oranjestad for the same time period as the Super Power opening Nov 15-17 where the tub sat still for 7days.

    I also see another Flag event date coincidink. The usual Oranjestad stop-over of 3days was extended to 5days during the IAS event days of Nov 29-30th.

    Likewise with a 5day stop-over for the NYE event on Dec 27th.

    Highlighted version to illustrate:

    Imagine that! Are they trafficking in crew from the ship to help temporarily man Flag land base when the whales come to town? We will probably never know, but this is definitely something to watch for in the future.
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  132. DeathHamster Member

    David Miscavige has to do everything in Scientology, including steering the Freewinds by remote control. There's only so much even he can do in a day!
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  133. DeathHamster Member

  134. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yep, 1~ pick up suckers, milk and feed them, 2~ dump their shit off on Bonaire, 3~ kick them off the ship and send home to make moar monies sooooooooo > back to #1, rinse/repeat.
  135. Woo Hah Member

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  136. DeathHamster Member

    We just need a buoy with one of those receivers in the dead zone. :cool:
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  137. kthnxbai Member

    A change at last. On her way to Cartagena, Colombia, eta 10:00 UTC today 10 February 2014.

    I can hardly imagine that she is going to spread TWTH among the security forces who must be as happy as possible by now.

    So what is she up to?

    The vessel tracker site shows a blue line all the way to Aruba but is probably just joining the dots in the area north of Venezuela. At any rate there is no doubt where she came from.
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  138. Woo Hah Member

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  139. wolfbane Member

    Woo Hah, is this the correct spelling of the port they pulled into: bahia de la apisa

    I'd tried google'ing the label from the first map to see if it's a tourist port or a dry dock facility, but I get no hits.
  140. Woo Hah Member

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  141. wolfbane Member

    Thanks! Useful info is useful.

    EDIT: Too weird - that names means "Bay of Souls" - helluva place for operating thetans to be selling their souls for ubermensch skillz.
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  142. Woo Hah Member

    From memory this is the exact same location Freewinds docks at every time when she visits Cartagena. At least that's my recollection from seeing her docking location on Marine Traffic zoom ins (use the + on the map).
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  143. Woo Hah Member

    Freewinds is tracked in blue, I added the red arrow. If you go to the Marine Traffic website, pull up satellite view, you can zoom in even more.



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  144. wolfbane Member

    Thanks Woo Hah. I am not a mapfag, and I'm still struggling with identifying something possibly significant in regards to Freewinds-related shenanigans that I have a vested interest in harpooning-wise (to be revealed soonly I hope).

    Here's the deal: I have good reason to suspect the Freewinds went to Cartagena to get dry dock work finished that they bailed on in Curacao late last year when they pulled out earlier than scheduled.

    In 2009, we have dox on the following thread regarding the Freewinds interior getting a retrofit in the NavTech S.A. shipyards in Cartagena:

    NavTech seemingly still exists, somewhere, in Cartagena:

    But fkme if I can find it!! I was hoping to compare the location of the NavTech shipyards to the position the Freewinds is currently parked in. But I fail at googlemaps. Closest I can get is shipyards in general:;filter=0&amp;update=1&amp;z=13


    Or dry docks in general, which returns mostly false positives for hotels with docks: ...HKJj8DLjlhsQ&amp;t=h&amp;hq=dry dock&amp;z=12


    So best I can reckon from my lame map skillz is that the Freewinds is sitting at regular ol' passenger/tourist dock in the Bay of Souls. If she goes to the left in the near future, she might be heading into the closest shipyard/dry-dock that I could identify without speaking Spanish. And she is conveniently sitting at the far end of the dock in the ideal spot to head that way.

    Can anybody else figure out where the hell the NavTech S.A. shipyards are for a more definite location? TIA!
  145. Sonichu Moderator

    According to that website, you're looking for a fairly large area of purely industrial places. Those images that Woo Hah posted don't fit the bil. You can clearly see Houses nearby. 60,000 Square Meters would be pretty noticeable on a map.

    I was only going to comment on how sloppily it seems they need to park. It looks like the ship had to move about quite a bit just to reach berth. That's one of the most obvious signs of her age you can get.
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  146. wolfbane Member

    Excellent point, I hadn't really taken the description of the "premises" into consideration since the only major ports I've seen up close and personal like are San Diego and Baltimore.

    I'm not all that good with dimensions, but I shall fire up GoogleEarth tonight, get latest updates and go have a looky-loo up in thar for something that has 500+ meters of berthing space in the Cartagena area.
  147. wolfbane Member

  148. kthnxbai Member

    She seems to be parked a bit off-shore but that could be explained by the long jetty shown on the enlarged Google map.

    What is the story about the Curacao dry-dock? Please?
  149. wolfbane Member

    Patience plox, stealth harpooning is still underway. So I'm not at liberty to say just yet cuz all the facts aren't quite ripe. But when they are, it will be worthy of its own thread.
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  150. kthnxbai Member

    This seems to cover the situation in 2009 when she spent most of the early months being refitted in Cartagena.

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  151. kthnxbai Member

    Ah's laying in da popcahn. :p
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  152. wolfbane Member

    Thx kthnxbai, I missed the mention of "Pier Resort Manga" when I skimmed thru that old thread.

    That does indeed look to be the same area as Woo Hah's tracking data:


    So I'm getting closer to what I'm fishing for... When the Freewinds was scheduled to have their interior redone by NavTech SA, they were berthed at some resort on Manga island in the Bay of Souls.

  153. kthnxbai Member

    I wonder if anyone knows how old Captain Mike Napier is? He's been on that ship a mighty long time now. And it is said that he is the only person who can sail her, so he gets away with all sorts of 2D to keep him sweet. No RPF for the Captain.

    My bad: Ludvig is the Port Captain and spokesperson.
    Mike Napier sails the boat.
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  154. Clusterdux Member

    I'm curious. Who said this and how did they elaborate?
  155. kthnxbai Member

    CDux: if I knew that I would tell you but my mind is crammed with similar gems of information which are unreferenced but usually about half accurate.

    I think the rumour arose that he was out-2D and Instead of sacking him or RPFing him they only said 'Bad Boy!' and arranged a new wife. There may have been an Oriental lady involved.

    Something of the sort, don't take this too literally. But, so it is alleged, they had to keep Mike on board and happy because no-one else could sail the old tub.

    You can see on long trips sometimes the vessel track wobbles a lot or gets off on the wrong tack altogether. I always imagine this is when Napier, who is certainly competent, has a kip and leaves the bridge to the Tiny Commodore or some junior officer. So some junior officers are not even capable of steering in a straight line, or else the Tiny Commodore likes to have a shot but can't see over the wheel.

    The bottom line is that dear Mike is still captain of the MV Freewinds, though he must be past retirement age. (Check with Google for unflattering recent photograph of Freewind's Captain).

    Same apology as above: the Captain is Mike NAPIER; Ludvig is the Shore Captain and PR man.
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  156. Rod Keller Member

  157. Rod Keller Member

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  158. the boat is sinking in the blue asbestos ?
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  159. wolfbane Member

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  160. Rod Keller Member

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  161. wolfbane Member

  162. Rod Keller Member

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  163. wolfbane Member

  164. Rod Keller Member

    I will try. The tweeter puts the location as not on the water, so I assume it's an office, not the shipping facility. According to this, they have 60,000 sq meters of property, and can dock a ship up to 220 meters. This is a 220 meter ship, the Freewinds is only 134 meters.

    The Freewinds dock is 95 meters. I don't think the Norwegian Star would fit there.

    I'll eliminate the big cranes in the background of the Freewinds photo. NavTech mentions only mobile cranes, not container loading cranes. I'll eliminate the island in the harbor, because that dock is 437 meters.

    I'll keep looking, but this is my best guess. That ship is 220 meters. Depending on exactly where the property line is, that could be 60,000 sq. meters.

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  165. Rod Keller Member

    This is a small vessel at NavTech. i don't think it helps much. Yet.

  166. wolfbane Member

    Thanks! This is one of two locations I was stewing on as well.
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  167. wolfbane Member

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  168. FreakE420 Member

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  169. wolfbane Member

    ^^Noice. FreakE delivers. :) still reporting the ship as stopped. And now that BlackRob broke the news of the Copenhagen Ideal Org event happening this weekend, I'm starting to wonder if this extended stop might not be related to previous pattern noted during the Superpower/IAS events in Clearwater -- the ship sits still when big things are going on elsewhere in the world.
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  170. kthnxbai Member

    You may be right but, OTOH she always spend several days or weeks in Cartagena once she does get there. It is not a routine stop.

    Edited to add that as far as I can see her last trip to Cartagena began 13 August 2013; back again to Aruba on 3 September. 3 weeks.
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  171. Woo Hah Member

    Agreed. Cartagena is out of the way of Freewinds' normal ABC circle jerk route.

    Once in Cartagena, Freewinds usually spends at least a week there.
  172. Rod Keller Member

    Last I heard she was with her cats.
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  173. White Tara Global Moderator

    Lol :) plz dont quote the troll.
  174. Rod Keller Member

    If they were in a shipyard I would suspect they need the FW to go ideal. There are three non-ideal AOs after the upcoming relaunch of ASHO and AOLA. Freewinds, Saint Hill, and ASHO ANZO. Three more AOs are planned. ASHO AF (Kyalami Castle), ASHO LATAM and ASHO CAN.
  175. BlackRob Member

    Here you go:

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  176. kthnxbai Member

    Thank you, Black Rob, for this goodie.

    So, have I got this right? All the conventions take place in a weekly series from w/c 6 March to w/c 6 June, on board the Failboat, and the prices are on the right. Only some packages are for 10 days and some for 14 days. No convention without accommodation and presumably you are meant to book in for two weeks and take two courses. 'Caribbean islands' could as well be Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao than anywhere more exciting.

    What is the difference between a Congress course and a Convention?

    The Freewinds Experience: how to rip out blue asbestos without protective clothing?

    They are targeting Canada, Denmark, Slovakia, Switzerland, Japan and the UK: any special reason?
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  177. wolfbane Member

    A "Congress course" is an actual training step on The Bridge with a classic LRH lecture series. A "Convention" is just some regfest scam disguised as a bullshit PR networking event.

    Meanwhile, back in Colombia... the Freewinds is still sitting in the same spot in Cartagena. 11 days and counting.
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  178. kthnxbai Member

    Thanks for the explanation. LOL.

    I think she usually stays in Colombia for a few weeks. It is a long way and a dangerous coast and perhaps a free berth when she gets there. Once she also called in at Santa Marta and even ran a TWTBH event there and yes, that is not a typo.

    As for her current mooring in Cartagena, I notice one site showed a kind of pier which doesn't show up everywhere but which explains why the blue dot appears to be off-shore.
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  179. kthnxbai Member

    Aha, yesterday (Friday 22 February) she made a small sortie leaving her berth at 11.38 or thereabouts and returning at approx. 15.00.

    I Am Not A Sailor but I would say this looks like a sea-trial after work or repairs done on engines.

    Monday: some difficulty finding her this morning but still in Cartagena.
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  180. wolfbane Member

    ^^Nice catch. I totally missed that lil sortie.
  181. Woo Hah Member

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  182. wolfbane Member

    Meanwhile, back in Colombia... the Freewinds is still sitting in the same spot in Cartagena. 22 days and counting.
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  183. Woo Hah Member

    22 days is longer than usual.

    Problems? Can't afford diesel?
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  184. wolfbane Member

    OR -with consideration given for the little test run cruise noted upstream ITT - they're getting work done that wasn't completed during the Curacao Drydock visit late last year, and it isn't going well.
  185. Woo Hah Member

    Frustrated there is no pics lately. Only on-board pix of concert. No clue WTF Freewinds is doing in port.

    SRS, 22 days in Cartagena, something is wrong.
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  186. wolfbane Member

    Got a date they held an onboard concert while stuck in Cartagena?

    And a shout-out to Rod to hit up the twitfag who tweeted the one pic on Twitter... ask if it looks like the ship is getting work done as it sits there and/or if it has done PR events in the local area lately.
  187. Woo Hah Member

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  188. Random guy Member

    Could they still be docking waiting for the openings in LA, those that they can't seem to fix a date for?
  189. Woo Hah Member

    I suspect something is wrong. Sorry, no dox. Freewinds is staying longer than usual in Cartagena.

    Russians doing Leadership & Competence Course in Cartagena. Does not compute.
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  190. RolandRB Member

    When are they going to get an Ideal Cruise Ship?
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  191. wolfbane Member

    Maybe. If the tinfoil theory I floated earlier is correct that when they have a big event, the ship docks for an extended period of time so that the SO crew (and/or whales onboard doing courses and shit) can disembark and fly in to attend the festivities for inflating the numbers and related hype.

    Pure speculation of course - but seems reasonable imo.
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  192. Woo Hah Member

    When Flag sets sail.
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  193. wolfbane Member

    Also could be a combo effect of several things speculated on -- repairs/work being done, big event transport parking, some local community PR thing going on.

    22 days is a long damn time for any one of ^^Those reasons. More than one of those reasons (and/or other reasons - could someone had made a run for it??? I wish!) wouldn't surprise me.
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  194. Woo Hah Member

    I'm relatively preoccupied these days. Hope someone can keep track of how long Freewinds is scuttled in Cartagena, getting a sec check.
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  195. kthnxbai Member

    Just to confirm the details I posted ITT. She left Aruba on her way to Cartagena, Colombia, on 10 February 2014. So today Sunday 2 March she has been in Cartagena for 20 days, amirite?.

    Three weeks is still fairly normal. I looked at the data for August 2010- April 11 and found she visited for the whole month of August 2010 (31 days) and at later times for 19, 17, 12 and 13 days.
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  196. th?id=HN.608011990146353133&amp;pid=15.1.jpg th?id=HN.608032863690425002&amp;pid=15.1.jpg
    ''Best Cruise Everrr! Talk about Super-Powers, What a Congress! This Shit is Wack.''
    This Scientologist is not sure if he's coming or going to the congress. DM saw him coming (he got regged in both directions).
    DM finally found something easier to sell than re-packaged LRH Rambling 'Tech'.

    ''I wuz gonna have power over MEST....... but then I got High
    I wuz gonna go OT8......but then I got High
    I'll never reach the end of the bridge and I know Why.......
    Becuz i got High.....Becuz I got High.....Becuz I got High-Aye.''
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  197. Rod Keller Member

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  198. Rod Keller Member

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  199. wolfbane Member

    Thanks! The MarineTraffic website confuses me, so I'll take your word for it on the start date.
  200. kthnxbai Member

    She's on her way! eta Santa Marta (still Colombia) 12.00 today. That was three weeks doing whatever she was doing in Cartagena.

    If it matters (one never knows) she left Cartagena 3 March 2014 at 04.15 UTC and arrived at Santa Marta at 11.47 UTC.
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  201. Anonylemmi Member

    So, they can still afford *some* fuel?
  202. Rod Keller Member

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  203. Rod Keller Member

  204. Random guy Member

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  205. Rod Keller Member

  206. Rod Keller Member

  207. Rod Keller Member

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  208. Rod Keller Member

    It's really a fun ship. Everybody should go at least once.
  209. RightOn Member

    the pool is empty again?
  210. Rod Keller Member

    Come on in, the water's fine.
  211. RightOn Member

    so what school did they dump the WTH booklets on?
  212. wolfbane Member

    So based on the stuff Rod found, during this visit to Cartagena, it would seem that they held a WISE Leadership conference, a concert for the locals and some event for local police where a cop mariachi band performed. Ugg.
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  213. RightOn Member

    good times
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  214. wolfbane Member

    <3 U RO, but ^^Disliked post due to the message in general and not you personally, and cuz this shit pisses me off to no end. /bitch-gripe-moan
  215. RightOn Member

    awww Wolfy, don't you know sarcasm when you hear it?
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  216. Anonylemmi Member

    This image cracks me up. If this guy had either of the things listed, he would not be there.
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  217. Rod Keller Member

    TWTH photo shows students from Universidad del Sinu.
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  218. Rod Keller Member

    Here are the WISE guys. 2a2899e89ff111e396e612465fd22ea2_8.jpg 569a819a9ff511e383e90ee9fc89a8a7_8.jpg 3721fee29ffa11e39bd912d5c6ddd37a_8.jpg
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  219. kthnxbai Member

    Meanwhile, sorry to break up the party but I gather the failboat is on her way back to Oranjestad, Aruba, and is expected to arrive there at 14.00 hrs (UTC) today 4 March. So Santa Marta was not converted by TWTH (campaign back in 2010 or thereabouts).

    But surely there has to be more to spending three weeks in Cartagena than WISE and free entertainment. Is there an Org in Cartagena? Anon? critical journalism? Whales?
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  220. Rod Keller Member

    This one is not from Cartagena, it's Aruba last year. I just love the composition.
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  221. RightOn Member

  222. kthnxbai Member

    De Banana Bus en de Banana Boot, don you have to lov it?
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  223. Rod Keller Member

  224. muldrake Member

    Who the fuck puts their tie clip directly on top of their disgusting beer belly?
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  225. Rod Keller Member

    I believe it's Marten Runow of Performia, formerly U-Man.
  226. kthnxbai Member

    Just for the record, this morning the Banana Boat was still in Oranjestad (Aruba). According to the cruise ship schedule published by Legion ITT she should be leaving today 8 March at 10:00 UCT.

    Later: but no. She is still at the quay in Oranjestad.

    Edited again to say she got away finally at about 03.10, 9 March, heading for Kralendijk (Bonaire) where she is expected 10.15 UCT.

    So she's back in the ABC groove, nothing of interest here, folks, move along.
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  227. Rod Keller Member

  228. Rod Keller Member

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  229. kthnxbai Member

    Meanwhile she left Cartagena, spend a few days at Aruba, then did her usual 24 hours in Bonaire pumping the bilges - can't believe that is still going on - shuttled over to Willemstad and did her usual 24 hours there, and is currently under way back to Aruba, left Curacao 04:22, eta in Oranjestad 10:00.

    I thought Mike Napier looked very unwell in that recent photograph, no regulation smile.
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  230. kthnxbai Member

    Change in the usual routine today: she went directly from Aruba to Curacao, arriving today 18 March at 08.06. Normal route is from Aruba to Bonaire on Monday, then Curacao overnight Tuesday.

    Edited to add that she left Curacao about 04:20 and went to Aruba arriving about 09.40.

    I hope Pooks is having a wonderful holiday.
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  231. wolfbane Member

    It's all Pooks' fault. She showed up in Aruba for vacation and the mere presence of a major SP threw them into a tailspan.


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  232. muldrake Member

    Amazing. Should be the opposite way around. Why are we the ones with magical powers to shut down cult operations with our mere presence? Shouldn't the Freewinds be filled with OTs?
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  233. Rod Keller Member

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  234. Ogsonofgroo Member


    'Hey Jose, de banana boat is back to pump out some de crap, dey wants tour, can you tour dem?'
    'Oh ci, ci, ci dem rider, mah bananas bus.'
    'Bueno Jose, don take no farkin' checks mon an' hide your wallet!'

    *shrugz, licks cat in penitence* Seriously though, this is an aweshum picture! Just so, hm, apropos , luv it!
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  235. Anonymous Member

    The bus is awesome indeed.
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  236. Rod Keller Member

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  237. kthnxbai Member

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  238. kthnxbai Member

    Two more crew members (from the link above):

    Sue Price.
    Guillermo Smythe.
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  239. kthnxbai Member

    More exciting news from the floating Org (I jest). Arrived Kralendijk to have her bilges pumped at 10:27 on 30 March, left Kralendijk at 03.44 on 31 March, arrived Willemstad on 31 March at 07:00. No change.
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  240. kthnxbai Member

    Just for the record: it is now by my reckoning 15.30 UTC and she is still in Willemstad but normally she leaves very early on Tuesday. Two weeks ago she left Curacao about 04:20.

    A treat for ship-watchers is the brand new drill-rig Sevan Louisiana currently anchored outside the entrance to the harbour. Ultra Deep Water, cylindrical hull. On her way to the Gulf of Mexico.

    I've been trying to understand UTC. Wikipedia says that UTC is Coordinated Universal Time (French: Temps Universel Coordonné, UTC) is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. For practical purposes UTC is synonymous with GMT which is one hour behind Paris time. I think that 21:00 UTC is the same as 21:00 GMT currently 22:00 British summertiime.

    So I think that it is now 21:00 UTC and last time I looked F/W was still in Willemstad.

    Edited again to add that she left at about 04.30, Wednesday morning and will be in Oranjestad at 09.00 UTC.
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  241. Rod Keller Member

    That ship SMV "Freewinds" for 25 years Curaçao choose as home yesterday set in stone. The crew of the boat revealed along with Minister of Economic Development Stanley Palm and Henry van der Kwast Maduro Holding the monument. The cruise ship is operated by International Shipping Partners and is owned by San Donato Properties, a company affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

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  242. Rod Keller Member

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  243. Rod Keller Member

    Poor quality shot. I have asked for a better one.

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  244. Anonylemmi Member

    Rod, has Freewinds ever been spotted in Google Earth? If so, where and when? I have looked at all the berthing places I could find and then went back through the historical images, but have had no luck.
  245. Rod Keller Member

    Yes. I forget which port right now. The key is to look for lifeboats. Almost no other cruise ships have them where you can see them. If I can't find it in the next few minutes I will tonight.
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  246. Rod Keller Member

    Aruba, September, 2012 aruba.jpg
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  247. RightOn Member

    pity about Curacao. I love that island
  248. Rod Keller Member

    I have more photos of the ceremony, but they are small. I am attempting to get larger ones.
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  249. Rod Keller Member

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  250. Rod Keller Member

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  251. Rod Keller Member

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  252. tinfoilhatter Member

    They must be desperate for the berthing and dock fees. Especially since the cruise liners are dying.
  253. tinfoilhatter Member

    Also, has there ever been a reported incidence of "man overboard" on the free winds?
  254. The Wrong Guy Member

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  255. kthnxbai Member

    This was Monday 31 March, which explains her extra day in Curacao.

    Expressions or lack of on Sea Org, Crew and other faces interesting. Does anyone recognise anyone?
  256. Rod Keller Member

    I wish they were larger and not covered with the blue stuff. My hope is that a disconnected family member may find somebody, so they know where their loved one is.
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  257. Woo Hah Member


    Front row boner camouflage.
  258. Rod Keller Member

    I think it would be a nice place to leave something to remember the victims of Scientology.
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  259. Rod Keller Member

    May 16, 2008. Curacao.

    I'm trying to use this photo and the others of the event to mark the spot of the Freewinds monument.

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  260. Rod Keller Member

    January, 2011.
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  261. kthnxbai Member

    Good find! This is now her usual berth in Willemstad, up beyond the bridge on the left, so that she goes into the harbour, turns round and then berths ready for a quick take-off. Once when the ship was more popular she tied up below the bridge at Otrobanda in the tourist district, and did so again at the end of March for this event.
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  262. Rod Keller Member

    I think you are right. I came to this conclusion because of the AFAS Software and Ferry signs at the marker dedication. This is what I think:

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  263. Rod Keller Member

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  264. aegerprimo Member

    Thank you for posting these pics Rod K.

    One "word" comes to mind about that Freewinds monument given by Curcacao is GRRRRRR! :mad: What a farce. .

    The only people I recognize are Mike Napier (captain) and Wally Burgess. I was Sea Org crew on the Freewinds from when it was purchased and named the "Boheme" and was involved in the whole renovation project. I left (and left the Sea Org) just before the Maiden Voyage in 1988.

    My story on ESMB if anyone is interested:
    The Foul Air of the Freewinds an Ex-SO Member’s Story’s-Story
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  265. Woo Hah Member

  266. Woo Hah Member

  267. Rod Keller Member

    Yesterday on the ship.

    101e45e0bb8811e3b80c128a99a33730_8.jpg 3567d852bb8811e3b9880e51447f1083_8.jpg
  268. Enturbuleak Member

    ^ POOL's OPEN
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  269. Rod Keller Member

    Russians on the Freewinds. Part of the competence program that they do, which is why you see photos of them hanging off the side of the ship. Possibly from today.

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  270. kthnxbai Member

    This is a good shot.

    You are right for the New Wharf (beyond the bridge; no tourist content; oil? storage tanks) and for Otrobanda (tourist content, below the bridge) but the position you mark for March 2014 is not possible as it is within the area of the pontoon bridge which swings open 90 degrees right up against that length of bank or wharf or dock. In March 2014 I believe she was in Otrobanda but further up, as in your photograph with cars and tourists.

    I reckon it's a more expensive site, perhaps the most desirable, and some real cruise liners use it, and get parked right beside the shops. The New Wharf is presumably much cheaper.
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  271. kthnxbai Member

  272. kthnxbai Member

    Old information is old but Google Images has two pics of Wally Burgess. He's as old as Hell, joined the Sea Org before it was the Sea Org in 1966. Is he one of the very old guys at the far end of the crew (all in white) line-up?

    Mike Napier's side-kick is Kral Weber. Both of them wear glasses.

    Richard Alcock formerly Chief Engineer died aged 55-60 in 2012 (reported in WWP in May 2012).
  273. deirdre Member

    The economic problems of the smaller Netherlands-run islands are actually heartbreaking right now. I've never been to Curaçao, but we were in Saba a bit over a year ago.
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  274. aegerprimo Member

    Do you have a link to the post about his death?

    I am sorry to hear about Richard Allcock - aka, Wak Allcock. His brother is Wick Allcock. YES! Wak and Wick Allcock. They were both very nice people and I knew them aboard the Freewinds. Both of them worked with L. Ron Hubbard aboard the Apollo? (The latter way before my time).

    Wack Allcock gave me away at my wedding aboard the Freewinds in 1987 (before the maiden voyage in 1988). Here are personal pics of that event at ESMB for anyone interested.
  275. Rod Keller Member

    aegerprimo - can you tell me about the competence program they do? Washing the ship and being in a life raft is all I know.
  276. kthnxbai Member

    I won't go through all the double takes when I read the comment, but I had it fixed that the tall handsome guy was Aegerprimo...

    As for Wak Allcock, I found the notice of his death somewhere on the Web but was it OCMB? or in this thread? Yes, it was in WWP, a posting of May 2012, where it also said he was 55-60 but the poster wasn't sure. Everyone said he and his brother were really nice guys. So perhaps if we search...? And when we do we find.

  277. kthnxbai Member

    SHARKS? That would wipe the smiles off their faces... Har har har.
  278. Rod Keller Member

    Freewinds bookstore, org board and cigar bar. 2013.

    fw bookstore.jpg orgboard.jpg orgboard2.jpg cigar.jpg
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  279. kthnxbai Member

    Cigar bar?
  280. wolfbane Member

    Why not? If the asbestos doesn't kill 'em, the second-hand smoke will.
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  281. rickybobby Member

    Upcoming event on the Freewinds as leaked on Mike Rinder's blog:
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  282. Rod Keller Member

  283. Rod Keller Member

    I'm not sure why Barbados didn't load. Here it is.

  284. kthnxbai Member

    Meanwhile she is still in Aruba but normally would have left for Bonaire yesterday. Is there another Silver Anniversary Event in Oranjestad? Rod, your attachment still didn't load. So why is the Barbados date not accurate?

    And I don't see anything re Freewinds in Mike Rinder's blog either. ?
  285. Rod Keller Member

    Barbados photo says it is from April 6, 2014. I posted it separately. I assume it's actually older.
  286. kthnxbai Member

    Yes, the image date is 2.5.2013. This is consistent with the dates of 1-8 May advertised for this year.
  287. kthnxbai Member

    I posted already to say Freewinds left Aruba this morning and parked in Willemstad at 08.00 or thereabouts UTC, in Otrabando. She normally leaves Aruba for Bonaire (think sewage) Sunday and most often spends less than 24 hours in Curacao on her way back to Aruba on Monday.

    I finally got her track and she went straight in and is facing upstream. This is unusual. The last time she did so was before her dry dock.

    Wednesday 9 April: she is still in Curacao in the same berth, below the bridge. More PR shenanigans, or what?
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  288. kthnxbai Member

    At 18:16 UTH she moved up to the cheaper berth beyond the Bridge on the New Wharf, while a proper cruise liner, the Monarch moved into her old berth at Otrobanda. Odd. It looks as if she is waiting to get in to the dry dock.
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  289. wolfbane Member

    Good catch!
  290. kthnxbai Member

    Edited and updated.

    She left Willemstad about 4:19, and zapped her way back to Aruba at 18.1 knots, not bad, old Mike having his little bit of fun. eta Oranjestad 19:12. So we will never know what that was all about. Waiting for some passengers perhaps.
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  291. Random guy Member

  292. kthnxbai Member

    Thanks for the official update.

    Today she has left Aruba and is said to be heading for Willemstad. But when found (not by VesselTracker) she is currently by-passing Willemstad and heading for Bonaire or perhaps the Lesser Antilles; time will tell.
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  293. The Wrong Guy Member

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  294. Anonylemmi Member

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  295. BlackRob Member

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  296. kthnxbai Member

    She's back on schedule, Willemstad on Mondays, and for once at the expensive mooring at Otrobanda.

    Is that razor wire I see around the tombstone?
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  297. BlackRob Member

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  298. BlackRob Member

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  299. wolfbane Member

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  300. Aurora Member

    From Rinder's blog, a leaked email re Valley Org's Freewinds week. Interesting ports of call.
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  301. kthnxbai Member

    She was in Aruba as normal last week, then left for her toilet stop in Bonaire a day early (on Saturday I think) and and three hours ago was Out of Range to the north of Bonaire heading east-nor-east, in the direction of the Lesser Antilles, St Kitts, Barbados and all that. As we expected.

    The site says she is heading for St Kitts. So we can expect her to turn up there tomorrow.

    This is her usual summer routine, when not in quarantine for lining her ventilation shafts with asbestos dust. I imagine her summer courses are more exclusive/expensive than her ABC winter courses.

    ETA As expected she has emerged back on to radar steaming towards Basseterre in St Kitts, eta 10:00 UTC.
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  302. kthnxbai Member

    Took my eyes off her for a moment and she disappeared. But I think on her way to Antigua, if the port there is St John's.
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  303. kthnxbai Member

    Yes, she dropping in at St John's in Antigua and is today heading for Dominica (capital Roseau), not one of her usual haunts. Trying to keep the whales entertained?
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  304. I was wondering about that because their waste run on Bonaire is over since it became a special municipality of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and resides under European law now since the first of Januar 2010
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  305. kthnxbai Member

    The new NL status at Bonaire doesn't seem to have made any difference to their toilet stops. I don't always follow the Failboat day by day but her ABC runs follow a regular pattern where she spend most of the week at Aruba, then Sunday heads for Bonaire by-passing Curacao, but only stays overnight (pumping time? Sunday no-one watches?) and then calls in at Willemstad on her way back to Aruba.

    If you need accurate information don't quote me but look at the schedules posted here from time to time. For example, 23 March 2014 she arrived Bonaire 06:59 and left 16:24. 23 March was a Sunday.

    I have also hoped that the NL would reach out to Bonaire and Do Something About It but their waste run on Bonaire has apparently just gone on as before.
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  306. I think you are right

    So sundays are for poluting the earth in Scientology
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  307. kthnxbai Member

    From Dominica (Roseau) to St Lucia (Castries), eta 10:00 UTC today. What a pity the small guy is missing this lovely cruise.
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  308. kthnxbai Member

    Off again, this time to Barbados (Bridgetown), eta today Wednesday at 10:00
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  309. kthnxbai Member

    Off on her travels again, back to St Lucia from Barbados, eta 13:00 UTC today Sunday.

    ETA, today Tuesday, off to St Vincent, eta 10:00 UTC.
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  310. kthnxbai Member

    These reports seem to have slipped a cog or two. Today is Friday 16 May and she is in Barbados. But I think I posted that information already.
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  311. kthnxbai Member

    Sorry I missed a day or two but it is Tuesday and she is in Castries (St Lucia) again. Is there a pattern? Castries eta Monday depart Tuesday? but I'm too tired to work it out.
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  312. Anonymous Member

    Your attention to this subject is appreciated. Get lots of good rest. <3
  313. kthnxbai Member

    Thanks for the kind thought. It's the suspense that gets me.

    Today, Wednesday 21 May she is doing 8 knots from St Lucia to Barbados.
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  314. wolfbane Member

    When the ship resumes its usual A-B-C circuit, it would be interesting to know the full date range on this alternate route, for future tracking purposes. (Eg: Is this perhaps a new seasonal route for spring that will be repeated round about the same time time next year?)
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  315. kthnxbai Member

    It's certainly not a new route. I would say she usually goes to the Lesser Antilles at about this time but within the group she visits a number of islands. without a fixed schedule. From memory last year she visited Antigua and St Kitts. I imagine there is a weekly fixed point, probably Bridgegtown, Barbados, to allow victims to fly in to join the ship and leave again (if they're lucky).

    So for the record this is Thursday 22 May and she is still today at Bridgetown, Barbados.
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  316. kthnxbai Member

    Saturday 24 May and she is still at Bridgetown, Barbados.

    Incidentally, if you like boats, you might like to have a look at the mega-yacht Topaz currently tied up alongside the old hulk. Chalk and old hard cheese.

    From the Daily Mail on-line, June 2012:
    Not the biggest billionaire's plaything but one of the most expensive
    • Owner's identity remains shrouded in secrecy
    • At 147m it is STILL 15m shorter than Roman Abramovich's yacht Eclipse
    By Tom Goodenough
    Published: 13:13 GMT, 27 June 2012 | Updated: 16:27 GMT, 27 June 2012
    Taking to the water for the first time, the stunning £400million megayacht is one of the largest and most expensive ever to be built.
    Four years of work have gone into creating the huge boat which is the brainchild of a British designer based, ironically, in landlocked Rutland.
    But despite the conspicuous size of the yacht, named Topaz, the identity of its owner remains shrouded in secrecy.


    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
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  317. kthnxbai Member

    Yesterday's post seems to have disappeared. WTF? Probably my fault.

    Anyway yesterday (Sunday) she went from Barbados to St Lucia (Castries) and is still there.
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  318. Random guy Member

    The route seems a bit less regular than a year or two ago. Is she running more "on demand" and less on schedule?
  319. kthnxbai Member

    From what I remember, so the information is not guaranteed, her visits to the Lesser Antilles do not follow a regular schedule, nothing like the ABC routine. More expensive, perhaps? The old schedules sent by OP are probably on this forum somewhere??
  320. kthnxbai Member

    Tuesday 27 May: Zapped off again from St Lucia (Castries) on way to Barbados (Bridgetown), eta 10:00
    Wednesday 28 May: still at Bridgetown, next to the superduperyacht Topaz. I wonder why the Tiny Admiral is so attached to the old hulk when he could have Freewinds II whenever he wanted.
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  321. DeathHamster Member

    How many points along their route have international air access? I was thinking that while the Fleawinds isn't at one of those points, it's a locked room with no one entering or leaving. (Not completely, there will be local boats and planes to transfer to/from an access point in a pinch.) Extended periods away from a transfer point would either indicate a captive audience for the duration or no audience at all.
  322. kthnxbai Member

    Thursday: update posted but it has disappeared.
    Friday 30 May: still at Bridgetown this morning.

    Going by the map supplied by the vessel-tracking site there is an airport at Castries in St Lucia. Bound to be one in Barbados. I would imagine every Caribbean island with a tourist industry, which is to say most of them, will have an airport.

    On a similar theme, does anyone know if the courses offered at this time of year are more expensive than the ABC program?

    Another point is that May/June is getting into high summer when most regular cruise ships don't visit the Caribbean.

    Edited to add that the Maiden Voyage Event is normally in June and based in St Lucia but has not been so regular recently. Does anyone have a date for the ship-based event this year?
  323. kthnxbai Member

    Saturday 31 May: still at Bridgetown Barbados.

    ETA: Monday 2 June: on her way to Dominica, eta 10.30 this morning.
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  324. BlackRob Member

    There you go:

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  325. kthnxbai Member

    Thank you Rob, a wonderful leak. So the dupes can fly in to St Kitts, Barbados or Aruba. An expensive trip especially from Europe. For Americans I suppose the whole cost can be set against taxes.
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  326. kthnxbai Member

    Tuesday 3 June: she touched in at Dominica very briefly and is now on her way north-west to St Kitts, eta 10:30 on 3 June. St Kitts is shown as one of the three pick-up points.
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  327. DeathHamster Member

    If they deviate from that schedule, they'll mess up some people's travel plans. But then, this is the same bunch that kept changing and finally scheduled the Must Attend Flag opening with less than two weeks notice.
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  328. kthnxbai Member

    Wednesday to Friday 4-6 June: tied up at Basseterre, St Kitts (which has the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport).
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  329. kthnxbai Member

    Saturday 7 June and Sunday 8 June: still at St Kitts.
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  330. Random guy Member

    4 days eh, probably bonkering
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  331. kthnxbai Member

    Bonking or bunkering?

    Anyway this is now Monday 9 June and she is still at St Kitts. 6 days.

    And this is now Tuesday 10 June and she has been at St Kitts for 7 days.
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  332. kthnxbai Member

    Thursday; that makes 9 days. Saving money on fuel, that is certain.
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  333. Random guy Member

    We're not yet on the calendar very nicely provided by BlackRob, perhaps she's being prepared for summer season?
  334. kthnxbai Member

    Friday 13th and still tied up at Basseterre.

    The other thought I had was the Maiden Voyage event which used to be at St Kitts towards the end of June but lapsed as far as I could see two or three years ago. I mean, they can fake it quite easily, lots of old films to plunder and one tropical background looks much like another.

    One trick I believe I detected was to borrow the passengers from a neighbouring cruise liner for the publicity shots. All these smiling faces are all packed in around the pool with Miscavige in full Admiral's fig (but in navy, not in tropical whites for some odd reason) up on the balcony. But I believe not all of these smiling faces are IAS. That was the year, if memory serves, when official port figures somewhere showed a miniscule number of passengers on board at some point; don't remember the actual figure.

    This year ship-tracking systems seem to be more widespread in the Lesser Antilles so it should be easier to see what she is up to. BR's schedule has her back in Barbados on 22 June, then moving again to St Kitts which is about the usual time for the MVE.

    Hi, Davie. I hope you are enjoying your cruise!
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  335. DeathHamster Member
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  336. kthnxbai Member

    Oh good. Thanks for the news. She is still in dock but should be on her way tonight.

    So we were right and FMVAE is on schedule this year, and back in St Kitts.

    Who is Ken Weber? What happened to Ludwig Alpers who used to be Port Captain?

    Ken was already on post last year (post 805 in this thread, the gargoyle on the left). That would explain his lack of stars and stripes. But somewhere else he is called Kral Weber.
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  337. kthnxbai Member

    She left St Kitts about 01:00, 3 hours later than planned and is heading for St Johns, Antigua, eta in about ten minutes.

    She doesn't seem to like Antigua very much as she arrived there about 10 pm last night and left again at 3 in the morning for Dominica, eta 11:00 UTC today.

    Later: now at Roseau in Dominica.
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  338. kthnxbai Member

    How exciting. She left Dominica about 7 this morning and is now steaming towards St Lucia eta 17th. 11:00 UTC. The vessel tracker says 16th but today is definitely the 17th. Any local papers report on how many there are on board?
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  339. kthnxbai Member

    In The Hole 2012:
    Jennifer Alpers CO CMO Ship, CMO Int -- "Was CO CMO Ship for several years, then came to the Int base for posting. She worked in WDC over various sectors. Her husband was Ludwig Alpers who was the PR for the Freewinds. When she came to Int, they 'had' to get divorced as he 'had' to stay at the ship. Jennifer's sister is Monica Prince (formerly married to Jesse Prince). Monica has long since left the Sea Org." [The Freewinds is Scientology's private cruise ship that sails the Caribbean. Wealthy church members go there to receive the highest level of Scientology enlightenment, Operating Thetan Level Eight.]

    I notice she avoids Martinique. Mike Rinder said she was once boarded by French authorities while at anchor in St. Bart’s, hence no more visits to French ports. That figures.

    We could do with a few more hostile boardings.
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  340. kthnxbai Member

    Is she trying to sail under the radar? Not so easy but it takes a special search to find her these days.

    MarineTraffic (my main source, a free site) offers more information via satellite if you subscribe but we have been able to track her around this area (St Lucia-St Vincent-Barbados) before without satellite.

    So, having called in at Roseau in Dominica and at Castries in St Lucia she departed Castries today 18th June at 00:23 and is now steaming south in the direction of St Vincent or perhaps she might turn left for Barbados.
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  341. kthnxbai Member

    Currently in Kingston which is St VIncent.
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  342. RightOn Member

    thank you kthnxbai for all the updates and all you do!
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  343. kthnxbai Member

    Thank you. I just like the idea of DM trying to escape, like a bug on a pin, but the big Eye in the Sky sees him anyway.

    At the moment Freewinds is playing hide and seek but MarineTraffic suggests she is still in Kingston. The usual search function is not working. On Sunday 22 we will get into the schedule posted by BlackRob.

    PortArrival (LT)Departure (LT)In Transit
    CASTRIES [LC] (UTC-4) 2014-06-18 00:23:00
    CASTRIES [LC] (UTC-4) 2014-06-17 06:30:00
    ROSEAU [DM] (UTC-3) 2014-06-17 01:12:00
    ROSEAU [DM] (UTC-3) 2014-06-16 08:41:00
    ST JOHNS [AG] (UTC-4) 2014-06-15 22:48:00
    ST JOHNS [AG] (UTC-4) 2014-06-15 06:12:00
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  344. kthnxbai Member

    Now according to a more normal map, she is (once again?) in Castries (St Lucia) and has been there since 10:00 UTC. Before then evidence suggests she paid short visits to Kingston (St Vincent) and Castries (St Lucia).
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  345. kthnxbai Member

    Believed to be a true sighting: on her way to Bridgetown, Barbados, eta 10:30 UTC. No doubt to keep the whales happy.
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  346. Random guy Member

    This will really be interesting when we are getting into BlacRobs schedule.
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  347. kthnxbai Member

    Sorry Random Guy but it doesn't look all that interesting. This is the first three weeks from tomorrow. One more tax-exempt week, then back to the ABC routine.

    Week Sunday 22 June to Sat 28 June: Barbados, Barbados, St Kitts, Barbados, Barbados, Dominica, Dominica.
    Week Sunday 29 June to Sat 05 July: Dominica, At Sea, Bonaire, Bonaire, Aruba, Aruba, Aruba.
    Week Sunday 06 July to Sat 12 July: Bonaire, Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba, Aruba, Aruba, Aruba.
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  348. Random guy Member

    Yes, but will she deviate from that schedule? If so, why?
  349. kthnxbai Member

    Aha, the $64 million question. But I don't in fact believe changes to her her ABC routine are very significant.

    Just be sure, David Miscavige, that Big Birdie is watching this little worm squirm.
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  350. kthnxbai Member

    Just to confirm she was in Barbados yesterday and still this morning as the printed program predicted. Tomorrow it shows a quick dash to St Kitts (why? air links?) and then back to Barbados. Then Dominica for three days and then AT SEA when she becomes a real boat for a day.
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  351. That's a ship that will go down with it's captain some day.
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  352. kthnxbai Member

    Today Tuesday 24th BlackRob's schedule predicted St Kitts but it is something like 09:50 UTC (if it is the same as GMT so UK time less an hour?) and she is still at the Cruise parking in Bridgetown (Barbados). So perhaps the hypothetical privileged whale has found some other way of getting home. It would be interesting to reconstruct the previous week or two to see when she went back to St Kitts since presumably most of the IAS came that way but that was the week when the vessel tracking site did not give standard information: radar switched off again? Too much of a coincidence to be accidental?
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  353. kthnxbai Member

    Still Tuesday 24 June, and about 17:00 UTC and she is still in Bridgetown (Barbados). So today's trip to St Kitts and back did not happen and she is due anyway to spend tomorrow and Thursday in Bridgetown.

    Wednesday and still in Barbados (as scheduled)
    Thursday and still in Barbados (as scheduled)
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  354. kthnxbai Member

    Friday 27 June and another change in her schedule. She should be in Dominica but left this morning at about 04:30 UTC and is heading for Castries (St Lucia), eta 11:00 UTC.

    To summarise, the schedule was 22-27 June: Barbados, Barbados, St Kitts, Barbados, Barbados, Dominica.

    What happened was Barbados x 5, St Lucia.

    What are you up to, Captain Miscavige? Har har har.

    The Pirate of the Caribean reports that this is Saturday 28 June and she is still in Castries (St Lucia).
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  355. kthnxbai Member

    So this is Sunday 29 June and she is still in Castries (St Lucia). Tomorrow she supposed to be At Sea so it looks as though she has scrapped a side-trip to St Kitts and a three-day visit to Dominica.

    This very lax attitude to the published schedule could mean lots of things but one of them is that they have very few paying guests on board and can cut corners.
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  356. kthnxbai Member

    So there she is, as scheduled, Under Way Using Engine, two hours out of Castries on her way to Bonaire, eta tomorrow at 10:00 UHT. First stop the loo. I wonder what she does about sewage when in other places?
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  357. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I would imagine most ports have some sort of disposal strategy for accumulated Hubbard, suspect cult has a deal with Bonaire, which is a shame since they have no proper treatment and just pump all the Hubbard into open cess-pools. The last video I watched about how they (the Island) deal with other garbage was pretty disturbing, pretty much an environmental nightmare, polluting not only their groundwater but the surrounding ocean reefs too.
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  358. kthnxbai Member

    To pump or not to pump, she arrived at Kralendijk (Bonaire) at 10:00 UTC and is still there. Due to leave tomorrow. The situation in Bonaire as Og points out, is an environmental nightmare and has been for years now. Hubbard is a dirty word.

    Wednesday 2 July: still pumping. Next port of call should be Aruba.
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  359. kthnxbai Member

    Left Kralendijk about 02:00 UTC and is under way to Oranjestad (Aruba), by-passing Curacao, eta 09:30 UTC this morning, Thursday 3 July. This is according to the schedule published by BlackRob. She should spend three days there and then next week B B C A A A A (Sunday to Saturday).
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  360. kthnxbai Member

    Today Friday 4 July and she is still at Oranjestad (Aruba).

    Saturday 5 July: ditto.
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  361. kthnxbai Member

    Sunday 6th: on her way to Bonaire, eta 10:15, as scheduled.

    Monday 7th July: still at Bonaire as scheduled.

    Things are liable to be very boring from now on. This week's projected schedule is

    B, B, C, A, A, A, A, repeated up to 16 August (see #1132).

    I'll keep an eye on it, unless I doze off, and report any variations.
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  362. kthnxbai Member

    8 July: Confirmed in Curacao, arrived there 00:45 this morning. She did not do her usual manoeuvre of turning round in the basin before tying up so is facing inland.

    9 July: nothing of interest. She turned around in the basin and set sail at 04:30 this morning and will arrive in Aruba as scheduled at 09.30.

    10 July: not coming up on the normal map but only when I make a special search. Then it seems her last position was recorded on 9 July at 19.00 and now she is (all at the same time) moored, in Aruba, and out of range. Normally when the system has found her and she stays in the same location it homes in on her without prompting until she moves elsewhere.
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  363. kthnxbai Member

    Same problem this morning, visible only by subscribers to satellite at $269 a year. She seems to feel she can switch off when in harbour.

    For the record her schedule next week and every week up to the w/c 10 August is the same: B, B, C, A, A, A, A.
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  364. DeathHamster Member

    This is what a real cruise ship looks like at the Vancouver terminal:


    And this is how far that level is above the water:


    I have the feeling that the Crown Princess is only an average-sizer liner and not a Oh Shit It's Big class liner.

    Hmm. Yeah, it's big.
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  365. kthnxbai Member

    Why doesn't Miscavige buy a better boat with all his spare billions of dollars? What is so special about Freewinds, apart from blue asbestos and prison cells? Maybe Mike can't handle anything bigger these days? Maybe DM sees The End approaching?

    Anyway today she is visible on the normal map without a special search. She left Aruba at 03:00 and will arrive in Bonaire at 10.15. As scheduled.
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  366. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology: The Freewinds

    Published by Mark Bunker on July 15, 2014