Tracking Of The Freewinds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

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  5. Enturbuleak Member

    4 September, Freewinds still in Aruba.

    Screen grab from live streaming HD video web cam at Aruba port. Web cam has video + sound, you can hear lorries reversing on the dock, etc.

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  6. Random guy Member

    Two weeks in Cartagena. Bunkering or just low on passengers?
  7. Rod Keller Member

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  8. Rod Keller Member

    Oh, wait. It's not moving until January? I think I have to try another ship to see if my method works.
  9. wolfbane Member

    No, we had/have a dedicated thread for that discussion and it ended up they were broadcasting bad info. It did eventually begin moving on again recently and should be back on its regular loop.
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  10. Rod Keller Member

    Cool, I'm patient. Now I need to track the loop. Part of a larger project, but having a moving Freewinds is a great addition.
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  11. Rod Keller Member

    If anybody is interested in a mapping project, let me know.
  12. Enturbuleak Member

    Correction, the Freewinds AIS "destination" info posted on Vessel Finder web site is wonky and incorrect.

    I did some digging last night. Marine Traffic web site is currently posting the correct, updated AIS information of Freewinds.

    Vessel Finder web site is still posting incorrect AIS destination data for January, but is accurately tracking the Freewinds in real time.

    Both Vessel Finder and Marine Traffic web sites are able to track the Freewinds, but both sites periodically lose site of Freewinds, not always at the same time.

    Marine Traffic has much more info, Vessel Finder has better graphics. Both sites are useful.

    Aruba port web cam is great for HD streaming video + audio.
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  13. Enturbuleak Member

    Freewinds was busy for a couple weeks training Colombian armed Forces with Scientology courses.

    Here's a video of the graduation for a large contingent of the Colombian armed forces, waxing enthusiastic about LRH Tech.

  14. Enturbuleak Member

    I'm not, but I know someone who might be interested. PM me.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Did it work?
  16. Rod Keller Member

    It hasn't moved yet.
  17. Onley happy clams are columbian clams

  18. Rod Keller Member

    The Freewinds is at Bonaire 12° 8'51.11"N 68°16'39.58"W
  19. Enturbuleak Member

    Freewinds ABC+C route. Aruba - Bonaire - Curacao + occasionally Cartagena. That's pretty much Freewinds itinerary so far this year.

    Round and round between ABC islands, and then an excursion off to Cartagena, then back round and round again at ABC islands. Repeat...

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  20. wolfbane Member

    So did your Google Earth trick work?
  21. Rod Keller Member

    No. When you do "Move to my places" it apparently just marks the spot, not the network link. I'm willing to move the thing around, but I was hoping for something a little more dynamic.
  22. Rod Keller Member

    This is from the KML file. <coordinates>-68.27766111111112,12.14753055555556,0</coordinates>
    So the application refreshes the KML at certain intervals and the KMZ keeps pulling in the new coordinates.
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  27. Kilia Member

    Boy, do they have alot to learn!!
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  28. wolfbane Member

    Ahh. Well, if you haven't gotten any other offers of help and can hang tight on this project until a little later in the year when crappy winter weather has me stuck in the house more often, I might be able to help with the xml end of things.
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  29. Enturbuleak Member

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  30. Enturbuleak Member

    ^ ABC / lather / rinse / repeat

    On the way to Curacao right now.

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  31. Enturbuleak Member

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  32. kthnxbai Member

    I see this morning, Wednesday, with Freewinds on her way from Curacao to Aruba as usual, that her status or whatever has changed from Passenger Ship (a blue arrow) to Unspecified which is the status used for odds and ends including ship-shape drill rigs and Navy ships (a grey arrow).

    Does it mean she never has any passengers? seriously I can't see it makes any difference.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps they simply forgot to declare passengers?
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  34. Enturbuleak Member

    Good question.
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  35. BlackRob Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    BlackRob !!! happy to see you posting again : )
  37. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Yeah that sounds like a lot of fun, going on a "cruise" while the ship is in dry dock.
  38. Enturbuleak Member

  39. Enturbuleak Member

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