Tracking Of The Freewinds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Random guy Member

    Hm, being landbound due to repairs? That bucket is old and dented. Can they really afford larger repairs? And who would want to go on a ship during repairs, when any hammer stroke can bring small particles of blue asbestos into the air ducts?
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  2. kthnxbai Member

    Good question. The other option is Curacao but she doesn't go there much since you-know-what. Does Oranjestad in Aruba have a dry dock?
  3. Enturbuleak Member

    Good idea to keep close track of AIS info, to see where Freewinds disappears during dry dock.
  4. kthnxbai Member

    Irtagena) - Colombia

    Apart from Curacao the only one I found in the ABCC area is this one at Cartagena as well as two haul-out facilities, whatever that is. Unless she goes over to somewhere in the Lesser Antilles, her upper-class shuttle.

    Astivik, Cartagena, Colombia
    Astivik SA (Cartagena) - Colombia
    This commercial shipyard offers dry docking facilities (capacity 700 Tons) and ‘in water’ repairs. The yard is located Km 3, Carretera Mamonal, Cartagena. Contact Jorge Babilonia for service and inquiries.
    Tel: +(57) 5 668 5018
    Cell: +(57) 314 596 6830

    Is a dry dock the same as a haul-out facility? At any rate there are two more both in Cartagena, Colombia.
    Cotecmar, Cartagena, Colombia
    Cotecmar (Cartagena) - Colombia
    This is a large commercially orientated shipyard facility with two locations in Cartagena. The Mamonal location offers haul outs (Syncrolift system with capacity of 3,600 tons); and the Boca Grande location (Slip Rail system with capacity of 1,200 tons also) offers ‘in the water’ repairs and maintenance services. This is a full service yard with maintenance and repair capabilities that include electrical overhauls, diesel engines and propulsion systems, machine shops and fabrications, hydraulics, fibreglassing, plumbing and painting. Strategically located in Cartagena, Cotecmar is only 180 miles away from the Panama Canal.
    Tel: +(57) 5 668 5133 ext: 161
    Cell: +(57) 316 248 8131

    FerroAlquimar, Cartagena, Colombia
    This is a well established haul out facility, that last year commissioned a brand new 300 Ton Travel Lift. The yard managers (Fernando, Harry, and Pedro) speak English and have a common goal of providing the best service possible to their clients. They are stepping up to the challenges and demands of larger vessels that the new lift has brought and have successfully hauled several large motor yachts for service. They offer limited ‘in water’ repairs and can also provide long term storage on the hard for seasonal yachts. The yard is located at Kilometro 3, on the road to Mamonal. Contact them directly for enquiries and bookings.
    Tel: +(57) 5 668 5726 / 668 5590
    Tel - USA: +1(305) 735 3781
    Cell: +(57) 320 566 9285 / 320 565 3300
    Cell: +(57) 320 565 3260
    Fax: +(57) 5 673 4145
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  5. It may not be clear but Bonaire is for a few years now special municipality of The Netherlands, this has consequenses in the end for the Freewinds dumping Bilge water in the enviroment !

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  6. Anonymous Member

    This place is so corrupt - it's beyond bizarre. In Curacao (which is independant from the Netherlands) the former prime minister got killed. Then the guy who allegedly murdered him, was killed himself. And last week, the alleged killer for thát murder offed himself in his cell.
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  7. ORLY?

    I take it that in your country the politics (and the politicians) are whiter than white, in whichever sense you'd prefer.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    My country = the Netherlands. Yeah, there's corruption here too, but it's fairly small scale and doesn't actually undermine democracy. And yeah, I do feel the Antilles are comically corrupt. Got a problem with that?
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  9. No we are all Orange here Trufax,

  10. Anonymous Member

    We Dutch put the Ethics in on any faith

    Now back to regular programming WERE THE HELL IS THAT FUCKING FAILBOAT ?
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    cat on boat.gif
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  14. Enturbuleak Member


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  16. DeathHamster Member

    But you can upgrade to a B cabin by only paying the B cabin rate!
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  17. Enturbuleak Member

    Originally Posted by greatam

    I'm going to make a big guess that a NON PROFIT, live aboard community that carries no "paying" passengers would be pretty much exempt from a lot of Coast Guard regulations other than things like amount of life jackets, maybe life boats, fire extinguishers and general safety equipment. I need those on my 16 foot jet boat on the Colorado river.

    SOLAS rules are primarily for COMMERCIAL, passenger enterprises. I am sure you can split fine hairs both ways but if registered outside the USA and not spending a lot of time in US ports, the Coast Guard would have very little impact.

    If you are looking to PURCHASE an older cruise ship, having a Coast Guard certification may be like a kind of "warranty". But I just bet a non US registered PRIVATE ship is not bound by a lot of the same regulations.

    [ reply to thread ]

    reading between your lines are you making reference to M/V FreeWinds??? (no? google it)

    SOLAS applies to ALL commercial vessels but the application of those rules is usually up to the flag state. In the US, the rules apply to vessels regardless of flag that want to do commercial business here ... perhaps why FreeWinds, and certain other ships, do NOT land in US ports.

    these are not necessarily low end ships btw ... WINDSTAR visits what US ports???? But, WINDSTAR ships (the 4 masters anyway) no longer pass SOLAS as codified in the US and so ... no loading pass' in the US.

    A privately owned vessel - a yacht - that does no commercial business while visiting a US port, and is not US flagged, is not subject to commercial inspection.... a visiting boat flying Cayman flag in not subject to inspection for commercial purpose and SOLAS compliance, but IS subject to USCG inspection for other US laws and regulations as soon as it enters US waters . . . if that yacht wants to load charter pass' in Miami ... different story .. now it is a commercial vessel

    If that yacht loads US pass' in St Martin (have you been watching 'Below Decks').. US(CG) has no jurisdiction unless the boat sails under US flag.
    detail point . . .

    Due to the problem of drug transportation by boat/ship, there are a number of standing treaties and other agreements between the United States and other countries, extending to the US and USCG in particular certain powers of the Flag State . In simpler terms a 'yacht', flying the Flag of X might be stopped and subject to boarding and inspection by USCG because the country X has granted US(CG) that authority. That the master of the vessel is not aware of this treaty is the problem of the master.

    Sometimes folks realize my job was a wee bit more complicated than they envisioned . . . the Captain of a CG ship is the one on scene responsible for proper application of these rules/treaties/agreements
    Capt BJ
    Costa, Commodore, NCL, Windstar, Princess, DCL, RCL
    40+ cruises
    USCG Captain, retired - 6 ships, 2 commands, 12 yrs @ sea
    Shellback, Golden Dragon, Bering Sea winter vet
    Tall ship sailor
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  18. Enturbuleak Member

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  19. Holland is a shitty NATO country and a bunch of shameless ex-slavers, not to mention an ugly, pasty-white bunch of father-fuckers who speak an uncouth language.

    Yeah, I have problems with the way you think.

    So, fuck you, Dutchie. Better you stay at home.
    And take that homosexual KittyKatSucker with you when you leave the forum.
    High Countries
    This message by High Countries has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Why hello there Miscavige fucker, See you in the derail thread.
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  22. Enturbuleak Member

    I had a similar question... Whenever Freewinds is in Arabu Port, the webcam seems focused only on Freewinds.

    There are videos posted of other cruise ships coming and going. But when Freewinds is in port, the web cam stays just on Freewinds.
  23. kthnxbai Member

    22 September 2013: 23.23 Paris time and Freewinds arrived in Willemstad, Curacao, at 15:30.

    So I guess that answers the question about where she will be in dry dock.

    If they are spending this money they must believe she has a future.

    23 September 2013: still at the Otrabanda Quay and facing inland, ie in the direction of the Dry Dock. Normally she goes in and turns round before parking.
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  24. Enturbuleak Member

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  25. Scientology Super Power Beached on Fail Island

    Posted on October 1, 2013 | 4 Comments

    Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion today announced the shocking news.

    “The top secret Scientology Sea Org vessel Super Power was viciously sabotaged on her maiden voyage to Tampa Bay, and, as a result, lost power in last night’s raging storm in the Atlantic,” Delusion stated.

    “Whereupon, the mighty Super Power ran aground and beached herself onFail Island.”

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    The enter key, it does nothing!

  28. Anonymous Member

    Oh well fuck you then.
  29. Rod Keller Member

    They skipped Bonaire. I wonder if they're in trouble there or if it's something else. I don't see anything about them since 2011.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Can now be seen on the Pt Aruba web cam - a couple of people are walking around on deck. . Thx previous poster for this link:
  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. RightOn Member

    sittin' mighty high in the water
  33. Anonymous Member

    Kirstie isn't aboard...
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  34. AnonKat Member

    January first 2010 Bonaire became a special municipality of the Netherlands meaning they are odley enough alsoo under European Law now, at this moment there is a European inquary going on regarding corruption there.
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  35. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    Krusty not on board...LMFAO!
  36. why isn't the FW coming up on marinetraffic dot com today?
  37. kthnxbai Member

    Her normal pattern for months now is ABC, every Sunday from Aruba to Bonaire, brief stop, then to Curacao, very brief stop, then back to Aruba for the rest of the week. And so on.

    But today, Tuesday 19 November, she is on her way from Aruba to Willemstad in Curacao. Not a big deal but look at what's been going on for the last 2-3 days in Clearwater. Funds to deposit? Captain wants a pizza? Someone needs to catch a plane? Important but very small person flying in?
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  38. Rod Keller Member

  39. kthnxbai Member

    Now 11 December and still the same. If it's Sunday she's on her way to Bonaire, if it's Monday she ought to be at Curacao, and the rest of the time at Oranjestad in Aruba.

    For some days now she doesn't come up automatically on the AIS site (MarineTraffic) and today the two human-size cruise liners shown in the Aruba Port Web Cam don't show up there either. I bet she's trying to disappear off radar, like the building in Birmingham, England, which is now lost in a black cloud in Google Street View.

    Big sensation: I saw three people who looked like crew walking across the top deck. The ship looks dead otherwise.
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