Tracking Of The Freewinds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Rod Keller Member

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  2. the boat is sinking in the blue asbestos ?
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  3. wolfbane Member

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  4. Rod Keller Member

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  5. wolfbane Member

  6. Rod Keller Member

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  7. wolfbane Member

  8. Rod Keller Member

    I will try. The tweeter puts the location as not on the water, so I assume it's an office, not the shipping facility. According to this, they have 60,000 sq meters of property, and can dock a ship up to 220 meters. This is a 220 meter ship, the Freewinds is only 134 meters.

    The Freewinds dock is 95 meters. I don't think the Norwegian Star would fit there.

    I'll eliminate the big cranes in the background of the Freewinds photo. NavTech mentions only mobile cranes, not container loading cranes. I'll eliminate the island in the harbor, because that dock is 437 meters.

    I'll keep looking, but this is my best guess. That ship is 220 meters. Depending on exactly where the property line is, that could be 60,000 sq. meters.

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  9. Rod Keller Member

    This is a small vessel at NavTech. i don't think it helps much. Yet.

  10. wolfbane Member

    Thanks! This is one of two locations I was stewing on as well.
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  11. wolfbane Member

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  12. FreakE420 Member

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  13. wolfbane Member

    ^^Noice. FreakE delivers. :) still reporting the ship as stopped. And now that BlackRob broke the news of the Copenhagen Ideal Org event happening this weekend, I'm starting to wonder if this extended stop might not be related to previous pattern noted during the Superpower/IAS events in Clearwater -- the ship sits still when big things are going on elsewhere in the world.
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  14. kthnxbai Member

    You may be right but, OTOH she always spend several days or weeks in Cartagena once she does get there. It is not a routine stop.

    Edited to add that as far as I can see her last trip to Cartagena began 13 August 2013; back again to Aruba on 3 September. 3 weeks.
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  15. Woo Hah Member

    Agreed. Cartagena is out of the way of Freewinds' normal ABC circle jerk route.

    Once in Cartagena, Freewinds usually spends at least a week there.
  16. Rod Keller Member

    Last I heard she was with her cats.
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  17. White Tara Global Moderator

    Lol :) plz dont quote the troll.
  18. Rod Keller Member

    If they were in a shipyard I would suspect they need the FW to go ideal. There are three non-ideal AOs after the upcoming relaunch of ASHO and AOLA. Freewinds, Saint Hill, and ASHO ANZO. Three more AOs are planned. ASHO AF (Kyalami Castle), ASHO LATAM and ASHO CAN.
  19. BlackRob Member

    Here you go:

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  20. kthnxbai Member

    Thank you, Black Rob, for this goodie.

    So, have I got this right? All the conventions take place in a weekly series from w/c 6 March to w/c 6 June, on board the Failboat, and the prices are on the right. Only some packages are for 10 days and some for 14 days. No convention without accommodation and presumably you are meant to book in for two weeks and take two courses. 'Caribbean islands' could as well be Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao than anywhere more exciting.

    What is the difference between a Congress course and a Convention?

    The Freewinds Experience: how to rip out blue asbestos without protective clothing?

    They are targeting Canada, Denmark, Slovakia, Switzerland, Japan and the UK: any special reason?
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  21. wolfbane Member

    A "Congress course" is an actual training step on The Bridge with a classic LRH lecture series. A "Convention" is just some regfest scam disguised as a bullshit PR networking event.

    Meanwhile, back in Colombia... the Freewinds is still sitting in the same spot in Cartagena. 11 days and counting.
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  22. kthnxbai Member

    Thanks for the explanation. LOL.

    I think she usually stays in Colombia for a few weeks. It is a long way and a dangerous coast and perhaps a free berth when she gets there. Once she also called in at Santa Marta and even ran a TWTBH event there and yes, that is not a typo.

    As for her current mooring in Cartagena, I notice one site showed a kind of pier which doesn't show up everywhere but which explains why the blue dot appears to be off-shore.
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  23. kthnxbai Member

    Aha, yesterday (Friday 22 February) she made a small sortie leaving her berth at 11.38 or thereabouts and returning at approx. 15.00.

    I Am Not A Sailor but I would say this looks like a sea-trial after work or repairs done on engines.

    Monday: some difficulty finding her this morning but still in Cartagena.
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  24. wolfbane Member

    ^^Nice catch. I totally missed that lil sortie.
  25. Woo Hah Member

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  26. wolfbane Member

    Meanwhile, back in Colombia... the Freewinds is still sitting in the same spot in Cartagena. 22 days and counting.
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  27. Woo Hah Member

    22 days is longer than usual.

    Problems? Can't afford diesel?
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  28. wolfbane Member

    OR -with consideration given for the little test run cruise noted upstream ITT - they're getting work done that wasn't completed during the Curacao Drydock visit late last year, and it isn't going well.
  29. Woo Hah Member

    Frustrated there is no pics lately. Only on-board pix of concert. No clue WTF Freewinds is doing in port.

    SRS, 22 days in Cartagena, something is wrong.
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  30. wolfbane Member

    Got a date they held an onboard concert while stuck in Cartagena?

    And a shout-out to Rod to hit up the twitfag who tweeted the one pic on Twitter... ask if it looks like the ship is getting work done as it sits there and/or if it has done PR events in the local area lately.
  31. Woo Hah Member

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  32. Random guy Member

    Could they still be docking waiting for the openings in LA, those that they can't seem to fix a date for?
  33. Woo Hah Member

    I suspect something is wrong. Sorry, no dox. Freewinds is staying longer than usual in Cartagena.

    Russians doing Leadership & Competence Course in Cartagena. Does not compute.
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  34. RolandRB Member

    When are they going to get an Ideal Cruise Ship?
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  35. wolfbane Member

    Maybe. If the tinfoil theory I floated earlier is correct that when they have a big event, the ship docks for an extended period of time so that the SO crew (and/or whales onboard doing courses and shit) can disembark and fly in to attend the festivities for inflating the numbers and related hype.

    Pure speculation of course - but seems reasonable imo.
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  36. Woo Hah Member

    When Flag sets sail.
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  37. wolfbane Member

    Also could be a combo effect of several things speculated on -- repairs/work being done, big event transport parking, some local community PR thing going on.

    22 days is a long damn time for any one of ^^Those reasons. More than one of those reasons (and/or other reasons - could someone had made a run for it??? I wish!) wouldn't surprise me.
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  38. Woo Hah Member

    I'm relatively preoccupied these days. Hope someone can keep track of how long Freewinds is scuttled in Cartagena, getting a sec check.
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  39. kthnxbai Member

    Just to confirm the details I posted ITT. She left Aruba on her way to Cartagena, Colombia, on 10 February 2014. So today Sunday 2 March she has been in Cartagena for 20 days, amirite?.

    Three weeks is still fairly normal. I looked at the data for August 2010- April 11 and found she visited for the whole month of August 2010 (31 days) and at later times for 19, 17, 12 and 13 days.
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  40. th?id=HN.608011990146353133&pid=15.1.jpg th?id=HN.608032863690425002&pid=15.1.jpg
    ''Best Cruise Everrr! Talk about Super-Powers, What a Congress! This Shit is Wack.''
    This Scientologist is not sure if he's coming or going to the congress. DM saw him coming (he got regged in both directions).
    DM finally found something easier to sell than re-packaged LRH Rambling 'Tech'.

    ''I wuz gonna have power over MEST....... but then I got High
    I wuz gonna go OT8......but then I got High
    I'll never reach the end of the bridge and I know Why.......
    Becuz i got High.....Becuz I got High.....Becuz I got High-Aye.''
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