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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by sue, Jul 11, 2012.

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  2. ZeroC Member

    Don't press the "Destroy" button!

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  3. sue Administrator

    Would you guys get super angry if the monthly costs were bumped up to $500 ? here's the thing, the more posts there are the longer (new) search queries take to complete. This means that while this happens the database server is busy doing quite a bit of work, and can occasionally tell other requests to wait. This becomes exponentially worse the more posts a forum has.

    To avoid this there's elasticsearch which is built and optimised for handling search queries (mysql isn't really built for it.) However, this would mean an additional expense on a monthly basis.

    I'll do the innodb conversion when there's less activity (tonight) search is going to be amongst the next things that need to be looked at and can't really be avoided.

    In the good news dept, without wanting to make promises, file attachments + possibly group creation for everyone might be seen in the not to distant future.

    Groups would boil down to your own public or private forum where you call the shots, there will still be some minor limitations rule wise, but in essence it would be your place, your drama and as long as you keep it there, we'll be cool.
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  4. rof Member

    I would get my own drama?

    For only $100?
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  5. sue Administrator

    It's still in development but from what I gathered it is shaping up very nicely.
  6. My own rainbow group!!!
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  7. rof Member

    Let me betafag it and tell you it's worthless.

    I have a few friends.
  8. sue Administrator

  9. I'd be okay with this. I can find a way to make a regular monthly donation. A mere 20 donors @ $25.00 per month makes the monthly nut.

    Obviously, $25.00 per month may not be manageable for everyone, but I think if it is pitched as a what-can-be-managed member/guest donation - rather than a fixed amount, like a subscription - it may be possible that there will be enough member & guest donations to make the nut every month.

    The features already in place are tools I am finding to be very valuable, and what has been described as future features are quite attractive.

    No, it would not make me angry. :)
  10. sue Administrator

    Tuning mysql is going to take a few days, hopefully performance will be better now. If you continue having the "half page" load issue please let me know. It doesn't show up in the slow_query log which.. well keeps me wondering what it can be.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Ah, I was wondering about those half page loads. Thought maybe it was my internet connection or something. Its been persistently hanging both on Roland's Scientology = Child Abuse thread and the Child Scientology thread; both have exceedingly long pages with lots of images (sorry about that)
  12. PresidentShaw Member

    Yea, it does seem to happen more often on pages with lots of image, not sure if related but worth mentioning.
  13. sue Administrator

    Ok, let me know if it continues to happen from here on.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Sue, whatever magic you did, it worked. Pages aren't choking half way through any more. Thanks :)
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Holy crap, pages load very fast now.
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  16. sue Administrator

    That was the idea :)
  17. sue Administrator

    Can I take a day off now guys?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Yes, you've earned it. Report to your Regional Overlord for bonus allotment of hookers and blow.
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  19. Not only is shit fast like whoosh but ... all pics now load using Tor bundle. Whatever you did fixed that too. Now I shall hug you :D
  20. Anonymous Member

    Agreed, this is like the turbocharged version of WWP, on steroids. Pages and images load incredibly fast now. Whatever you did, Sue, was damn fine work.
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  21. sue Administrator

    Glad to hear :)
  22. Pique Member

    Nice job sue. Yes indeed take a day off.


    I don't imagine that previously even the $400 was quite covering total costs.
    With a move to a more appropriate server it sounds reasonable to me that those costs will go up.
    And I'm looking forward to more detail on...

    Here's some magick potion for your day off.


    Edit: omg things really are speedy around here!!
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  23. PresidentShaw Member

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  24. Kilia Member

    This old lady will do the best she can monthly donation-wise per her Social Security assets.
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  25. raboon Member

    Very good thank you.
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  27. rof Member

    dude ur dome is b0rken
  28. nightfire Member

    Sue you are doing a really great job! Thank you for everything you do! Load times for me have been cut in half, and I don't have hanging loads anymore (which could be embarrasing in public) ;)
    This site keeps getting better and better!
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