Trans-Pacific Partnership - The Most Corrupt Trade Deal To Date

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andy Downs, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Andy Downs Member

    The #TPP is NAFTA on steroids. The interesting part of all trade agreements have to be approved by Congress. Over 130 members of Congress have requested the text of the agreement so far and the Obama administration has refused to turn over the text of the agreement.

    But it gets better

    Obama is pushing to "Fast Track" the agreement. So this means that Congress, not having seen the text of the #TPP, will not be allowed to debate the agreement. They will only be allowed to vote YES or No, without knowing what they are voting for.

    Congressional leadership, just like with the NSA, is supporting non-disclosure by Obama.

    There is now an award for anyone from any of the countries to get a copy of the agreement. (I am not advocating illegal activities, just reporting facts here).

    This agreement is going to help the Copyright hounds in a huge way as well as allow banks to override US regulations via this agreement.

    Other important links on this agreement
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Sickens me. Good Lord.
    That's all- right now I am speechless- again.
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  3. JohnnyRUClear Member

    See also NAU & FTAA. The more you look, the more subversion you will find.

    Yes, Virginia, there really are conspirators, despite how "politically correct" it has been to poo-poo folks who have been on about that for a long while now. Oh, and it's not just surrounding the USA; trace the history of the EU and you'll find the same thing. And there's an "African Union" now too.

    The self-ordained "elite" are pushing things ever closer to the system expressed by Orwell in "1984".
  4. Anonymous Member

    No conspiracy needed, just an understanding of what happens when the media moguls are involved in a decision-making process that is devoid of any input whatsoever from either end users or digital rights groups.
  5. Anonymous Member

    The sad part, is that in the long run, these policies don't even make people rich. Sure a few get rich in the short run, but in the long run, if they do not escape with all their money, then they will be as broke as everyone else. The invisible hand always wins in the end. You either work with it an get rich the honest way, or try to cheat it and get strangled by it in the end.
  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "Needed" or not, it's there all the same. It isn't even all that well-hidden, at this point. It doesn't have to be. What is anybody going to do about it even when they do know? Uh-ab-sa-loot-leh NUTHIN!
  7. Rockyj Member

    Its NAFTA on steroids!

    Its also about copyrights,paying for clicks!

    Its not about trade its more about De-regulations!

    Its about corporations regulating government! For example not being able to sue corporations for destroying earth & killing people!

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  8. Andy Downs Member

    I'm glad people are waking up to this. This is serious
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  9. Rockyj Member

    I am glad you started this forum!
  10. Anonymous Member

    If the earth is destroyed by corporations, who will be left to sue them? What court will hear the lawsuit? And should the suit be successful, how will the corporations pay restitution?
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  11. Rockyj Member

    Good point, but of course a corporation could destroy a community's natural source of water with out destroying the earth.
  12. Anonymous Member

    There are cases when this is necessary because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

    If a small community loses it's source of water that is bad.
    If a company can produce something needed by millions that is good.

    If a company can produce something needed by millions only by destroying a community's natural source of water, then there is a sober decision to be made. Either millions of people must go without that useful product, or pay a higher price for it, or the community must find alternate sources of water. Whatever happens some people will benefit and others will suffer.
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  13. Corporations always claim that what they are doing is better for the masses. "New & Improved" has always meant they found a cheaper way to make a product, while charging more for it. They are a only interested in profit, especially those at the top. Ironically, most of the employees of these multinational corporations would not agree with the plans at the top if they actually knew what they were planning and doing. They are actually trying to make life better for everybody else, but those at the top corrupt it for their own benefit.

    TPP and its Atlantic (Europe-N. & S. American) counterpart is the next step in the corporatization of the world. It will be another step in weakening every nation's ability to police corporations. Corporation interests will come before those of the citizens. The Commons will be privatized. It is RollerBall come to life.

    Unfortunately, at the present, we need to hope that politicians in all of the countries involved will stand up to the corporations and vote it down. That enough members of the involved corporations gain a conscience and blow-up the deal by leaking it and/or sneaking in language which will destroy it. This did happen during the last Guilded Age, but at present unions are too weak and I do not see another Teddy Roosevelt on the horizon. Hopefully Obama's successor will surprise us! Because he has been a total corporate shill as a president.
  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Hey, RJ! LTNS. Still out to keep the world safe from leftist bugaboos? :D
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  15. Rockyj Member

    Hey I also resemble that...A LEFTEST BUGABOO!:cool:
  16. Anonymous Member

    sounds about right

    A government granted monopoly.

    There are only three instances I know of where an industry was deregulated: Airlines, trucking and beer, all in the 1970s by a Democratic president (hurry for Georgia cracker) and all a resounding success.

    It's more of a symbiotic relationship that excludes you and me. It really doesn't matter who drives it, who causes it, since the results would be the same no matter what.

    The government sets the rules, so you really should be pissed at the government for violating their oath.Pretty much anyone offered free money will take it. The problem is that politicians have this largesse to pass out.
  17. Andy Downs Member

    Everyone should check out this interview with Sen Rob Portman of Ohio discussing the TPP. If you start the interview at the 4 minute mark, you will see it.

    Portman makes an off the cuff remark about the the need for getting the "TPA" in effect prior to getting the TPP fast tracked with no Senate debate on the agreement.
    There is something here I do not yet understand. Why would this TPA be a prerequisite to fast tracking the TPP?

    Here is the link. Perhaps if pressure on this TPA agreement is exerted, the TPP can somehow go down in flames.

    Info needed, investigation needed.

    Ideas and thoughts?
  18. Andy Downs Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    IOW, it lets POTUS work on the agreement without Congress micromanaging him. So, getting TPA passed would make the negotiations go more smoothly, which the foreign govs presumably know.
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  20. Andy Downs Member

    So negotiated by corporations so they circumvent congressional oversight and stick it to anyone who doesn't have a big stock portfolio
  21. Anonymous Member

    More like "Let one person negotiate rather than 536 people. It will make it easier. Then give the 535 people an up / down vote on it. That saves a lot of time."
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  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Dictatorships do feature the advantage of speed. Some have noted corresponding disadvantages.
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Andy Downs Member

    There is a Twitter Storm effort right now #StopFastTrackTPP please join us
  25. rof Member
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

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