Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

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    Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Objective: Transcription
    Original document: Internet Radio, Citizen Broadcasting, Social Media Podcasts - Blog Talk Radio
    Preliminary timetable: -
    00-05: Ann O'Nymous 1st draft
    05-10: Ann O'Nymous 1st draft
    10-15: Ann O'Nymous 1st draft
    15-20: Dubber 1st draft
    20-25: (Kaminonymous)
    25-30: (Kaminonymous)
    30-35: Ann O'Nymous 1st draft
    35-40: Dubber 1st draft
    40-50: anon.txt 1st draft
    50-55: Dubber 1st draft
    Harmonization and preparation of final version: Consistency check/ Language check (who and status)
    Final document: -
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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    my headphones were my only sound, and they's teh broke right now.
    i'll take a chunk or two when i get new ones in a few days.
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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Great. Please let us know.
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Not finished yet, but I have to go.
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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08


    DO: Oh, I imagine so. Now, was he declared a suppressive person at any time?

    MB: No.

    DO: Well, that's good.

    MB: No, he has this label of "freeloader." If you're a staff member, that's very nearly the same as being declared to other staff. I know at Golden Era Productions we weren't allowed to talk to freeloaders until they paid off their debts. When a staff member leaves, then all of their counseling that they got actually gets back-charged to them. Then they have to pay that debt. He didn't want to pay it, so I wasn't actually allowed to talk to him after he left, because he was a "freeloader."

    DO: Freeloader, yeah. So he might not be an SP. They have a variety of terms for people you're not allowed to associate with.

    So at what point did you end up out at Gold?


    MB: I ended up at Gold in November of 1983, which was was one year after I originally joined the Sea Organization. I got sent straight out to Gold, which is considered going over the rainbow, because it was closer to working with LRH. He was still alive then. I was assigned to the Messenger on Duty unit, which was a unit of messengers who were in training to become L. Ron Hubbard's new messengers when he decided to return to Hemet and operate out of Hemet.

    DO: So you were fifteen at that point, right? Fifteen or sixteen?

    MB: Sixteen, yes.

    DO: OK. You're sixteen. You're at Gold. You're out there. I can't imagine what that's like. When I think about when I'm sixteen, I'm learning to drive, going to prom, that sort of thing. Here you are. You're doing manual labor. Probably all sorts of labor laws and truancy laws are being violated. You're not in school. I still don't know how they get away with this stuff.

    MB: I don't know either. It just amazes me.


    DO: It's shocking to me!

    MB: Yeah, and the all-night work that I had to do! It was amazing how many incredibly strange projects I'd get assigned to do that would mean that I had to stay up all night.

    Every time L. Ron Hubbard's laundry got sent up to Hemet, a team of about 6 or 7 people, including me, had to do special laundry detail. We would stay up for 2 or 3 nights in a row hand-washing every piece of his laundry because he couldn't stand to have any bit of smell of laundry detergent on his clothes. We had to use these special soaps and wash them, and then rinse them 6 or 7 times in these buckets of filtered water. In fact, I remember these big buckets. We'd stand in a row, about 6 or 7 of us. We'd slosh the piece of clothing up and down about 3 or 4 times in the bucket. Then we'd dump it and we'd fill it again. We did this 6 or 7 times.


    In order to stave off boredom and keep ourselves awake we would play Madonna music and Michael Jackson music in the background. We'd dance while we were doing it. Sometimes it would be freezing cold. It would be at night and it would be cold. It was outside with an overhead thing, but it was outside and it was tough. We felt privileged because we were doing the boss's laundry.

    DO: I've had some bosses in my life that I've liked a lot. No way would I ever want to do their laundry. Especially not out in the cold in the middle of the night for 3 days in a row. "Hey, I'm washing L. Ron Hubbard's underwear! Yay, me!" You poor thing.

    Would you say Gold was a worse standard of living than Flag? Did you go to worse conditions when you left Flag to go to Gold?


    MB: The first couple of years, I'd say yes. The dormitory I was assigned to at Gold had 12 people in it. It was a small hotel-like room with one bathroom, and it was so crowded. It was three-tiered bunks all in the room. We had to take turns standing in the middle to get dressed in the morning, it was so crowded. So yeah, I'd say that was pretty rough at first. I think that it was kind of funny, because it was just crazy.

    Apparently they got inspected by some kind of Riverside County inspector who said that we were allowed to have only five people per room. So that got changed somewhere around 1985 or 86. We weren't allowed to pack 12 or 13 people into one little room like that.

    DO: How thoughtful of them to take away the overcrowded conditions.

    I'm going to ask you some questions about Mr. David Miscavige, my favorite friend there, but before I do, someone in the chat room wanted to know about a tree.
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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Is there a way of downloading the file so I can use Expresscribe? I can't find a way to do it.
  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    I don't use it so I cannot help you on this.
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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    in fact there is, .txt should serve your needs on this occasion.
    if it doesn't, there's an archive of dawn's shows labeled by date (which is where i got that link)
    look in the upper left corner of the screen for the tree of links under the banner ad, which looks like this:
    Home > Stations > BC Magazine > DawnOlsen > Glosslip - From Our Lips To Your Ears

    clicking on "DawnOlsen" will take you to said archive, where there are 'play', 'download', and 'share' buttons for each of her most recent dozen shows.
    from there, simply find the show with the matching date, maybe listen to a minute of it if you want to be absolutely sure, then hit the download button.

    In other news, i have frakking AWESOME new headphones that i could wear for weeks at a time before they started to bother my ears. downside is that this is finals week for me, so studying shall have to take priority over transcribing.

    i will tenatively take the 20-30 minute block, however i probably won't be able to finish before friday night / early saturday morning pacific time. feel free to re-assign that block if anyone can finish it faster.
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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Thanks for the information and your help. We will see where we are over the week-end.
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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

  14. Dubber Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08


    DO: From what I've understood, Int base is in Hemet. It's a desert area. What time of year was it that you escaped? What month?

    MB: It was December.

    DO: It was December, so it was cold at night.

    MB: It was cold, yeah.

    DO: You were able to catch some ride and went to your aunt's house. What happened at that point? I know at some point you went back. We'll get to that, but what was going through your mind after you had this harrowing escape, being shot at, being chased?

    MB: When I finally showed up at my aunt's house it was 5:00 in the afternoon. I went to their house, and they're not Scientologists at all. I walk in there, and I'm not looking too great. I'm all sweaty, and my hand's swollen because it's broken.

    I said, "I'm going to sue them! I'm going to get a lawyer. This is not right. David Miscavige can't take over the church like that. He can't ruin the whole thing. That's not fair."


    My aunt looked at me and said, "You can't sue the Church of Scientology! Where are you going to get the money to do that?" It just started dawning on me that it costs money to sue people. So I couldn't do that.

    Then I told my uncle, "If they try to call me, try to find me, I'm not talking to them." My uncle said, "If they call you, you're talking to them. These are not Gestapos with guns. This is the Church of Scientology! You're exaggerating. Whatever happened do you out there in this remote location, it doesn't have to do with Scientology as a whole. You can talk to somebody higher and sort things out."

    He was trying to rationalize this whole thing, and I wanted it to be that way. I wanted him to be right. I said, "OK, I will say that what just happened in the RPF wasn't this horrible Scientology thing. It was particular to whatever's going on in this remote location unsupervised by other Scientologists. So I will try to resolve my problem."


    The next day my sister came out, and I hadn't seen her for a while. Ken Hoden came with her, and he was a representative of Golden Era Productions. He promised me a bunch of cool things, and said I could talk to my husband again. I could hang out with my sister, and I wasn't declared a suppressive person. I didn't have to do the Rehabilitation Project Force. He was just laying it on, sweet-talking me. He finally said, "Just come back, and we'll sort it out. You'll get your favorite counselor." I had this favorite counselor that I really liked named A. K. He said, "You'll get A. K. to be your counselor again. We'll give you all these cool things and it'll be fine." I said, "OK, maybe I am blowing everything out of proportion, so I'll go back."


    So I did. I went back, and it was a bunch of lies. It didn't work out the way that Ken Hoden promised at all.

    DO: No, it never does with them.

    MB: I ended up getting stuck out there for another three years.

    DO: So how were you treated after that? Did anything improve? I know they lied. Eventually your husband declared you. You said he was a jerk anyway, so that was all right. How were you treated when you went back from this rather exciting escape?

    Before you say that, did you say that that night you broke your hand?

    MB: Yes, my hand was swollen.

    In fact, when I returned they kept me in the west side of the property in an area called the old Gilman house area. There was an old house that was built on that property in the 1930s called the old Gilman house on the northwest side of the property. There was about an acre and a half around that area where there were staff who were in various lower statuses doing manual labor projects. I was kept there for three years.


    When I got there, a medical person had me get part of my hand X-rayed in their dental machine, which was weird, [laughs] to see if it was broken.

    DO: Lovely.

    MB: They determined that it was, and they did bring me to the hospital. I got it set, but the doctor said I'd waited so long to get it set that she wasn't able to set it properly. I have a problem with my right knuckle [?] for that reason.

    DO: Shouldn't you be able to file a worker's comp?

    MB: Not now. That was a long time ago. I didn't know that I could back then. They just paid for it. I didn't have to pay for that.

    DO: How nice. Did they ever apologize for breaking your hand?

    MB: No. Actually, I had to apologize for hitting the guy, but he never had to apologize for slamming my hand on the table afterwards, or blocking the door and calling me names before that.
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    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Thanks for the help!
  16. anon.txt Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    I will do 40-50.
  17. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

  18. anon.txt Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Here's 40-50:

  19. Dubber Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08



    MB: I loved her. I didn't care if she had to take pills because she was hearing voices. I loved her. I regretted losing all that time working for Scientology when I could have been with my mother and making her life better for her.

    DO: Are you close to your mom now?

    MB: She passed away in 2004. I was able to visit her a couple of times, but she was in an assisted care facility. I didn't have enough money to really give her anything better. It wasn't perfect, but it was good that I got to see her. She passed away pretty soon after I got out.

    DO: I'm very sorry. I don't think you and I touched on that earlier, or I wouldn't have asked such an insensitive question. That makes it even worse that you were robbed of all that time, which obviously makes perfect sense with your previous statement.


    We have ten minutes. One of the things I want to talk about is, you have a twin sister who's still a Scientologist.

    MB: Yeah, she's been convinced that I'm a bad person to talk to me any more. I've tried. I've written her letters and she never answers them. I've gone out there once to ask about her, and they said she wasn't there. I don't know whether it was true or not. I don't have any contact with her right now.

    DO: That's got to be really hard. I know twins have this special relationship. Obviously you guys have been apart from each other so long. You've lost all the time with your mother. You feel bad about your brother being dragged in there, although you said you guys are close now?

    MB: Yeah. We're cool now, yeah.

    DO: What's that like? That's got to be really hard to have this other person who looks like you and probably has very similar mannerisms. It's almost like being separated from your child in some ways. You have this special bond.


    MB: Yeah. It's amazing to me. It makes no sense to me that my sister hasn't made an effort to leave herself. I feel like half of a person without her. My life is just not the same. I want her to get out. I want her to get back with me. I've always thought that this was the coolest life ever because I had a twin sister. Not having her around, I never would ever have suspected this would have happened.

    I would say this is one of _the_ reasons why I left Scientology. This can't possibly be right. This can't possibly be beneficial to anybody, to split up twins like that who are so close, over some small thing. I think it's a small thing.


    DO: It's an insignificant thing in the big picture of life. You've already lost your mother and all the years you could have spent helping her. You were separated from your brother. You lost the opportunity to have children and be married to a nice person, not a mean person.

    MB: [laughs]

    DO: You lost an opportunity to save for your future. Essentially, more than half of your life has been ruined and now you try to put it all back together. Have you gone to any of the Anonymous protests? What are your feelings about Anonymous?

    MB: My feelings about Anonymous? Originally I was a little bit...

    DO: Concerned?

    MB: Yeah, all these concerns because I didn't know what it was all about.


    I went to one of the protests about disconnection. I found all of them there to be pretty great people. They were willing to listen to me tell them my story. They would talk back to me and were friendly.

    I love the fact that all these numbers of people are willing to come out and protest the idiotic aspects of Scientology. They're not just saying Scientology's bad as a religion. They're protesting things about it, like the disconnection and the tactics they use against freedom of speech. That's where I'm at.

    I don't care what people believe. They can believe in disembodied spirits stuck to their body and Xenu and whatever. They can believe that. When they tell me that I can't talk openly to the press, and nobody in Scientology will ever talk to me if I do that, and then enforcing that, that's like saying, "Well, you can't have freedom of speech while you're a Scientologist." That's just bizarre.
  20. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Thanks for your help. I have problems following you! :roll:

    Can you tell me which of the following tasks you feel like doing? (Nothing is an option)
    - [20:00-30:00] if someone can do it before Kanonymous (who could tell us if something has been done so far,
    - [55-end]
    - Cleaning my segments
    - Harmonizing the whole document
    I am ready to take any segment, but I am concerned that somebody should check my work.
    If you give me your opinion about using or not contractions such as "doesn't", I think I am able to handle the harmonization and publication.
  21. Dubber Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Use an apostrophed contraction if that is clearly what the speaker said. I usually expand slurs like "gonna." The transcript should look professional, but it doesn't need to look like two androids talking.
  22. Kaminonymous Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    i assume this is asking if i've done any work? :D

    EDIT: done nao.
  23. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

  24. Kaminonymous Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    TY 4 MU clear, Dubber.
  25. Dubber Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    Some corrections to previous transcripts (phrases marked unintelligible etc.):

    "gentleman of the network ** Operation Clambake. ** I don’t know his real name" --> "gentleman who had worked-- He's on Operation Clambake. He hasn't come out yet, so I'm not going to give his real name"
    "Anthony ** dirty work" --> "Anthony was doing the dirty work"
    "** hospital" --> "the St. Edith [?] State Mental Hospital" I can't find a hospital name that resembles this
    "papers ** in the morning" --> "paper routes in the morning"
    "Land base" --> "land base", i.e. Flag Land Base
    "granolas, regular food ** I know that most of the staff was on rice" --> "granola. Regular crew did not. I know that most of the regular crew were on beans and rice"
    "you ** up" --> "you lucked out"
    "me, because some of the ** we had them at home too" --> "me to get four hours of sleep because sometime that's all I would get at home."
    "he ** in communications" --> "he liked delivering communications"
    "** How was his story like" --> "I mean, what was his story like"
    "leg has been mis **" --> "leg had been mis-set and had healed kind of bowdy. [ph]"
    "** properly." --> "His leg did not heal properly."
    "It is like an escape story. At that time, the RPF ** to be held out of this" --> "This is my first escape story. At that time the Rehabilitation Project Force was being held out at this"
    "a couple of boot ** and bruised my wrist" --> "into a bunch of bookcases and bruised my ribs"
    "But I got ** houses on the road ** these Indians don’t like trespassers, including me." --> "But I got kind of down to the last house on the road and I realized, 'Oh shoot, these Indians don't like trespassers, including me.'"
    "clicking noise **" --> "clicking noise, like a cocking gun"
    "** bullet that is whizzing passed me." --> "I could hear the bullet whizzing past me."
    "Don’t trespass in Indian property, man. They have guns and they don’t like kids. Anyway, he closed his door and ** back off" --> "Don't trespass on Indians' property, man. They have guns and they don't like it. Anyway, after he closed his door and he turned his houselight back off"
    "old **Yemen House" --> "old Gilman house"
    "the [inaudible: 40:55] Indian reservations" --> "the Soboba Indian reservation"
    "the '[sinny?]**' messenger" --> probably "the Seni Messenger", i.e. Senior Messenger

    anon.txt 40-50: Attributions swapped.

    Do not be afraid to back up the audio and listen again if it will help you get a more accurate transcript! This doesn't have to be a live news rush job.
  26. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    If you are new to this and haven't downloaded the transcribing program mentioned, I really recommend doing so. It is very small, easy to use, and has things like a volume slidebar and a SPEED slidebar plus you can set a F-key stroke to skip back and continue playing.
  27. Dubber Member

    Re: Transcript: Maureen Bolstad on Glosslip, 30.05.08

    I'm doing the harmonization for this (including retranscription from 4:00) and will post it when done.
  28. Dubber Member

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