Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by restim, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. restim Member

    Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    As discussed in megathread, starting here


    Start times and speakers from the March 3 meeting. Please announce what you are working on in this thread to avoid duplication of work, and post finished work here as well.

    Please see the end of this post for an example transcription. The result is online, near the bottom of the page.

    If you are transcribing/summarizing a statement that is longer than two or three sentences, I suggest breaking it down into smaller chunks with the start time for each chunk. This makes it easy to go directly to a particular statement, and it avoids walls of text in the link panel (since each time entry gets its own paragraph)

    I will update the web page and this post periodically.

    Gadfly has finished these:
    TRANSCRIBED 0:35:39, 2139, Doug Owens (false start)
    TRANSCRIBED 0:37:54, 2274, Mark Condon (retired Riverside County sheriff's deputy)
    TRANSCRIBED 0:40:24, 2424, County Counsel Pamela Walls
    TRANSCRIBED 0:41:46, 2506, Doug Owens
    TRANSCRIBED 0:48:50, 2930, Stone talks about trespassing
    TRANSCRIBED 0:49:20, 2960, Mark Bunker
    TRANSCRIBED 0:52:30, 3150, Donald Myers
    TRANSCRIBED 0:56:07, 3367, Graham Berry
    TRANSCRIBED 1:05:25, 3925, Walls
    TRANSCRIBED 1:07:05, 4025, Julie Waltz
    TRANSCRIBED 1:11:15, 4275, Stone denies Alhadeff's involvement
    TRANSCRIBED 1:12:15, 4335, Susan Elliot

    Gadfly is working on these, and I'm confident will appreciate any help anyone else can give. Please post in this thread if you are able to help!

    1:16:00, 4560, Lirra Bishop

    1:25:40, 5140, Berry asks Stone to recuse himself. Stone punts to Walls

    1:25:56, 5156, Walls on recusal

    1:27:25, 5245, Sam Alhadeff

    1:31:22, 5482, Alhadeff mentions $3000 worth of plants

    1:31:42, 5502, Bob Buster

    1:40:12, 6012, Stone

    1:42:32, 6152, Walls

    1:43:03, 6183, Walls: "The extent of its applicability to the protests that are going on in front of Scientology now, we have affirmed that it is not <i>necessarily</i> applicable to that situation. Thank you"

    1:43:20, 6200, Wilson

    1:44:45, 6285, Vote

    edit: missed public comments (thanks mnql1)

    2:27:15, 8835, AO

    2:30:40, 9040, Julie Waltz

    TRANSCRIBED 2:34:00, 9240, Doug Owens

    2:34:55, 9295, Mark Bunker

    First a bit of explanation.

    The boilerplate and the highlighting of "Wilson" and "Stone" in red on the web page (red font is only visible in IE) is added automatically when the page is generated. There is no reason to highlight "Wilson" in this particular case, but the page generation is dumb and it highlights the first occurrence of any of the names of county and cult officials in each entry since that is usually the speaker. I don't care enough to fix it.

    Please note the three numbers at the beginning of each entry, the hh:mm:ss start time. Format isn't important.

    Here's the text I actually typed for Doug's and Stone's entries.

    2:34:00, Doug Owens: "Hi, thank you. I'm going to thank you, Mr Wilson, for suggesting a six-month monitoring of the 884 enforcement. I also want to suggest that perhaps you consider expanding that to all law enforcement activities on Gilman Hot Springs Road to make sure that the Sheriff doesn't overstep its bounds and, as you said (looking to Buster), have difficulty interpreting the complexity of 884. And finally, I'd like to thank you, Miss Walls, for your patient explanation of your interpretation of 884. Based on my reading of the case law I think you were correct on most points. And I'm going to thank the Board for letting me speak."

    2:34:40, Stone: "Thank you Mr. Owens. Our last speaker is Mark, I think it's 'Bundy', I'm having trouble reading the last name. Mark from San Diego"
  2. Gadfly Member

    Re: Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    I'm transcribing what is up on yt.
  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    Based on experience, may I suggest that you post a roster mentioning who is doing what, to avoid double work ?
  4. restim Member

    Re: Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    Is it good enough if people post what they are working on here and somebody updates the OP once in a while? I can do that once or twice a day. If you think we should have more frequent updates than that (which I can't do right now, unfortunately), I can ask a mod to give the OP to you or to anyone else who wants to keep it current.
  5. mnql1 Member

    Re: Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    Please add to start times and speakers at approximately 2 hr 27min to 2 hr 38 min: Fran├žois Choquette, Julie Waltz, Doug Owens, Mark Bunker. This is in the "Communications from audience on items not on agenda" portion at the end of the morning session.
  6. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    0:56:07, 3367, Graham Berry
  7. Gadfly Member

    Re: Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    Just an update. I'm still typing. I will keep working until it's done.
    Right now I'm at 49:00 or so.

    Would be faster if there JS would stop mumbling so damn much!

    Keep me updated if there is further info. Thanks.
  8. restim Member

    Re: Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    Done, and OP updated as well.
  9. restim Member

    Re: Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    Updated OP. The March 3 meeting is now at Transcriptions are well underway (thanks to Gadfly) The web page will be updated with additional transcripts as they are available.


    To any Mac users with Firefox (and a WMV plug-in), please try The March 3 meeting. Does the video play? If not, is there a message displayed?

  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Transcriptions from March 3 Supes meeting

    Ur Awesome !

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