Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by anonimo, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. anonimo Member

    Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    Hello Pelvidar,

    I just saw the Road To February 10 video[/url:2xtdpy8o] again. It's so fabulous!

    Now, I was thinking it would be a good idea to have it translated to German, Spanish and French.
    I understand that you, have have access to or have made the original video, so that Anonymous could pass you the translated subtitles. This video is so impressive and moving, I believe it must have a similar effect on non anons. I think if we can get the video uploaded in different languages before March 15, we would have a powerful instrument to mobilize a lot of people to go protest or at least follow out activities and get more informed.

    Of course, it also depends on you. It sure is a lot of work to put the new subtitles into the video (and more so if it were for three languages). I don't know if you have that much time or can get fellow anons to help you. But it sure would have a big impact (for example if we used it with a German/Spanish/French version of youfoundthecard with this video popping up...).

    I want to help translating the video. So, I suggest that you put the English subtitles in a new thread or send them to me by PM. I want to try and see, if I can come up with a translation. It's kind of tricky for German because it tends to need more words. Spanish should work better.

    Then I would put my translation ina a new thread to discuss and improve the translation with the help of other German anons. I'm sure we also have quite a few Spanish and French anons here that might also want to help translating it. I suggest you address them in this subtitle thread so that they can take on the task. I have the dream that this video could reach A LOT OF PEOPLE if it were put in the right channels.

    Hope to get a positive respone! Also I need to know what other anons think of this idea!

  2. i can't rhyme Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    I second this. I'd be willing to help with a Spanish translation.
  3. FrenchAnon Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    French translation powers activate!

    (May not do it now, it's 5:40 am. Whoops.)
  4. anon_david Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    Is there a transcript of the English version somewhere?
  5. Pelvidar Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    Sounds like a great idea, and I'd be happy to help - but I'll be honest - this would require quite a bit of work, and my time is quite divided these days.

    Getting the audio bits transcribed to English for translation probably wouldn't be too terribly difficult - if someone wanted to step up to the task. The video also features a lot of scrolling text, which I can copy/paste here in a few hours.

    All of the scrolling text parts would be easy to replace, once translated - but adding in subtitles for all of the spoken word parts would be a time consuming task which I would relish doing. On the other hand, if people were working on it, and took the time to provide all the translations, then how could I ignore that effort? I would likely find myself compelled to do it :)
  6. Choripan Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    I started translating it into Spanish (South American flavored) but external reasons (ie, non-Xenu related) are keeping me off Anon.

    I'll submit what I got to do so far, in case someone else wants to continue it. This goes up until the news report and interview with the scieno spokeman in the UK:

  7. FrenchAnon Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    For the record, I'm almost half-way done with the French translation, but I haven't done the vids yet, just the black text because it's easier. I need to transcribe the purely vocal parts before I translate them. May not be done before tomorrow night, but I'm working on it.
  8. FrenchAnon Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    Halp! Can someone tell me what the hell the scilon is saying around 7:25?

    I got: The action of Anonymous will not interupt the normal activities of the church. ???????? and we’re in cordination with the police to minimize the negative impact of this terrorist group.

    I can't make it out.

    ETA: Never mind, I figured it out. But now I have another questions. What is it the guy right after that is reading? Is that statement somewhere online?
  9. Plups Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    If you want to know what the Irish guy was reading, I suspect the same press release was issued by CoS's around the world. Certainly the same messages (eg Mein Kampf, Communist Manifesto, cyber terrorists) were being repeated globally. So, the following might be a useful starting point: ... logy.shtml
  10. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    Following anonimo's good idea about organisation to avoid chaos, I opened up a new thread in "General Activism" for the german translation of this video

  11. anonimo Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    I just created a new thread called
    (SPANISH) translation project: The Road to February 10 video

    Link: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5355

    I think it's better to have the translations into the different languages discussed in different threads to avoid chaos. Maybe the webmaster wants to consider creating a translation section. I suggest that other anons that do translations also create threads with the same thread title but starting with (GERMAN]... or (FRENCH) ... But don't forget to leave a note about it in this thread.
  12. anonimo Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    Questions etc. to Pelvidar
    1. Does it help you if we put the subtitles of the video in a subtitle file (like a srt-file)? Tell us how specifically you need the subtitles (VLC supports: MicroDVD, SubRIP, SubViewer, SSA, Sami and Vobsub)
    2. Is the dailymotion video the final version (14 min 18 sec) or will you do more changes that would render useless srt-files created before (because of the specific timestamps)?
    3. Do you recommend a tool so that it is easier for you to incorporate the subtitles?
    4. Please tell us quickly, so we can get started!
    5. Please upload an avi version of the video (why? see green marked line)

    Useful things I found out (though a bit complicated maybe):
    1. Subtitles can easily be added to a playing avi file in the freeware VLC player. (]download[/url:2dnz7clj])
    2. These subtitle files are very easy to create with a simple text editor. This is useful for checking if the subtitles are short enough for the partly very fast speech.
    3. If you are really motivated (and know about computers a bit) you can grab the video with subtitles to present it to discussion here. You may use CamStudio for that [
    4. The problem is for doing this subtitle stuff, you have to have the avi version of the video first. As I don't manage to upload it now I can only ask Pelvidar to upload the video ASAP. You do it yourself, but it's a little tricky:
    - Go to the the
    dailymotion video[/url:2dnz7clj] with Firefox.
    - Wait until the video is loaded to your cache completely.
    - Go to your firefox TEMP folder (something like C:\documents and settings\YOURUSERNAME\Lokale Settings\Temp)
    - Find the video file in your cache. It end in .tmp and its size is about 55 MB.
    - Now you have to copy it to another place. But it's protected, so you need to install the freeware
    Unlocker[/url:2dnz7clj] and start it by richt-clicking the video -> Unlocker -> Copy
    - Now change the extension to .flv
    - Then convert it with
    SUPER[/url:2dnz7clj] to avi (only selecting stream copy option).
    - Done. Okay... I admit, it takes some time... so, let's hope Pelvidar can get us the avi video faster... :confused:

  13. FrenchAnon Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    What I've got so far. Will annoy friends for proofreading when I can...

  14. Pelvidar Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    Hi guys - sorry for not jumping on sooner. I'm assuming you guys have downloaded the DVD image version of the video that I posted? You can convert the video to avi with any number of tools (or the flash file, as you reccomend).

    I only recomend that because I have the worst internets in existence, and any upload takes me countless hours - which I generally need for other things.

    The subtitles in a srt file would be AMAZING. Otherwise, I'm going to be doing a LOT of guesswork about the exact timing, and pacing - and I'm probably going to fuck it up. If I can just work from your srt/avi version - it will help me a great deal (and motivate me to work on it sooner :) )

    I now have a slightly adjusted version, but it just includes one fix (there was a double-word in one of the scrolls leading up to the part about Mark Bunker). That could shift things by a slight millisecond.

    There is also a small addition at the end - but it won't disrupt your other work. I would highly advise grabbing the DVD version, and workking from it - just in case, because it is the only version that includes the two changes.

  15. anonimo Member

    Re: Translating the fabulous Road to February 10 video /DE,FR,ES

    I grabbed the flash file from dailymotion and converted it to AVI. So, I understand that we can do the subtitle file with timestamps on the basis of this video, although you made some minor changes, right? I can't use the DVD version. Please confirm that.

    Yes, this might be hard. And very, very time consuming doing that for three more languages. I will do the srt. file for the German version as soon as we have agreed on a final translation. As you might have seen on the German translation thread there are already two vids with subtitles. I hope there are some French and Spanish/Latin anons that are willing to help with their subtitles.

    Which word? Maybe it's useful to know so that we can consider it in the translation , too.

    I cannot promise that I can do that. It's quite large. But I'll try. If not, you will be able to correct the subtitles by adding some seconds in between.

    Thanks in advance...


    PS: We still need someone who can help with the spanish version. The one who started probable cannot continue for personal reasons. Would be so good to have Spanish version. In Spain only recently CoS became recognized as a religion and people need to know quickly. I was shocked to see that in many TV programmes Scientology can speak and present their "church" without being questioned about the critical issues. Also, on youtube there aren't almost any video critical of Scientology in Spanish.

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