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    (Please see original thread here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5709)



    Fellow Anons,
    Contributors to Operation: Global Speech have finally decided upon a definitive global speech. We would appreciate your help in getting this speech TRANSLATED and DISSEMINATED to all protests worldwide ASAP please.

    This post contains:

    1. Finalised global speech (in English)

    2. Translator’s notes

    3. Notes on execution/filming of speech

    4. Post-game instructions

    5. The idea behind a global speech

    6. Thanks

    Please read the following carefully.



    Today - the Ides of March - is the day Julius Caesar was betrayed by those he trusted.
    Today we gather together as Anonymous to call attention to another betrayal of trust - that of the Church of Scientology upon its followers.
    Since its inception, Scientology has traded in false hopes and promises, betrayed the trust of its members, taken their money, their rights, and at times their very lives.
    The Church has - and continues - to lie to them and the world.
    The Church betrays its members when secrets harvested from spiritual counselling are used against them as blackmail and evidence in court.
    The Church betrays its members when they demand members disconnect from family and friends who question the church.
    The Church betrays its members when they discourage the taking of prescribed psychiatric medications, a practice which has led to a number of shocking murders and suicides.
    In the month since our first worldwide protest, there is a new public consciousness about the crimes of the Church!
    We have seen an unprecedented flood of Scientologists join with us across the world to testify about these abuses.
    To the Scientologists who fear us: You have nothing to fear from our peaceful protests. We are here because we CARE about you. We demonstrate only against the abuses of the Church management and we stand by your individual freedom of religion.

    We urge you, Scientologists, to re-examine the facts you have been told.
    How is your money spent?
    Why does your leader, David Miscavige, demand so much of it?
    WE have our OWN Miscavige – Jenna Miscavige Hill, David’s niece, who stands with us today.
    Your anti-psychiatry front group, the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights, is led by Bruce Wiseman.
    WE also have our own Wiseman – his daughter Kendra Wiseman.
    They have joined the voices of other ex-Scientologists whose stories of abuses have been lone voices in the wilderness for too long.

    We Anonymous, wait for the day when, like the Berlin Wall, the wall of silence around the LIES of the Church of Scientology will fall.
    Like the East German government of the past, the Church of Scientology has its own secret service to spy on its own members and outside critics.
    It encourages its own members to betray others for being “out ethics”.
    It blackmails members.
    It commits atrocities through the operation of church prisons and slave camps, under the guise of the "Rehabilitation Project Force."
    Members of the Sea Org have been forced into accepting abortions against their wishes.
    "Upstat", privileged members have abused women and children with impunity.
    And the Church has attacked its enemies with frivolous lawsuits, harassment, kidnappings, and countless suspicious deaths.

    This world holds no place for organized crime perpetrated on this scale.
    Last month ten thousand people demonstrated in one hundred and seven cities across the world.
    They came together to make the first breach in the wall of silence.
    Today we are on the streets again, our numbers ever-increasing - and we will come again in April - in May - in June - and July.
    We will come until that wall of silence is RUBBLE!

    We are Anonymous. We are legion. Expect us!



    Please take the speech above and translate it into your native language. You may change the phraseology as necessary to ensure the translated speech is linguistically and culturally sensitive.

    You may add a short sentence including your country’s stance on the Church’s tax-exempt status. For example:

    US (or Australia):


    When the speech has been translated, please get it re-read by at least one other native speaker to eliminate all mistakes and improve readability.

    Then send the completed translation by private message to Consensus (a moderator on this board) and post the speech on this thread.




    Please bear in mind that this speech will serves three main purposes:

    (i) The creation of a global Anonymous public relations video

    (ii) The provision of useful sound-bites for the worldwide media

    (iii) A motivational speech to Anons protesting on March 15th

    The first purpose is the most important and will aid the publicity and longevity of our cause. The aim being to create a PR video that will comprise of clippings of the same speech cut-together from all over the world.


    1. Project your voice. Everyone must be able to hear you!

    2. Vocal range. Don't sound monotone. Alter pitch and volume to emphasize words.

    3. Hand motions. Draw in the attention of your audience.

    4. Practice in a mirror and familiarize/memorize as much as possible. Eliminate all umms and ahhs. Ensure that the delivery is second-nature to you.


    We must aim to film the speech as uniformly as possible at all protest locations.

    >> CAMERAS

    The speech should be recorded on high-quality fixed mounted digital cameras to avoid jerky footage.

    Close-up camera: This should film the speaker with masked Anons in the background.

    Wide-angle camera: Contextualise! A high-quality camera taking tripod-mounted panning shots of:
    >>> The crowd with national flags if possible and
    >>> Scientology location.

    Roving camera: This will be a bonus to catch the reactions of people listening.

    All scenes should aim to be as well lit as possible.

    >> SOUND

    All sound should be recorded on a separate track if possible - or at the very least - through an exterior plug-in microphone - to ensure background noise is minimized and the speech-maker is clear.

    The speaker should avoid using a megaphone to protect audio quality.



    Please return to this thread: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5709 to get the latest post-game instructions dealing with what you should do with your video footage. We are aiming to find a professional editor who can edit together this whole video and will provide a suitable, anonymous, postal address for this purpose, after March 15th.



    From original post:


    6. THANKS

    This project is a collaborative effort between Anons. Thanks to all who have contributed.

    This is our first attempt at a global speech. Here’s hoping that for each future protest, we’ll get much better at this project!

    Please continue to support this project by ensuring this speech gets disseminated to all protests once translation is finished.

    Thank you.
  2. Where we dumping links to vids of global speech?

    Where we sticking links/files of completed speeches and partials for the editing work?
  3. Pique Member

    spam reported

    To all readers of this thread now no longer in the Garbage.......
    No I DID NOT report the OP as spam. It was a set up. I've been framed I tell ya...FRAMED!!

    I agree this was a very important and active initiative at the time. I remember it very well indeed.

    I merely reported the commercial spam that necroed this thread...which spam is now deleted. Unfortunately mine got left in sight thereby causing no end of confusion.

    Will you all please stop throwing stones at my house now. :D
    I promise I will call upon the powers that be to restore the original thread to its rightful location.
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  4. hushpuppy Member

    Sorry everyone - this was my mixup, not Pique's.

    Unfortunately when a closed report gets reopened, we can no longer see the original forum - can someone who knows please let me know which sub forum to move it to, either here or in a PM?

  5. Dragononymous Member

    This might get interesting
  6. Tourniquet Member

    What's with the prehistoric thread necromancy?
  7. Pique Member

    Oh it's all good fun.
    Full moon
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  8. A guest posted spam to the old thread.

    It rose from the dead. Spam got reported, but instead of the single spam post going to the garbage pile, accidentally the whole thread.

    The old thread is valuable, contains a major chanology project from the early era. Probably best to preserve it, as best as can be done.
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  9. Tourniquet Member

    Thanks, Jacky. Maybe "prehistoric" was not the best adjective ;)
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  10. Dragononymous Member

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  11. ^^^^ Reported! ;)
  12. Pique Member

    and proud
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  13. Dragononymous Member

    Well atleast I'm not the only one who admires her in her full grace
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  14. hushpuppy Member

    Yesterday a guest poster necromancied this thread with spam.

    Pique reported the spam post, and notified in thread that she had done so, to avoid dupe reports. I dealt with multiple reports att and fucked up and garbaged the whole thread instead of the one post, and then deleted both posts. So now Pique's temp-post about 'spam reported' appeared to be her necromancing a 4 year old thread and claiming a very valuable post to be spam. I should have deleted the 'spam reported' post before I actually deleted the spam. By the time the WTF reports started coming in about thread being trashed, deleting it would have caused an even stronger reaction. I had logged off by then, and didn't see the reports until now.

    tl;dr - I fucked up, but I don't think this has legs in any way.
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  15. Dragononymous Member

    Be glad you ain't in a government at the moment, Newsflashes here, Camerateams there.
  16. Tourniquet Member

    I'll bet Pique's got some legs ;)
    hey, bb...

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  17. Pique Member

    a bunch in fact

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