TRAVOLTA Caught In Prostitution Scandal - front page of the National Inquirer

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Mar 15, 2012.

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  3. Anonymous Member

    There sure Travolta's auditing file.
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  4. Enturbulette Member

    you read the book...interesting, do tell.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Think Marty knows?
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  6. RightOn Member

    John Travolta lol
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  7. Anonymous Member

    John Travolta is Caught Up in a Gay Prostitution Sex Scandal


    Multiple media outlets are reporting that John Travolta is involved in a gay cash-for-sex scandal. For years, the Grease star has been tied to allegation of an alternative lifestyle. These latest allegations are the strongest to date and have an actual accuser documenting the details.

    Reports are the Wild Hogs star lured a Craigslist masseur to a Beverly Hills Hotel room not for a rub down but to um… Be Cool and Get Shorty! Here is an exert from Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

    From Details of the National Enquirer March 26, 2012 Print Edition story were reported by Hollywood Hiccups:

    John Travolta tried to pay for gay sex from a masseur at The Beverly Hills Hotel on January 16. The masseur claims that he was hired for John by an intermediary through a Craigslist ad. John took the man to his Presidential Bungalow at theBeverly Hills Hotel and started fondling the masseur during the massage.

    When the masseur warned John that he didn’t participate in sex games or prostitution John said: “Aw, come on. Who’s gonna know? Then John asked the masseur of he would ‘pleasure him with his hand.’ The National Enquirer, Print Edition of March 26, reports in MUCH more detail the rest of what transpired during their encounter – but we cannot do that here.

    Suffice to say that the masseur said: “Dude, if you don’t get me out of here. I’m going to call the cops! And John paid the masseur double what he required to…

    Who can say if every detail of this story in The Enquirer is true? But time and again John has been accused of frequenting gay prostitutes and participating in man-on-man extra-marital affairs.

    If this gets out of control and ends up in court John Travolta could be looking of jail time. If convicted of solicitation or agreeing to engage in an act of prostitution, John Travolta could face up to six months in jail and/or up to $1,000 in fines. Prostitution does not requires automatic registration as a sex offender, the judge could still order John Travolta to register as part of his sentence if convicted. That would mean no more working with kids –Look Who’s Taking 4 just wont happen.

    Six month in jail wouldn’t be too bad for John Travolta. In jail John Travolta could get what he was looking for in that hotel room for just a few cigarettes.

    We are going to have to err on the side of caution and let this story develop before passing judgment. Still, as we typically say around here, where there is smoke there is fire. This time around it looks like the fire is in John Travolta’s pants.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Every time you say "who's gonna know?", everyone in the neighborhood ends up knowing.

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  9. Anonymous Member

    "...... the fire is in John Travolta’s pants."

    Like near his butt?
  10. Anonymous Member

    You know he must want to leave Scientology and come out of the closet equally badly... but his ego won't let him.
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    No, multiple media outlets are echoing the same National Enquirer piece without adding any confirmation.

    Multiple media outlets reporting would involve multiple reporters, interviews and sources.

    I guess the difference is too much for someone named Cletus to handle.
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  12. whitesand Member

    Maybe Travolta did something to anger DM and this is revenge time? Not to say it didn't happen, but maybe a set-up.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Travolta pulled it in.
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  14. travolta2.jpg [IMG][IMG][IMG]
    “We don’t really care that John Travolta is gay.” Carrie Fisher[IMG]
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  15. moarxenu Member

    Everyone is like all "National Enquirer lol gossip rag." But the NE exposed the lying John Edwards about his philandering while campaigning as his wife was dealing with cancer of which she would die.

    I am not discounting NE on John Travolta just yet.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Gayters gonna gayte...
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Are there two more famous closet queens in Hollywood than Tom Cruise and John Travolta?

    I guess Cruise doesn't get caught out because he does all his faggotry at Gold Base.
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  18. Kilia Member

    It comes with dox.
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  19. Herro Member

    And how many times have they been wrong? Exactly.
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  20. Tourniquet Member

    Ignoring a malicious, slanderous rumour in an internationally-known gossip-rag unfit to line Polly's cage with...

    That sounds like the best PR move a star of Travolta's stature could possibly make.
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  21. jensting Member

    Quite. If he were to come out and document the blackmail, who is to say that it would not increase his popularity?

    Best Regards

  22. Anonymous Member

    But it's cool when Freedom Magazine does it to exes and media like Anderson Cooper...
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  26. Dott Member

    Ya know, I met a young JT in San Diego Org many years ago. This was around the time of Battlefield Earth being released and flogged to all Scilons.

    JT was nervous as hell, sitting in the main part of SD Org reception, waiting to go in session. SD Org at that time was a converted hotel, not sure what it is these days. Auditing rooms were converted hotel rooms.

    Knowing you are going to have withholds pulled in session usually does that to a pc. Especially if you are going to get auditing in a former hotel room, when you (allegedly) have lots of withholds about assorted antics in hotel rooms.

    Anyway, pleasant enough gentleman to talk to, but damn nervous as hell at that time.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    "Has a withhold been missed?"
    "Was there something I nearly found out about you?"

  28. Anonymous Member

    Yes, exactly.

    Missed Withholds make people damn nervous.
    (oh shit you almost found out I did something bad; oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I gotta hide this horrible shit from you)

    For idea of Missed Withhold, picture a 5 year old frantically swallowing cookies he snuck out of the cookie jar just before dinner, when his Mom asks him what he is hungry for tonight.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Travolta'd get just as much relief speaking to a priest or minister, I'd bargain... and save lotsa $$, 'cos I don't see no SuperPowerz emanating from him... He can't even keep one lousy masseur quiet.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Carrie Fisher's a closet lesbian?
  31. PresidentShaw Member

  32. anon walker Moderator


    Comes now R Kelly...AND HE PULLS OUT HIS GAT!
  33. Anonymous Member

    There should just be a public buggering of John and Tom and Davie, just get it over with.
    No, I don't volunteer to do it ;)
  34. Anonymous Member

    Fatty to the rescue!....

    National Enquirer. April 5, 2012
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  36. Anonymous Member

    lol pump my ass
  37. Anonymous Member

    "She’s the best beard that ever happened to you.’"
  38. Quentinanon Member

    John wants to, and has wanted to come out of the closet for over 35 years. Scientology never "handled" that because he is just wired that way. He will just keep getting himself in trouble, like he did back in 1977 in Clearwater, until he accepts himself. Hardly anyone in the world will care if he comes out of the closet, except scientologists.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but if Travolta came out, it would invalidate Scientology, Hubbard, and Miscavige. He won't do it, too a-scairt of the possible consequences.

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