Travolta extortion case updates

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Anonymous, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    If Herro was OSA, he'd have been banned a long time ago.

    I doubt he's a mod sock. I think he's just a faggot who is able to get away with anything because the mods love him. Of course, that's only because you never see ANY post he makes with a red badge of courage on the bottom.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    I know that it was entered into the record of the trial as both an unsworn statement AND as sworn testimony, neither of which has been reported in the mainstream US press. It HAS made it into a UK rag or two, here and there...

    How do you know that it is untrue, or moreover how do you refute the reality that it is a completely unreported aspect of testimony which up until the defense put on its case was very well reported worldwide.

    The media is cherrypicking in favor of the Travoltas. I provided evidence off it and you waggled you're tiny penis and yelled neener neener, as though it was supposed to show I was "speculating." PROVE me wrong or stfu.

    Just because you say something, does NOT make it so. I know you have a hard time realizing that as truth, but it is.
  3. ARC Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Both swron and unsworn testimony says that Jett was dead before that, and there's absolutely no evidence that he was still alive when he was found. I don't think there's any dispute about the fact that Jett was found dead, so why are you trying to pretend that there is? What we do not know is how long he was dead before he was found. If you have a problem with that, ask for the autopsy report.

    In that context, it is a bit weird that the media keeps reporting that Jett died at the hospital, when he was only declared dead at that time. "Dead on arrival" as Jett was is not the same as "died at the hospital". It could just be lazy journalists playing telephone though - not some kind of "make John Travolta happy" conspiracy.

    PS: Isn't it my turn to be Herro soon?
  4. Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Careful now, ARC - that wasn't speculation there, was it?

    Are you seriously willing to risk the wrath of Herro? You know how that sets him off.
  5. mrfyde Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Thanks for the update, I have not read this thread since before JT took the stand (if he ever did) I think I checked to see if the OP was updated but if I did it was updated with a TLDR list of links.

    PS.You are just going to have to wait until TD is finished.
  6. Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Take a look at his infraction list, cupcake.

    Why We Protest | Activism Forum - View Profile: Herro
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Although, both sworn and unsworn testimony says that CPR was in-progress when the medical folks arrived - which is evidence that either

    (a) all those involved at that point were involved in an elabourate yet ultimately failed scam to make it seem like he was still alive (could yet be revived) in order to ensure his dead body was taken off the island in a private jet ASAP [or somesuch],


    (b) at least one person was genuinely hoping he could be revived (ie: was still 'alive').
  8. ARC Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    ^^ I think the word you're looking for is "revivable", not "alive".

    But your point a) is over-stated. It might be that the people who wanted him off the island (John Travolta, for example) had not lost hope yet, while others were keeping up a charade. You could say that moves it into b), but what really matters in that situation is what the EMTs and the doctor thought, not what the other people thought.

    Only the mods and Herro himself can see those, but I can report that he has about 50 warning and infractions.
  9. Anonynamefag Member

  10. Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Yes, and I'm incredibly aroused by that.
  11. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    - Lightbourne said Jett was dead on scene, and added "He said that when he was in the room with Jett, he heard Dr. Romeo Fernandez making a pact with several other people in the room to participate in a cover-up and claimed Fernandez asked him to participate in a cover-up that could make them a lot of money." (ref)
    - "Another paramedic, Derrex Rolle, testified Tuesday that Jett was unresponsive and showed no signs of life when he arrived at the actor's home inside a resort community." (ref)
    - "Garvey told jurors Thursday that he never arrived at Travolta's house, rather drove the ambulance that intercepted another unit transporting Jett to the hospital. Garvey said he examined the teen and found multiple signs that he was already dead." and "Garvey only said that an unidentified man offered him money to get the document and that he gave the man Lightbourne's phone number. "(AP, cited over 9'000 times)
    - Of the one or two MDs on scene - Romeo Fernandez is mentioned - we heard nothing.

    TL;DR: From the people on scene:
    1) Jett was dead at the arrival of the ambulance
    2) Money was proposed on scene or at least the same day.

    IMHO, showing the video shooted by police in full would have help sorting out who started talking about money. At this stage, both scenarios are believable, even if the defense did not a very good job, IMHO.
  12. Herro Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    There's also sworn and unsworn testimony saying he wasn't dead
  13. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    For the most part, it's those affiliated with the defense saying he was already dead, and it has been mostly those affiliated with Travolta's lot who say he was alive.

    This case is a classic example of a he-said she-said case when it comes to whether or not Jett was dead. It makes me wonder why the fuck the medical examiner's records on TOD haven't been released yet.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Death Certificates are not always specific. "Seizure Disorder" might encompass: 'a disorder in which a seizure caused the victim to fall and hit his head'

    BTW: Travolta's attorney said he was a "commercial litigator". Litigators who work in front of juries, use common language and references to pop culture to appeal to jurors. They ain't always classy.
  15. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Thanx for that, if that's true then I guess that would explain that McDermott's conduct in the court some, I seriously thought the dude might be a little off lol.

    And on the seizure disorder thing, to rule he died from that don't they have to rule out other things first like with blood tests and other things during autopsy?

    I still don't see how that funeral home guy said the body looked fine, but yet there was information about blood, internal bleeding, hematoma etc. of the body when it was found...

    what I remember from when it happened, not going to look for links they are all over this thread but,

    police and medical : not seen since night before, blood, hematoma, died from a fall *hitting head on bathtub

    family: thank you

    lawlyers and magazines and Larry King crap etc
    people speaking out:

    Obie: Larry King, Travolta's pal (poor John)

    ambulance driver: Garvey, found Jett in the hallway after he had been moved from bathroom(by whom???), gave CPR, John was crying, come back to me. Poor John.
    [now on stand says he was lying^, was in 2nd ambulance not at the home]

    Garvey is now a higher position it sounds like, than he was....he lied, giving John and himself good PR after Jett's he is in trouble and he doesn't want to talk about ^what he said before....

    I wonder if he got paid for the good PR? If he is or was on the payroll that would explain some of this i suppose...*crass speculation* I know there could be other reasons for him being a liar and being called out on the witness stand for it AND being allowed to not answer the question because you don't want to...

  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    You're welcome.

    To protect family privacy death certificates can be written in broad terms. It's really no one's business if drug addiction is what caused YOUR heart failure. I've seen death certificates worded "failure to thrive" which simply means the patient didn't get better -- obviously. In most cases, a precise description just isn't necessary. YOU and YOUR family may not want the world to know EXACTLY what killed you. Docs are sensitive to that.

    "Seizure Disorder" might very well encompass, 'had seizure and hit head'
  17. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates - Transcripts
  18. WTF Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Seizure disorder is often dx via observations and brain wave scans (with strobe stresses)--slides of microscopic tissues (histology) are usually not available for living patients. Often they show nothing unusual in departed epileptic persons.
  19. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Besides the fact you provide nothing to substantiate your claims - that might be true - what is your point ? Are you suggesting that Wecht is wrong and that the cause of death is known beyond doubt ?
  20. Herro Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    What? You don't do CPR on a person unless he's stopped breathing and has no pulse. Doing CPR on a person otherwise could potentially kill him. That means Jett was found lifeless, not "alive".

    As far as I remeber, both sides agree that he was found without respiration and pulse, and that CPR was started. One side says that the CPR was pointless. The other side's witnesses don't have the medical knowledge to determine that one way or the other, and if so I don't remember them making any comment on it in court.

    This is more a situation of "she said, he kept his mouth shut".

    The Travolta lawyers have been making conflicting statements to the media, but those were early statements affected by spin and lack of information - I'm relying on what's been presented as evidence in court.
  22. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    'Seizure disorder' is not a cause of death. Jett suffered from 'seizure disorder' but we do not know what caused his death. And probably never will know unless the justice system in GB gets off its butt and starts asking some awkward questions.
  24. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    The Nassau Guardian Online Guide
  25. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    "....Bridgewater's attorney Murrio Ducille began his final submission yesterday, but stopped after a few minutes and said that he would prefer to continue today. "

    grrr, wth did he say in those few minutes?
  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    This really doesn't sound good for the defense, IMO. 1 witness? Appeals to God? Where's the beef?
  27. mojo Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    John Travolta shakedown case focuses on secret recordings of defendants

    Their own words should be enough to convict them.

    Prosecutors told jurors Monday that secret recordings of a medic and his lawyer should be more than enough to prove that they tried to shake down John Travolta after the tragic death of his teenage son.

    The lawyer, Pleasant Bridgewater - a former Bahamas senator - and ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne knew what they were doing was wrong, prosecutor Bernard Turner said in closing arguments.

    In one recording, Bridgewater tells the driver, "If you go back after these people, I will take you to the police myself."

    In another, she was taped telling Travolta's legal team that Lightbourne told her, "Today, this information belongs to me, but shortly it could be the world's."

    The information in question was a "refusal of care" form that the medic said he would release to the press to make the case that Travolta failed to get son Jett, 16, proper medical attention.

    Lightbourne demanded $25 million to destroy the document, the prosecutor said.

    The boy, who was autistic, died of a seizure, officials have said.

    Turner urged the Bahamas panel not to fall for the defense strategy of shifting the blame to the Hollywood star's legal team.

    Defense attorneys claimed the actor's lawyers set their clients up by agreeing to pay up, but Turner said Travolta's reps were out to stop an illegal extortion scheme.

    "They were just trying to do the right thing," he said. "They shouldn't be vilified for doing the right thing."

    Closing arguments by the defense are set for Tuesday.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    I was deliberatly trying to be kinda fuzzy, but revivable is good...

    I shoulda been clearer about (b) - which is kinda what I meant for what you describe as my over-stated (a) - it's concievable that everyone else was convinced the boy was about as much use as a pythonesque prop parrot, but trying to keep the boss happy.

    But: What Travolta thought IS critically important - in the sense it goes to why he wanted to fly away - which is at the heart of all this.

    It's one thing to think he might increase the chance of reviving Jett, another that (eg) he wanted to make sure the autopsy on the body happened under his control. The latter of those could result in a lot of effort to cover something up, leading to an extortion attempt, the former could result in a lot of effort to send some dumb extortionist t jail.

    He was the first one wasn't he - has anyone seen a full list of the 14 witnesses? If he testified it must have been really dull? But I can't find anything on a quick search.


    Where's that damn doctor... However: Gibson testified for the prosecution - where does her 'believability' sit? Party Senators - The Progressive Liberal Party She's got a lot to lose potentially...

    So, if I read that right - Gibson testified that Bridgewater alledged (presumably because it's hearsay) to Gibson that Lightbourne told Bridgewater that Lightbourne put a oxygen mask on Jett in the bathroom.

    Which is not to suggest that, even if true, that means Lightbourne necessarily thought Jett was revivable - it does mean (if true) that not everyone in the room was conspiring how to deal with a dead body, including buying silence.
  29. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    lolwut - their defense is that they were framed because they were given what they were asking for???
  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Even if the extorsion seems more likely, the cover-up cannot be completely excluded, IMHO, as:
    - there is a possible motive (lack of care by nannies and / or parents)
    - there is a contact in that direction very early, which seems to imply somebody close to the case,
    - the flights could have brought in the lawyers, assuming a death during the night.

    I wonder how different the dialogues would be in these two situations. Not so much, with the exclusion of the first contacts, IMHO.

    I really hope that time will tell.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    That, and also God said it was okay...
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    Even though I'm inclined to believe the extortion tale is pretty straight forward, the early bahamas-departing flight, the dissapearing document, and the midroute ambulance switch still give me pause...
  33. mojo Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    which may be enough for a mistrial or the jury to come to the same conclusion. since the bahamas is a former british state, do they have anything like the verdict of not proven? or something other wishy washy verdict along those lines?
  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    I just realised something - I havn't had much time ITT (and generally) for those who've not given the parents the benefit of the doubt, at least when it comes to grief.

    But the moment Preston does anything to explicitly publically support CCHR (or other Scilon anti-Psyche) any sympathy I have for them will dissapear in an instant.

    I realise it's possible to argue that just going to this event comes close.
  36. kissyfur Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    "Later, during a reception, Cruise was overheard chatting with another American man about the protesters outside the venue. "They're squirrels," Cruise said angrily, according to a witness. "Stuck in an electronic incident. It makes me so angry!"

  37. xenubarb Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    LOL...he must've been talking to Crazy George!
  38. Jello Biafra Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    I dunno man. This seems like a pretty solid case against the defense. And I don't think anybody in the media or the general public is going to really care about any of this stuff once there's a verdict.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    LMFAO. That has to be a troll.
  40. Vir Member

    Re: Travolta extortion case updates

    As I said early on they were most likely guilty from the start.

    What I didn't expect, but some suspected, was that Jett actually was further away from life than first reported when he was found. The suspects being guilty doesn't change that - in fact it just makes the case against them stronger.

    You don't successfully defend yourself from blackmail by showing that the other side was "guilty" of what you tried to blackmail them about. And if the revival efforts were kept up for the benefit of John and Kelly, it wasn't at all a bad thing for them to consider transporting Jett to Florida.
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