Travolta - Frequently Flying to Cult

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, May 20, 2011.

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    Then there's actor John Travolta, an avid pilot who owns three jets with registration numbers ending in "JT", including a Boeing 707. The planes last year flew a total of 111 times from an Ocala, Fla., airstrip near Mr. Travolta's residence, to Clearwater, Fla., the headquarters of the Church of Scientology to which he belongs. A publicist acknowledged Mr. Travolta is a pilot, but declined other comment. A representative from the Church of Scientology declined to comment.
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    Sounds like drug runs. Think about it. The Freewinds always going down to South America. Making stops at Curacao. That ship has got to running drugs and then they use Travolta's jets to move the product.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    :slapsforehead: HELLO!? Registered in PANAMA?!
  4. adhocrat Member

    takes a lot of brainwashing auditing to get over the death of a child
  5. Smurf Member

    It is known within Scientology circles that John was undergoing intensive processing in Clearwater last year to deal with the grief over his son's death and stress from the criminal trial where several Bahamians tried to extort money from him. Kirstie Alley tweeted about this earlier this year.
  6. I guess there are only so many bath houses he can attend in one life to relieve stress, no? I'm still dying to know about the 'legal morass' he got himself into years ago (the one Nancy Many speaks about). I'm sure my imagination is prolly correct.
  7. Anonymous Member

    OP here. I just thought this was notable - on the average dude is flying every third day, all year. I agree with Smurf, I was thinking it was the soul crushing pain of losing a child. Still, I do wonder if there were other points of interest? I'm sure he was waited on hand & foot, so no need to go out, unless you have somewhere to go.
  8. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ What I meant was: how much cult can you take every week? Bath house party!
  9. Smurf Member

    In May 1990, the National Enquirer featured a story claiming that fitness trainer/bisexual porn star Paul Barresi had a two-year affair with John Travolta. Barresi told the tabloid he'd met Travolta in 1982 when the actor followed him into an L.A. health club (now 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood). Barresi received a $100,000 payout from The Enquirer in exchange for explict details & proof of his relationship with Travolta.

    The issue was published on May 8, 1990, but several months later, Barresi retracted his story, saying in a letter to Travolta's attorney that he'd never engaged in gay activity with Travolta. Barresi said he did so retracted the story with assurances from Travolta's attorney that the matter could be brought "to a soft landing" if he issued a retraction and an apology. Through Travolta's attorneys, Barresi later apologized and retracted the story, saying he sold it because he needed the money.

    Graham Berry is a friend of Paul Barresi and he has all the sordid details of the threats made towards Barresi by Scientology attorneys & PIs. In 1999, Graham introduced Paul to me at Marks Restaurant in West Hollywood where Paul openly discussed his relationship with John.

    According to PB, cult attorney Rick Moxon, paid Barresi $25,000 to retract the story in the National Enquirer who turned around and sued Barresi for fraud. The matter was later quietly brushed under the carpet and over the years, cult attorneys & Barresi have sought to distance themselves from the story.

    Paul Barresi proved to be an opportunist & a narcissist who loved the limelight and his stories about his relationship with Travolta often changed depending on whom he was telling it to. Barresi popped up in the news again after singer Michael Jackson was accused of sexual molestation.

    ** The National Enquirer story has been deleted in its entirety from John Travolta's wikipedia page.
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  10. RightOn Member

    after a 2 year relationship, you would think that Barresi would own a photo of the two of them? No, I don't mean juicy ones (although that would be a total boner, I mean bonus for the media of coures) I just mean a regular ol' couple picture. But Travolta was prolly very careful not to compromise his career by agreeing to be in any pictures.
    The one of Jeff K and him smooching on the stairway to the plane certianly got forgotten quickly. And speaking of which I wonder where ol' Jeff K is? Also in a fake marraige? Still can't understand why he was never questioned in court about Jett's death.
  11. Hmmmmmmmm......I do recall this story in 1990. My imagination went to something criminal after Nancy's comment but this makes sense. Although we all know that Travolta is a friend of Dorothy, I wonder about these people making these claims. The one about Cruise wanting to wrassle with the wrestler is my favorite but considering the source it is hard to believe there's any accuracy.

    I, like many, heard from a coworker's cousin who did security for TC that there were many 'male only' parties at TommyGirl's house in which all security was forbidden to go inside. I'm sure there's a lot more out there and it all has the tiny dwarf as the common denominator.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Absolutely! Are you a detective?
  14. Anonymous Member

    I swear to god no one here has a fucking sense of humor anymore.
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    If you swear to God you will burn in Hell!
  16. acepi86 Member

    Paul Barresi used to work with Anthony Pellicano and thats not good.......
  17. acepi86 Member

    Maybe that were slappy miscavige gets his coke from lol.....
  18. subgenius Member

    Its 119 miles from Ocala to Clearwater.
    By car.
  19. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    what kind of mileage does a 707 get; 10 feet to the gallon?
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  20. subgenius Member

    Not to mention the pollution.
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  21. Mafiawog Member

    JT loves flying and being a pilot, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's just his version of "going for a drive to clear my mind" nut on a much bigger and more expensive scale. Heck, if he figures he's going to Clearwater anyway, may as well travel in a manner which may calm his mind after the death of his kid and all.
  22. subgenius Member

    Its 119 fucking miles ffs. The massive amount of pollution and consumption of energy resources isn't justified by anyone's "therapy", much less delusions.
  23. Anonymous Member

    He does have smaller jets for those short commute flights.
  24. subgenius Member

    And chauffeurs to shuttle him to his brainwashing in a responsible manner.
    Oh yeah pollution is probably good for the environment.
    Of course he could just move there and have the cans super glued to his hands.
  25. Triumph Member

    biggest environmental Hypocrite on the planet

    flys around the globe gives global warming speeches ..for a price

    pretty sure JT has lived in a plastic bubble since the 70's
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  26. subgenius Member

    well that was rather apropos
  27. subgenius Member

    btw he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag
    his emotional range runs the gamut from A to B
  28. RightOn Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Travolta has a sizeable spread outside Ocala and the main road is a runway. Seems like there's alot of places he can go around his home to get some privacy & relaxation.


  30. Anonymous Member

    Looks like Paul Barresi had a small role in Travolta's Perfect.

    Barresi's credits from IMDB:

    Dads 'N Lads 2 (video)

    Dads 'N Lads 3 (video)

    Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads (video)

    Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads 2 (video)

    Dads 'N Lads (video)

    Brig Bangin' (video)

    Cadet Convoy (video)

    Hard Landing (video)

    Leather Bears and Smooth Chested Huskies (video)

    Leather Daddies Gang Banging Brad Benton (video)

    The Young 'n Hung Gang Banging Damien (video)

    American Bears (video)

    Bear Fuzz (video)

    Daddy Says Billy's Back (video)

    Yard Boyz (video)

    Frat Boys on the Loose 7 (video)

    Bad Boys, Vol. 5 (video)

    Bear Cage (video)

    Daddy Does It Best (video)

    Daddy's Angels (video)

    Bad Boys Vol. 3 (video)

    Perfect Match (video)

    Young, Hung and Horny (video)

    Active Duty (video)

    When Johnny Cums Marching Home (video)

    Cadets in Arms (video)

    The Doctor, the Lawyer and the Indian Chief (video)

    The General's Son (video)

    Brig Brats (video)

    Cadet Chronicles (video)

    Campus Capers (video)

    Carnal Cadets (video)

    Daddy Please! (video)

    Marine Base Instinct (video)

    The Underboss (video)

    Mentor (video)

    Analized (video)

    Marine Father, Navy Son (video)

    Black Brigade (video)

    Mechanic on Booty (video)

    Iron Cage (video)

    Married Men with Men on the Side (video)

    Sudden Urge (video)

    Action on Melrose (video) (as Joe Hammer)

    Wild Streak (video) (as Joe Hammer)
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